Light Entertainment

Today I saw reports on the demise of Magazines such-as Loaded, FHM and so on, and Feminists claiming some kind of a victory.

The reality of course that many a male population member moved on, to other realms and formats, some of which are perhaps worse or even more extreme. Those Magazines actually had filled a gap in the market between stacks of considered Women Only Magazines and Extreme Pornography, though one did note that they did start sliding toward the irrational nonsenses that put people of reading them. These things of course nearly always come with double standards, and my own research and indeed reading of such materials back in the 90’s or early Naughties, gradually stopped because they typically in reality offered something of a sucker punch to the more average male population, in delivering many a relatively innocent male into the hands of fascist extremist women types. The blokes that got BURNED, generally found new ways and styles and fashions of expressing themselves, hence the rise of the lesser looking beardy bloke and less intense obsession with super groomed appearance and so on. That however quickly changed into something else again.

Anyway, such Magazines should not be allowed to go, without a tribute of some description.

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