Well, Ugh Gee Fred

Yes, so we are somewhat latecomers to this Name The Storm Game, and I have to admit that so far 2 storms and 2 names have been somewhat disappointing, though one can of course ask, well what was I exactly expecting?

As I understood it, when it was announced we were going to be naming localised (to Britain) storms, I kind of assumed that a certain level of sense and sensibility might be involved, that those tasked with making such selections would do so with imagination.

First off last week or quite recently, we found ourselves renaming some storm ABIGAIL oh A big gail look at that ho-hum.

This week and following on in Alphabetical Tradition we are now under siege from BARNEY and as much as I liked the FLINTSTONES, one cannot help to think that (without checking or researching) the likelihood of finding any English or Welsh, Scottish or Irish links to BARNEY is somewhat implausible.

So yes, whilst Herefordshire is now experiencing BARNEY’s gusts of wind, I am now CRINGING at what the rest of the alphabet is going to provide us with.

Elsewhere we have heard it reported that our SPECIAL FORCES, are now getting a rather large wedge of some 2 Billion? to spend on TOOLS, technologies and equipment that will keep them at the forefront of being our best trained and equipped troops and so on. Special mention seemingly given to the money’s being purely for equipment and not manpower.

Yes, these economic things can cause all sorts of concerns, not least of course that we Brits, like to demonstrate success in spite of the ghost of Equipment Failure & malfunction etc.

In fact, such instances are potentially overblown in terms of reporting history and the success’s, of course go taken for granted or unreported and so on.

So in comparable terms you get those IDEAS as to the US SPECIAL FORCES being over reliant on shoddy equipment, supplied by bidding and contract wars rather than quality. (yes our troops at all levels also of course come along with the same old whinges), STOP COMPLAINING ITS NEW TO YOU is a quote I utilised during the last Football World Cup, somewhere on this blog.

Likewise, of course we see in film and tv reports (for example) that X number of cars were used for this scene etc, and that is part of the problem? In order to train you perhaps require being able to damage and destroy and take apart the current technologies and so on that the World about us contains, whether it is VEHICLES of all types (Hereford over the last year was reported to have had some AEROPLANE being slowly pulled along the highways toward some Special Forces training arena) let us hope that the Russians do not put 1 & 1 together and make some ASSUMPTION/PRESUMPTION 2, what with all this talk of Sinai Bombs etc.)

Yes so training and rotations and all the rest and common law quotes that we all grow up with

 “A bad workman blames his tools”

in fact of course, some practice with said tools (and considering all and everything to be tools) to the extent that they can overcome any identifiable flaws is a sensible precaution.  Being able to think of IN THE EVENT OF THIS SCENARIO we can go to this strategy, in an auto-pilot like fashion and to the degree that COLLEAGUES and so on can predict & know, the LOOSE CANNON CHARACTERS of TV & FILM is strangely in many ways not considered a requirement of modern team working, beyond of course that ability to take something to a next level.

Of course we have all perhaps had that experience of wanting and knowing that we have to take some game or practice SERIOUSLY, though somewhere within the subconscious or non-conscious a DISCLAIMER exists.

Again that is often overcome by simply changing the PARAMETERS of a situation in some fashion, that being kept in the dark, that it is really competitive, when it is promoted as otherwise or indeed things such as live round training, that some militaries are said to prefer.

So seemingly big budgets, can burn a whole in your pocket faster than you can spit, is the SUMMARY that most understand only to well.

Hopefully of course some generation of SCIENTISTS are thinking well this super molecular destructor beam used for this function, may well be just what they are looking for in that other REALM over there.

Yes the old scene and scenario exists, that some DOCTRINES can genuinely have interest and finger in many a pie, whilst others STRUGGLE with such a philosophy, such are the quantity or demand of a given realm.

Computing (and some computing knowledge) does of course offer benefits across a broad selection of realms, though likewise if you are studying to be a BARRISTER or Doctor and so on, where your own weight of study materials is already exceptionally high, you are less likely to want to have to STUDY other subject matters on top.

