Surely You Cannot Lay Claim To Mitchel

So there I was finding myself thinking about my date of birth once again and doing further so-called linkages and seeking to perhaps find new direction and ground within the dataset that I have accumulated or been working from and upon.

Sounds easy does it not and indeed it is, though in multiple ways it is also excessively PREDICTABLE, and such things have of course been tested and theorised and so on and so forth again and, not only by us as humans, with thoughts feelings and actions but via supercomputer computational models and so on.

Anyway, it can of course be stated that since the INTERNET or World Wide Web took off among the populations of the World that whilst we all had various pre-conceived IDEAS as to the ways of the World and indeed the very many patterns and behaviours and cycles and so on that peoples individual or within crowds operate upon, predominantly based in what we learnt in TV and Film and localised societal BIAS, that in fact, many taken for granted IDEAS and so on, were or are or can be demonstrated to be complete illusions or indeed fallacious misjudgements and so on.

So anyway at some point along the timeline I found myself in an environment full of assorted international workers, early on it began as very British and Western European dominated, though as Western Europe opened its doors and so on to Eastern European Migrants we have seen a shift in the overall sphere of where workers originate and so on, each grouping perhaps has its peaks and troughs seen in waves as to those seeking to go abroad and so on.

So we have seen multiple waves of multiple groupings and communities and you also can throw in ODDITIES who have perhaps been there all along, by ODDITY I simply mean someone who is perhaps Foreign though not part of any given grouping or community.  So you might have a one-off South African or a Moroccan and a couple of Polynesians or Thai and so on.

Though overall apart from greater alignments of various staff groupings (not only amongst themselves though with others also) since I began and recommended some of these Technologies found or directed to from  we have seen peoples from all aspects and cultures contribute to a better all-round atmosphere and a more upbeat and positive kind of contagion take hold.

Yes, given the high turnover of staff in such places, you will always get “know-it-all’s” turning up who claim and talk a good talk or indeed long term intransigents, though gradually it does appear that those with their hands on the levers of power who have adopted some of the learnings and teachings have steered a better ship together as a diverse group operating as a TEAM than what was experienced previously.

So anyway I of course, despite all the very many nationalities have perhaps taken up what were considered predominantly United States or American Technologies, though the sellers do claim a large contingent of users throughout the planet of very many nationalities.

So yes the Write Well facebook page perhaps demonstrated that as people on that facebook Page did genuinely appear to be from throughout the World and likewise when I contributed on the Holosync Blog, starting somewhere around the blog articles entitled along the lines of “Going to Hell in a Hand basket” a similar international FLAVOURING could be seen and was demonstrated.

Anyway despite that I did have a tendency to stay with the Americana type Cultural materials as a dominating group and that perhaps due in part to American type shows and media and so on, being favourites during younger years.

So that is of course another BIAS to be aware of, we do of course see that despite America and France at present claiming to be BESTIES that they have had some major fall-outs down the years, and when you look upon the history books you do get a sense that it is part of FRENCH culture to go about upsetting everyone else about them, whether that is us within the United Kingdom or indeed Neighbours in Europe or indeed again The Soviets or now in particular perhaps Russia.

How long will FRAGILE agreements and alliances last and so on, given how many differing warring worlds are being highlighted at present.

Anyway turning to today’s papers we are once again seeing Terrorism now high-lighted as to being a World Wide issue and the United Nations stating that they are now going to take it more seriously as and with a GROUP CONSENSUS.

Elsewhere we are also seeing The Duchess of Cambridge making headlines for her Abseiling Skills and some Tory Scandal taking off, as well as a headline regarding improved pensions and the continuing debate as to POLICE FUNDING.

The real problem with the POLICE & CRIME issue, is of course that separating out what we want them for.  I read an interesting article on why we set them up in the fashion that we did within the United Kingdom and indeed how they differ from the Police in France who in effect have 3 Forces or more, if I understood such things correctly.

Clearly it might be suggested that whilst our forces are also somewhat regional and varied, that improved lines of communication and structures might appear were we to find alternate international models, that are geared to how we believe and think our Police forces should operate.

In fact I actually surprisingly thought the write-up of the French Model to be better defined than how we define our own forces.

We also of course can suggest that CRIME has not gone down so much as reporting of many issues and events and so on, has gone down because many have experience of being told that what they are reporting is a non-starter.

My own example was having a locked with chain, bike stolen from a work car park a few years ago, and despite it all being on security cameras, nothing could be done beyond a report going into some drawer along with the multitudes of other bike thefts seen at this time of year.

So it could well benefit the Forces to have a complete REVAMP and splitting off or separating out of ENTITIES into genuinely IDENTIFIABLE groupings, so that much like the French you know you are dealing with the most appropriate for a situation grouping.

