So I Had been Looking Forward To Monday’s

So I had been looking forward to seeing and reading up on the NEW DEFENSE PROJECT and details therein contained when they were released or announced on Monday.

However as detailed in the previous blog, I found myself without internet access and that effectively left myself blind as to wider World news events and indeed TV/FILM programming and so on.

Likewise I detailed a secondary issue of not knowing until Tuesday evening that my BANKING CARD was also missing.

So that is the equivalent of being perhaps OVER RELIANT on gadgets and technologies, at the cost of being able to carry out other things.

If I have no food in the house (for example) am I going to open up my Loft Wiseman SAS books and decide to go hunting in some fashion.

Clearly despite being limited by these topics and issues, it is interesting that when particular EVENTS such-as these occur (Bank card going missing) that others at work sometimes have seemingly ZERO’D in on that kind of knowledge, the question then becomes one of PURPOSE.

All too easy to fall into the REALM of PARANOIA and thinking that X person has it in for myself or is taking the piss or HOWEVER.

Unfortunately, the problem of course that Historically at least, much of the NEGATIVE psychological aspects of some manager gangs and groupings, led to similar behaviours among there staffing.

So yes I could get drawn into making lots of negative ACCUSATIONS & CLAIMS as to colleagues, knowing I have lost my card and FALING TO RETURN IT, though from a MEDITATION point of view and maintaining boundaries and BREAKING THE NEGATIVE LOOPS & CYCLES that many seemingly rush to, I will not do the same.

I have reported card missing and will gain a replacement, it is strange in some ways that some folks think (and it is a societal wide type issue) that they knowing something that you do not, makes you the butt of jokes or gossip and so on, when reality is that I can simply “GET ON WITH IT” and not get drawn into what might be regarded as primary school like behaviours and so on.

The difference between rushing to a VICTIM mentality and rushing to something more PROACTIVE.

CRYING WOLF versus “DEALING” with a given “INCONVENIENCE”, that perhaps goes hand-in-hand with the Defence Spending Review, where the word I noted among my quick glance through of the HIGH-LIGHTS was


That a word that fits nicely also with FLEXIBILITY, though I of course do not regard ACCESS as my Flexible Friend, Barclays SCREWED myself quite heavily a number of years ago, throwing CREDIT CARDS at myself when employed, and then selling DEBT to 3rd PARTY COLLECTORS etc as soon as they had a whiff that I could no longer pay money back.

The simple fact of the matter, is that I was willing to pay a certain amount back each month within unemployment benefits and so on, though they constantly wanted MORE than I had at my disposal and so on, making threats that in retrospect were rarely if ever acted upon, probably because I lived in the middle of know where by that time, and it would have likely cost any collectors MORE to look for myself, than the incessant HARASSING PHONE CALLS I received.

Anyway that is HISTORY, though I really do think that so-called BANKING & CREDIT & so on tables should be made ILLEGAL.

I do think that far to many a person such as myself, who was willing to pay money owed back and was paying money back FALLS THROUGH THE CRACKS IN THE SYSTEM.

So instead of pursuing genuine NON-PAYERS, they typically demand more from those already PAYING.

That part of the DODGY PSYCHOLOGY of many such workers targeting EASY over HARD.

So yes I really do not think you can MEASURE any individual successfully by what CREDIT REFERENCE AGENCY’S have on them.


I actually think that ETHICAL and working with INTEGRITY CREDIT REFERENCE AGENCIES could be SET UP and indeed only those banks that do not rush to sell debt of to hawkers & stalker bailiffs, very often on the FRINGES of their own organisations and therefore part of the FRATERNITY.

So defence cuts are suggested to be in the area of CIVILIAN STAFF, and that is difficult to my own mind to justify, because I KNOW that the MILITARY much like many PUBLIC & PRIVATE organisations, carries out its own internal TRAINING and recruitment systems and so on.


If you sign up to the FORCES, and then go down some EDUCATION ROUTE that means you are part of the ADMIN TEAMS does that make you any less part of the ARMED FORCES, given that admin is expected requirement along with having Bands, and Cooks, and many other areas of EXPERTISE.

So how can such things be ACCOMMODATED/MITIGATED

Elsewhere they are also setting LONG TERM GOALS & DEADLINES and whilst that can be good, I do think that some immediate FACILITIES are being NEGLECTED.

We know for instance, when FLOODING OCCURS that historically they have Helped with taking peoples across floodland’s (Belmont Road (A49)) use to get flooded at the now Asda roundabout every year during my young childhood and I can recall getting into some military vehicle and being taken over the floods.

Likewise when FIREMEN have been on strike, the military were asked to PROVIDE COVER for such ACTION.

So it is interesting, that we see about the wider globe that some Military are UTILSED much as they were during the War Years as an ALL & Everything Solution, hence so many departments and supplies.

Likewise we have created other CIVILIAN versions wthin the United Kingdom, of what were once predominantly military roles and tasks, and such splitting up of these things has had its BENEFITS, though likewise all realms including the Military itself might suffer over the longer term, simply through INACTION within some former roles of EXPERTISE & KNOWLEDGE, especially as some sectors and roles and CAPABILITIES & CAPACITIES have extended within CIVILIAN REALMS.

So it will be interesting to see what Wednesday’s more Global all realms and budgets review or Autumn Statement presents us with.

Given that the Royal Navy is seemingly having to settle for less, and cuts have been made within the civilian support sectors, it could well be that some ROLES & CAPABILITIES that were designated civilian may require being TAKEN UP again by those who have joined the Forces in outright fashion and manner.

In fact given todays., expanding civilian life models and realms all seemingly want the most RIDICULOUS of QUALIFICATIONAL REQUIREMENTS, I do think the military may well BENEFIT from the classical


In that anyone generally fit and able bodied should be able to join and work through the training and come out at the other end improved and in greater alignment with how things are done and so on.

Yes I wittering, though having been knocked out of my stride, I can state being pleased that where once I may have regarded some things as being the end of the World, that now with Meditation and greater Enlightenment and Awareness, the INCONVENIENCE is somewhat reduced to mere inconvenience rather than some BIG ISSUE to become upset about.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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