Stranger Things Have Occurred

So we are now witnessing some seemingly major RUCTIONS on the international stage that might well be considered to have been brewing for some time.

We have some major bluff & bluster from the Prime Minister demanding some EU reform’s, I call it bluff and bluster because, after all the build-up we have seen in recent days and week’s was expecting something NEW, some kind of line in the sand.

Instead we got more reiteration of what all the Prime Ministers and Leaders have said and done since joining the EU back in the 1970’s or whenever those events took place.

Therefore, the subject on some level within the Hearts and Minds of all those Politicians is already done and dusted and they are simply carrying out the usual FUGDE.

The usual FUDGE of course usually requires some pontificating of bluff & bluster given in a forthright fashion and manner that appears legitimate to those who dote on such individuals.

Likewise, we have seen alternate Political parties and LOBBYISTS dissecting said speech, and again all done in some nudge nudge wink wink, “I’m protecting your interests” to some given presumed FOLLOWING.

Such things have of course all been done from THE USUAL SUSPECTS.

We will defend our benefit scroungers, from international benefit scroungers blah blah.

The best way to carry out any benefit REFORM is of course to start with your own benefit system.  And many of these politicians are playing the old pointing game of either blaming any enforced changes within benefits systems on Foreigners, or blaming any forthcoming changes to benefits systems on foreigners.

We cannot of course go blaming our own peoples (with far longer histories of abuses) and potential voters now can we, less they fail to vote for us at the next election etc.

Elsewhere, we are hearing as to alleged industrial scale DOPING within SPORTING REALMS, and as much as some sporting stars and realms do an excellent job of “not me Gov!”, all and everyone has at some level or other sought to find ways and means to “BOOST PERFORMANCE”.

This one of those problems of course, in that some are now suggesting Lie Detector Tests, and whilst I have read up on such Tests, one of the Interview and Interrogation Books, I have historically recommended was rather good in explaining some of the ins and outs of those methods and so on.

In fact, the PROBLEM (as it nearly always has been) is that any adopted TECHNIQUE or LESSON & LEARNING, will rarely work 100% of the time for all peoples and persons taking the basic lessons and learnings on board.

This is especially true in many a Business Culture, whereby some Company is set up by some now long deceased individual and has gradually had a shift of Cultures and many differing factions and groupings have appeared all claiming to be the TRUE HEIR of the LEGACY of said CREATOR.

Yes you can go from Corporation to Corporation and Business Giant to Business Giant and find that many have lost their way or DIRECTION, only to later have someone come along who truly does or can take on the MANTLE (so to speak).

Or indeed, you get some Companies that are PROTECTED from Market Interests because Original Creator and or family are quite CLOSE KNIT and maintain CONTROLLING INTEREST or STAKE in the Business, ensuring some Long Sighted Methods and so on are actioned, in amongst all the short term squabbles and mini-me imperialists that come along from time to time squawking one of those great classic line derivatives seen down the ages “Follow Me, I will save you” from these other peoples and persons etc. etc.

Moving On…

Isn’t that a strange name for a soap.

Yes, strange though true, I cannot recall the age that I was when I first encountered “Imperial Leather”, though think it was a soap noted on a visit to some relatives, and from the moment I was sold like some rope-a-dope fool who from hence forward would only use soap bearing the Imperial Leather Logo at its centre.

Okay so I exaggerate, though in fact did and do still have those kinds of WOW moments, upon encountering those soap bars, so simple and yet so elegant. Lol

Like that moth to the light quote in one of those 3D cartoons of recent years, I can almost find myself having those “I can’t help myself” like thoughts and feelings and so on, in terms of getting or seeking or finding some ADDICTIVE FIX.

So if an ATHLETE or SPORTING COMPETITOR has there “lucky underpants” or “rabbits foot” or whatever they utilise as a placebo belief, taken from them, are they no longer competitive or able to win a competition and so on?

Yes for every suspicious testosterone or steroid level within some athlete (they are of course naturally produced bodily chemicals) you will find just as many with memento’s and “lucky charms” and so on.

Many of course carry some particular MEMORY.

That is actually important because, as I have progressed and tried to find some inspirational thoughts feelings from within my own history, I have often found some picture or momento of a time in my life that can act as a TRIGGER to stimulating those era thoughts and feelings and so on.

Clearly such things are again a double edged sword in the sense that whatever your time of life you were likely on some level also confused and conflicted and so on.

Though the ability to perhaps be on the end of the see-saw with feet firmly on the ground is where you perhaps want or desire to be in perhaps being or feeling in control of the NEXT ACTION.

The person who is raised up in the air on the seesaw perhaps potentially has less options. Though again some of us were perhaps far more dare devil in the various playgrounds we visited than others.

I know that whilst I was something of a latchkey kid and got up to all sorts of playground shenanigans, that over the years all sorts of health and safety legislation has taken over your average communal park playing facility, often wrapping them up in so much red tape bureaucracy and “soft landing” that you wonder as to whether anyone can develop a healthy or regular sense of sense that has not been straight jacketed by false presentations of the World about us.

Falling hard and hurting yourself on concrete, whilst potentially or possibly upsetting can most definitely give you greater respect of the Environment than many an individual has now (I generally think).

Likewise, of course you perhaps want that ability to not be overly impressed in gauging such scales and measures and so on.

Yes statisticians can roll out in force, quoting percentages left right and centre to anyone that will listen, though again many such things are the same as what I wrote upon recently as to claims of the 1%.

The 1% from 40, 50 years ago etc, cannot possibly be the same and has to have EXPANDED in various alignments with the rest of the World’s Population & Growth. Otherwise you would be speaking upon the Worlds 0.025 per cent and showing and demonstrating just how LITTLE you genuinely know about MATHEMATCS and so on in general.

So the DEVIL really might be regarded as being in the DETAIL, though how many a person even when shown such STATISTICAL ANOMALIES within their own FIGURES, simply options personal ATTACKS on the MESSENGER, rather than address the HUGE FLAW presented within the REPORTING or FILTER MECHANISM for the DATA.

Yes this Blog has apparently been renewed, attempts to renew were refused, though I then had email saying renewed, so perhaps the automated system, did myself a favour after all.

I wonder if silvertoe website will have similar service. Hmmn

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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