When Exactly Was The Blue Paper Lit

Strange though true of course HINDSIGHT is one of those great words utilised as to what could have been done better or handled in a more DIPLOMATIC fashion and manner.

However as many of us come to understand, whether through genuine experience or indeed HINDSIGHT via Technologies that give varying degrees of awareness and enlightenment, some boundaries have been crossed and well exceeded long before such knowledge makes it into the public domain.

The reality of course that as little children we are influenced via family and friends and indeed group and herd psychology and so on, and most peoples and persons, get to a point of being tossed and turned and blown down in the wind etc, whereby they are pushed over acceptable boundaries, by the very peoples and persons CRYING WOLF.

The British Media has now for several years been well over the usual boundaries in terms of verying degree’s of INCITEMENT, and are now seemingly appearing to utilise the events in PARIS to take things up a notch.

Anyway most cannot of course see the World from beyond the one in which they themselves body mind and spirit INHABIT and of course that simply perpetuates illusion upon illusion.

I have read multiples of today’s headlines (for example) and disagree with many of the professional journalists and commentators as to WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?

Yes it was indeed Friday the 13th and that of course is a Western Calendar Date, not overly popular or indeed familiar to all the various communities about the World.

So France has been involved in assisting Syrian Rebels against ISIS & ASSAD, via taking part in Air Strikes (if reports are correct).

Likewise in BRITAIN we only take part in Air Strikes within IRAQ therefore from our point of view, what happens in FRANCE has nothing to do with us.

If we require that it has something to do with us, then we enter SPECULATION realms such-as

Was the attack geared toward INFLEUNCING the British Parliamentary Vote on involvement within the Syrian Air Space.

Or was the attack an attack born out of DESPERATION.

Likewise of course, suicide bombers have HISTORICALLY often been either COERCED into such activities or indeed BLACKMAILED, friends, relatives held HOSTAGE elsewhere etc, will be released and-or taken care of upon news of you completing your mission.

Yes I keep reading that such attacks require much planning (weeks etc) and that is a COMPLETE BULLSHIT within my own mind, the ILLUSION justification of course one of we need to spend X amount and demonstrate INTELLIGENCE and TRAINING and be skilled practitioners , therefore so do our opponents.

I think very little training is required to press a button or pull a chord etc. The weapons involved do of course suggest that weapons or suppliers of weapons and so on are readily available across and throughout Europe.

Indeed, it has been suggested and indeed found that many a SMUGGLING OPERATION has been conducted by various peoples and persons, who have at some point within their lives had Establishment Military Training and so on.

So we perhaps experiencing evidence of that now, the IDEA within some redtops is that the SAS will be walking the streets, and I am sure some folks will be, though likewise probably shopping with friends and family and going about business as usual.

It has already been stated in recent years that counter terrorism for which the SAS has a strong knowledge base and training within as well as coordinating with other forces is being handed over to the realms of the Police, who only a few days ago suggested cuts to ARMED PATROLS etc. Due to Police Budgeting issues.

Fortunately or Unfortunately of course the red tops have a rather large readerbase, and such statements appeals to very many of us on various levels of childhood dreams and playing medal of duty and CALL OF HONOUR and so on.

Yes so Britain is no more a target now than it was on Thursday, though the RATCHET having been cranked, is going to cause greater levels of VIGILANTISM and indeed attacks on minorities and so on.

When you look at the broader an wider news reporting of the week, you come to see that there must be SOMETHING ABOUT PARIS.

Yes perhaps the Davinci Code experts will creep out of the woodwork, claiming ILLUMINATI are the real cause of Worldwide events and somehow failing to see that they may be part of that scaffold.

So Paris takes the headlines and meanwhile reports as to over supply of cheap oil and mergers and further banking news that on a regular week would get attention are not getting it.

We have also of course within the UK seen headlines as to more extreme weather conditions, though as to cause and effect, what I may once have thought of as a cause/effect gradually disappeared the further I progressed with meditation and indeed various courses.

The ARAB SPRING of recent years, was often DAISY CHAINED back to a RIPPLE EFFECT started by a man committing suicide outside a Police Station in Tunisia, after having the tools and implements of his trade and ability to make a living removed from him.

The MIDDLE EAST of course often spoken of HISTORICALLY as a POWDERKEG waiting to go off, though seemingly always managed to SIMMER, that is of course prior to this day and age of GLOBAL COMMUNCATIONS SYSTEMS and ACCESS to information that you would not necessarily ordinarily SEE.

So Police CORRUPTION was well known to Tunisians and eventually led to one Country after another, giving way to anti-corruption groups and campaigners.

So FRANCE also known to have had the GREATEST REVOLUTION EVER in removing aristocracy, whilst of course we in Britain hold up GUY FAWKES as reason to not bother trying.

In fact I see little reason for Britain’s to revolt in general though some QUARTERS and MEDIA could well be revolted against in terms of who purchases and buys what they have on offer.

So yes, it could well be better to focus and concentrate on anything and everything but what & where the MEDIA and so on are maintaining a GRIP on playing on people’s fears and worries and so on.

Could happen, will happen, though in a population of 7 Billion, the investment we make in our own significance and importance within the overall arc of history is somewhat OVER STATED.

So yes BOMBS see to be what my indicators are showing, though clearly in METAPHORICAL or ALLEGORICAL terms, is it of the TNT & DETONATOR variety or of some other nature such-as a wannabe CELEBRITY getting kicked of some singing contest or skating contest or whatever the REAL REALITY SHOW is proffering us up to buy into at present.

In terms of security services and what they do and know I perhaps know far less than I imagine having not watched many a modern day film tv example.

I found myself thinking FINGERPRINTS & BIO-INFORMATICS.

Prior to that I had been thinking HOSPITALS.


Well if you coordinate an attack on an A & E ward (for example) at the same time as some terror strike on some infrastructure, you effectively create more problems than you would with one INCIDENT in ISOLATION.

So I think that the attacks on PARIS may well have been someone far higher up a TREE pulling some lower peoples strings etc, even Government funded (for example).

No one who has trained and militarised peoples up for battle and so on necessarily wants to sacrifice training systems, unless some greater impact is going to be conjured up, so yes, this really is potentially more of what RUSSIA described as


Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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