On This Day Monday 8th November 1971 (now yesterday apparently)

So like all peoples, it is easy to look up the day that you have been told is your birthday.  And on multiple occasions throughout my life, I can claim to have carried out such research.

More interesting is perhaps the present day timing’s as to BILL’S, BILL’S BILL’S.

Of course many an entrepreneur when setting out to start AFRESH is looking to change or indeed shift the so-called PARADIGM of what they know and experience and so on.

Strange though true I have of course repeated on numerous occasions, that I got sucked into things such-as Hypnosis and Meditation much later in life than perhaps many a person does.

Likewise I have spoken in superlative terms as to what some of these Technologies can do for you, whether it is Holosync, simply raising threshold, or a learning Strategies course attuning you to some scientifically designed set of attenuations and so on.

So yes, at some stage and point an alignment has come into being whereby this blog is synced to be updated on the 8th November each year, and indeed the silvertoevelocity websites are also due to be updated and upgraded on the 11th November.

How is all that for timing and what does it or can it actually MEAN?

Have I really become enlightened or more aware through parting company and waving my cash goodbye on these particular dates and so on.

Anyway I could say a lot, though I cannot really AFFORD to keep these non paying sites going, because they earn LESS (for myself personally) than what they bring in, (at least that is how it seems to myself, with present day knowledge and awareness).

So I cannot stop others from charging in and purchasing the usage of those websites, names and addresses and so on, and therefore if anyone who has followed myself or had interaction at some stage or point is contacted via these particular websites and addresses and labels and so on, I cannot claim to know whom those peoples may be or indeed there own INTENTION, as to usage and so on.

I felt in keeping various ownership of some Websites, I was a steadying influence and so on within the WORLD.  though it may well be suggested that an alternate reality has somehow come into being, whereby I have simply demonstrated a form or shape of INTRANSIGENCE myself that I am better to move on from, than CLING to ideas’ of positive expectancy from third party individuals and so on.

So yes I think I really am likely to be letting ownership of particular websites etc. go, or indeed keep some going though at far reduced COST to myself.

Many of these Companies, seemingly have a license to make money,  though likewise as anyone who has become an AFFILIATE of various Corporations and Peoples and Persons knows, probably only to well, the money train is somewhat directly routed to themselves rather than necessarily any collective of hangers-on and so on, yes you can stand alongside such folks and hope some of the Good luck and charm and lessons and learnings rubs of on yourself, though industry and motivation and incentive is perhaps to be found on a more deeper level when through self-motivation.

I could of course state that the whole World and everyone in it, whether they believe themselves or otherwise is running PROGRAMMES of some description.

Clearly being in greater alignment with upwardly mobile thoughts feelings and so on, is better than the alternative, though some strangely refuse to deviate from some deeper level within themselves.

So thank you to any Birthday wellwishers, and if I do survive the disappearance of davidsimonperkins,com and silvertoevelocity.com and various other associated website you will no doubt be able to perhaps read about it here on this blog.

I may succumb to continuing to pay, though strangely do not feel that VALUE for MONEY is being supplied by the present providers, they somewhat over reliant on AUTOMATED SYSTEMS at the expense of everything working happily for every consumer.

What did David do on his birthday?

well strangely, on the Birthday Eve I watched the Romulus and Remus inspired Dr Who episode, we can al perhaps look up Historical Stories of TWINS and Cities and business coming together and so on, likewise we can treat our young children in that fashion even when a year or two apart.

Daisy from the Diana Story and Daughter Rosey are in fact 18 Months apart in terms of Birthdays, though when little we used to take them to Boots or other Shopping mall like facilities, very often 45 minutes drive from the middle of know-where village to some designated shopping town or district, and they would sit side by side on logs for photo’s in matching clothes and indeed they even shared double side by side buggies and one or two of those inline buggies during those years as well as having independent single chariots etc.

So yes game of black & white is akin to the IDEA of TWINS and indeed EMPIRES whether family or Business coming together and so on.  So you can look at is as two peoples working alongside or indeed a generational HYBRID, that a word utilised within the Dr Who realm on multiple occasions during the present season.

So yes I watched Dr Who and then instead of turning of I watched The Festival of Remembrance, with various Military Bands giving a fine display of coordination and choreography to the assembled great and the good.

After that, and perhaps bereft of IDEAS as to what to do next, I thought WATCH JAMES BOND.

So I watched the recent Daniel Craig Bond Films, Casino Royale (cards games mentioned here several times) and then opted for a long session watching Quantum of Solace immediately after, very beautiful and under-utilised bond girl in that one (in my opinion) and then watched Skyfall famed for the ADELE THEME SONG.

In fact I enjoyed all those 3 Daniel Craig Bond films very much, they really have (in my opinion) gone back to some of the books and indeed early movies and utilised similar styles and fashion from those early successes, seemingly IDENTIFYING, what made predecessor films so good.

asking perhaps why Sean Connery was so popular, compared to Roger Moore or Timothy Dalton or Pierce Brosnan, in fact, each has done a bond film that I can recall and have good memory off, though I really do think the present editions take myself back to IDENTIFYING what really genuinely made the very best TICK or STAND HEAD &SHOULDERS above earlier imaginings and so on.

