So Unsure What sector To Comment Upon At Present

Though typically that does not mean you can get off that easily.  Typical example of unsure as to what to write is related to New Year as today is of course being hailed and branded as NYE (New Years Eve).

So why the concern?

Well I of course took a fair few Learning Strategies type courses and likewise it cannot be said that I was part of any given early uptake for wares and goods from the Company.  In fact I think it quite well documented (at least by myself) that I went through several levels of Holosync prior to making a couple of purchases from Learning Strategies and dipping my toes in the water and so on.

However that is really only a partial TRUTH.  Why?

Well it is only partial because of this issue of DEGREE’S of separation and indeed because I can cite other peoples and persons whose work I have studied or looked at and so on, who were using Learning Strategy Courses and Teachings and Lessons and Learnings.

Typical Example is apparently English or British Hypnotist Paul Mckenna, who is mentioned by Paul Scheele in one or two of his courses, although to the best of my knowledge, I did not pick up on those links when studying Paul Mckenna and he of course a long known celebrity within the UK territories etc.

Likewise some other peoples and persons whose work I studied can also be TRACED to similar ORIGIN.

What does that mean?

Well quite simply, when I first looked into the Hypnotic World materials, many traced origin and sources back to very few people.  You wll typically come to see that same old repetition of particular names coming up, as to who were masters within a given realm of EXPERTISE.

Likewise, some earlier generation students took the work a step further and that perhaps led to Neuro Linguistic Programming, as a description of the mechanism of what is occurring or going on.

Now with further meditation, and cutting through many mental flotsam’s and jetsam’s it can become somewhat easier to see the wood for the tree’s, in terms of learning and choices and decision making and so on.

So a typical example is this one of Numerology, the course was interesting to myself because it managed to do the realm of numbers and numerology in a very differing fashion to the tradition pull out type materials often seen within regular newspapers and magazines.  The chap who did the course had a strong background in engineering.

Anyway the basic idea that all and anyone can come to is perhaps this one of choice between differing DOCTRINES, LESSONS & LEARNINGS and so on.

We all perhaps know Histories of how Ancient Civilizations studied the Environments and Stars and what could be seen within the known Universe and then declared many this that and the other thing God or Deity.

So we had mountain god’s and volcano god’s and tree god’s and just about any external thing being pointed at and INDENTIFIED as the God of a given realm.

Then someone somewhere came along and said having all these competing God’s and Deities and so on is ridiculous, and gradually many were done away with in favour of a more Global God styled idea.

Many Civilisations typically chose to believe that the God’s lived among the Stars and so on.  Typically also studying seasons and how the World about them changed according to how the sky was positioned and so on.

Anyway such things as bad events were often cited as “acts of god”, so the mountain exploding or the earthquake or the harvest crop failure was external god’s DISPLEASURE with the peoples. Monarchies and Religious Empires grew and rose up acting very often in controlling fashion, through interpretation of the World’s Signs and Symbols etc.

Some suggest that nonsense and playing upon people’s FEARS and so on, likewise SCIENCE came into being as a mechanism of studying cause and effect and so on, gradually suggesting that there is no God and merely man’s own power to take there own destiny into there own hands.

So whilst some claim otherwise, SCIENCE developed and gradually eroded the old style religion and Monarchy model, in favour of an all new SCIENCE as the workings of God.

That is of course replacing One form of Control Freakery of the Religious Classes, with another Control Freakery of the Scientific Classes, the truth being that whilst Science may be better placed and positioned to explain World events in terms of cause and effect, the underlying HUMAN CONDITION is the SAME.

So stories of Mad Religious Preachers, has become stories of Mad Scientists, this can of course be seen throughout the World in terms of where any given Country and Community is, within its development and growth.

So what is missing from all the versions and variations of CONTROL FREAKERY, for every Mad Preacher you can point at, we can find an equally Mad Scientist who believes themselves etc.

Well what is quite simply missing is the fact that from young ages we LEARN and take on board the teachings and lessons of parents and brothers and sisters and society that we find ourselves among.

It could well be suggested that we then are taught or learn to make associations between a sensory input such as a SOUND and a LABEL.

So someone points at some OBJECT and repeats some LABEL until we have learnt the given association.

So if we are anything, in terms of GOD HOOD, we are a MASS of LABELS, many given and known and just as many UNKNOWN.

What happens when a new MAGNIFICATION within some MRI reveals a new cellular level of being within us?

Well typically people rush to claim having DISCOVERED such a thing and then typically LABEL such a thing.

Much like asking whether a place exists when you are not present within that place.

So the World outside us is filled with Labelled things and the World within us is filled with labelled things, and clearly an appropriate STIMULUS enables us to remove massive collections of build up of repetitions of such labels and so on, and indeed without any necessarily negative impact to our health.

We can also then of course feel we have greater CHOICE as to such things, as our belief system.

So what is a more BENEFICIAL BELIEF when a given circumstance occurs to you?

We have all seen SCIENCE FICTION realms where Dr Who Regenerates or an ill person goes into some medical device and is healed by the glowing and pulsating lights and so on.

Surely irrespective of whether you understand or know what is occurring, the ability to repeatedly imagine yourself healing or being healed through some strong instantaneous mechanism is potentially of greater belief benefit than a belief that you are going to suffer some long drawn out ill health and eventually succumb to the diagnosed ailment.

The problem of course is often repetition of BELIEF PATHWAYS and when they were established and so on, so many a person (for example) goes through the MOTIONS of ACTING out victim behaviours, this is how Aunt Bessie behaved when she was ill and look at all the visits and attention and presents she got from the great and the good.

That rather long winded, though typically many a person often potentially also goes into the LONELY ISOLATION of not wanting to SHARE or contaminate others MARTYRDOM.

Again such behaviours have typically been established to support some BELIEF or LEARNT BEHAVIOUR MECHAINISM and are not necessarily beneficial to any given individual.

So some truth’s exist in what ancients studied about the stars and planets and seasons and so on, and likewise some truth exists within what Science say about cause and effect and the study of Hypothesis, though likewise some truth ALSO EXIST within the ARTS and writings and painting and so on.

So each realm typically operating on some, do not listen to them “I will save you” process, that very often can only take people so far, before they perhaps have to integrate the best components or practises and seek to gain knowledge from further afield and other realms and religions and scients and cultures.

Some typically of course become quite RILED and INTRANSIGENT about what they want and accept within their life, though such extremism often seemingly accelerates one toward the grave, and very often the others who have chosen to follow them over the cliff.  Clearly it can be suggested that SURVIVORS of a given extremist mentality cannot be genuinely practicing what they are preaching, if they are somehow “BUCKING THE TREND” of a greater pattern.

