So I Stayed Up Part Of The Day and Slept The Rest

The reasons for this are variable in the sense that where possible I often opt for what my body is telling myself rather than try to force any given condition.

Anyway, little new information has come forward within the intervening hours as to whether I can follow chains and links and information sources in any kind of genuine sense as to what is occurring within the World at large.

Another area or topic I have not dwelled upon though has come to mind is this idea of VOICE and where does your voice come from and so on.  In fact in those non-linear method I could go into speeking on the Jaw bone and the ability to move and open one’s mouth, the jaw perhaps one of those cluster of bones that makes up the human skull, though in typical fashion, those of us not in the medical profession, have a tendency to just call the SKULL the SKULL, without any indication or representation, that is may well be considered another GROUP TITLE or LABEL.

Yes strange though true, as much as they say the devil is in the detail and that we can go on and on into ever finer definitions. At some point a cut-off of some kind exists.  Usually the difference between the cut-off and the ever finer detail, often corresponds to CIRCUMSTANCE.

So when looking upon one sector or compartmentalisation of life the universe and everything, we may go into deeper analysis than on other occasions.

Again such things can return to haunt us somewhat, hence the ability to utilise or train ourselves to use given proven methodologies and indeed interact with others who use such techniques and strategies is suggested to be a quality way forward.

That old classic chestnut of putting the best with others considered the best and seeing what they come up with.

We saw the development of Nuclear Weapons (for example) come about through such practice, where experts across multiple fields were brought together and perhaps partially through necessity and partially through concentration, speeded up PROGRESSIVE developments that may have taken far longer, were it not for bringing such peoples and persons together.

What is also interesting, when going from TV/MOVIE FICTIONS to real life is how often, those within the real life realms say that some liberties have been taken as to the dramatization of such things.

Anyway I decided to go on Twitter for a bit and made the odd comment, in relation to one or two soundbites that appeared on the newsfeed.

I suddenly found myself being LECTURED to, by some individual in seeming disagreement with what I had said, responding & telling myself to get an education and read, and that of course has been something I have been doing quite heavily in recent times.

That quite strange perhaps in that I cannot know what is going on with any other peoples and persons and indeed INTERPRETATION of the thoughts feelings and actions of others.

Yes we can PROJECT & FORECAST, make assumptions and presumptions about others, though likewise that deeper level of refinement and-or degree’s of variance nearly always can create FRICTION, because you can wind up going round and round in circles of questions as to your own meaning versus understanding the meaning given by other peoples and persons.

Likewise, even with improved learning strategies and questioning techniques, it is demonstrated that the system 1 and system 2 within our brains, really do not necessarily interact.

It often suggested that system 1, is like our immediate fetch and return system, a kind of auto-pilot memory cache that fetches short terms data bites and so on, I wonder where computer processors got such systems from.

Likewise it is suggested that in order to PAUSE & THINK and bring system 2 on-line we require some questions, that cause or break the confines or thinking of the condition created by system 1.

Yes system 1 and system 2, was documented by Kahneman in his studies and book.

Likewise it does appear or seem that a certain amount of usage of hemispheric integration systems such-as WHOLE BRAIN THINKING and the stimulus brought about via Holosync and various Learning Strategies Paraliminal’s can ALTER, many a regular taken for granted AUTO-PILOT.

The potential downside of course that there might not be anything wrong with the system that is already in place.

So some of these EINSTEIN like Boffins, may in fact already been utilising the best HOW strategies available and usage of some products could potentially be more detrimental than enhancing.

Clearly debate to be had, though I can say that I have had concern, for example due to early experience of Hypnosis and indeed some of the things that came to be placed front and centre within my own World view.

Clearly any man, woman or child perhaps wants to feel that they are utilising and have a good broad based system that operates and functions across many areas and topics of live the universe and everything and is CONSISTENT.

We also of course find that being a FISH OUT OF WATER, can rally genuinely stretch or push anyone over the THRESHOLD of what they are presently or currently able to cope with or accept as to how the World is.

