What Was All That About Then

So previously on this blog I generally spoke or referenced entertainment shows that I had come into contact with at various points in my life because I was an avid TV viewer.

However, in more recent years I pretty much turned off and tuned out from watching TV and Film in general, perhaps why so many a reference is seemingly so old.

I Have of course seemingly begun regularly commenting on the weekly Apprentice Show of Lord Sugar and simply stating whether I agree or otherwise with the given decisions and so on, somewhat of course troubling because we really do only get to see EDITED highlights of such processes, and for all we know any one of the candidates could be running around murdering a granny each week, and we would be none the wiser.

So I watched yesterday evening’s show and we saw 2 gentlemen come to the fore, whilst 2 women were fired and indeed another chap was also fired.

A major cull perhaps, having 3 leave all in the same week, though probably also appropriate given how many chiefs this realm can claim to have present compared to Indians.

The episode focussed on Handyman type characters and jobs, I think I have written the occasional reference to joke Bodgit & Leggit Builders Merchants and DIY in general.

What we saw of course was Brett & Joseph coming to the fore with experience and knowledge of their area of expertise and industry, and I do not think anyone watching could have any doubt as to the practical application of the knowledge and so on.

So how did the Team Leader, apparently a building site boss, come to be leading a team on a subject matter she knew nothing about?

Yes this perhaps one of those topics and debates that can be witnessed up and down the land, where peoples and persons of both sex’s have some idiot put in charge of them who has zero knowledge or skill beyond greasing up or being friends with a company owner.

It very much appeared to be QUEEN OF THE DELEGATORS.

I delegate this work to this person and delegate this work to that person and delegate and so on.

In fact, it could well be suggested that the other lady fired, also to a certain extent fitted that Queen of the Delegators kind of tag or label.

Most blokes of course not averse to having pretty women working with them and so on, though likewise it may well be suggested that many go to work to have space from someone already within their life who fits the Queen of the Delegators tag or label, this person usually also entitled Mother or Wife or Girlfriend.

That perhaps the difference of course, in that one realm perhaps comes with a CHOICE whilst the other does not.

The other chap that was fired was perhaps unlucky, in the sense that he was sub group leader, and there were possibly other more suitable candidates for firing not being placed within the firing line.

So 3 went kapow, just like that.

What is perhaps more interesting was the change in confidence seen from both Joseph and Brett when the show turned to the Territory that they both perhaps know best, and it is also of course known that Lord Sugar, does have a London Property Empire at his disposal, so whilst it may appear that they are both one realm ponies or one trick ponies, they both kind of demonstrated an inside out knowledge, that most of us would happily trust, and they both in fact may well fit Lord Sugar’s pre-existing Business Portfolio.

Also interesting was that I of course published some Photo’s at the weekend regarding Remembrance and anyone who for instance looked up Stirling Court would have uncovered that Joseph & Son’s was the next Business Property along from that location.

Many of these teachings perhaps about encouraging the taking up of Trades and Business Building and so on, they a mid-sized local company that are well known throughout the area and region.

Elsewhere we are hearing reports from the Middle east that someone has rallied the local communities and clans in Northern Iraq and that some new battlefront or whatever the terminology, has been opened up in that region along the Syrian borderlands.

All those areas are known to have various groups of travelling clans and tribes that generally rub along together, though likewise they have probably waited and waited for the opportunity to exact some revenge, given how many times they have seemingly been forced from their tribal lands, Cities Towns and homes  and so on by various Armies and political groupings and so on.

These things are perhaps something best seen in Countries such-as Pakistan and Africa (in reality) where whilst most areas are given some paper mapping zone, with straight lines here there and everywhere, many tribal communities have zero idea of what or where the externally imposed borders are said to be and just get on with it, often only coming to attention when, someone comes along and high-lights such issues.

We have also of course seen DIAMONDS high-lighted this week, some pink diamond being sold for some unfathomable amount of millions, and likewise today some blue diamond being reported to have been purchased by some rich person for there pre teen kid.