So what separates race hate preacher and scientific fascist Richard Dawkins from his followers?

I mention him because some newspaper wrote an article saying Richard Dawkins TROLLED, and I pressed the link expecting to see some GREAT STORY, instead it simply said someone visited his Twitter account and wrote “God is real”.

Now I think in terms of GOD IS REAL in the sense that all about us has a LABEL and all within us has a label and if it does not then why not CREATE OUR OWN for ourselves.  So at some super magnification as yet undiscovered by Science you will find the regenerator cell and this cell can be switched on/off at will according to knowledge of having regenerator cells within us. 

That is not all that difficult or hard to believe is it?  Given how Science claims that we are typically a completely differing person in terms of building blocks every 7 years.  So all the cellular makeup and building blocks that made you who you were 7 years ago, are no longer part of you, even though you look in the mirror and believe yourself to have gone unchanged in terms of life memories and upbringing and lifestyle choices.

Yes some claim science has to do this, though we can point to peoples throughout the World who have bucked the trend of bad beliefs and externals teachings and preaching’s and successfully overcome some diagnosed ailment etc.

So yes, typically seeking to be all inclusive, as I suggested I have a general disposition toward spiritual inclusiveness as a way toward empowering peoples, is not without problems.

Typically anyone who wants to teach or promote new ideas and new ways and means of seeing the World typically has to overcome EXCLUSIVE ideologies, and in fact some EXCLUSIVE ideas do kind of also fit where some folks require or need to be at some particular LEVEL of BEING.

So such things are perhaps once again about HIERARCHIES, and how we separate out or identify the differing models and maps of ourselves  that we have.

I personally think that study must have surely revealed to longer term meditators and so on, what some of the very best ideas are as to personal development and growth, and operating systems, though typically we see time and again some COMPROMISE position being adopted.

So I do not run around ranting and raging against this community or that community, through ideas as to race, religion and sexuality and so on, though likewise will defend my own INDEPENDENCE from some communities who seek to control or make claim to ownerships and brandings, that I do not relate or agree with.

So each of us can be damned by our own words and deeds and actions, rather than those who talk a good game though typically fail to walk the walk in the same fashion.

Now New Years Eve also leads to another interesting debate as to what peoples are going to do to celebrate, I think many a DOMINO like effect is seen as the INTERNATIONAL DATE LINE passes through differing World Demographics and Audiences and so on, we typically see reports coming in of firework displays from this Country or that Country and so on.

Apparently we are also seeing New Years Honours lists and the great and the good seeking to justify or not, being the recipient of some TITLES.

I personally think that if peoples want to lobby for particular titles and so on, for work done little is wrong with such things, though typically coin sides exist to most peoples and persons, and somehow some things strangely are deemed more important than what is being cited. 

So someone is nominated and cited as receiving the MEDAL or TITLE for work done for Charities or Science or whatever and someone else comes along and says, but yes you are a bad human for failing to support the feed the world campaign in 1992 when you were asked to make a donation in the high street by Mrs Biggins at number 63 and said charity begins at home blah blah.

So some fight continuously to be and feel PART of all that goes on within Life the Universe and Everything, and others feel a need or requirement to place DISTANCE between internal thoughts and feelings and actions and indeed associations etc.

Choice is choice of course. 

Returning to the stan Lee thing of a couple of days ago, I can note from his writings that he believes a difference exists as to WHAT IS HORROR and WHAT IS TERROR.

Typically I kind of agree, in the sense, that some DESCRIPTIONS that are given as one strangely seem to be the other and vice-versa.

So it does not matter what the LABEL, even those who find themselves branded as a purveyor of one or the other are likely to dispute such description, and such things are often perhaps down to INFLUENCE AND MANIPULATION and indeed personal choice.

I am unsure whether I should write that I was terrified or horrified to find I could not access the BBC website this morning, they presently speculated to have suffered a DDOS attack that being a DENIAL OF SERVICE, that does seem strange to myself because most major corporations the size of the BBC have huge infrastructures of computers systems and so on, I think it more likely a VIRAL ISSUE or indeed a simple malfunction akin to


Not to be confused of course with the millennium falcon bug, which is something that many of us picked up in our youth, with a swing of our fake blasters and lightsabers etc.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


One Man’s Brand is Another Man’s Worthless (Possibly)

So what does David MEAN when he say’s tssk, ttsk, the youth language of today etc.

Well I got to thinking about this and in fact it is a little more SURREAL than that in the sense, that whilst many a claimed youth culture spreads among youth culture, the original source or influence usually or very often originates with some older generation individual’s, the parents who can afford the device or gadget or BRAND NAME.

Whilst I personally have never seen the attraction (for example) of MASSIVELY OVER-PRICED Apple Products, in comparison terms as to what they do compared with competing Brands, I can of course have little to complain about given that so many devices and gadgets and copyrighted brands seemingly utilise my initials or part of my name in some fashion. The IPAD THE IPOD, THE THEME that Steve Jobs and his hall of mirrors potentially wanted to tap into was probably some of those DISNEY BRANDS Disney Princess (being an obviously one).

So many a company and differing market sector will CLAIM that some assumed LA-DI-DA linkage or utilisation of initials or names does not a product make or sell, and I kind of agree, though I also know that we all of us get quite deeply embedded INFLUENCES from quite young ages and some deliberately tap into such things, whilst others jump on a band wagon or simply go with it in the rolling fashion and manner.

So example, I am sat on the train a day or two ago with the daughter, who was to have originally travelled alone, though unfortunately had an epileptic fit the previous day, and it was felt to be prudent that someone travel with her.

So we are sat she doing her teen music ipod and phone thing and me with my pad and across the isle on the opposite table is another guy and he has a young girl with him, probably safe to assume daughter.  Daughter notices them and converses a little along the lines of “oh that’s how we used to be, there like us” the guy on his pad gadget and little girl scribbling and drawing with some crayons and pens.

So REALLY SPOOKY “A Christmas Carol & Scrooge Ghosts Scene”, I always thought I was the only guy who travelled on trains with a child.

Anyway I smiled and nodded a kind of agreement and then my daughter goes into her bag and pulls out a PENCIL CASE, “here you go would you like to use some of my pen and pencils, I’VE GOT “SHARPIES” (sounded like that, still not sure).

So the other chap takes the pencil case saying thanks and gives it to his daughter who took the bag and opened it and pulled out various pens, and markers etc, meanwhile I asked what are SHARPIES?

Straight forward question (I think).

My daughter and the other guy looked at myself as though I was from another planet, “you don’t know what a Sharpie is”

Daughter then suggested its like a marker pens or highlighters etc. I looked across and that is what it appeared to myself.

