So The Daughter Recommend I Checkout “I’m a Celebrity”

This “I am a celebrity, get me out of here” again a show that I have caught some snippets from over the years, though again the big brother fish out of water and indeed staged “down under” in jungle conditions does have a certain level of APPEAL.
So I thought well, I am not really that interested in such shows having watched them historically, though thought it of interest as to of course being akin to Film’s Such-as “The Running Man” and indeed more Recently These “Hunger Games” movies, that whilst enjoyable, one can wonder as to validity of timing and international release dates and so on, I think the Final Film is due somewhere about now in the Cinema’s, likewise I am now thinking that if I go the Cinema anyway, for one of these films whether Spectre or Mockingjay, I will have gained myself some idea as to the layout of the new cinema, whilst I know the location within the OLD MARKET, I have little knowledge as to the interior, beyond it smelling of popcorn and having escalators or stairs.
Anyway returning to the “I’m a celebrity” I thought well, how about I simply research the contestants and then state whether I know of them to IDENTIFY, or have HEARD of the NAME, though do not know the FACE, or indeed Both, perhaps even knowing of what they are FAMOUS for. I will do that now and of course apologies if I include someone who has already departed etc, as I am not a dedicated followed or fan
So in the order listed on the show website
Brian Friedman, Choreographer, I have heard the NAME though not seen the face or knowledge of profession
Chris Eubank , I know the NAME and the FACE and the PROFESSION most closely associated with
Duncan Bannatyne, Business Entrepreneur, I know the NAME and the FACE, though not PROFESSION
George Shelley, Musician, I have not got a clue who this person is, NAME, FACE or PROFESSION
Jorgie Porter, Actress, I have not got a clue who this person is. NAME, FACE or PROFESSION
Kieron Dyer, Footballer, I know the NAME and the PROFESSION, though not really the FACE
Lady Colin Campbell, I have not got a clue who this person is, NAME, FACE or PROFESSION
Susannah Constantine, I have not got a clue who this person is, NAME, FACE or PROFESSION
Tony Hadley, Musician, I know the NAME and the FACE and the PROFESSION
Yvette Fielding, TV Presenter, I know the NAME, THOUGHT I would know the FACE though not really and could identify PROFESSION
Spencer Matthews, Reality TV Star, I have not got a clue who this person is, NAME, FACE or PROFESSION
Vicky Pattison, Reality TV Star, I have not got a clue who this person is, NAME, FACE or PROFESSION
Ferne McCann, Reality TV Star, I have not got a clue who this person is, NAME, FACE or PROFESSION
So that is the lineup list that is presently on the Show Website and from that list of 13 people this David can only perhaps identify in any way shape or form 5 of them.
Does that mean, that only 5 can be classed as Celebrities, well clearly it demonstrates that anyone can turn the TV/RADIO off and stop purchasing magazines and newspapers and very likely get a vastly improved perspective on the various TITLES & LABELS and so on.
This actually goes hand in hand with some Security Type Guard Work I vaguely recall reading or hearing about, whereby Former Soldiers were told to follow particular styles attitudes and behaviours to IMPRESS those they were working for, have mad bulging eyes and stare left to right sharply and look imposing and fearsome and so on, clearly of course you perhaps can do those things at each and every level, though clearly some have genuine expertise in such things, whilst the rest just typically fall into the PATTERN that is expected, staying CONSCIOUSLY AWARE then can actually be that difference between what top industry experts might expect to be paid for and what a pub bouncer might expect.
Yes strange though true we find these things over and over again when you go from realm to realm, whereby HUGE DISCREPENCIES EXIST as to what a person with this training can expect versus what someone with the very same training though not the “potentially” ELITE TITLE can expect.
Clearly all market places are suggested to have highs and lows and peaks and troughs and of course, events such as those in Paris perhaps increase, what security experts might expect to be able to demand at present, though likewise the DANGER ITSELF and preparedness and vigilance must remain the same as it perhaps always has done.
So why am I harping upon this matter, well it takes myself back to some EXPERIMENTATION MEMORIES that I have TESTED over the years, and of course being from the United Kingdom we do often fall into particular patterns as to behaviours of what is considered
So we sometimes read that Security guards for X Star manhandled FAN away or upset screaming child.
Likewise, of course it could be suggested that HE WHO PAYS THE PIPER CALLS THE TUNE.
So as much as we might want to hold doors open and queue and follow ETIQUETTE, it can demonstrably favour people to IGNORE such thinking patterns and to indeed PRACTICE BREAKING THEM.
Very often especially in groups and work groups, you will find (for example) that particular people CRY WOLF if the BEHAVIOUR that they expect from all around them is broken by one or other individual, likewise we often see that once one person breaks the etiquette or PATTERN RULE it often can become easier for others to follow suite.
Clearly you do not necessarily want to live live in constant free-for-all battles, though you do see such strategies played out within BUS STATIONS and RAILWAYS and THEATRES and Doorways and so on in general.
