You’ve Never heard of “Gypsy Rose Lee”

So rather than give my KNOWLEDGE away, the simply thing is to actually utilise wiki perhaps once again as a starting point to RESEARCH

Yes, you can look up the real life person and story though the reality for myself was that at some multiple points during childhood, this film seemingly managed to make an impression upon myself.  So possibly typical Saturday or Sunday afternoon and raining or some such and I find myself watching what the grandparents have got on whilst being babysat etc.

Now it is of course known that my daughter is known as Rose, though the reality (at least for myself) was that I was not really strongly involved in naming children and so on, generally happy to go with what the Ex-wife was wanting, and she already perhaps had established a kind of sequence, though Rose I think was among the names of an extremely DISABLED adopted sister that she had, Michelle, and Michelle was a girl who perhaps outlived her life expectancy, for a dozen or so years. She had gone into Hospital around the time that Rose was born and on that occasion was not expected to survive, although she actually once again did and was alive for another year or 2 before succumbing to her very many ailments.

So we can take a name ANY NAME and have our own AWARENESS and-or IDEA as to ORIGIN.  We also of course whether we like it or otherwise also typically recall and remember the INFLUENCE or SOURCE for such things.

So for the family of Michelle, Rose was named for her, whilst for myself I perhaps had OTHER thoughts and feelings and MENTAL ASSOCIATIONS, many a female named after Flowers, and of course we have saying such-as regarding Female Beauty as an “English Rose” and so on.

I will now take a brief detour on what I was going to write about, because I typically often write more than is published and some things go completely UNPUBLISHED, and I sometimes later carry out a kind of mental re-write giving gist of what I said in an earlier ARTICLE.

So I have just watched “HEAVEN SENT” an episode of Peter Capaldi’s Dr Who in which the Timelord was seemingly trapped in some maze like prison.  I had all sorts of things as to what I could say and write and speculate, and then thought “oh you already wrote that last week”, however in checking my blog I found that I had not published the document in which I had written the triggered thoughts feelings and SPECULATION.

So I go through my November 2015 Word collection of documents to see if I can locate such information and indeed REUSE it, I cannot of course claim AH-HA, they did what I suggested etc, because having NOT PUBLISHED the Document and information therein contained, beyond showing people the document, no-one else can genuinely KNOW whether I am telling the truth or have simply made all of this up NOW.

The Following (between the Stars) is a section from an unpublished Article Heaven Sent & Hell Bent written & saved not long after watching the episode on or around 22nd November 2015. Interestingly, I failed to publish multiple documents I had started on that day and it was typically because I found myself going into rant & rage like modes on topics & subjects, that I prefer to not publish.


Heaven Sent & Hell Bent

These of course the Titles of the forthcoming series finale episodes of present day Dr Who.

So continuing in the vein of this season, we are once again perhaps presented with another puzzler kind of an episode, and having mentioned writer Gatiss previously it perhaps only fair that I mention some of the other writers in the sense, that you do kind of see that if Dr Who itself were a lump of playdoh then the various assortment of writers and contributors are kind of like the little hands or reaching into that centre pot to take their fistful of goo or however.

So again this another to be continued episode and perhaps one that I enjoyed because of their being a certain amount of puzzle strategy interest involved and indeed the encouragement to explore those things most obvious under your nose or hidden in plain sight.

It also of course introduced the idea of not only seemingly magically hidden worlds, much like the Harry Potter Street, though took it more into the Technologist or Scientific Sphere as to circuits and holograms and shields and so on.

So what would I have done differently?  Well clearly the dead women was within the stasis chamber and was apparently not dead, having stayed alive within that stasis chamber, so in “all is lost” type mode I might have had Clara being placed within the chamber and seeing how the Raven Spirit or whatever could do any damage whilst she was kept alive in that stasis chamber.  Clearly that might have been fine for a single episode, though continuity requirement and season arc and so on, perhaps being geared for Clara’s departure at some near future point, to be announced/decided and indeed Who might want to CAPTURE the ERRANT TIMELORD and take his Confession Disk and transport him across time and space and so on.

Clearly the issue is one of various races gradually ascending the Scientific Technological Boundaries and indeed stealing or inheriting and-or assimilating technologies from other races.