If she had said, highlighters, or BIC’S, or felt tips I would have immediately known to what she was reffering.  Though for myself at least SHARPIE or SHARPY? Is a complete non-starter, in the knowledge stakes.  A BRAND NAME, that probably has a BRAND PRICING and associated “CULT LEVEL” status among the great and the good of Student Colleges and Schools, though has not really seeped into this particular David’s lifestyle choices and culture.

So a “TAKEN FOR GRANTED” knowledge for some, is still completely “ALIEN” to someone else, and assumption and presumption of a SHARED KNOWLEDGE is a non-starter.

So yes, one cannot assume that knowledge of a brand name is the same as knowledge of a what is it, what does it do?

Some brand labels get taken to mean a particular device or gadget sector, if I say HOOVER most folks will think vaccum cleaner, though such things also have Market sector opponents such as Dyson cursing to their back teeth.

Likewise of course you get the ITS ONLY A “ “ if it’s a “ “.  Some created brands, typically upsetting the brand creator, because other companies successfully cash in on a market share or audience, though did not do the blood sweat and tears to think of the “SPECIAL” name blah blah.

So elsewhere the stuff surrounding Lemmy of Motorhead was somewhat OTT (Over The Top) in claiming he the last great rock n roll legend and completely ignoring the fact that very many others preceded him and still exist, and others followed him and still exist.

Most of us among the elder generation could probably list into double figures, rock and roll rebels who lived at the edge of acceptability and push back the boundaries blah blah.

Yes hot of the press, apparently Axl Rose and Slash (Gun’s and Roses) are said to be negotiating a comeback tour, those two it is claimed have not set foot on stage together since 1993.  Wow how the years fly by.

Appetite for Destruction was a great Album and probably still is, likewise some of the later efforts that they released were also head and shoulders above some contemporary artists they existed among.  In fact I think it true to state that it was Axl’s VOICE & LYRICS and Slash’s GUITAR work that really made Guns and Roses stand out and REINVIGORATE a market sector that was dying on its feet at that time.

Other News that is apparently important is that Apple (company) is settling it tax evasion FRAUD case in ITALY.  Will the rest of Europe get its tax dodgers paying up too?

England won the first test in the Cricket apparently, again I often wonder as to how Cricket get such a following, given how lacking it is in terms of entertainment, yes I know some claim it is and can be exciting, though generally that is a bat and ball game thing and not necessarily limited to cricket.  I remember when younger playing “ROUNDERS” for example and found that more enjoyable or exciting than I did taking part in say cricket.  We can of course look to America and BASEBALL to see just how BIG, a game such-as ROUNDERS can become were such a game to receive similar UK INVESTMENT and so on.

This perhaps part and parcel of getting in on some games or taking up games that you can be good at, when you do not necessarily fit a given Country’s Sporting PROFILE.  I remember some lads at University for example who were into American Football more than Rugby, clearly just about anything can find an audience and appeal though the short term investment, is often not enough to carry such interest through into long hard slog and being OUTSIDER to general main stays and popular favourites.

When you think about football rugby etc, despite SHIRT SALES & BOOT SALES industries, they are typically games than can be played on an estate field in your jeans and t shirt etc.

Many of these other SPORTS come with EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS tennis racket, or protective helmet and so on.  Yes you can use the wrong one whilst playing, though the point is, and will always be, that people when young are not necessarily as STUPID as older peoples think them.

A choice between a minor investment (football) and a major investment rackets and balls and protective wear makes some plyground games more appealing than others.  Likewise  of course, it is hard to go into a sports shop these days without being overwhelmed by all the add-on sporting things, such as shinpads and mouthguards and heat regulated t shirts and vest etc.

Yes weather reports from up north continue to come in, though likewise I noted Northern Ireland yesterday evening as being where the talk was located.

So We can all monitor and so on, though really dependent upon the course your life has taken, many I am quite sure will come to see the BENEFIT of a little ISOLATION and UNPLUGGING from the MATRIX and so on.

No it is not neceasrily the best option, though until you can identify those peculiarities that make you susceptible to the worst that society has to offer, it can be the best way, The way of the self imposed QUARANTEEN.

At what point does intervention become necessary within any given realm?  This another debatable moot point given all the mini-wars we have become embroiled within in recent years, though I do think that a strategic presence can make the difference when it comes to how events eventually turn out.

Yes America (for example) did not join WWII at the beginning, though likewise was swift in ACTION when it did take part, I think some Military Components within our Force’s are better geared toward SHORT SHARP ACTIONS that lead to improved results for the broader Military as a whole.

New Year Plots seem to be all the rage, though of course, differing groups with differing agenda’s are always going to slip through a given catchment net, because the THREAT they may pose, may not be CONCURRENT, by that we can see from History that INTERVENTION at this point could send some folks toward an EXTREMIST POSITION that causes a RIDICULOUS ACTION NEXT YEAR or the YEAR AFTER, or likewise failre to take an action, may result in missing the boat in INTERPRETATION as to some TERRORIST OUTRAGE THIS NEWYEAR.

Several Hundred Countries in the World and when it is not the government targeting its populace, then it could be the rebels who are about to embark upon the year of 2016 with a Zealot like explosive beginning.

So the truth that most major nations, built on rule of law and democracy, fight to maintain those institution and structures, though likewise, peoples from countries adversely affected by our sales of arms or other World Wide goings on, typically want to bring the war to our doorstep. 


So yes we will see a report as to this that and the other event, some good and some bad, though likewise most of us can ask simple questions as to TRUTH, does this conversation or topic put money on the table and foot in my belly or that of my immediate family and friends and circle and so on.

So everyone might want to feel that we matter, though in truth how we matter is surely more important to us ourselves etc, who we do have control over, than EXTERNALS who will keep on doing and saying and following particular courses and lines of action, irrespective of our desire for them to stop or go do it some place else etc.,

So does a STAR carry there audience?

I recently noted an article related to Benedict Cumberbatch stating that he was the STAR TURN in a forthcoming Marvel’s “DR STRANGE” Movie.  My daughter a fan of his through Sherlock of course, as are many women up and down the land apparently.

These Marvel Movies, whist many are good, all typically expected to pay for themselves and the next instalments, working on a REINVEST THE PROFIT MODEL.  Whilst some can seemingly do no wrong, others being brought to the big screen are possibly troublesome.  That where the GROUP MOVIES come in, whereby whilst some do carry or standout as standalone’s some genuinely might struggle in that area, not necessarily through bad actors or good actors and so on, as actual AUDIENCE APPEAL.

Many characters UNKNOWN beyond diehard Comic Fandom’s.  Therefore in build up terms, you expect Star Turn’s to carry weight especially if the ADVERTS are not doing the work for you.