I mention Diamond also of course, because we did have Lord Sugar when speaking to the David on the Apprentice Show, reference some CV, it says here you say you are a Diamond. (I do not think I personally would reference myself as Diamond, beyond perhaps suggesting wanting to play the Sid James Carry on character Sidney Rough Diamond (was it?)

Yes so timing wise then we can perhaps IDENTIFY the various international Trades and so on that come to the fore at any given moment.

Is the Star of Bethlehem that 3 wise men are now following, a Diamond in the Sky, are Diamonds Forever, do they have to be only the one colour when the other colours are seemingly worth more for RARITY VALUE.

Yes following the so-called Markets can of course be quite easy if you simply buy and purchase Papers that do DAILY print summaries or indeed simply have trusted websites that report on such things.

The problem of course can be that of having an attention to detail versus an overview.

I like overview’s because you really can become bogged down when looking at any given realms markets and so on.

Do you follow the successful (for example) or hitch yourself to an alleged up and coming or indeed see how the bad performers are doing and hoping to learn something through what is being reported.

We saw such things in the Steel Industry of course recently, everyone pointing the finger at China as to undercutting Global Market Prices and being to blame for the failings of all other mining Companies and so on, though all these Business given the long histories of many, are simply fudging the issues.

Now we are also witnessing speak on an Indian Visitor MODI (that is Eastern India) not Cowboy Wild west Indian’ or indeed Jamaican Indians.

Yes, apparently Indian youth has given up on coming to Britain’s University’s and so on.  Lots of surprise is being Heralded at these things.

I am not surprised in the slightest, when you visit most Internationally recognised British Media Services, you see day in and day out EXTREMISTS and EXTREMISM coming to the fore, it could well be suggested that despite voting figures and parliamentary representation that the CLOSET UKIP types that still support Conservatives and Labour and Liberals are all there or thereabouts, hiding in the SHADOWS.

Yes I also saw the Dodgy DJ Fox Stories, and indeed Sir Cliff being re interviewed and of course, many a historical CELEBRITY likely has some unturned stone that requires delving into or researching a little further.

The problem of course that some things are repeated to such an extent that it becomes almost impossible to run against the grain, or swim against the tide, so to speak.

Likewise it could of course be suggested that finding or identifying the best patterns and cycles to be in alignment with can take a form of extremism all of its own.

Temptations of course appear in all realms in many shapes and forms, and likewise the mental calculations that most or many people’s regard as accepted, are often when SCRUTINSED appropriately more leaky than a Kitchen SEIVE.

Yes this of course also the time of year when everyone starts thinking of getting a new calendar, less they have not got a new one already.

So you can look to the short term option and the long term option, though do not be surprised that most strangely always option the short term, over the long.

Of course Pension’s are often regarded as long term option, though how many peoples die prior to being able to make claim on such things.

So getting into any kind of NOW ZONE and indeed maintaining said one in the face of any number of Temptations and distractions and so on is an interesting topic and subject matter all unto itself.

So it can of course be demonstrated that all information is relevant all of the time, though likewise in terms of cycles and patterns and indeed WEIGHTS & SCALES & MEASURES, we have to individually decide as to where our somewhat limited CONSCIOUS WINDOW is best directed in terms of personal achievement and so on.

I think I may write a differing list for some upcoming football fixtures, if at all, strangely regular football followers are not overly bothered by the small number or European championship play-offs taking place this weekend.  And they are seemingly even less enthused by all the friendlies.

I generally regard all fixtures and competition under the same mental banner and this was especially TRUE when I was participant in such things, when you start COMPARTMENTALISING and saying this game is not the same as that game, you can inadvertently give yourself the WRONG mindset for such things.  You want to perform well at all times in all conditions, although we do of course see differing peoples peak at differing times and events.  Who wants Rooney or Sterling to peak in a friendly if we want them peaking in Tournament, such systems can of course have compatibility issues when split between club and Country, hence it often being better for any INDIVIDUAL whatever the realm, to have a certain amount of self-awareness and self-responsibility and motivation and incentive going on for themselves, irrespective of external slings and arrows and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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