When we look to other spheres and realms we see the same patterns and cycles demonstrated over and again, some more successfully perhaps than others.

So overall I enjoyed the episode more than several others though as to who is responsible, well we could of course find some new grouping or return to a new variation on some older pre-existing grouping.

The interest in Confession (last will & testament) Disk for example suggests a familiarity with Time Lord technology, though likewise possibly some form of intergalactic justice department, much like when the Doctor was imprisoned within the cube beneath Stonehenge or wherever it was.

The scenes from forthcoming episode suggested a CASTLE maze like realm given seeing several differing scenes with large brick walls and interior vegetation and indeed the doctor appearing to be digging a grave.  So the Shielder character or however it is spelt has returned on multiple occasions and she said she would protect those left behind by the Doctor, little did we perhaps speculate as to that meaning the invading Aliens, beyond the already present humans.


So that is what I wrote and did not publish to the best of my knowledge and I also mentioned Mr Gatiss, having a strangely unfavourable view on his Dr Who contributions, though in fact when I go episode by episode a to writing CREDIT, he is likely very able to say well you actually liked that Story & that episode etc.

So anyway I also stated that I liked Sherlock and indeed you do find that the Leading Celebrity Programme Maker has worked their respective way up the occupational ladder and has other TV realm writing credits that I am unlikely aware of and so on.

So yes the preview for next week suggested The Time Lord’s, has he worked his way into that picture zone that he froze them within?  I am not going to speculate as really from my MEDITATIVE POSITION and idea of NOW I do hope that any PARADOX the events introduce are not overly COMPLICATED for the viewers (including myself).

I kind of have an impression that events within the Story are once again filling spaces or gaps within other parts of the Timelord Histories previously left unanswered, we must remember that Peter capaldi’s REGENERATION came about after the timelord’s INTERVENTION, saving him when he was no longer able to regenerate, they allegedly no longer EXISTING within “The Normal” “Taken For Granted” passage of time.

So why, was this overly complicated and what has it to do with my own life?

Well I spoke a to this week being something of a kind of Friday the 13th week, though I also have to say that both my parents were born during this week, and indeed I think one or 2 other characters who appeared within various life realms.  In fact, were I to look to HOROSCOPE type realms and attunement’s, it could be suggested that some answer’s lie within those teachings and doctrines, because I being a “SCORPIO” and both parents being “SAGGITARIUS”, it is typically suggested as we being incompatible peoples, likewise the same can be said for brother “LIBRA” and even daughter “AQUARIUS” and her mother also being said to be an incompatible “TAURUS”.

So in becoming over reliant (for example) on Star Sign guidance, whether consciously or non-consciously you can see how we can become overly “DAMAGED” or otherwise in taking what is being said  TO HEART or indeed not taking such things to Heart at all.

This perhaps where, becoming consciously aware and awake and having a view upon the World that is not overly strongly within it can make all the difference, yes us blokes generally not overly into STAR SIGNS though typically cannot avoid them in the media’s that we take in and read or scan and so on.

It also perhaps related to this IDEA of PARADOX within our own lives and existence coming about through unbeknowingly being constantly SWITCHED between various TIME STREAMS and connections that we have through our own upbringing or indeed acts and thoughts feelings carried out by other UNAWARE peoples controlling our lives in some fashion or manner.

So as a youngster (for example) at some point perhaps aged 5 or 6, I found myself being babysat with a group of other children via parental Singing and Band Culture, and that also led to indirect knowing of some Soldiers and SAS personalities from that time period.

So my family’s life and my upbringing became tied for several years, with that of another family and when the parent of that family found “God” we suddenly had to find “God” too etc.

Anyway playing and so on and having kids of similar age and so on was generally okay and fun etc.

So I mention this because of the passage of time issue.  We actually went to differing schools to these other kids and indeed as we grew older our lives perhaps went in differing directions, though still seemingly connected through parents and church and so on.

Eventually the parent who found God had married a guy within the local Regiment, though a few short years later apparently had an affair with some other guy and huge fallouts occurred within the Church community and so on and so forth, as well of course as leading to the end of that marriage.

I was predominantly unaware of  all these things, focussing perhaps more and more as I grew older on my own life and activities and so on, though generally hearing about such “goings on” in somewhat 2nd hand fashion as people informed myself of the STORY’S much later after the fact at later times and so on.