How many of us (for example) have gone to see a film based in the advertisements, only to find that the advertisements were really the best bits and the rest was a TURKEY.

I did that rather a lot as a young Cinema goer, because typically I lacked choice in what the cinema was showing, the MULTPLEX and multiple CHOICES means that AUDIENCE can be more RUTHLESS in the decision making, as to what they will see versus otherwise.

I can also state that difference existed when going to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens, recently, whereby whilst the adverts spiked my curiosity and interest, they were not BEST BITS, in fact, the adverts as suggested previously massively undersold the film in terms of tasters.

Anyway enough for today, this day another CREEP toward the new year and new resolution and new countdown to next year and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be well 😉


And Luke Skywalker Turned To The Young Lady

And said “Get the fuck out of here with your pretty booty, fresh eggs and phallic symbology metal thing, you got Han Solo Killed and Chewbacca injured and now you lead those miserable fascists to me, YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH”.

Yes Star Wars: The Force Awakens sure is hitting the mark, one might be given to suggest, as record after record tumbles in the legends wake.

Yes that is a joke above those one can wonder and speculate as to what happens next, In Empire Strikes Back we had Luke going of to do his training with YODA and now of course we have KYLO REN going off or being called to do his training with that other bloke.

So Now is possibly a good time to mention once again Joseph Campbell. (my reference is “The Power of Myth”)

During research across very many multiples of realms, this guy’s name keeps reappearing.

He wrote a somewhat large collection of books and I think was a college professor of some description meaning that whilst he wrote many books, many were simply collections of Lecture Notes and so on and so forth.

He an expert in mythology TRANSLATION, or more particularly GIVING MEANING or IDENTIFYING MEANING within the Historical Record or the World and Planet and so on.

His most cited work (by others) is usually said to be “The Hero With A Thousand Faces”.   A book I have apparently had difficulty in attaining, mainly because I want a kindle version, and the only versions available appear to be hardback or paperback. Yes I still like a physical book in the hand thought typically like most peoples stuggle when it comes to storage space for such collections.  Reason in and of itself to perhaps consider Local and Public Libraries highly beneficial even when those within a given region regard such facilities with disdain and lack of support.  I think Libraries are NEUTRAL and it is the INTERPRETATION of CONTENT or need and necessity that once lost are unlikely to be replaced.  So many claim that this that and the other service is of more benefit, though typically many LEARNING INSTITUTIONS and COURSES require knowledge that can pnly be gained through Library like database facilities.

So I did not publish yesterday and once again found myself travelling, I took the opportunity to once again return to study on my PAD GADGET, and the downloaded book collection I have there.  In fact I found myself looking and reading and studying 3 book’s by Marvel Comics Legend “Stan Lee”.  Believe it or otherwise those kinds of works can be highly useful and enlightening and he happened to MENTION Joseph Campbell (again).

So I spent an evening deliberating as to the works of Joseph Campbell and indeed the seeming FACT that each and every time I reference of read Stan Lee and COMIC related materials, I strangely find myself in another kind of reality, with a slightly differing SOCIETAL CAST.  This of course can typically happen on trains and so on anyway, though it was genuinely not a CREATED WORLD I would necessarily want to spend a significant period of time within.  Strangely somewhat near the knuckle in terms of judgements of characteristics and peoples and so on, almost like seeing the World through the eyes of the comic book artist or indeed these DARK & SEEDY METROPOLIS type realms within the Movies of recent years that have taken over at the box office.

I can in fact suggest that it was not all down to those materials as yesterday morning prior to my journey, I noted a typical scene of a jumbo Jet flying high up into the sky.  What stood out for myself was that normally I see a couple of fuel streaks that are white at that distance and dissipate into the blue of the sky and so on, the fuel streaks appeared dark and black like and I took it as a sign of foreboding (in honesty).  What does that mean?

Well given to seeing light streaks and then dark streaks I fully expected to arrive home later in the day and switch on a TV and see news of a Jumbo Jet crashing or some such.

Anyway today I turn on the news and we are fast of course approaching the End of Year, and those typical shows highlighting who is no longer with us.  Celebrities and The Great and The Good who failed to continue into 2016.

Today, this morning I read that Lemmy (Motorhead) has died, they perhaps most known for classic “Ace of Spades” though did actually build up quite a repertoire of music and song over the years, yes an acquired taste, though I actually did like a contribution of Motorhead’s on a pic n mix album that I happened to purchase, late 80’s, early 90’s (I think).

So I read that and thought, “What is an ACE OF SPADES?” Many a saying of course Is linked to cards and gamblers and so on, though many PRIDE themselves on claiming to be able to call a spade a spade, and with no disrespect many such things were related to colour prejudice, which then led myself to noting another interesting news of a death AH-HA.  A chap called Meadowlark Lemon (Harlem Globetrotters) reported as deceased.  He perhaps an ACE OF BASKETS, though again during the 1970’s when everything went Kung Fu & Karate and Martial Arts and Star Wars and Skateboards, we also had a seeming American INVASION related to Basketball, the Globetrotters were promoting the Game Internationally, and can still be found within some classic Cartoon realms.  The daughter having a Scooby Doo Collection with a particular couple of episodes where a CROSS-OVER was carried out.

In America the Globetrotters apparently had their own cartoon, though we in Britain only saw the characters via them making appearance in other favourites such-as Scooby-Doo.

So are dark forces at work as we approach 2016?

Well these things always kind of being an inside job, many of us of course come to the conclusion, that many internal thoughts and feelings and actions, that we have witnessed and modelled in some fashion within our respective lives and timelines are not necessarily all they are cracked up to be.

Yes some things for most of us are quite straight forward and obvious, though someone somewhere always manages to defeat and overcome the most obvious of things do they not.

Anyway Stan Lee said some very interesting things within his works regarding Villains, such-as this IDEA that from the Villain’s point of view or perspective, they are unlikely to regard themselves as villain in the fashion and manner that the rest of Society might regard them in such fashion.

So the Stan Lee books as possible AH-HA conduits and so on, are still quite handy, especially when it comes to this IDEA that whether consciously or otherwise most people are operating on various Auto-pilot’s that place their own World Building and empire exercise at the forefront of their own life and so on, so Stan perhaps providing some INSIGHT into how to create and craft such characters for your own story and writing, though also BOLSTERING this IDEA that many such things are HERD RELATED.

The Western Herd, says the Eastern Herd is bad and so on in some global versioning of this IDEA of a Hero With A Thousand Faces.

