What Is Your Theme For The Day

So I think I mentioned previously that I often carry out the “whistle while you work” whilst working, and I mention this because obviously we can boost our positive thoughts and feelings and attitudes with such behaviours, easier perhaps for myself to carry out such activities whilst getting on with it than perhaps some workers, who are surrounded by nagging and henpecking colleagues and so on.

I have many such a tune, that I can pluck out from the database, and very many are often old time movie tunes.

Anyway, yesterday I suddenly found myself whistling the Christopher Reeve Superman Movie Tune from the 1970’s and today I find myself once again having a look at the local rag (Hereford Times) and who has made a visit to the area but none other than Margot Kidder http://www.herefordtimes.com/news/14023010.Superman_star_returns_to_trace_ancestors/

She of course famously played DAILY PLANET reporter Louis Lane and is perhaps best remembered for the line “You’ve got me, whose got you” something like that.

Elsewhere as the build-up to the new Star Wars moving continues apace I have also found myself whistling the Darth Vader tune.

Yes strange though true, as anyone who has watched or checked out movie and orchestral movie music knows, you often find a tune or piece is named for particular character, although they do sometimes have a great mix n’match quality to them.

Yes so of course, activities such-as whistling and normal cheerful behaviours is frowned upon in some communities, though continuing in the face of abuse that such actions can bring is of course choice.

For every regular habit or cheerful behaviour display you can likely find someone somewhere who has adopted a GESTAPPO like behaviour toward such things.

In fact my own view, since carrying out meditation, tends to lead myself toward conclusions that they themselves, may have been set upon by some gestappo like behaviours when younger and then fallen into some kind of


yes of course the problem then for any given environment is of course what is National law and what is Govermental Law and what is Company Culture and what is Management Culture and so on.

As I have progressed with meditation and so on, I have found myself able to SEE THROUGH great swathes of such political nonsenses, and have generally for the most part ADVICED toward

Greater Alignment of thoughts, feelings and actions across all the various REALMS.

Some things are quite obvious to even the most obtuse individual, whilst other NUANCES can escape the catchment net, though usually as progress is continued find themselves under the scrutiny of the light beam or searchlight or however.

So many a conflict and confusion ONLY EXISTS because of a lack of COMPATIBLE COMMUNCATION or ways of INTERPRETATION.

Most models can in fact be brought into various sorts of alignments, with other models and indeed, nonsenses and personal choices can be altered and changed and so on to suite any given occasion.

Anyway this one is a short as I started writing late, though yes, pick a tune you can whistle, whether a favoured SHOW THEME, or MOVIE THEME, or TV THEME, you can all but guarantee that some SYNCHRONICTY of some sort is happening, that is of course if you happen to have a look at the broader World about yourself and so on.

Yes what this planet requires is a DAILY PLANET, although of course it might be regarded as strange that multiple superhero’s Superman, Spiderman and one or two others, seemingly gained employment within MEDIA organisations and so on.

Strange given how some employee’s within such realms are often given to portraying themselves in less than favourable terms.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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