Who Is Best Placed To Carry Out A Spending Review

So this weekend’s newspapers perhaps typically has a slightly differing audience than your average weekly daily in the sense that a tradition has built up as to weekend papers being a summary of high lights of weekly news and indeed often including more in depth articles and pieces within other spheres of interest beyond what is often seen in some daily tabloids.

Anyway there does seem to be little escape from Last weeks international bombing news that is of course of little interest to us in Britain, beyond the usual kind of voyeurism and WHAT-IF speculation and so on.

Of course the title above says it all in the sense that SPENDING is most definitely on the agenda this week in terms of Government, though also households in the sense that in monitoring and witnessing Governmental Budgets, we can make similar judgments and rational’s to our own spending plans and so on and so forth.

I did write a whole article on the subject of Governmental Spending and indeed where I seemingly disagreed or would place greater emphasis on particular budgets over others.

All the Government Departments are seemingly being asked to have budgetary cuts to balance the books and so on.

Strangely and typically of course, I did find myself in dispute as to some of the so-called PROTECTED AREAS.

Yes I know you cannot put a cost on Health, and indeed we can perhaps say that present day pensioners are entitled to those existing pension deals and so on being given that they have worked and contributed for.

However the WELFARE side of the Work & Pensions protection is exceptionally debatable to my own mind, yes you can perhaps say I am displaying bitterness, jealousy & envy at being refused all and any Societal Wide benefits strangely given out to all else & sundry, and from generation to generation, though the SIZE of those budgets is MASSIVE and therefore if more reporting on ACTUAL FIGURES were given I think that the number of peoples protesting such-as myself may dramatically increase. Were people at all levels to realise just how much they are being robbed left right and centre.

To many people, at all levels of society have been excluded from getting in on particular meal tickets and the BIAS on display is quite FRANKLY what should be regarded as a HUGE EMBARASSMENT TO THE NATION.

We must have more pig snouts in troughs per square acre than many other nations about the World.  All this whining about Foreigners stealing our benefits is COMPLETE MISDIRECTION when the SIZE OF THE FIGURES DEMONSTRATE quite clearly and accurately who the real SCROUNGERS are.

What else, well of course having lived on an exceptionally meagre income for many years, does kind of give you an acclimatisation to poverty and so on, irrespective of the likes of Lord Sugar claiming modern people do not know poverty.

What else, well whilst the OVERALL spending review is for all Government Departments, I have seemingly radar’d in on particular subjects such-as Defence and Intelligence and so on, though clearly as the above rant suggests when I expanded my viewpoint was exceptionally disappointed.

The next National population SENSUS might like to include questions as to where people would like the various TAXATION MONIES SPENT, as I am quite sure, the present Department spending policies are weigh out of KILTER with public opinion.

Yes you must have some built in protection for each area of spending, though some of the levels of inconsistency between budgets is INCOMPREHENSIBLE.

I actually found myself thinking that some areas such as Judiciary are vastly underfunded (for example) when looking to carry out a department by department ANALYSIS.

They did of course suggest, that Maggie Thatcher UPSET vast swathes of Society with variations on swinging the AXE and the problem I complained of from that generation was of course, that many SHARE SELL-OFFS (for example) were incentivised to raise quick short term funds, and also that HOUSING STOCK was sold off cheap, without ever being replaced.

Many of those who made such purchases of course have become the modern day, ROGUE LANDLORDS often having lived the life for many years, simply on screwing tenants and so on.

Yes so some budgets look underfunded, whilst others over funded and indeed some typically appear to apply across multiple realms, suggesting that TRUE FIGURES are obscured through being included within one departmental Budget that is actually utilised ELSEWHERE.

So yes very interesting though clearly it could well be suggested that some kind of a RESET is in requirement of being introduced, to make particular realms and sectors fall into line with everyone else.

We have apparently seen a reduction in quango’s over the years, though likewise having a quango is not necessarily the issue so much as the AMOUNT of funding.

We see the same of course in paper advertisements in the broad sheets, where some companies and business’ have directors and meetings once a month and are paid vast amounts of money for alleged “EXPERTISE” that is often demonstrated as a skill at being a once a month meeting attendee for multiple companies.

So we are said to be preparing for war, though these things are debatable of course, given that we already have forces around the Globe or World taking part in various peacekeeping missions and so on.

