Are Muslims Any Good At Sports?

Yes so of course, we are seeing that England versus France is GOING AHEAD and in acts of Solidarity and so on, everyone is going ALLO, ALLO, I Shall say this only once.

Yes, so when did you realises you were first suffering from POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER.

This week of course we saw famed for ALF GARNETT actor Warren Mitchell die, and the sad truth is of course, that whilst we think of ALF as a character much like present day PUB LANDLORD, in PERCENTATE TERMS, you would not believe the amount of peoples and persons up and down the land who believe them to be the 2nd Coming of such characters and indeed act and spout HATRED until their Hearts are content, because those around them secretly AGREE.

This is of course one of those issues I really do not discuss very much, though most peoples and persons of any given rae and indoctrinated mindset cannot see BEYOND such a mindset, or indeed the potential repercussions of keeping such thoughts feelings and actions over the longer term.

Anyway, I recently mentioned a character that is apparently from the film Carry on up the Kybher, and that was of course something of a FARCE, though did in fact demonstrate or show what we see and what appears in classical British Literature over and over again-this idea of a stiff upper lip at all times and DO NOT LET THE BASTARDS GRIND YOU DOWN or see you hurt or bleed etc.

What else, well following on from my reacquainting myself with Bond, James Bond, 007 LICENSE TO KILL, looking dow the gun barrel graphic seen at the beginning of each & every Bond Film, I decided that something similar was required this week.

Okay so regular TV/Film viewers are not all that plussed or nonplussed by such ACTION, though I wanted to see if any THEME like ideas appeared in viewing choices, selected with a certain level of unknowing RANDOMNESS.

So I found myelf watching 2 films from the so-called Hunger Games Stories and that led to my researching PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN.

He in fact was one of those jobbing actors, often seen more as a supporting actor role than a lead, though he always managed to do the job ever so CONVINCINGLY, whatever level the film the audience was seemingly getting genuinely believable  high quality performance.

I also then found myself watching some further FUTURISTIC SCI-FI typical of many a teen movie, kid gets selected above colleagues and goes through the painful journey of being resented and disliked for simply being better than others etc.  That was actually more interesting in that STRATEGIES were a dominating feature of the film, he a quite analytical character, performed and calculated and more impotantly was able to DESCRIBE the reasons for a given action.

I then moved on to some Lord of the Rings film entitled Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies, and whilst I am unfamiliar with Hobbit Films, did again find myself enjoying the film as part of the Greater Lord of The Rings Realms materials.

Anyway the actual result of watching all those films was that I came to REALISE that they were all HEAVILY STREWN with battle and fighting and war and so on, and that despite only being a VIEWER I was genuinely imagining myself to have some kind of OVERWHELM or BATTLE FATIGUE.

In fact all had quite high body counts also, though of course they are all regarded as FICTION, and it is only in turning on NEWS CHANNELS for example, that we see that some people wanting to Spend “One Night in Paris” got lucky and were murdered before Hilton showed up.

So elsewhere the French took the decision to doo some extra CARPET BOMBING (I was going to say) though reports suggest otherwise stating 10 planes and 20 bombs, not sure of such statistics, because again carpet bombing was a phrase utilised from ye olde Vietnam Strategies and so on prior to GUIDED MISSILES & ROCKETS.

We in Britain are now going to create 1900 NEW SPIES apparently, unsure as to any kind of RATIO IMPORTANCE, though the number as a year might be, and of course we are also being told that is some 15% increase in budget (if I understand correctly which I rarely do).

Why would I not understand correctly, well I kind of understand that you can calculate a salary for example for 7 days a week over 52 weeks and then come up with a SUM CALCULATION, though most peoples, traditionally in majority terms have 5 day working weeks and fail to calculate weekends, this can of course return to HAUNT peoples, because unless some such CALCULATION is taken into consideration you can find many more peoples within the POPULATION living below a LIVING WAGE (for example), you are actually better calculating such things for 24/7 in an all-encompassing manner than otherwise, though do not be surprised at some of the CRY WOLFS that starts appearing, when such alternations are done in HOW YOU THINK and count and do the numbers.

So what else, well degrees of separation does of course mean that you can only every have so many shifts along a given TRAJECTORY, prior to having to create some new manoeuvre or space in your thinking etc.

I encourage for example ideas as to GYROSCOPES, utilised in Astronaut training and the one film demonstrated the MENTAL TRAP that we all fall into.

We all of course try to maintain what we belief to be UPRIGHT in upright fashion, though in SPACE and or in a VACUUM such things are done more out of engineering efficiency (or otherwise) than a given requirement.

Strange though true of course one issue and topic that did come to mind and again was HIGHLIGHTED.  We as a SPECIES make SQUARE or OBLONG DOORS, yet in fiction and in space and so on, they can be ROUND and HEXAGRAM like and so on, such minor things can go un noted consciously in film after film, though typically of course, given the way in which SCIENCE is said to lead the rest of Society a REASON is required, beyond any ASTHETIC that an ARTIST might pontificate about.

Hollande Declares War on IS screams the Headline and I have pictures of damns and CLOGS raining down on the Land of Crusaders.  In fact Hollande the FRENCH PRESIDENT, (do we live in a World of You could not make it up IRONY?)

What else, well that Hobbit Film had EAGLES appearing toward the end of the very many battles, and MILITARY JETS have long associations with IRON EAGLE and so on, the one venue that was attacked had some AMERCIAN band with EAGLES in the name.

So is it the time of the coming of the EAGLES and what can it all mean?

Yes strange though true of course, we cannot know the hearts minds and indoctrinations of those perpetrators of such crimes to humanity, beyond of course what our own might be, and in releasing terms it could well be suggested that you are better without such things (unless your job role demands it off you) than otherwise.

Running around with beads and preaching la-di-da stuff is likely to get you killed first in most movies, giving way to the Militarised or Middle ground proponents to take the lead.

Yes in study the PATTERN of many a movie, you often find that the REFORMATION of some character has to take place, in terms of not being overly militarised, or not being overly namby pamby, or not being over this that and the other, prior to learning the most APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOURS and strategies at a given time and so on.

Anyway I have gone of all oer the shop without really contributing.

I also as a book reader found myself researching JJ ABRAMS and a book called “S” (DORST) and that strangely is a kind of book within a book, that has coloured pen lines and scrawl of commentators and so on within it.

Yes it is a simple concept of a book within a book, though typically demonstrates some of those ideas as the OBVIOUS being right in front of the tip of your nose.

I have found again and again, that when in the LAIR OF INTRANSIGENT FASCISTS, something a little stronger and so on is required as to THRESHOLD RAISING STIMULUS and so on.

I also found myself visiting and researching one or two movie producers and directors and so on follow those FILM LAND trails and some very interesting ones have existed over the years.

SLEATH was typical of a stage production that was later adapted for film and tv and has had a new lease of life via a remake in more recent years.

I grew up in the 70’s when that was the standard identifiable model being used, take a stage play and adapt for TV/FILM.

Now of course much like games being turned into film, KATNESS in Hunger Games has a LARA CROFT kind of theme, and that realm is also being highlighted at present.

So it has all gone CLAIRE and LARA and CLARA and LAA and so on, was not LA-LA a TELLYTUBBY (who said that?).

Dear Adele, are you sure you want to be singing these words to me?  Yes I saw a great interview (now that I am a recently discovered fan), is it to late to jump on your BANDWAGON?

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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