So in yesterdays Football I only listed 6 teams

A couple of games having already taken place prior to my writing.

The teams I chose and what happened.

Barcelona were chosen and Barcelona Won, David = 1

Arsenal were chosen and Arsenal Won, David = 2

Bayern Munich were chosen and Bayern Munich Won, David = 3

Chelsea were chosen and Chelsea Won, David = 4

Porto were chosen and Dynamo Kiev Won, David = 4

Kaa Gent were chosen and Kaa Gent Won, David = 5

So I can be pretty damned pleased at getting 5 out of the 6 I listed, and it is a pity that I did not get 6 because of Course Russia were heavily in the News and I did have a level of DOUBT as to Porto, unfortunately I also think having international colleagues, I generally get on better with some of the Portugese than the former Soviets ( this again a swings & roundabouts issues) though generally I generally get on well with most groupings these days, though typically you always get the DIFFICULT or SUPER-EGO’S appearing from time to time as well of course as MISUNDERSTANDINGS or petty grievances.

Generally again I think in terms of INDIVIDUALS rather than broad sweeping sectors of the work populace, because you do come to see that even the Foreign & International groups have as much nonsense going on among them as some of the British groups both former & current.

IGNORANCE IS BLISS perhaps a possible motto for myself, in generally getting on with it and keeping my head down and uninvolved and uninterested (been there, done that worn the T-SHIRT) when it comes to some topics and issues and debates.

Yes I can list some selections for today, though the oldest saying in the book is WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY MAKES, so beware, do not try to be greedy and look for those favourable choices that are in alignment with what the greater World News is saying etc & remond yourself that David cannot place a bet because he has no bank access until new card arrives in next couple of days. GRRR

Champions league Choices for Today

Paris St Germain

Real Madrid

Man United


Vfl Wolfsburg



B M’gladbach

No of course I do not think for one moment that I might get them all correct, though nor do I think all wrong, a draw or two might be suggested to be in the mix, though I have chosen outrights, and generally think much like yesterdays, that is what is most likely to occur, even for any that I am wrong on.

Enough for this morning.

Thank you for reading, God bless and be well 😉

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