Have You Looked At The Moon recently

Yes of course the Moon and indeed the Sun look very differing as they go through various gravitational orbits within the Solar System and so on, though Legend has it that you do see various versioning’s of Moon Madness during particular Seasons and Climates about the Globe known as Earth.

Yes so I have noted full moon now for seemingly 2 or 3 days although perhaps only one of them is proper, it does seem to have paused or become extended or elongated in some fashion, just hanging there in the sky and indeed the clouds over Hereford, England, United Kingdom seemingly not thick enough to block out the Moon.

So dark nights and intermittent rainfall and today the Official day of the Autumn statement, that has on this occasion been utilised for more long term budgetary planning and forecasts.

Is it enough?

Well in all honesty I slept through the statements myself, and then when it came time to review reporting of the Statement, I was again disappointed in the sense that I want to open a website article that simply say this is the statement READ SPEECH in unedited and uncommented upon fashion.

Instead every media outlet typically gives running commentary or highlighted snippets that typically within the Movies may well be considered those bits you see at the end as out takes and so on.

Yes so do I know what the statement says.

Well I can state highlighted subject matter, such as Housing and Tax Credits and Police Funding, though cannot CUT THROUGH to clearing all the garbage COMMENTATORS all seemingly ensuring they have their commentary and INTERPRETATION given above and beyond what has actually been said in the exact WORDS and in the same MEANING.

Yes that is politics, though some things really are best left uncommented upon, I have gradually over the years spoken on my having stopped watching many a TV Media outlet, and part of the REASON is what I call COMMENTATOR CREEP.

We see commentator creep on more and more programming now to the extent that it could well be suggested you might as well be listening to RADIO & not WATCHING with your own eyes and fully able to decide on what is being said and so on.

Yes all those Celebrity Shows that we see have WAY TO MUCH COMMENTARY.

At one time of course, commentators, were often a mere presence within Sport Programming, though very often had a certain level of reserve as to how much they would be saying during any given show.

That has gradually disappeared in seeming favour of American Style Commentating where the PERSONALITY “STAR” has been allowed to take centre stage at the cost of what you are tuning in to watch or listen to and so on.

So the problem then that you might want to watch Tennis or Golf or Motor Racing and Football and indeed gain some ability to enjoy the ATMOSPHERE, the roar of the crowd and chanting at matches and so on, yes you can still get that, though very often such things are DROWNED OUT within the recording MIX in favour of OVERBEARING COMMENTATORS.

Yes you can TURN the sound off and watch in quiet, though that also removes any snippets of atmosphere that the audio engineers have failed to block out.

You can also of course go to the EVENTS therefore ensuring you do not have to listen to these peoples.  Though likewise at events you very often can guarantee that you find yourself nearby some other sort of SELF-STYLED EXPERT who is giving their own versioning of commentary and so on.

So Autumn statement something of a washout as far as I am concerned, to many OPINIONS being given & presented with flavoured commentator twists, insinuations and so on, without letting the AUDIENCE ACTUALLY HEAR & KNOW what is being said for themselves.

Maybe I am behind the times and lacking in knowledge of what can be done with all these modern gadgets, though I would most definitely were I a BROADCASTER introduce a sound channel for all events such-as political speeches and sports events, where you can TURN THE COMMENTATORS OFF, and simply enjoy the ACTION or whatever without EXPERT paid for opinions.

Yes, some commentators are very good at what they do, though likewise in these times of being a personality for being a personality, quite a large percentage of such individuals need to disappear from whence they came.

What else, well I watched the first couple of episodes of Series 3 Sherlock and will soon potentially be up to date with everyone else.

I cannot recall when the books ran out, though did think that the plots or ideas are struggling to come through within the first couple of episodes, so will the third series improve or have a return to form?

Strangely of course, I think that the more series exist the greater the audience as further peoples tune in and checkout what friends and family and so on are watching and recommending, though at this point, I would suggest that if I saw those series 3 episodes without having seen the earlier series I would likely turn off.

So I still have further episodes to watch though it appears to myself at present as though a DIP has occurred within the writing, maybe things will improve within the next couple of episodes I have scheduled myself to watch over the next day or two.

What else, well I upon awakening found myself thinking about some local issues and events, all kind of somewhat blurred and so on.

One was a night out sometime back in the early 1990’s where perhaps after a regular kind of pub crawl I had find myself in unfamiliar wine bar type haunt, Hereford at that time had multiple Pubs and wine bars, some typically segregating differing customer elements upstairs and downstairs and so on, places such Manhattans with Liberty’s win bar upstairs or Saxty’s and Imperial and so on, and this was one that I did not usually frequent and indeed the evening was enjoyable due to some folks I found myself meeting and hanging out with, though strange to have such a memory pop up out of know where, the young lady’s I had met had strong links and connections to a local Belmont Golf club where they were working, and I of course worked out in that direction on the famed RUCKALL Road that runs of from the A49 toward Abergavenny.

PROBABLY the most Graphited SIGN in the Country, whatever might people alter a SIGN pointing to RUCKALL change it too?

Yes the memory then changed to thinking heavily about DRILLS, and yes I know many a famed person and indeed not so famed person has made a visit to the DENTIST, and that drill in mouth and high pitch revving squealing sound, though I actually found myself thinking about my broken leg and having the METAL SCAFFOLD built up around my left leg.

Yes some are unsure as to what I mean by having the bone drilled into so the best way I can perhaps describe the PINS is to say that they are like EXECUTIVE DRILLS PINS.

What is an executive drill pin?

Well you know how you can go to a DIY shop or website and type in drill pin and it will come up with a selection of options and metals and widths and so on.

Well the PINS in my leg were each drilled through the bone, and then kind of snapped off.

So imagine getting your industrial drill for walls and floors and shelfing and so on, drilling it through someone’s body and then breaking it off, much like we see HERO’s in movies snapping the arrow of that is protruding from the skin and so on.

Anyway so yes, unsure as to TRIGGERS and so on, though those what were recalled upon my awakening from today’s sleep.

I still have no banking card and am now reliant on borrowed cash until card arrives, they kindly sent a TXT informing myself that it will be with myself within 3 days, this TXT arriving 24 hours after I ordered a new card on-line.  I am hoping that the system requires updating and will be with myself tomorrow, they do have a good quality record on replacement card issue with myself over recent years, so David is hoping and praying they do nothing to alter his improving opinion of them as a bank.

People say if you feel that strongly negative about your bank, why not change?

Unfortunately I have found over and again that when I go to alternate banks, they typically want to offer LIGHT VERSIONS of what we used to have as TAKEN FOR GRANTED services and so on. Oh please take up this telephone banking account or this account with X number of services.

So yes I have online banking though rarely utilise it as much as I could, I still like to be able to walk in and queue and see a HUMAN, when it comes to financial issues and my money etc, as well of course as using available CASH MACHINES or ACM’S.

Anyway I wrote on those matters as to FULL MOON because I also recalled dream FRAGMENTS and that is perhaps part and parcel of separating all memory CONSTRUCTS that we all know they must be and perhaps wanting to have some kind of automated defragmentation and organiser.

Many of the meditation and indeed FESTS contribute mental algorithms that encourage the utilisation of such thinking strategies, so do click the links and do take the FESTS they are free, and even if you o not desire purchasing at present, you may well be able to afford to in the future.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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