How easy Is It To Become CUTOFF From The World

So I have not written on this blog for a day or two and one might presume that I was simply focussing efforts and interests elsewhere, though in reality the circumstance is something more of a MYSTERY.

So On Sunday, I decided that I once again wanted to pursue my interest in PUZZLES, not so much regular puzzles as those found within the sphere of various writers.

How do I come up with and create a good quality puzzle, that is solvable (so to speak) by some readers and a struggle for others and so on, that of course akin to having levels of difficulty within a video game or indeed researching various DETECTIVE STORIES of the classical kind.

So research?

Well I wanted to simply find some books on the topic, though these days I already have a substantial collection of works on this topic, though have greatly NEGLECTED other peoples and persons versioning’s of puzzles and so on within other realms such-as Video Games and indeed Television & Film, perhaps beyond following current series of Dr Who and The Apprentice.

So the daughter having purchased Sherlock series on my Amazon account and indeed the first couple of series available on Netflix I decided to have an extended viewing session.

I sat and watched all of series 1 and series 2 of Sherlock and did indeed enjoy them, though likewise also found a number of DISLIKES had been thrown into the Sherlock Holmes World.

Yes they have been brought up to the modern day, though the stories did roughly follow those found in classical print, and indeed anyone who has studied in similar fashion and manner to myself as to links and clues and so on would have been able to generally (in my opinion) see through the metaphorical, in the way you can take an OUTLINE and place it within any given setting and any given era.

The series was apparently created by Steven Moffatt and indeed Mark Gatiss was at the helm (he also playing Sherlock’s elder brother). (Both major players within the Dr Who Franchise).  Anyway this work from Mr Gatiss was to my mind, superior to the Dr Who contributions he has made, so perhaps demonstrating that you cannot judge any given individual on 1 piece of work or stereotype.

I could list some dislikes though such things would fall into the realm of PETTY, for a commentator, though likewise in terms of research I can ask myself as to the underlying reason for those thoughts feelings and so on, and indeed state what I might do or have done differently, it is after all someone else’s project and commentating is perhaps easier than DOING/ACTIONING, with various responsibilities and DEADLINES.

It was also interesting to note that multiple set locations were or had seemingly been shared across Dr Who and Sherlock, that underground circular tunnel a typical example, seen in the Chinese Smuggling Mafia episode and utilised in a couple of Dr Who most recently the Zygon episodes (I think).  We also had several cast faces appearing across the realms, perhaps demonstrating how differing working groups and circles come about, simply through availability and indeed common interesting’s and or otherwise.

So strangely some internet issues, always seem to occur when using the Netflix Streaming, though my usage is so rare that I am not going to lose sleep over it.  Unfortunately however I have a shared hub point and router and another user was upset at his CONNECTIVITY ISSUES, that had occurred over the weekend.

So I went to bed after my usual Monday invasion of town, and on getting up discovered that I now had ZERO INTERNET CONNECTION.

No matter, these things are usually RESOLVED within a day or two of phone calls and changing settings and so on.

I later on Monday went into work and remembered that I had to use my BRAND SPANKING new clock card, as well as use the old clock card, compatibility issues and differing systems, so someone taking a safe approach of having a back-up in place, whilst various TEETHING problems occur.

I had to clock in TWICE on Monday Night and clockout TWICE on Tuessday Morning.

Difficulties mostly about TIME and CONSERVATION thereof, most staff have a walk passed and sweep the card system going on that is quite quick and FLOWING, the addition of a 2nd card and second swipe however brought the IMPATIENCE to the fore in terms of having to queue and WAIT and so on.

So I pull 2 differing cards OUT of my wallet in all the furore of BEING PREPARED etc, where normally I simply SWEEP my wallet without taking cards etc. out.

Go home, and check internet.  Still not connected on “MY STUFF”.

No matter, I shall try again after some sleep etc.

So I have a sleep and find it is “too short” so go back to sleep and get up later in the day, EVENING.

Guy is resolving the internet issue and I decide to pop to the shop and get my work SNACK supplies.

So at shop and ready to pay and KABOOM, NO CARD

SO AT WHAT POINT OVER THE LAST 24 Hrs has my card disappeared, become lost or been stolen.

At present, I have to of course presume LOST.

Most likely whilst pulling or searching for the respective clock cards for WORK.

However, fortunately the internet is back on, so I check my account and without further ado, CANCEL CARD and ORDER A NEW CARD, to arrive over the next day or 2.

There are in fact very few places that it could have been lost or stolen, because it is nearly 100% of the time within a wallet, or pocket purse.

So I also check balance on-line and it does not appear to have been abused, though an unknown £10 appears between balance and available, unfortunately not enough other detail is included to know whether it is £10 that I have spent or £10 some want to be criminal has tested stealing.

So I still think LOST, because an out & out criminal attitude would have been to at least hit it for the FREE £20 that these swiping systems now automatically cover.  Or someone HEDGING and misdirecting my life at present.

Why might X person in household not want anyone else to have INTERNET ACCESS.

Why might my card go missing, serving as a secondary distraction to the primary lack of internet.

So yes I have several things usually at the FOREFRONT of my activities, and my view on the World is generally via or through GADGETS and INTERNET CONNECTIVITY, so I not overly or majorly concerned though do wonder as to whether a regular as clockwork annual pattern can be seen.

I do think similar events have occurred within the calendar over the last year or 2, though again, were they my own cause & effect, or simply a knock-on of the ACTIVITIES and-or ACTION of other peoples and persons.

So in plot terms, I might for instance write that someone has had an AFFAIR, someone else has threatened to EXPOSE, and the actions were taken to PREVENT such KNOWLEDGE or however getting into a PUBLIC SPHERE or indeed limiting who within known circles and spheres gets hold of such knowledge.

ALL SPECULATION, though clearly the parameters are seen up and down the land on fairly REGULAR basis among both sex’s and indeed the AMOUNT of nonsense and so on, that can be generated by people trying to PROTECT or HIDE secrets and so on is quite AMAZING.

That one of the topics related to MEDITATION, where many an assumed “this has to be secret” or “hidden2 or “protected” comes at the personal cost of HUGE FRAMEWORKS of deceit and PREJUDICE.

So letting go of such mental frameworks and nonsenses can be GREATER relief and release than holding on to them.

Again what many a PERSON speculates as to others “having to hide” is very often as far from TRUTH as can be found, and differing realms have differing FAVOURITES, though in DEGREES of SEPARATION, some topics and subject matters appear at all levels of SOCIETY and indeed across pretty much all sectors of SOCIETY.

So what next, well I do of course want to write upon the NEWS of the last day or two though the clock is ticking and I do also want to see how BAD my CHAMPIONS LEAGUE predictions are at present.

So at first glance choices



Bayern Munich



Kaa Gent

That is a quick of the top of the head first glance set, and anyone who looks at the TABLES or RECORDS of the teams playing may find themselves more accurate as to results.

Do teams HELP each other, or know that a draw will taken them both through and so on, strange though true, whilst MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION (MAD) can exist, most know that it only takes one individual to not be of similar mindset to bring everyone’ walls tumbling DOWN.

So what else, check out again later, as I will continue into another page or article, after viewing World NEWS and so on.


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