Oh That is a Nice Picture

So I spoke as to so-called CLUE TRAILS and taking PICTURES to inspire your story and give yourself prompts, and in keeping with that I thought ah-ha, what kind of local ART is rarely seen throughout the rest of the Country and so on, or likewise has potential to make people THINK and so on.

Victory Pub, Hereford

Victory Pub, Hereford

This Pub is opposite the local FIRESTATION,

Hereford Firestation

Hereford Firestation

Just Along from the Firestation is

Stirling Court SIGN

Stirling Court SIGN

So yes you can just walk down any old street taking a picture, here and there and then wonder as links and activities and events and indeed the further I have advanced, the more weird some things have become.

A typical example, I see a PICTURE and link it to a sport and then identify a SCORE simply through COUNTING silly things or listing what I can ACTUALLY SEE.

Oh look David has published 3 Pictures, for example.  Then oh that first picture has got X number of Poppies and X Number of Spitfires (that are not DRAGONS) and they look like crosses in the sky and so on.

So yes whilst a popular saying suggests that a picture speaks volumes or a Thousand Words, you can of course in retrospect perhaps be the one who is writing those words.

Take a picture and then write about it in as much descriptive detail as you can and ask those QUESTIONS.

And then ask some more questions as to how they may linka dn relate to other events and so on.

I like the First Photo of course because it perhaps CARRIES THE IDEA of the so-called UNKNOWN SOLDIER and I strangely found myself listening to the Words and Lyrics of Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen) earlier, 40 years since the song was released.  There is a strange kind of cross-over between the song and ideas as to Unknown soldiers, especially when you of course take into consideration, how many a teacher suggests that one thing that many a person wants is to feel that they MATTER in some way.  That of course once again takes us down the corridor of Man’s Search For Meaning, when perhaps many such things are about man’s (both men and women) inability to see the wood for the tree’s and so on.

This one a brief.


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