I have written one or two unpublished articles on these matters, and in reality of course we all perhaps grew up wanting to be Bond like in image and lifestyle and so on, and likewise of course having met 1 or 2 local troop dignitary’s at a young age, they perhaps also provided role model attitudes and so on, as well of course as to reading various Andy Mcnab Nick stone books and indeed Chris Ryan books & characters.

I personally think you can see, that for myself at least a certain level of CROSS-OVER has appeared as to ex special forces working for Government and all the politics and dynamics and so on involved.

The Producers and Team behind the FRANCHISE have perhaps taken on the ELEMENTS that those Special Force Soldier types took for themselves (if that makes sense.

So a Fictional Realm character is invented and well imagined, then someone sets up an Business or REALM and the individual CREATOR takes the best elements of what they themselves were INFLEUNCED by and have sought to live like.

So in fact you could create an ARGUMENT that Andy McNab (for example) wanted to be BOND and various other influences from childhood, (then reality in Arabia Kuwait and Iraq etc) caught up with him, though likewise he has gone on to create a character in Nick Stone that is more a blend or collage of what he himself feels to be LEGITIMATE.

We then see a counter position (perhaps) from the Bond Franchise that has taken on board writings and works from former Special Service Men and Woman and integrated them within the Bond Realm taking it perhaps to a previously unseen height, in terms of appeal and so on.

So yes maybe it was myself drifting through the Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan years, though Daniel Craig’s present Franchise is more dynamically a TRUE continuation from the CLASSICAL BOND of Sean Connery and 1 or 2 Roger Moore films, and indeed a GENUINE RETURN TO FORM.

Yes I see reviews some good and some bad, as to new film SPECTRE, though they to my mind at least were some of the very best OPPONENTS within the Original Movies.

I was going to write upon Blofelt for example (inspiration for the bad guy in Austin Powers) then prior to writing this, saw that he (character) has been re-introduced within Spectre, formerly played by multiple actors in earlier films and nearly always a great FOE).

So yes, whilst I had not really taken in much TV/FILM in recent years and genuinely switched of and tuned out, I really can and have returned to viewing those JAMES BOND MOVIES and thinking WOW.

Who saw James Bond getting Shot in SKYFALL and then living drinking at some BEACH HUT outpost, drinking hard liquor with a SCORPION on his ARM.

I of course have to live with my TATTOO fake, though James was of course seen to entrap said creature beneath his emptied glass.  Likewise that film saw him apparently being shot (presumed to have been coloured EVE MONEYPENNY) though later suggested to have been an alternate SHOOTER, likewise in terms of some GREAT ALIGNMENT OF THE HEAVENS & PLANETS, I really was in that


I of course famously took the piss out a senior management who may have HISTORICALLY been accused of smokescreen and mirror DENIAL tactics to some goings on and events happening, IE.  Taken eyes of the PRIZE or Ball (so to speak) (in terms of ridiculous distractions) so whilst some may think I hold or promote negative attitudes toward some such individuals, I do genuinely think that multiples have gradually had little choice in coming into greater alignment with myself and the various lessons and learning’s that whether we like it or otherwise such Meditation TECHNOLOGIES bring about within our WORLD VIEWS.

Yes Skyfall (the title) of that Bond Film was akin to giving a CHICKEN LITTLE SPEECH as to the Sky not falling down and indeed we of course had YELLOW coloured Scottish Nationalists winning Scottish Elections and so on.

Likewise the inhaler within Dr Who was also seen within Casino Royale by the one eyed Le Chiffre Character, so yes this DAVID

whether he has deliberately ignored all and every influence regarded as good or bad in recent years can say

WOW and WOW as though I somehow feel as though I am in alignment with local SAS and JAMES BOND and Dr Who and so on.

Yes such things are usually regarded as “what you focus and concentrate and pay attention to” though on the 8th November DAVID was completely WOW OH MY GOD as to AH-HA and so on.

I watched those Bond Movies within the early hours and then went to the shop and noted a young lad purchasing a box of poppies on his way to Military Cadets, they usually have some regular DRILLING ACTIVITY round the corner from where I live, and despite claims to the Contrary, it is an low key installation or base, I have often noted Helicopters utilising that location, despite local claims to the contrary.

What is going on with my sight and hearing and sensory World in general or PROGRAMMING (I can ask myself).  Yes I was quite sure that another unnamed soldier was present, though again such thoughts and feelings and KNOWINGS are of course within the mind and thoughts and feelings of the beholder etc.

So I then returned home and FAILED to look at the regularly purchased Sunday Times and Independent Newpaper assuming that having held such things within my own hands, the contents kind of non-consciously gets vacuumed up and sorted and regarded in some non-conscious fashion.

Anyway I eventually witched on viewer on Laptop again and watched the various Dignitaries Laying Wreaths at the Cenotaph in London and of course later saw claimed furore over Corbyn.  yes I disagree with his Non-Nuclear Deterrent stance though likewise picking apart and diagnosing whether he gave sufficient head-bow and so on is again NONSENSE, in fact multiple shots perhaps demonstrated that his less MONITORED opposite number Cameron and various others were far less CONSCIOUS of what was taking place than he himself.