These kinds of things are Highlighted in SPECTACULAR fashion in 2016 with the Captain America: Civil War movie and indeed Dawn Of Justice Superman vs Batman Movie, the BOUNDARIES between right and wrong and so on perhaps playing out before our eyes and it up to us to QUESTION and ask what we can Learn or take on board from such things.

Elsewhere we are hearing that Eva simply did not make the grade and we are now on Frank and the NOVELTY of naming storms is becoming a little hmmmn.

Yes all those flooded out Northerners are probably going to be speaking with stories much like those During the Blitz Londoner types.

During the Frank Storm of 2015 I could not relax it was like two tribes going to war, when all you want to do is go to it.

So the Herd name for a storm is possibly differing to those we would call them ourselves, though we do not have to be outdone, we can simply monitor of course and when the alphabet letter increments by one, we can do the same.  One does of course wonder as to OLD WIVES TALES and what they will do with letter number 13, though of course each and every letter and number can be found to have COINSIDES, depending upon where you personally have been most influenced.

Yes some suspected Terrorists have been apparently rounded up in Brussels and that excludes all the political elites that many of us suspect should be the ones being rounded up.

Elsewhere Mr Cameron (Lord & Saviour) is doing a pretty good job, of not taking it personally.  I guess those with Northern constituents are going to be LOBBYING HARDEST for emergency funds and so on from Government, even though many such places have local resources and funds and could simply redirect such things from the LONDON DRAINAWAY.

What is the London Drainaway, well historically many district and towns and United Kingdom Territories, have had to pay TAXES to the seat of empire and likewise of course the growth of the South East tends to help the promoted DELUSION that you have to be in London or the south east to prosper in Life the Universe and Everything.

So London has typically stolen the best brains or the best actors and best of this that and the other, though reality is perhaps that they may have the numbers, though that is just more people to be competing up against, yes the rewards might be greater, though so too are the likely falls and negatives and downsides.

So yes, I was trying to think in terms of ELEMENTS, given that we often think of water signs and air signs and earth signs and fire signs.

In fact the easiest thing at present with news and seeing where you personally might be within an equilibrium is to potentially see what you are most paying attention to.

Stories of water in Northern England?  Stories of Fire in Australia and California, Stories of Wind Storms in Texas? Yes I can probably find EARTH related stories to, though we have had quite a few in recent years when you look to the earthquakes and mud and landslides and so on, that typically of course possibly through COMBINATORIAL  events of these elements, hence how ancients broke such things down into groupings and seasonal effects and so on.

Yes in fact it is almost impossible to not see a story related to your given SIGN and DATASET, though typically much like being in the World though not of it, you can do similar thoughts and feelings and so on with regard to Horoscope styled indoctrinations and so on.

That is perhaps akin to being the HOROSCOPE MASTER or creator rather than the recipient.

Elsewhere we perhaps seeing GREAT CONFUSIONS OCCURING within younger generations as to meanings of words that they use and apply versus meanings that us older peoples use, I tend to still go with DICTIONARY at a given time period, because some generalisations are useless in the face of someone such as myself who does not follow and watch huge amounts of TV/FILM MEDIA’S etc, you tend to become over acclimatised to Societal Herd like patterns that often only genuinely BENEFIT particular sectors of society and AUDIENCE DEMOGRAPHICS.

Early on with Meditation for example, the amount of time spent in REITERATING that a gap or separation exists between the PHYSICAL PLAIN and SPIRITUAL PLAIN is hard to get through to some folks and peoples.

So most or many of us especially when younger strongly buy into the theory  “I am a body” etc.  Then of course, some GENERALISATIONS that people use make SENSE.

Though in TRUTH, most definitions and so onm are perhaps best defined from how we see ourselves, versus how others see us, so all is possibly LEARNT, and learning is an ongoing process, though likewise litting or allowing any minority demographic to have its own way at all costs is possibly extremely DANGEROUS as to the later knock-on effects.

Another death noted recently was about some Psychologist called Robert Spitzer, he came up with some classification system within psychology (I think) though both was championed and hissed by the heterophobic (gay) community.  The ISSUE that I read upon within the death ARTICLE was rlated to replacing the IDEA of Homosexuality as a MENTAL DISORDER.  That perhaps related to what I have spoken upon in terms of Not only GROOMING and ALIGMENT, but also CONGRUENCE.

So I think I wrote about being strongly bombarded with GAY taunts at one point, mostly regarded by myself as related to CLOSET RACISM due to my daughter, and also the fact that the working life realm had a number of such peoples, and peoples in wanting to feel comfortable OVER COMPENATED for that presence by stirring and so on, unfortunately such BEHAVOURS can lead to ever greater depths of INCONGRUENCE, because congruence surely have to be found or unearthed and found within multiple realms, not only spiritual and physical and male or female and so on.

So I personally have stated, that historically I did actually find some minority’s to actually be nicer people’s and persons than some of those “Good Ol’ Boy” types that some realms hanker for, likewise meditation can help clear up the decision and choose making decision tree far quicker than some types can sling the mud.

Likewise of course given issues such-as DEGREE’S OF SEPARATION and ideas as to catching a bad dose, I personally opt for SPIRITUAL INCLUSIVENESS, rather than the all pervasive BODILY OBSESSIONS that some folks have failed to grow up about.

Anyway choice is choice and you cannot claim to promote choice unless you are explaining some of the mechanisms of those choices and TECHNOLOGIES to others.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


The Tiger

I recently quoted this poem by William Blake and thought I might publish it in full for REFERENCE PURPOSES

TIGER, tiger, burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?
In what distant deeps or skies          5
Burnt the fire of thine eyes?
On what wings dare he aspire?
What the hand dare seize the fire?
And what shoulder and what art
Could twist the sinews of thy heart?   10
And when thy heart began to beat,
What dread hand and what dread feet?
What the hammer? what the chain?
In what furnace was thy brain?
What the anvil? What dread grasp   15
Dare its deadly terrors clasp?
When the stars threw down their spears,
And water’d heaven with their tears,
Did He smile His work to see?
Did He who made the lamb make thee?   20
Tiger, tiger, burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?

What A Tangled Web We Weave, When We Practice Doing A LEAP

Okay so I changed the last word from this ye olde poem, the traditional one containing the word deceive.

A simple mechanism on my part because I believe much of what has been occurring is due in part to 2016 being a LEAP year.

Not sure as to genuine temporal explanations beyond strangely waking up with this thought that much of what can and does go wrong with OBVIOUS is down to CALENDAR’S and deadlines and the SHIFTING SANDS, for those who like a little espionage.

So example, LEAP year occurs every four years and typically is a HISTORICAL CORRECTION MECHANISM.