Now I mention this only because I do whether I like it or otherwise think that I was indirectly affected perhaps by some of the so-called fallout and not really knowing what was going on.  I suddenly did not have to attend the Church anymore (for example), although I had put this down to brother finishing school and leaving home and likewise I of course working part time and beginning college etc.  Between age 15-20 are somewhat vague HIGHLY CONFUSED & CONFLICTED memories, and that perhaps goes hand-in-hand with what I spoke on as to 1987-1989 being perhaps unpleasant years within my own life course or History.

So I say all this to suggest that ACTUALLY we really are often CONSTANTLY potentially switching and so on, far more than we realise, though not necessarily ENOUGH to have genuine AH-HA moments, I spoke as to waking up in Hospital (following accident) and finding myself in a NEW WORLD, though unlike within fiction (for example) things were not DIFFERING enough to CONSCIOUSLY REGISTER, just gradual subtleties that are often on the FRINGES of your EXPERIENCIAL EXISTENCE.

So for example stretching the LA-DI-DA a little as example, one of those Children was named CINDY and during those YOUNG years she and her younger siblings were a regular presence within my life, perhaps until around those 87-89 years, a year or two later somewhere around 92-93 I found myself working with a BARBIE.

So yes that an example of competing DOLL NAMES, though clearly it can be demonstrated that just as COCA COLA is a REALM that PEPSI is also a realm and so on.

Yes we do not consider switching drinks as ENTERING A WHOLE NEW WORLD, though when you meditate regularly enough and getting the questioning systems up and running and indeed associations and influences and manipulations and all the very many inputs and so on, you do come to see how the mind may well be acting upon almost CLOCKWORK mental cogs and wheels and so on.

So even simple “taken for granted” I’m not thinking about this action, simply doing it, are in fact DECISIONS, CHOICES & OPTIONS that have gradually worked their way into those non-conscious AUTO-PILOT type mental realms.

Many are harmless though are potentially a creeping menace, because they typically become “SET IN STONE” INTRANSIGENCES like ruts after being followed often enough, in our various versioning’s of what we have to do to be a success or whatever at any given life realm sphere and activity.

So we can take a million and one on-line auto-pilot functions and simply discard them, or indeed stimulate the opening of new options, irrespective of whether they have served us well or otherwise.  Simply to break down the frameworks or scaffold that may be keeping us STUCK in some fashion.

Having an accident at such and such an age is of little importance beyond it possibly keeping myself reliving PAIN from those events, and optioning FIGHT OR FLIGHT options based on heavily skewered or IMPAIRED decision making abilities.

Likewise losing a job for that reason at that age is another popular HANG-UP that many of us might like to discard our beliefs about the REASON for such events.

So as we grow and learn we come to see that all that we know is an ACCUMULATION of “Other people’s stuff” that we have Role Modelled or Fashioned within ourselves, and some of that stuff is positive and rewarding and uplifting, though quite a fair amount of the stuff is just repetition and junk and not worth the possibly negative consequences they may or may not bring about in terms of cause/effect, and indeed WHAT WE BELIEVE about the World and other peoples within the World etc.

Yes I mention the Cindy example because of the News International Corporation issue and how initials and capitals and Various company names have potentially come about, and also because I found myself thinking upon that over the last day or two along with the Soldier SAS materials etc. I know that I played with Dolls as a child though they were called ACTION MAN and it is often strange how broad all-encompassing sweeping JUDGEMENTS do not ADD-UP when you consider some claims being made, perhaps maturity versus otherwise issues, within some spheres and realms.  Parents of course often have differing views to non-parents and so on, as to what is acceptable and sensible as a time filling and rewarding activity.

Non interactive TV & Film gradually strangely took far too large a chunk of my own TIME and indeed that perhaps why I strongly set out to stop being overly addicted to MEDIA in general.

So the Title, well I have possibly written on her before, unsure whether I posted, though we of course seeing “Gypsy King” Fury taking the World Heavyweight Boxing Title and likewise I think Rosberg is at the front of the formula One grid in ABU DHABI. And I also believe that a CURRENT STAGE PRODUCTION of that MUSICAL recently won some Theatre Awards of some description.