That perhaps where cross realm coordination comes into fashion, and having teams designed around having someone from multiple speciality backgrounds.  Again we see such systems implemented across many a working life realm, and I have worked (Historically) within one or two realms that have successfully utilised such things.

David Cameron is also apparently saying that RAQQA is the head of the snake and that seems to myself to be misleading.

We already had similar talk and speak on Al-queda and even if ISIL or ISIS or IS as it is now apparently being referenced disappears it will not take long for some NEW HEAD of a new HYDRA to appear, under some new reference name.

To you really want to TEST such things to that DEGREE.  Yes, in fact, my own view is that BIOLOGICAL AGENTS are potentially the weapon of choice to those groups wanting to make impact.  The downside of course, as to the who what where when issues.

We are also seeing reports that Wembley is to have guns for the first time, I DOUBT THAT VERY MUCH, though it must be true, because all reports are strangely claiming the same story.

The Davis Cup is also being Highlighted within the TENNIS and yes one can wonder as to how much variance can occur, as to what happens next across the very many realms that already exist.

I was looking forward to SPECTRE, though someone who has seen it suggested it was not all that great, so I will likely WAIT until I can Stream on Amazon or Netflix, services that I strangely pay for though have genuinely made little PERSONAL usage.

I continue to look forward to STAR WARS and read an interview with Mr Abrams on said production, apparently the LUKE, HAN, LEA generation of characters have passed into STAR WARS realm mythology & folklore and somewhat UNREAL.

So that perhaps what any of us can expect within our own lives as we grow older and so on, many a famed individual from one generation, has disappeared into relative obscurity at the hands of another generation, who do not GET IT, or simply have other interests likes and loves and fashions and styles etc.

Yes some manage to BUCK SUCH TRENDS, though very often it does appear that a given AUDIENCE captured at the appropriate time of life will likely stay TRUE on some deeper level (irrespective of new choice’s & options).

I also noted and found myself thinking LAUREL & HARDY, I was a big fan of those old black & white comedies, and apparently some have been given the BIG SCREEN TREATMENT this year.  They were perhaps easier for myself as a youngster to enjoy.

So what is it that courses the appeal of such things, well I do think that whilst budgets and so on probably constrained what Hollywood could do, you do find a certain level of simplicity in the all encompassing manner of much VISUAL STYLE OF COMEDY.

So many of those black & white’s were full of comedic slapstick and pain, where many a modern comedian simply stands and talks (as there thing), you then of course get into debates as to why paying to sit and listen to some of these performers, stand at the front and speak (especially at some ticket price levels) is more rewarding than a film or indeed a proper Theatre Production and so on.

Yes I went to the seaside when younger and indeed have seen the occasional COASTAL THEATRE show, many old SKETCH SHOW COMEDIANS, do of course still put on such shows and some are worth seeing, above and beyond some of the stand & talk type shows that my daughter seems to like so much.  Having said that she does watch Comedy (when visiting) such-as Big Bang Theory and that is typical American Neighbours Friends style comedy and teen humour.

So I drift once again, thouh do think that much talk is taking place and very little action, we are hearing that US FEDERAL RATE rises are IMMINENT, (it having been suggested they would occur before 2016 we only have 2 months left).

My own view is that little VALUE in making such changes to the status Quo, though SHORT SHARP SHOCK treatments may well be the order of the day.

Is saying we are going to carry out this activity for 10 days, going to have the desired effect, or is something longer or shorter required etc.

I Strangely continue to look forward to the release of Star Wars Movie, though little else catches or interests myself.

What is worth defending at all costs, and are you willing to pay such costs?

Finding new ways and means to generate income for yourself or friends and family, and indeed seeking for those ways and means to be ethical or done with integrity is a strange concept, most IDEAS of course are inherited and one does sometimes wonder as to whether the OVERAL ECOSYSTEM that we all of us live within (Within the belly of the Greater UNIVERSE) has a differing agenda to that of us humans as a species.  Are we ourselves some viral infection or disease to be remedied by the immune system of the Galaxy.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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