Is You Sleeping Thomas Cried out the Black Lady

Yes They say it aint over til the fat lady sings, though how many department stores hire singers to entertain customers whilst shopping around for old stock seasonal bargains, and of course when we look to present day Entertainment we are being told that whilst Adele might sing materials of black ethnic origin & style that she herself has now dramatically slimmed down and does not fit that appropriate description.

So yesterday predictions and what happened?

Celtic were chosen and Ajax won, David = 0

Tottenham were chosen and Tottenham won, David = 1

Liverpool were chosen and Liverpool won, David = 2

Fenerbache were chosen and Fenerbache won, David = 3

Anderlecht were chosen and Anderlecht won, David = 4

Schalke were chosen and Schalke won, David = 5

Sparta Prague were chosen and Sparta Prague won, David = 6

P’zan Belgrade were chosen and P’zan Belgrade won, David = 7

FC Augsburg were chosen and Ath Bilbao won, David = 7

Rubin Kazan were chosen and Rubin Kazan won, David = 8

Borussia Dortmund were chosen and FK Krasnodar won, David = 8

PAOK Salonika were chosen and FK Qabala Drew, David = 8

So from 12 games I once again find myself achieving 8 or the so-called 2 thirds marker.

Unsure what I might have done differently though as suggested previously whenever I OPTION 2nd choices and change 1st choices, I usually alter more than 1 game choice effectively or POTENTIALLY setting myself further back than necessary.

What else, well whilst I have not really written upon the issue I have spoken once or twice to peoples this week as though the entire week is akin to Friday the 13th, in terms of external events and so on. Easy to comment, more difficult to not get caught up in some of the nonsense’s or indeed explain in deeper depth.

I for instance saw a report on the news this morning as to dentists calming patients and I had a very good dentist Mrs Steele for many years as a youngster, though have not really had a favourable impression of other dentists visited since, however I mention that simply because of course the SYNCHRONICITY issue, my speaking on drills, likewise I mentioned a night out that occurred many years ago where I ran into some young female staff from tone of the local Golf Clubs/courses, and I was strangely suffering heavy NIGHTMARES at or during that time period of my life, I think I had not longed moved addresses, after various issues and so on at a former address and was still trying to clear my system out and move on and so on.

Likewise various incidents & issues have occurred within working life realm, that suggest to myself it is not so much a personal thing as part and parcel of the so-called GREATER PATTERNS & CYCLES, awareness and-or enlightenment can of course enable you to enjoy have something of a GAP between being in the World though not of it (so to speak) in windows terms.

So It is also Thanksgiving weekend in America (apparently something to do with last Thursday in November?, hence today being so-called BLACK FRIDAY, within the shops) A famed stock clearance day from America has gradually worked its way around the Globe many a shop and store taking the ability to Synchronize World Business sectors and trade and so on, if the last ships from China have not yet left, they are probably arriving sometime soon, fully laden with must have Toys and so on for Christmas, the release of Star Wars is interesting of course because it might be suggested to be something of a gamble, in terms of what you order versus how much you sell and indeed whether you have decided upon most appropriate or FAVOURED must have’s.

Strange though true I do remember that some figures (for example) were harder to come by than others, though such shortages are generally unknown in this day and age, so perhaps the RARITY comes via what products are made of and indeed QUALITY and so on, above and beyond mass produced specifics.

What else, well I finally watched the entire Sherlock season 3 and must say, that I did enjoy the series, just not as much as the prior 2.

How can it be reinvigorated I wondered? In fact I think most peoples would say the same, bring back Irene Adler (I think was the name) & Moriarty & also perhaps another Chinese Mafia type episode, or even stretch to the Italian’s or some other seemingly EXOTIC World Mafia that is still known as a name or grouping, though somewhat limited within the Sherlock World.

Yes I actually was really IMPRESSED with the GRAPHICS and visuals in this series such as the stop motion wedding photo’s and the MIND PALACE explorations, akin to Meditative Type Practices (possibly).

Yes I did think the Moriarty was not how I would have fashioned it, though he was well performed and acted almost like some genetically modified EVIL ANT & DEC caricature.

The thinking about the problem led myself to another TALL GUY, SHORT GUY consideration, smaller guys often suggested to suffer small guy syndrome, though that was not what I was thinking upon so much as how a particular generation of WRITERS, associated Tallness with INTELLIGENCE, we see this in Sherlock Holmes of course and also Lord of the Rings with Gandolf type characters.

Yes clearly a strange thing because such stereo typings did not fit what else was being suggested, regarding ethnicity’ during Victorian times. How many tall long legged Africans have we seen winning distance race after distance race over the years within Olympian realms.

