Well That Was another Great Film

So I think I wrote a year or two back as to being interested in seeing the film “Saving Mr Banks” a kind of story of the story of the making of the film Marie Poppins starring Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson and indeed Colin Farrell.

Yes I give a somewhat ominous “and indeed” to Mr Farrell because I perhaps in critic mode have generally been somewhat dismissive of a number of performances over the years, in fact his performance within this film along with his fellow headliners was top draw, and he potentially dismissed simply through the presence of well known quality acting stalwart favourites such-as Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson.

So a good film and performances from all of the cast including the youngsters in the flashbacks, and yes I did kind of get some of the subtle nuances within the film as to how we all seemingly have our own various crosses to bare and so on. 

Mr Hanks of course in the news at present due to reports on his wife’s cancer though previously perhaps indirectly reported upon due to the behaviour of a child, headlines for what many regard as all the wrong reasons.

Typically you historically of course can suggest debates as to Sins of the Father, though likewise in retrospect many a parent could well of course offer a counter argument as to the sins of the child, we must recall that most systems, are more than one directional for most peoples, and it is perhaps typical that individually despite being a reflection of Society and upbringing and whatever the influence, we do all of course have choice.

Another interesting thing about decision making was noted by myself within an article I read yesterday in fact.  Where I perhaps run to the word DISCERNING someone else suggested that you could actually think in terms of DISCRIMINATING from among choices and options.

Yes discrimination is one of those words that can act as a trigger for many a person, though I do think if you take a MULTIPLE CHOICE ANSWERS questionnaire and then change the wording from

“please select a choice from the following”


“please discriminate a choice from the following”

you might well encourage any given individual to think a little DEEPER than might be ascertained from making some AUTO-PILOT selection.

Discriminate is almost kind of like a Sherlock Holmes deductive reasoning process.

So today, I have been to the shop and am still thinking on that film watched in the early hours and of course the various SONGS from Mary Poppins, tuppence a bag and Chim chimney, yes strangely another noted name is that of course of Dick Van Dyke, though I think the name was seen elsewhere recently as to some criminal activity or behaviour.

Elsewhere we also saw another BRIEFER Star Wars Trailer based around the Dark Lord Kylo Ren, he typically perhaps having some kind of Hero Worship issue of Darth Vader.

I did read a review for some related Star Wars books, and may well go and see if they are worth reading, the amount of FICTION REALM material I have read in recent years is somewhat limited (I feel) compared to regular supposed REAL WORLD LESSONS & LEARNINGS.

That perhaps what caught my attention in the Colin Farrell character and indeed portrayal in the sense that whilst his character was said to be the inspiration for Mr Banks, he was the authors Father, he worked in a bank and had an alcohol problem and encouraged his daughter to  not let go of her dreams and imagination and so on.

Something we can all perhaps relate to in terms of constantly hearing as we grew up that you have to grow up and be more serious and join the rest of us in this straight jacketed approach to life.

I also strangely noted that a certain level of cross-over was felt to exist between the Dr Who episode I wrote upon yesterday and the Mary Poppins realm.

Talk of “Winds from the East” and so on.

Something else I failed to mention was in fact that Dr Who actually triggered myself with fear at one point, I have not got a clue how it happened, I think he was leaning against a door, when a hand pushed through or something and I literally had an almost automated PHYSICAL RESPONSE, of falling  or jumping back in my seat.

It was strange because, as I have progressed I have genuinely come to typically dismiss many such, what I regard as ERRANT thoughts feelings and behaviours.

So is it POSSIBLE then, that even when you meditate and raise threshold and indeed better see with clarity as to how the World is made up that

INSTINCTIVE like reactions and behaviours and so on, are still within your psyche or physical being.

I have not fully thought on the topic because, I was genuinely SURPRISED by what I did than what was going on within the TV show.

So for all the aligning of thoughts and feelings with greater realities, an almost instinctual action was triggered simply through watching an imaginary TV realm.

Are the dates and timings of such things also responsible, well quite possibly. 

Headlines reporting of course on the issue of Paris coming to a World near you.

Yes multiple Paris related headlines, some seeming to be about CLIMATE CHANGE and others that what happened in Paris can happen here, wherever here happens to perhaps be among the readership.

VEHICLES are also once again within my foreground visuals, from the live white horse in the saving Private Banks flashbacks within the film to the Carousel MIRRORS sequence and indeed news elsewhere as to FUTURE VEHICLES and what are available now, various Hybrid vehicles show within my MSN newsfeed, cars that are helicopters and planes and water going vehicles AMPHIBIOUS were most interesting, yes it was about REAL LIFE TRANSFORMERS, and very many vehicles are already available, though some futuristic expectations such as a plane that splits into 3 by BAE SYSTEMS is not due for some 30+ years.

I actually disagree, believing that as reported recently the American’s are claiming to be already producing replacements for Current STEALTH VEHICLES and these transformer like productions could well be best optioned now through present day availability and testing and so on.

All well and good having a drawing board, though, some clearly already making it into production via the usual private enterprise initiatives of billionaires and the mega rich and wealthy.

This a shorter morning one.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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