Yes it was only a Century ago, that medication and those realms starting moving toward the integration of rigorous testing of Hypothesis and indeed other realms have gradually jumped on the bandwagon, though it is demonstrated by even the brainiest and intelligent among us, that we are often our own worst enemies, in accepting equations in terms of “this person is called a professional or is successful within this working life realm, and therefore must know upon the subject matter on which they speak”.

Yes that Superforecasting book really provides some FOOD FOR THOUGHT on such things, because a Dr spoken of within the book, was told he had cancer and was dying, and because of his profession and belief in the systems etc.  Did not think to QUESTION the validity of a colleague amd ask for a 2nd opinion, or indeed wait for laboratory results, when they (results) returned and came up negative, (after some invasive surgery had been performed) he realised some of those ILLUSIONAL CONSTRUCTS, that go UNTESTED and are common place within Society.

A mental parameter we give ourselves as to conformity of IDEAS and THINKING.

Yes that study on judging judgement has actually stimulated my interest, in the matter and I may well seek to study/research more of Mr Tetlock’s works.

Some base research into Paris also had myself finding a somewhat differing interpretation to CARDINAL RICHELIEU, he of course famed to most of us via MUSKETEER MOVIES as the supreme villain within those story’s.

In fact whilst my research was rather BRIEF, it did suggest that the Cardinal made some interesting contributions to Paris and France in General whilst in the position he was in.

So was he really all that good or really all that bad, or did some story writer pluck some name from History and then wrap some convincing architecture around a typical model and find that it worked so well that he used it again, until the CHARACTERISATION became a self-fulfilling prophecy above and beyond what RECORD and DOCUMENTS actually show.

That of course the problem with so many of us in this day and age growing up with so much FICTION and perhaps not enough reality to realise that entertainment, can itself be INTERPRETED or so ingrained as to lead us into false logical conclusions and mental algorithms and so on.

I can also of course admit to watching Dr Who once again, and this episode really fitted that creepy enclosed claustrophobic environment and indeed that IDEA of VOICE, although I found myself in agreement to a certain extent with a Guardian write-up suggesting that whilst excellent in presentation, it may well have fitted some differing LENGTH.

Yes that perhaps one of those great problems in TV in general, where you can find a project fits a specific length or indeed has to be edited and edited down to fit a schedule, or indeed have fillers given to stretch to a schedule.

I thought it only worthy of one episode though likewise thought it may have been better as an hour long episode (for example) rather than a two-parter. Though given the MODEL often utilised by such shows for Christmas Specials (for example) you then run into Length CONTROVERSY.

Is a SPECIAL only worth an extra 15, 30, 45 minutes and so on.

So yes the Guardian writer spoke upon the writer Mark Gattis and I have to admit to having not always liked his episodes, though until I paid ATTENTION to episode writers was not always aware of who was writing what stories.  Mr Gatiss is also famed for some COMEDY Group of a few years ago, and one that I was not all that keen on, beyond the Village Shop Joke LOCAL FOR LOCAL PEOPLE.

Having said that of course, when you look at popular comedy especially during this last couple of decades and with hindsight or greater awareness you do see that FORMULAIC REPETITION has been allowed to take centre stage at the cost perhaps of greater diversity and so on.  Little Britain perhaps the ultimate of such FORMAT, 3 or 4 characters, and the same sketch each and every week, slightly tweeked, oh its this character in a shop saying there funny line, lets put them in this other shop next week or the park etc.

Clearly perhaps differing levels of comedy for differing audiences, and who is having the last laugh and-or joke, when so many of us simply take the BAIT etc, on such formats.

VARIETY Entertainment perhaps once regarded as a way to get some mental release from stresses and strains of the day, turned into some zombie cloning format.

I shall leave this one here, as I having some entertainment viewing to carry out, maybe I’ll catch a personality that I can buy into to call my own.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be well 😉

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