Instead of one seeming front end for everything, have a front end that better reflects how modern Society is.  The same of course can be suggested for many other institutions.

Apparently the Junior Doctors strike has huge public support, according to one headline I saw, though again perhaps demonstrating much like the IDEA of the SWISS burning our money if we invade them, that not having DOCTORS and so on available is going to heavily impact on day to day life.

In fact the SAME ARGUMENT can of course be utilised for MANY SERVICES and Multiple Realms, that perhaps why Teachers, and Fire Brigades and Police Forces and Ambulance Services and the Military are held in particular regard.

You can also of course potentially set up alternate ways and means as some other Countries allow.

Yes we can get Private Doctors and Private Teachers and Schools and Private Healthcare and Ambulance services and so on, much as we see with post and parcel delivery, though likewise we often or nearly always return to the RATIONAL of WHAT DO WE PAY OUR TAXES FOR.

If CELEBRITY were a real profession, how much can each and every one of us charge for being a legend in our own minds and so on.

Yes, it can of course be suggested that turning of the TV/Radio and stop purchasing magazines and newspapers can IMPEDE your ability to be successful as a WITNESS or analyst, though I still think that given the huge swathe of variety available to those of us fortunate enough to exist within the Western World that some RETURN TO BASIC FOUNDATIONAL lessons and learnings and teachings can do wonders, as can re-understanding many things that you may have within your noggin that do not truly represent the thoughts feelings and actions, values and attributes that you yourself would prefer to live by and so on.

Yes it can pay to be confident and concise and measured in your words, thoughts feelings and actions, though likewise it can perhaps take a year or two, to simply become used to the very many transitions in awareness and enlightenment that you can go through and experience in one way or another.

Anyway this article has drifted though one set of data mentioned “GONE WITH THE WIND” as being the most popular AMERICAN NOVEL or book after the BIBLE.  Unbeknown to myself, though clear as day, according to my research, the Novelist Margaret Mitchell was born on November 8th 1900. The 1900 linkeed of course to David Cameron’s speech as to extra spies being recruited by GCHQ and the British Government and so on.

So what does David now of that story, well I think it was one I saw a film of as a kid, though likewise was not overly keen on, it perhaps appealing more to the female audience, perhaps a granny or auntie had the film on.

Research suggests that the Author was also nicknamed PEGGY, strange how wiki can drag EASTENDERS into all of this, especially as one of the character sons Grant or Ross Kemp has played various TOUGH GUY ROLES over the years and indeed toured the World exploring international gang cultures and so on, though of course, we can question as to what was the source for what and indeed, IS IT TRUE or are people filling wiki up faster with junk & nonsense than can be checked and validated and cross referenced and so on.

Anyway Gone with the wind was of course I think an American Civil War LOVE STORY and was and still is apparently of its time and still regarded as CONTROVERSIAL in many ways, just as some favourite British Authors works (such-as Agatha Christie) are considered CONTROVERSIAL in there original format’s and so on.

The DEBATE then at present were anyone really wanting to debate such matters could of course be considered as to what can be CATEGORISED as something simply belonging to some Given ERA or TIME PERIOD and what actually GENUINELY is worthy of CONTROVERY.

Likewise of course, I do think some topics and subjects are worthwhile being INTRANSIGENT about, though likewise we do have to always consider our own personal alignments as to being a man or women or child as well as any PROFESSIONAL TITLE we may hold or indeed job title or parental title or title of the realm or any label that pops up.

The “it is always an inside job” can of course be suggested as people fighting for a right or indeed simply CRYING WOLF, though the further I progressed the more I CHOSE to shut up more and listen and indeed CHANGE VIEWPOINT And PERSPECTIVE and indeed continue RAISING THRESHOLD.

Far to many a person in society is only to willing to spread mistruths and falsehoods in the form of gossip and slander and nonsense, where in reality it really can be better to shut up shop and do you own thing, take your own notes, listen to the courses and then make more DISCERNING JUDGMENTS as to facts and fiction and the various cycles and patterns on the basis of

Does this activity or action put money on the table and food in my belly, does this action cause hurt & upset and so on to other peoples and persons, is it possible to adopt an attitude of looking after your own health and wealth and BEING and having SENSIBLE & APPROPRIATE BOUNDARIES as to the differing peoples and persons who come into your life and realms and so on.

We all of course, far too often rush to judgments based on outward appearance, though I do think that once some steadiness has been acquired as to where we stand on particular topics and issues that we can better carry out so called prediction and indeed CROSS REALM INTERPRETATION.

Each generation does of course think they have invented something new though closer analysis and study does suggest, that we all fall into the same pitfalls and traps and indeed when discovering best practice and beneficial Technologies and more life enhancing and empowerment philosophies, we will also often seek to adopt those where possible.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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