The ANCIENTS typically studied the STARS & PLANETS and the known Universe used for time measurement & scales was SMALLER perhaps only 7 planets (utilised by early Scientists), although even before that throughout the ages, the LEAP year was used as a correction point.

Much like calling the old speaking clock and setting your watch by it, after a gradual slow down had occurred between some designated REAL TIME and measuring implementations.

At present we do have multiple ATOMIC CLOCKS around the Globe, though the old corrective LEAP year system is stilled used within classical western calendars.

So this forthcoming year we will have the extra day “February 29th” and some purists might suggest those born on that date and only have a birthday every 4 years are looking far older than the calendar suggests they are in AGE.

Yes I know many typically go celebrate a day early on 28th February or a day later 1st March though that is kind of making a leap of your own is it not.

Who gave you permission? We can ask such peoples.

So today is Sunday in 2015 and in the next year’s Calendar today is actually Christmas Day in 2016.

It could be suggested that the extra Day in February creates a kind of DOMINO effect for the rest of the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday’s in the year.

Again I am no expert though do believe such things become significant after we are indoctrinated with them in going to school and so on, and yes we are all AFFECTED in the sense that if you had a birthday on a Sunday in 2015 (as I did) instead of a one day forward shift to a birthday on a Monday, I can KNOW that my next birthday in 2016 will be on a TUESDAY.

So to yesterday’s football results and what I said versus what happened

Man Utd Win was suggested and Stoke Won, David = 0

Aston Villa Draw was suggested and West Ham Drew, David = 1

Crystal Palace Draw was suggested and Bournemouth Drew, David = 2

Chelsea Win was suggested and Watford Drew, David = 2

Liverpool Win was suggested and Liverpool Won, David = 3

Man City Win was suggested and Man City Won, David = 4

Swansea Win was suggested and Swansea Won, David = 5

Tottenham Win was suggested and Tottenham Won, David = 6

Everton Win was suggested and Everton Won, David = 7

Arsenal Win was suggested and Southampton Won, David = 7

So that is quite interesting because I have achieved 7 out of 10 and that is a number that is FRACTIONALLY easy to reduce, though not so easy in whole numbering systems, yes I might say just over Three Fifths Correct.

Yes many examples exist and anyone can develop and apply system to take such things into account.

My own interest in the RESEARCh takes myself to wondering upon the LATIN PHRASE


Often Translated to “SEIZE THE DAY”.

So what if, due to all this LEAP YEAR information going into our noggin’s year upon year NON-CONSCIOUSLY, we have each and every one of us accumulated LEAP DAYS or SHADOW DAYS.

This is what I tried to EXPLAIN as the difference between a CIRCLE and a SPIRAL.

So if you take your Apple or Orange and MOVE a SEGMENT through raising that SEGMENT or Lowering that SEGMENT you create a more spiral like patterning in the CALENDAR.

Many HISTORICAL CYPHER SYSTEMS, typically operated upon having ROTATING Circles rotating upon one another much like those infant children’s “STACKING HOOPS”.

I was going to place a picture in at this location, thought anyone can write stacking hoops in a search engine and find to what I am referring.

So instead of hoops you can have circular cards and typically many a “Star Chart” or Horoscope System utilises such things based upon your time of birth and day of birth and month of birth and year of birth and so on to create PREDICTIONS.

You then typically of course can DEBATE the cause effect RATIO’S.

Given that we in most Western Society are encourage to Celebrate and Know such details as to our Birthday’s.

Anyway early SCIENCE was mostly based in the SAME LA-DI-DA PSEUDO-SCIENCE, hence at some point a group breaking away and saying we do not want to be Pseudo anymore, we want Hypothesis and testing of Hypothesis to bring us to a point of Scientific FACT, if it cannot be proven in Science then it does not exist etc, however many day-to-day things cannot be seen (the wind, gravity, etc) WE CAN SEE THE EFFECTS OF THE WIND, WE CAN SEE THE EFFECTS OF GRAVITY, though that is not seeing wind and it is not seeing gravity. We can “QUEST” to identify and speculate upon CAUSE/EFFECT, though that is not the same thing, hence so many of us falling into great huge CONFUSION & CONFLICT over understanding what the DEBATE is about in the first place.

You then of course can debate FREE WILL versus otherwise.

Problem being (for most of us) that ALIGNMENT with SCIENTIFIC BELIEF can be just as INTRANSIGENT as ALIGNMENT with RELIGIOUS BELIEF.

It could be suggested that those “In the Know” from both sides of the debate are akin to the two-sided coin or original Dr Doolittle PUSH-ME-PULL-YOU creature.

That perhaps akin to Bifurcation ideas etc.

Further to the We cannot see such things, SCIENCE FICTION WRITERS and indeed ENTERTAINMENT REALMS have provided us with the WRITERS PSUEDO SCIENCE, in the sense of speculating upon transportation and teleportation devices and futuristic scanners and medical equipment’s and indeed weapons and so on. Harnessing all that we cannot see, through speculative research and development.

So anyway, yes I am in that zone perhaps of feeling excited by all the possibilities of invention and so on, though typically in timeline terms you can become somewhat overwhelmed by all of the very many POTENTIALS that can come whizzing into AH-HA.

So I spoke on “Warehouse 13” and that was perhaps written and filmed and created in a classical boy/girl buddy’s COMEDY in a job who have a FRICTION or TENSION between them in terms of personality and values and attributes.  Although Science or Psuedo Science Wise the PREMISE really appeals and plays upon this idea that you can take any OBJECT and give it character and build some STORY UP out of it, some stories POSITIVE and others NEGATIVE, the OBJECT that HEALS though passes the ailment to another, positive for one person and possibly negative for the other.

So we do of course have tourist destinations throughout the World that boast of ARTIFACTS and SPECIAL things, and again the series can typically peak your interest in such things.

After that series and deciding I wanted MORE RESEARCH I found myself turning to a more modern style show entitle “THE FRINGE”, this another JJ ABRAMS related show apparently though I did note, as you often do within such research that much like Russel T Davies and Steven Moffett headlining Productions within UK Television, that particular groups kind of “get together” and American Television and writers are little differing.

So JJ has a GANG and in watching some of the Show “The Fringe” you kind of see that it perhaps drifted within the first series, and possibly after AUDIENCE FEEDBACK set of into adventures of PARALLEL WORLDS and TIMELINES and so on.

Much like I myself have suggested where DIFFERENCES are TINY or MINUTE and so SUBTLE & NUANCED that you are not always sure of which PARALLEL you are in, in terms of the events that are going on.