Likewise of course we are being led to believe that the Prime Minister is preparing for Aviation flights over Syria within days and weeks and seeking consensus within Parliament.  The downside of such PREDICTION and or SPECULATION, is that some such missions might require (on the ground) RECONAISSANCE of various districts and towns and dwellings within such lands and giving a time line is akin to placing a great big target BULLSEYE SITE on any ground forces who may have become lost or wondered accidently over a mapped border.

The problem with all this Brussels issue is of course that I am not really a fan of Russell Brand, and likewise I do like those little cabbage like things we often have on our Christmas plates, yes I like sprouts and do not like seeing them disappearing of the menu any more than the demise of the raddish, another seemingly endangered menu ingredient.

So what is going on?

Yes an attack occurred in France and was suitably reported, though continued reporting has as I suggested cranked things up in a somewhat inappropriate fashion and manner.

So will Brussels be the next sight of a Terrorist atrocity, well we already had the Mali Hotel of course, and that was more typical of events that go on around the World on fairly regular basis that are not brought to the attention of wider PUBLICITY.

So First it was France, and now suggested Belgium though of course, I would think given the HEADQUARTERS of MULTIPLE INTERNATIONAL EMPIRES being based in Belgium & Brussels, that any Terrorist attack would be on the scale of the TWIN-TOWERS and 9/11, anything less, would be met with shoulder shrug.

Likewise of course, you then get into where else in Europe might attacks occur, and each and every nation can claim itself to possibly be a target, though anyone with knowledge of cycles and patterns and indeed becoming attuned to that window of NOW surely must be better able to make such prediction than the rest of us who are FISHING BLIND.

What are the incentives and motivations, that any individual might have for targeting a particular nation over others, LANGUAGE and the MOTHER TONGUE, speaking differing languages is a skill that many European has over us English speakers, though likewise one wonders as to who is intent on carrying out the DESTABILIZING and who is simply making claim to some action under a BANNER, when to all intent purposes, it appears that some actions have simply been carried out without any mastermind group consensus.

How many of us British called ourselves JEDI (for example) on the last national consensus, even though beyond a fiction realm film invented religion, JEDI does not really exist, or does it?

Hmmn yes apparently the Religion or whatever grouping is accepted on the list of organisations and so on if it has so many peoples supporting the IDENTITY, I think a Doctor Terry Wogan (Honourary Degree) listed group was also acknowledged due to large numbers of his Radio two listenership.

The problem of course with all these RADIO/TV personalities is of course that we do seem to see a disproportionate number of them being caught up in CONTROVERSY.

So for every Goody Two Shoes, who is living in alignment with being discerning and well-mannered and behaved, we seemingly find ourselves turning up more rotten eggs that we can throw rotten tomato’s at.

Anyway, nothing genuinely new from this David, though I did enjoy yesterday evening Dr Who and again found myself noting a differing episode writer, so quite a collection of writers and indeed I might have written the ending scenes differently though have yet to see why putting Clara in the stasis chamber would have been to easy.

Yes given the RAVEN theme and of course my historical recollection has many an IDEA on the issue, we of course had the POETRY of Edgar Allen Poe and talk of Ravens leaving the TOWER of LONDON (much like rats from a sinking ship) and of course the HORROR FILMS old and new that have included RAVEN type imagery, whether the older 1930’s of Boris Karloff, or the Birds (was it) of Alfred Hitchcock.

My own recollection of course was NEWSROUND and JOHN CRAVEN dun dun duhhhh.

Yes prior to becoming aware of the CELEBRITY wearing THICK JUMPERS 1970’s culture, I do have vague memories of John Craven Newsround wearing a JUMPER for children’s Newsround, something very differing perhaps to the age old Shirt & Tie of the establishment.

Another famed ye olde presenter Peter Dimmock is reported to have died, and indeed I saw a photo of him with a group of those who followed in his footsteps as presenters of GRANDSTAND.

I one of those who for at least one Christmas in the 1970’s remember playing on my all new shared family GRANDSTAND console playing Squash and tennis type games, all were simple BAT N’ Ball games, though given today’s games, some of those older generational fair perhaps serve as a REMINDER that for all the fancy graphics, and faster pace and so on, that ATTENTION SPAN & ACTION is what you make it.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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