The Friday Briefing

So following on in a SLUETHING style and fashion, it can be a good exercise to take words and snippets from News and Film and Television and then practice some linear non-linear pointers and directions to see where you end up.

Mali Timbuktu, Blue Hotel, Chris Isaak, New Zealand Flag

Indiana Jones, Paris, Rugby, Cricket

Now a strange thing David being off-base as stated earlier in the week is that whilst much is being linked to French & Belgium Nationals and the international league of Terrorists, my own Country Sphere was taking in an interest in SPAIN.

Unsure as to real Spanish connections to any events and goings on at present beyond of ourse Rain in Spain and talk of PAIN, though clearly Spain did also along with us British and the French build empires, I think the Spanish Affair could well be related to the Americas where clearly people such-as good ol’ Donald trump are lambasting IMMIGRANTS, predominantly Mexicans, though clearly without being racist, in stereotypical terms we do tend to lump differing groupings together.

We also see this in film, where a white person will play any number of white person roles, and a tanned person plays any number of south American villain type roles and African descent people play any number of African and West Indies type roles and so on.

So clearly stereotypes not only PERSIST, they are often encouraged, and that of course may well be suggested to be part of the problem, for any national of any race.

It also places a HANDICAP on manoeuvrability once again, WHEN or IF you pay such things attention.

So we grow up witnessing and doing all those things that experts tell us to do anyway, though very often such things have become non-conscious and the assisted Meditation can at the very least make you conscious of your non-conscious BIAS, it can also dramatically alter and change your decision and strategy making abilities.

Raising Threshold creates greater choice, because you can typically choose as to whether you are in genuine alignment with something or merely parroting via Social Pressure or localised Psychology and so on.

The New Zealand Flag debate is great, and I have thought upon it some more and indeed noted an article suggesting that a red, white and blue and black Flag came about, because they wanted to still include the Historical British Union Jack, the shape used can be cut out and used to create a Union Jack.

Why is it great?

Well again its a personal opinion, though I did growth up in Hereford during the 70’s and the typical RACIST phrase ran along the lines of There aint no black in the Union Jack, so New Zealand of course have an opportunity to turn that bullshit and crap on its head, just as there predominantly coloured Rugby Team does at each and every international Rugby Tournament.

Anyway this is a brief, so TTFN.


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