This has of course all been done before, do not know where or when (completely) though I know I have seen such IDEAS, the one World Thread perhaps slightly more advanced, a person who did not die in this realm, who died in this other parallel and so on, and the EXISTENCE or OTHERWISE of such peoples, causes DIVERSIONS from “what we know to be true” or so on within our own WORLD HISTORY.  Typical example given within “The Fringe” is a Parallel World where the TWIN TOWERS still exist, or a scientist who develops this that or the other, whose life path has taken a differing course.

So some small changes at any given point in a time line can very much like the domino effect, cause huge SWINGS of VARIANCE from REALM to REALM within the so-called DECISION TREE ARRAY.

Take your ADAM & EVE at the Root and then draw a family tree down and off shoots and branches and you get the gist, the decision taken at any given point within a HISTORY can change “what happens later or NEXT” to the extent that a completely differing SEQUENCE OF EVENTS can occur or happen.  The Hitler and Germany that won the war and so on.

Yes so I quite liked the premise and the show though it was not styled in Comedy fashion, though contains a certain amount through characters and gallows humour and is far more “IN YOUR FACE” in the design and STYLE and perhaps manner that it has been put together.


Well I liked old classics such as X Files and Moonlighting and little known Warehouse 13 has a perhaps similar “COSY” nature about it.

Whilst “The Fringe” is perhaps very much like your typical modern “COP SHOW” quite in your face sharp and fly on the wall and “URGENT”, yes most of these ENTERTAINMENTS like and rely on making the AUDIENCE relate not only to characters and personalities, though through what I would call PACE & URGENCY, making events perhaps more FRICTION ORIENTED.

Yes I have not viewed enough to genuinely KNOW such shows inside and out though given my historical viewing HABITS, I see very little within such entertainment that cause great concern, beyond perhaps LEARNING or IDENTIFYING similar THEMES & THREADS and TIMELINES.

So I watched the one show and then the other, and went ah-ha references to these particular HIGH-LIGHTED LOCATIONS, and so on.

Yes each and every Country can High-light famed Stereotypes and Historically SIGNIFICANT locations.  Typically we often rush to CAPITAL CITY’S within many a Nation, though we must remember that some Countries are so Large and Big that little harm is had in having a STATE CAPITAL and Nation capital and County Capital and so on.

So in Britain Hereford, England, United Kingdom, might be regarded as the capital of Herefordshire and so on.  Likewise given Histories, it is of know surprise that some regions that have ANCIENT NAMES, no longer exist whilst areas that have greater populations have grown and been relabelled.

We must remind ourselves, that many Cities such-as London and Birmingham and Manchester and so on, are often built up through the SWALLOWING of surrounding villages and towns and so on.  Hence so very many strange locations within Cities that are not Governed by who you would think they are Governed.

This occurs within MULTIPLE REALMS, as to Councils and indeed Policing and Traffic Control and even Border Controls.

So each REALM DEMOGRAPHIC AUDIENCE may only know of the EXISTENCE of their own working life boundaries and not the boundaries of other SPHERES of INFLUENCE.

Yes the Police Service Map and the Ambulance Service Map and the Fire Service Map can all be different although many attempts to UNIFY and COORDINATE and carry out the necessary CHOREOGRAPHY does not come without its own VESTED INTERESTS.  The same can be said for UTILTY SERVICES, Water, and Electric and Gas and whilst many originally grew up through Private Enterprise and Investment, some such as the RAIL SERVICE actually benefitted from GOVERNMENTAL CONTROL and Nationalisation during the 1939-1945 CONFLICT.

So you an have so many MAPS and monitoring of so many maps and related services that the TANGLED WEB becomes OVERLAYED to such an extent that you think you are looking at a picture of the NIGHT SKY.

The get the board rubber out and rub out all the very many maps and ideas as to REALITY can genuinely be the best option, many of us REALISE and KNOW these things, though typically struggle when it comes to ways and means of doing such things.

I recommend technologies such-as those found on that help clear out the build up and detritus of a previous generations teachings and lessons and learnings.

Clearly we perhaps still want utilisation of foundational blocks and stones and mapping systems, though likewise perhaps also want greater EMPHASIS on our own Wealth and health and personal industry and belief systems.

Raising threshold and raising awareness and enlightenment are clearly perhaps ongoing, and we can choose to stop meditation and so on at any time, though I did find it better (personally) to continue and break free from the “PUSH THE DEBT FORWARD” Model and likewise be more SELECTIVE in the relationships and indeed what one communicates.

I once had to write an essay with the title “One Cannot Not Communicate” and at the time remember thinking well you can CONTROL what you communicate, the problem of course that through schooling and education, often heavily repress, thoughts and feelings and so on, possibly preventing or stifling the actions that may have been necessary or required for personal growth and invention and investment and so on.

So the idea with many an assisted technology is to perhaps commit pen to paper and draw and write and then WITNESS and see if you can do those CROSS-REALM INTERPRETATIONS for yourself.

The CREATIVE part of the mind is often struck down by the EDITOR FUNCTION that we all live and use within day to day life.

So get stuff out through your “anything goes” approach to diary and journals and then EDIT at a later time.

EDITING as suggested does have its place, though it also often STIFLES the ORIGINAL and SOURCE of CREATIVITY and so on.

Yes the same can be suggested to be true for multiple EXTREME like thoughts and feelings and RATIONALISATIONS that we make, think the HULK trying to stop himself changing into MONSTER.

Though when viewed from a raised threshold position of Window upon the World, you often get the opportunity to have CHOICE & OPTIONS that other who have not taken on board the teachings and lessons and learnings still struggle with.

Do we do these things to ourselves or others, or does each and every person come to a rational of if you cannot beat them join them, or indeed simple align with what seems most appropriate now and worry or be concerned at things taking a turn for the worse, after such events, rather than constantly being placed in a NEGATIVELY INDUCED SPECULATIVE ZONE.

The map is not the territory.

Thank you for reading, god Bless and Be Well 😉


Does Not Compute

So you awaken on Boxing Day to the news that shoppers in Dear ol’ Blighty are going to spend a record 3.74 Billion Pounds on Boxing day sales.

The Word SALE is clearly key, because they typically cannot claim to predict record sale figures and have reductions in the PRICES.

Typically if you reduce the price per unit of various items, then in order to create RECORD PROFIT, you have to sell more of them, don’t you?

Sounds to myself to be very simple calculations, though strangely one’s that are being ignored, so perhaps prices have been ARTIFICIALLY maintained at unsustainable levels on particular goods, in order to claim a SALE PRICE at a later date.  This is in fact part of the problem.

A society brought up on BOOM & BUST ECONOMICS is still playing the boom & bust game, when a more ASTUTE spending policy by consumers, of not going with the HERD and aligning with being part of THE BIG SPEND could pave the way for genuine FORCED cuts come February (for example).

