So A Quick Look At Yesterday Fixures

How well did I do on this occasion

Paris St Germain were chosen and Paris St Germain Won, David = 1

Real Madrid were chosen and Real Madrid Won, David = 2

Man United were chosen and PSV Eindhoven Drew, David = 2

Juventus were chosen and Juventus Won, David = 3

Vfl Wolfsburg were chosen and Wolfsburg Won, David = 4

Benfica were chosen and FC Astana Drew, David = 4

Galatasaray were chosen and Atl Madrid Won, David = 4

B M’gladbach were chosen and B M’gladbach Won, David = 5

So once again hitting that 5 out of 8 zone that has become somewhat familiar at various points.

Tuessday, whilst more games were played I could have made choices for all games and still gotten the other results wrong, though that psychology of being over the half way mark does always seem to hit the nail on the head.

Today Thursday we do of course have a mammoth Europa League Fixture List and typically I will simply choose a team from each game and if draw flickers up in my noggin I might write that, though usually the outrights perhaps better from a witnessing standpoint if not a gambling standpoint.

Europa League







Sparta Prague

P’zan Belgrade

FC Augsburg

Rubin Kazan

Borussia Dortmund

PAOK Salonika

Yes, I suddenly realised I have not got a clue who very many of the teams are, though very often your intuition Is either working great or it is not, no reason to rush to panic if you are identifyng when you are at your strongest and weakest and then perhaps recalculating and recallibrating yourself to be more attuned to when you are on target and so on.


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