So yes some information’s are perhaps always going to relate to immediate family and friends and old contacts and sources and influences and we can in step by step fashion decide as to what is genuinely important above and beyond what others may want us to think is important though is not really when all is said and done and dusted and so on.

So how centre are you within your own reality and how much is your reality shared with other peoples and persons and indeed are you genuinely really operating from a place of NOW.

I ask myself this NOW question because of course in THEORY at least, if all is now then one could be suggested to be able to get far greater levels of accuracy within PREDICTION than I seem to achieve, what am I mentally doing and saying or behaving that is still IMPARING my judgement in some fashion etc.

Now another issue of BELIEF of course, is one of only stating ONE NAME, so I suggested I did not think FURY would win, though he did and I had not mentioned his opponent.

I also suggested MAYBE for the MURRAY BROTHERS though again did not state opponents name.

I then went on to make some more regular prediction for premiership football

Aston Villa were chosen and Watford Won, David = 0

Bournmouth Draw was chosen and Everton Drew, David = 1

Crystal Palace was chosen and Crystal Palace Won, David = 2

Man City were chosen and Man City Won, David = 3

Stoke Draw was chosen and Sunderland Won, David = 3

Leicester Draw was chosen and Man Utd Drew, David = 4

So I cannot COMPLAIN as to getting in that 2 third zone once again, though FRUSTRATION perhaps similar to that demonstrated within the Dr Who episode as to ASKING the most appropriate QUESTIONS, what was also interesting was how this week I spoke on the SHERLOCK MIND PALACE and found myself viewing a Dr Who TARDIS as a MIND PALACE on each occasion that he was searching for a new ANGLE or PERSPECTIVE as he was about to be CAUGHT etc. I initially thought that the TECHNOLOGY looked akin to a TARDIS in room layout and so on, though again perhaps that part of the continuing MYSTERY.

Yes very enjoyable, though clearly as cliff hangers go the obvious is that he is the one that saves his previous incarnation and allows himself to regenerate into current form etc, we also have that ongoing issue of Clara having entered the TIME VORTEX to save him, although that perhaps why she is able to leave as deceased, she too can potentially perhaps exist or be returned to her own history & timeline in the blink of an EYE.

Thank you for reading, I will not say go to and follow the links and learnings because I have repeated such things on numerous occasions and it might give the impression that Tottenham are going to win, I did purchase a Chelsea Bun yesterday and am about to eat it, unsure as to who counts as victorious in that encounter, though clearly given my name being David I do think that my namesake may lose to Mr Murray and we win the Davis Cup, though cannot be too sure of myself because a long history or such association to a given name can of course be akin to being “To close to the problem” to be able to gain any kind of genuine CLARITY.

Other Football choices probably West Ham, Liverpool, Arsenal, though clearly given present ACCURACY ISSUES, one may well find that I am only every partially correct in my attempting to solve a jigsaw that is not a jigsaw so much as a Rubic’s Cube.

Yes another realm to note recently was that some similar to Rubic district of France was High-lighted regarding some robbery and I again failed to mention it at that time, though do think given the very many other Rubic Toys that later appeared that we have yet to settle a full and conclusive & convincing mastery of now.

What do you mean you want something more convincing as to Gypsies?  Well okay, my grandmother had a sitting room that children were not allowed to enter, it being a room full of the best furniture and best dining china and best wallpaper and best curtains and so on.  Yes brother and I of course could not help ourselves, and indeed over a period of weeks and weekend visits I saw a TRADITIONAL or CLASSICAL GYPSY CARAVAN being painted, granny seemingly used the room for her painting and Art studio (as well).  Strange though true, I also seem to recall actually seeing a genuine real life traditional caravan similar to that within the painting, so suspect that some traditional gypsies may have been settled in that Leominster Road area of North Hereford during my young childhood.  This was prior to the title TRAVELLER coming to the fore, many drug heads and so on abandoned normal life and declared themselves Travellers during the late 80’s and early 90’s (I think), and typically such groups all get banded together, though I do really think you have to separate such folks out into more distinct catalogue of titles and groupings and behaviours, beliefs and abilities, the World over can be suggested to have long term travelling peoples as well as travelling fairs and circus and nomads and tribal groupings etc, little differing from singers on music tours perhaps.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 😉

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