Perhaps something we can all relate to as NEWBORNS, where all those non-subjective thoughts and feelings and attitudes are given acquaintance with the World for the first time.

So yes James Bond and Wow was the order of the day for myself, and indeed I was somewhat disappointed that it seemed to myself that whilst many a REGIMENT and GROUP and ASSOCIATION was on display that on each and every occasion a SPECIAL FORCES was mentioned, they seemingly went of to somewhere else with the Cameras, as though SPECIAL FORCES are much like JAMES BOND in not being allowed to GROW OLD or FAT or out-of sync and so on.

Of course the real reality is that they were perhaps REPRESENTED in each and every childhood dream of many of those who read the stories and wanted a better life and so on and were taking part.

So the best way to think of many of these things is to perhaps consider that a SPECIAL FORCE REPRESENTATION exists within each and every REALM, at each and every level and that is better than potentially getting into one idea that I have to admit to.

I loved the Festival of Remembrance and indeed listening to the band as Association after Association walked passed the Cenotaph and indeed took a SALUTE from young Master Cambridge further en route, though likewise I think what is often absent from such displays is how much we sell our souls to being some FITTING IN SIM like behaviours without individualism and so on.

I spoke on the present series of the Apprentice and of course can be overjoyed that the Navy Hairdresser wants David and so on, though likewise her former male navy counterpart Brett (in complete contrast to Fictional Naval figures such-as Bond)demonstrates a certain amount of the CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS that such long term exposure to DISCIPLINES and so on can create, a mental straight jacket that can come to haunt you, or leave you so BLINDED that you maintain ideas as to FAITH, HOPE and CHARITY long after such things are passed there sell by dates.

Yes my exposure to local military heroes, when exceptionally young, may have been brief, and indeed only witnessed in one kind of scenario dynamic, such as that of the family home, though one thing that ccame through time and again, was HUMOUR and the ability at the drop of the hat to descent into immature

(for lack of a better phrase)

“shits and giggles”

 Yes so we all perhaps want to be James Bond or want to be Nick Stone (well done Mr Mcnab for expanding the playing field beyond the Naval Doctrines of Bond).

though reality at some point is perhaps wanting to be able to have that foundational training & discipline of a Brett with that, at any opportunity and chance of positive outcome of those who really have genuinely stretched and done or overcome the seemingly impossible feats that many a BELIEF strangely gives us.

So if life is simply a game of innovation and survival and invention, and indeed TEACHERS and LESSONS & LEARNINGS, then thank you and I FORGIVE YOU THOSE TRESPASSES as you forgive my trespasses and so on.

Another strange “goings on” is that I have seen various jobs advertised within a particular realm, and was highly disappointed at the WAGES and indeed the ENTRANCE CRITERIA.

Whilst some may say that EDUCATION is the be all and end all of QUALIFICATION for particular realms, I really do VEHEMENTALLY DISAGREE, knowing as I do that some of the very best people from all walks of life have more qualifications in the University of Life and experience and expertise and epiphanies than any acknowledged or rewarded by some of the so-called modern day establishment bodies.

IS IT NOT TIME YOU RECRUITED MYSELF, he said egotistically to the World at large.

Wow on and on he goes and where this all ends no one can be quite sure, does the SIM DAVE S PERKINS TERMINATE NOW or TOMORROW or upon the release of CLASSIFIED DOCMENTS exonerating his involvement within this suspicious activity or that suspicious activity.

Yes that is what two parts coke cola and one part Jägermeister can do to a brain, unused to alcohol (such is my rare usage).  yes I have gone through phases of heavy drinking and phases of TEA TOTAL and prefer Tea Total (genuinely) because alcohol much like smoking CANNABIS and so on, often requires a CERTAIN amount of copycat behaviour and belief.

Yes I know some claim such things are genuine and WOW MAN, though I can genuinely state, that whilst I can become inebriated and unsteady on feet etc, that many a CLAIMED or BLAMED alcoholic cause or indeed illegal substance abuse cause, IS ACTING.

Some of course do not want to think on such things, though really my own experience is that much like many a HERD LIKE ACTIVITY, many such thoughts feelings and attitudes toward alcohol and drugs and other substances are ACTING.

Clearly this differs from person to person, though likewise so does belief, so BEWARE, what ACTIONS and BEHAVIOURS and PERFORMANCE are you carrying out and then claiming to be a RESULTS of X SUBSTANCE etc, I can all but guarantee that many a person is far hardier than they sometimes claim, simply doing as many of us do, fall into herd like and sim like patterns, when breaking such patterns and beliefs and behaviours can SOMETIMES be the way, to reacquaint yourself with new Dynamics and Angles and cycles and patterns and MAPS.

Hapy Birthday To ME, less we forget, and a big thank you to those who took the time to wish myself a happy birthday, whether through card or Facebook or whatever your media outlet.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be well 😉

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