Guess Who’s Back, Back Again

Yes it is true, I am totally unsure as to some of these automatic renewals and indeed cancellations, though it does appear that a particular website belonging to yours truly is currently being confirmed as renewed and running and whilst I am unlikely to update it does give one hope that someone somewhere might find the site at random and follow the links and get themselves some life enhancing ah-ha’s.

Yes unsure at present why it has taken so long, though maybe today being Wednesday 18th November is a SIGN all of its own doing.  We can of course spend or go through life in resistance to very many things that DATA and REPORTS throw up or we can seek to go LATERAL on any given information in some fashion or manner.

Overnight I thought I had better do a follow up to yesterday’s chosen sporting results so here are my choices followed by what happened.

Germany, this game was later also announced as cancelled.

England was my choice and England Won, David = 1

Moldova was my choice and Azerbaijan Won, David remains = 1

Estonia was my choice and Estonia Won, David = 2

Turkey was my choice and Greece Drew, David = 2

Portugal was my choice and Portugal Won, David = 3

Austria was my choice and Switzerland Won, David = 3

Italy was my choice and Romania Drew, David = 3

Poland was my choice and Poland Won, David = 4

So from 8 games that were listed as having been played, I got only 4, once again taking myself into that Centre point territory or middle ground.

Yes, several games failed to happen though taking these things in your stride is of course part and parcel of the daily study of witnessing.

I have also noted that some events are taking place in Saint Denis a suburb of Paris, in the early hours of the morning, I actually wore Dennis the Menace Colours to work yesterday, a quite rare event, as those bright shades of red are not colours I normally opt for, usally going for more subtle and classical styles of blandness.

Yes Dennis is also a Fire engine manufacturer though I am sure those carrying out investigations and so on know what they are doing far better than us amateur SLEUTHS.

Yes a favourite Show from childhood and one that the game was quite easy for us as children to REPLICATE was GIVE US A CLUE.

Clearly I was thinking about this during the night because I thought, well I saw a Big stick in the graveyard on my way to work for 2 days in a row.

Then well what is a BIG STICK, and in fact I would have to suggest that the BIG STICK was a shepherds staff kind of size and length, rather than walking stick or pooh stick material.

Yes lots of Wood has appeared en route, unsure why tree’s are relieving themselves of so much burning material.

I can also state that some interesting crane like vehicles have been noted as have some EXTRACTION merchants, not totally sure what to make of such things, though they do of course allow myself to carry out some CONJECTURE, you do often get to see some strange machinery during the early and late hours that you mightn’t see at other times, those kinds of hours perhaps best for ROADSWEEPERS and indeed SALT TRUCKS and so on.

Anyway I require some sleep and indeed Whilst I have not been an altogether fan of Rugby over recent years I can most definitely say Rest in Peace to Jonah Lomu a real sporting Legend whose name TRANSCENDED the sport that he was most famed for, that perhaps what separates the Legends from the Greats and so on.

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