So yes, whilst I think there is nothing wrong with keeping characters HOW THEY WERE WRITTEN by authors and so on, that it can not do any harm at all to demonstrate alternates.

I did also like the High Functioning Sociopath Description, that Sherlock gave as a description of himself, though clearly having also purchased or read a book by Andy Mcnab recently where he is diagnosed as a Psychopath, charts and tables for such so-called Psychiatric Realm equations well may be the order of the day.

I can also say that I caught up with the Party Planning episode of The apprentice and was not overly enthused by either of the teams, being a parent of course, if I had that kind of budget being suggested it would have potentially been far better spent. Most friends and family can organize better doo’s than what was seen from alleged Professional Party Planner types.

I can say that my namesake David leaving was of little surprise, given the associative nature of the name to religion’s, it was always going to happen at some point, Lord Sugar upset within his own youth at how the Jewish Community Mafia’s operated and so on, I think he perhaps not that petty or childish, though he did use quite strong impressions as to such view of such CARTELS & MAFIA’S all demanding DONATION’S & seemingly operating protection rackets.

So yes he could have sacked any of the 4 within the losing team (my preference was for Gary to go) and I would have not been overly surprised, though in honesty it is called the Apprentice and it appears to be slimming down to a group or corporate executive well to do types as the largest sector represented, yes I know Brett and that woman were Navy and Joseph a plumber, though it does appear that the SNOOTY POSH ATTITUDINAL TYPES are winning out simply through a PERCEPTIONAL BARRIER, that such behaviour’s and manners and communication skills and so on can induce in other peoples.

So yes, what to do, the last couple of weeks of Apprentice, has been a bit of a turn-off, so I hope the next episode spices things up again.

Dr Who is also of course on the watching agenda and I found myself wondering as to whom is the Timelord’s present Foe, I did of course mention that Mummy on a Train episode and wonder as to whether the peoples and persons responsible have reappeared in the mean time or otherwise and indeed whether any of these series will make it into the famed DALLAS entire season was a dream SCENES & SCENARIO’S.

Yes I think it was JR Ewings brother had been murdered and they brought him back, I was not a big Dallas watcher, though do recall that the actor of the brother had played “The Man From Atlantis” that I strangely liked as a young child, along with the usual 6 Million Dollar Man Steve Austin.

So what else, well American Thanksgiving is strangely coinciding with an International Climate Conference beginning in the coming week (I think) and Today we also have a Commonwealth Meeting in Malta starting (I think) interesting as to quite large sectors of the Worlds Populace marking this present time period in some fashion or manner.

Yes I now we are also seeing Turkey and Russia having a spat, though I enjoyed the free meal from the work company, strangely always occurring around this thanksgiving week time period.

Yes I know they say it is all about what you pay attention to and where you place your own focus and concentration, though it is interesting non the less as to various points along so-called independent TIMELINES all seemingly having points of INTERSECTION.

Not so much in an oh they are doing this, so we will do that, so much as How can I be in alignment with this present time period without necessarily doing what that other groupings over there is doing and so on.

So yes, if the World is represented by differing groups having grown and marked and created calendars and star maps and so on, then you can still imagine a circular track where the HURDLES are or have been found to roughly line up where ever you go, hence perhaps so many independent tribal groups and peoples all seemingly independent of each other, having or marking particular FESTIVALS and sequence like references and so on.

Anyway I am clearly monitoring the wrong things because, much of what I am seeing as present headlines seem to me to not be where I want to focus, perhaps time to ditch the BBC’S & SKY Tabloid type media’s and find some that are closer to my own taste etc.

Yes the problem being that some groupings do seem to spread in such a style fashion and manner that all else copy and so on, News International Corporation has brought tabloid to every level of paper in the UK and even publication’s such as The Times is not recognisable as The Times that I recall reading and so on in childhood or when younger. The other broadsheets are just as bad.

Yes A South China Star Newspaper is up for sale in china screamed the headline and I though a better one might be News International Corporation purchases The Red China Star Newspaper.

Mythical Citizen Smith would likely turn in his Grave though clearly we are in the time of BAITING & HUNTING THE REDS under the beds etc.

Corbyn taking a bashing as leader of the Trotsky Brigade, will he be ice picked. Well he was prior to becoming leader and clearly some other agenda is occuring that does not really make a great deal of sense to myself.

No I do not really want such people in charge of Government, though the present bunch are far from IDEAL also, and personality politics is not where any sensible person wants to continuously find themselves having to justfiy likes and loathings and so on.

Facts without personality BIAS, is a far better and improved place to operate from even if it requires or appearing aloof and so on at times.

Enough for today.

Thank you for reading, god Bless and be well 😉

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