So Having Neglected My Twitter Account

So having neglected my @TheAngelAtHeist Twitter Account, I thought I might spend some time sifting through various headline articles making it onto my newsfeed.

In the end I made a post

The Lords Prayer BANNED IN THE UK CINEMAS for Star Wars, as a spirit of many faiths including Jedi, grow up censors

Of course in reality many things are not allowed within particular realms for fear of antagonising an audience, I myself recently suggested that streaming and catch-up services and digital services, can be preferable to having to go through advert upon advert of bombardment of materials designed to separate us from our cash, though an encouragement to prayer is hardly some despicable act now is it, whatever your belief or faith.

Yes I found myself watching a video of an American Veteran on the streets homeless and begging, surprisingly posted by Piers Morgan.

I also tried to read an article by David Badiel, though was typically directed to a buy or subscribe to read page, I already have the Sunday Times, though have not seen that article among all the very many pages and magazines, am I motivated to look, not really, though strange how the instant or direct to page fix can perhaps be more rewarding than ploughing through volumes of the physical paper.

Yes I seemingly add a little to many Law of Attraction Gurus and whilst some simply offer uplifting thoughts, just as many seemingly come with a variant buy the secrets that only I have to offer etc.

Other news seems to be about a landslide in Burma (Myanmar) and continued Terrorist Hunting in Belgium, and water supply issues and fears in Paris.

Yes I am strangely somewhat underwhelmed by it all in the sense of feeling that switching off really is the best option, from many of those media.

Will I miss anything, unlikely.

Yes we are seemingly in the gearing up for Christmas zone that is regarded as wanting something different that life has to offer.

Of course just as fast as I seemingly hit a zone, it is often not the most appropriate one for the lessons and learnings.

Yesterday, whilst I did not publish a Footie list, I did make a number of SURETHING SELECTIONS and presto from 8 matches managed to accurately predict a grand total of 3 within the Premiership.

Does that mean something is wrong?

Well yes in the sense that my feedback and return witnessing system is all over the shop, and no in the sense that as I suggested previously, you can typically find with each level advancement or distraction that something else that previously went un noted comes to a higher place of attention within your witnessing and so on.

So much like that throwing coins up in the air and deciding what is what you are watching the Tennis and make selections for the Golf or some other sport, hence my suggestion of really getting in a zone for 1 sport and not over stretching yourself.

I mentioned Piers Morgan above and he is typically a Cricket person.

I do actually as I have advanced come to wonder as to the beneficial or otherwise influence of adding various peoples.

I thought (for example) early on with starting the twitter account that I became somewhat all over the shop, despite intending to be quite selective in follow choices and so on.

Clearly I then through caution to the wind, though later changed mind again.

Yes go away and do something more interesting with your time, is the lesson of course, and indeed find other ways and means or interests, that do not seemingly create and cause further conflict and confusion.

THOUGH IN ALL HONESTY is does seem to myself that CONFUSION & CONFLICT is what is deliberately being created across many of the World Medias.

Perhaps an effort to cause peoples and persons to have AH-HA’s and possibly some OVERWHELM if that is what they require or need to get some shift of potentially negative feelings and thoughts and so on etc.

we also of course seeing reference to CRIMEA of Southern Ukraine with respect of power lines being cut, and again that is all part and parcel of INDENTIFYING INFRASTRUCTURES and possible targets.

In fact it also perhaps demonstrates the BOUNCE BACK effect or capability or capacity that most or many Countries have over other struggling nations.

I think in individual terms, clearly some of us make particular decisions that whilst unpopular with others MADE SENSE to ourselves from the viewpoints and perspectives and life choices and so on that we seemingly found ourselves with.

Very many a thought and feeling and so on can of course be difficult to find ways and means to DESCRIBE appropriately.

I myself of course have encourage people to identify the muni (money) in communication, though likewise how many of us are genuinely that well equipped to carry out such activities successfully and how many of us are already in front of the firing squad bullets already been released or fired from the gun chambers.


and yes the IRONY of sudden realisation as to “The Lords Prayer” having my initials DSP smack bang in the middle of it is not lost on myself.

Thank you for reading, God bless and be well 😉

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