Oh Lordy It’s Friday The 6th Wailed David

So interestingly enough I have of course studied various legend & myth and differing cultures and the one that has seemingly built up around Friday the 13th is in fact another of those great misdirections (IMO).

However rather than go into great detail, today is of course a day that I begin work earlier than the rest of the week, and whilst I am the only one of the crew who voted against starting earlier at 5 pm and now we have moved to 8 pm, a small group of us meant we had some choice, where perhaps larger collective group of colleagues had more of a take it or leave it option. We having now been pegged back a further 3 hours, were asked if any issues might arise, and in perfect honesty my only issue is this one of chopping and changing, if in 5 months someone says were gonna have to move you back to 5 or 10, David will be there growling and muttering along the lines of why did we not stick or simply do that in the first place.

That is perhaps an issue of hedging and trying to please everyone, and in reality it does fill the criteria of one of my historical gripes-lack of opportunity for overtime, each and every Friday due to staggered finishing of differing shifts/departments, some of my crew have an overtime option that does not bite into pre-existing FREE weekend time etc.

Another interesting dynamic overnight in Paris related to my Rosberg, Rose, Rooney topic of a day or two back was that ROGER Federer was defeated in the Tennis, so on that occasion Rooney would have given myself an income whilst Roger Federer perhaps FAILED, though likewise Tennis is good in that early rounds usually always see favourites going through.  Hence my suggestion to stay dedicated to a SELECT number of Sports, so you really can IDENITFY THREADS and lay of the landscape ON TOPIC (so to speak).

So I wrote out 2 lists for yesterday’s matches and will now do another RESULTS check.

Europa League VERSION 1 written AM

Molde, actual Molde Won, David = 1

Anderlecht, actual Tottenham Won, David = 1

Liverpool, actual Liverpool Won, David = 2

Ajax, actual Fenerbache DREW, David = 2

Monaco, Actual FK Qarabag DREW, David = 2

Asteras Tripolis,, actual Asteras Tripolis Won, David = 3

Schalke, actual Sparta Prague DREW, David = 3

P’zan Belgrade, actual Athletic Bilboa Won, David = 3

AZ Alkmaar, actual FC Augsberg Won, David = 3

Bordeaux, actual FC Sion Won, David = 3

Borussia Dortmund, actual Borussia Dortmund Won, David = 4

FK Krasnodar, actual FK Krasnodar Won, David = 5

So that is TRULY DREADFUL, 5 from 12 fixtures. Though again I did also in that write up speak on that staying CENTRED issue and yin/yang like symbolism so I have perhaps stayed mostly centred though leaned slightly to the left or right, dependent upon how you look at such things.

Europa Version 2 written pm

Celtic DRAW and Molde won, David = 0

Tottenham Win, and Tottenham Won, David = 1

Liverpool Win, and Liverpool Won, David = 1

Ajax Win, and Fenerbache Drew, David = 1

Monaco Draw and FK Qarabag Drew, David = 2

Asteris Tripolis Win, and Asteris Tripolis Won, David = 3

Sparta Prague Draw, and Schalke Drew, David = 4

P’Zan Belgrade Win, and Athletic Bilboa Won, David = 4

Az Alkmaar Win, and FC Augsberg Won, David = 4

Bordeaux Win, and FC Sion Drew, David = 4

Borussia Dortmund Win, and Borussia Dortmund Won, David = 5

FK Krasnodar Win, and FK Krasnodar Won, David = 6

So again at that so-called CENTERPOINTE ZONE getting this time 6 out of 12, halveway does not of course seem so bad despite it only being a 1 game improvement.

You can also of course see that I have perhaps favoured mostly Western European Teams over Eastern European teams, (at least that is my impression) I think some teams I am unsure of ORIGIN through not being a regular follower of international LEAGUES, a more dedicated FOLLOWER would likely be more discerning in choice.

So Does this mean I am centered and geared toward that across all realms and decision making, is that being in FLOW or otherwise?

Strange though true of course most if not all of us would perhaps regard FLOW states as genuinely moving with the shifting statistics and data knowledge and so on, though clearly I can demonstrate having shifted from what are interpreted as “good” results to what are interpreted as “bad” results and back again, so if all is shifting and moving and in FLUX, we at best perhaps want to day by day be able to ZONE a best position within the windows or reporting mechanisms that we utilise for any given dataset.

I genuinely do think that some folks perhaps demonstrate that better than others and it perhaps comes with experience, though likewise it could of course be related to how you look upon things such as Health and Wealth and Socialising and Belief and trust and many topics and issues.

What are the underlying MOTIVATIONS and INCENTIVES we are attuned to, and the COMPETING or CONFLICTING BELIEFS & STORIES that we have convinced ourselves of, despite new evidence coming to light of the potential possibility of alternative ways and means of being motivated and incentivised and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 😉

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