Who Goes There, Friend or Foe

Yes so the word that I failed to spell correctly yesterday, was of course supposed to be sleuth.  Anyway, are friendly football matches treated any differently to competitive fixtures?

Certainly many followers and watchers think so, as it is often considered more of a certainty that upsets and so on will occur, although of course, the counter claim is often one of getting practice match experience with alternative players and trying out new tactics and so on.

At the end of the day it is your eleven versus an opposing eleven and for all the talk of new strategies and tactics and so on, very few formations are all that well published and pushed forward as most appropriate.  Very often some teams are able to take greater risk or have greater flexibility simply through building the tactics around the players available.  So once again swings and roundabouts.

Yes we do also know that allotted positions and formations are given and that players are often slotted into a given formation, and told to hold positions and so on, though these vary from club to club culture and IDEOLOGY behind a given reasoning.  The suggestion often being of course that the higher up the so-called ladder you go, the less easy it is to find like for like quality players, with a comparable set of attributes, values and qualities, or indeed skills.

So will David’s Friendly List, demonstrate skill in selection or randomness, or indeed some return to one of those recently mentioned ratio’s such as 1 third correct or 50/50 or 2 thirds correct.

They themselves are of course patterns, though clearly the greater forethought that goes into selection the better you might expect to achieve accuracy, at least that is how many of us have been brought up, I have been attempting of course to simply choose first choice, and where I struggle assume a draw, though that is not the be all and end all of the very many factors to be taken into consideration.

So without Further ado, here is a list of selections for this evenings remaining Friendlies against those foes. (1 or 2 games already played will be left out.

Friendly International’s

Belgium Vs Spain Postponed (Spain would have been my choice)



Moldova (missed kick-off unknown score)

Estonia (missed kick-off unknown score)






And that is all.

I may be back writing on some other subject matter later.


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