We do of course see CHARACTERS within Fiction breaking etiquette rules and pushing people out of the way left right and centre, though I was generally more interested in testing CONSENSUS RULINGS that you yourself might abide by that you become FRUSTRATED by when seeing others “GET AWAY WITH MURDER” for example.
EQUAL RIGHTS and WAGE EQUALITY for example are often huge annoyances for myself, when I see NEWS show etc claiming that achievement is not being reached etc, because I can state that I often see such things in the reverse.
CAN I for example COST my POLITENESS.
Hold door open for someone, £1
Pause and allow fellow human to go ahead of myself at the newsagent queue, £1
In fact if you look at life in terms of giving a cost like an ACCOUNTANT may well be assumed to do, then you could well find that equality and claims of lacking thereof can be thrown out of the WINDOW. (In my opinion).
Yes we often find that one family may well have a Matriarchal System or another A Patriarchal and this is another interesting area that can be explored, because again many a CUSTOM, demanded or expected by some peoples and persons is unlikely TO CUT THE MUSTARD when put up against some simple LOGIC or even some simple non-linear or non-rational questioning as to REASONS versus RESULT.
What is the REWARD for this ACTION, short term and long term.
Clearly I live in a small city and do not know that many a person, though could go to an even larger City and even larger populous and pretty much be ANONYMOUS to some quite EXTREMIST behaviours, that I may not get away with when within pre-existing FAMILY or SOCIAL INFRASTRUCTURE.
We see such breakdowns taking place of course, when youngster change school for college or indeed Higher Education and travelling to distant land or University etc.
Yes, so anyway, many a repressed behaviour, suitable at the time you were taught it (for example) is not necessarily the most suitable NOW for example in other life realms or spheres of influence and position of importance.
So yes we are now having various Christmas Lights going on up and down the land and likewise, of course for every suicide vested terrorist using and creating bombs and explosions, you do of course get readily available combustibles within the supermarkets and indeed within Fireworks, and so on.
What else is going on, well Junior Doctors are expected to strike, though I am wondering as to the ability of the rest of Society to sympathise with them.
A report I saw yesterday on a money page suggested that real wages had gone down in the last dozen years and modern wages are below those of that time period, and this is something I have been stating for as many years, with few agreeing with myself on the subject, seemingly BAMBOOZLED by the creep of the years and so on.
So yes it is well worthwhile keeping a Diary, even if it is to simply monitor life costs and change over the years, everything from Electric, gas and water as well as housing have all increased whilst wages have decreased, and that has occurred under both Labour and Tory Governments.
The Doctors apparently like the TRADITIONAL year-on-year wage increase system that has been COMPLETELY DESTROYED within the private sector and much of the public sector as well, they want to have a break for a year or two (for example) and start at the rate that they were on prior to break and so on. We would all like these things, though most know and expect that if you are in a job and leave, or have breaks, you can often expect to have to take a cut on return etc.
So whilst we need Doctors, one can wonder as to whether they are being brought into line with everyone else, or if they will (as HISTORY USUALLY DEMONSTRATES) buck the trend and everyone accept it as some requirement of the bottomless pit National Health Service.
The fact that they are having an 11% increase to pay and guaranteed shorter working hours is something many cry out for, especially as those free hours can be used for PRIVATE PRACTICE that many a Doctor and Consultant is renowned for.
Is it good to not be attuned to TV learnt patterns and behaviours or otherwise, well of course strangely I have felt both as I have progressed, though can happily live without much ENTERTAINMENT that passes for MODERN ENTERTAINMENT.
So how off-base is DAVID, well I read a report saying that TERRORISTS were intending or THREATENING WASHINGTON (in the United States) and my own thoughts and feelings at the time, just a day or two back was that
NEW YORK was top of the Target List (for some strange reason).
Yes, too many films and too many a differing City destroyed in one films plot over another perhaps, though likewise something can always be linked to something somewhere, especially when you go CLUE HOPPING in give us a clue fashion and so on.
No idea as to my own reasoning, though I have once again recalled myself thinking that prior to the WRITE WELL course I was intentioned to write an Agatha Christie type SLEUTH murder mystery based around a book club or student course.
Yes I thought, well what types of peoples sign up to such courses, clearly differing providers are known for differing things, and it could be suggested that given Learnings Strategies previous offerings, something a little DIFFERING may have been expected.
Having said that, I do have plenty of MATERIAL that could be formulated and shaped into a pretty damned good story. I was perhaps most disappointed with not getting the level of INTERACTION and “GOINGS ON” between participants that one might have desired or expected.
Clearly of course you can go into CONJECTURE and indeed EMBELLISH as to what peoples and persons were saying and doing and so on though I think as we are now gearing up toward the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, that I may well have to get my head down and get some serious writing done, before all the old patterns and behaviours and so on reassert themselves at some level of consciousness unbeknown to myself.
Not all was good, not all was bad, though clearly I can state that some things in life really are not worth pursuing as lifestyle choices in any way shape or form.
Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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