So if everyone holds of on rushing out to spend the vouchers and Christmas Present Money, they (SOCIETY AT LARGE) could at least in Theory bring the RETAILERS closer to having to give GENUINE CUT PRICE OFFERS instead of HIGHMARKUP followed by let’s give a little discount that looks good on a statisticians or accountants spreadsheet in a couple of months.

Elsewhere this Boxing Day, we are hearing that The Return of the Hunt is on, and the Amazing Mr Fox had better ensure he has a good hiding place, or has his running boots on. This one of those What you do not know cannot hurt you issues, as to some HUNTS having regularly ignored The Law of The Land and the ban, and having enough CLOUT within ESTABLISHMENT CIRCLES to “GET AWAY WITH IT”.

Yes you might see some JUDGES & ARISTOCRACY and COUNTRY FOLK and even members of Royalty high-llighted as Hunt Participants, though typically given the HIGH PROFILE, those cheating the system are unlikely to be so BRAZEN in ignoring the law, are they?

Yes many are carried out on PRIVATE ESTATES and ARISTOCRACY HELD FARMS & LANDS, though they do not own the DRONE FLYZONES do they?

Yes the debate on DRONES is obviously connected to SPYING and why not SPY on the HUNTS with DRONES, when it is cheaper than Helicopters or bing on foot, the admissibility of EVIDENCE within courts is another issue, though clearly HUNT SABOTEURS could utilise the same technology to better effect than those who insist on “ye olde Thelwell Pony outings”.  I can at this point state that I do think population CULLS of particular animals is a good husbandry issue, for farmers and those who live and work and earn lively hoods in the wilds, though I also think plenty of humane death methods exist to not include Tearing LIVE ANIMALS apart with other groups of live animals.

What else, well AUSTRALIA is having annual BUSH FIRE issues, makes a change of course from those reported within CALIFORNIA and other regions of America, though much of what is being reported and predicted and so on is REGIONAL HIGHLIGHTS rather than NEW.

Cumbria apparently expecting continued RAINFALL as well as spreading to LANCASHIRE, who are also now expecting floods.  IN FACT if you look at the the list of FLOOD WARNINGS, you may become a little jealous that only Cumbria is deemed suitable for the army to be contributing to flood defense efforts.  Yes the entire nation can claim some level of rainfall experience, according to present weather forecasters.  I actually having a quiet week in, have failed to be affected, beyond of course having to take the long way over the river, instead of utilising the usual nearby bridge.

Strangely a local park, that was left for park usage and has a memorial located stating that USAGE) usually floods each and every year, so any planners who want to sell of the land for development, first have to CONSPIRE TO REMOVE THE MEMORIAL, then wait a few years, and then come up with some change of usage a few years down the line when the population has FORGOTTEN what the MEMORIAL SAID.

I do think this tactic has been used up and down the land in many a region and is partially responsible for the disappearance of many school playing fields and so on.

So how can anyone LEAVE LAND for particular usage and trust that such USAGE continues in PERPETUITY, when some short term type councillors and so on are in the pocket of regional groupings who want land to develop and so on, and only to willing to rush to change the INTERPRETATION of WILLS and so on.

Yes I think land left for particular usage, should be used for such things, irrespective of changes in personnel at the political wheeler dealing tables.  Hostically of course many a person claimed DARK POWERS and tales of BLACK MAGIC and HAUNTINGS and ghostly going’s on attributed to particular lands and so on, making them safe from developers, though some of us who claim to be non-believers are not put of so easily.

So protection mechanisms, for some things seem like a good idea, whilst others are typically QUESTIONABLE, the problem with LISTED BUILDINGS for example is the repairing of a smashed window or replacement FRAMES in the STYLE & FASHION of a given era.

I once lived in a listed building on St Peter’s Square, that although listed was built up over several hundred years, so differing parts of the building were representative of a differing ERA, the framework was 1700, the doors and windows and fascia 1800, and the bolt on attachment rooms and extensions 1900’s and so on, the most simply of call out’s for repairs become a PLANNING PERMISSION NIGHTMARE, and COST typically also increases.

Much like the difference between JJ ABRAMS saying can we come and film a LA-DI-DA arthouse play in your Forest of Dean Wye Valley walkways and forest and can we come and film some scenes for the new STAR WARS: The Force Awakens scenes within your woods and so on. The PRICE goes up accordingly with the knowledge of THE PROJECT.

 Yes interesting articles suggesting that some scenes were filmed within the Gloucester Borderlands of Herefordshire.  Did you not see any Bears or INBREDS on your travels did you JJ?

Well old regional stories are oft suggested to contain elements or seeds of truth and some are so strongly repeated and handed down, that you really can become SPOOKED by an accumulation effect of such things, Santa Claus.

Please do not use ACCIDENT & EMERGENCY (AE) units this Winter as they (the staff earning ridiculous amounts of money for being on-call) do not want to get called in because you have a little alcohol poisoning or became embroiled in some STREET FIGHTER FANTASY, of taking on all-comers whilst under the influence.

Yes alcohol can cause parts of the brain to stop operating, very often those associated with common sense and rational decision making, that often can allow other parts to begin operating, though typically repressed issues are not necessarily what they (the peoples bottling up such things feelings and issues) want need or require to come to the fore within the lives.

Yes that of course an interesting DILEMMA, because many SUBSTANCE ABUSERS, historically many literate peoples, took cocaine and heroine and other substances to get those switched of brain parts OPERATING, what should or could be better in this day and age is magic bullet methodologies that actually allow some directed stimulus testing of brain sectors and parts and so on.  Yes MRI scanners and such testing does take place, though typically, FINDINGS and REPORTS of such findings are potentially unintelligible to us commoners, make it simple stupid.

Tigeer Tiger Burning bright in the Forrest of the night, what immortal hand or eye could frame thy fearful symmetry.

Yes something like than ran a favourite poem of mine and indeed American’s have long desired and wanted Tiger’s as PETS, whether performing artists within Circus or Las Vegas Magic Shows, the problem is perhaps similar to that of people who want guns, your average owner who wants a pet tiger does not have appropriate facilities for holding such creatures or indeed looking after such creatures. 


Yes I can write bumper stickers too 😉

So Tiger’s are actually found on several CONTINENTS and whilst some of us grew up watching the Boxing day TARZAN ARRHHHAHHRHAHHARRHHAHHA Movie, complete with your friendly neighbourhood chimpanzee CHEETAH?

Strange how the names all kind of get confused, though yes China has Tigers, and Africa has Tigers and ancient archaeologists claim that most continents have had TIGERS, some SABRE TOOTHS are not the same, though of course, given the animation realms, it ha always SURPRISED how such creatures were ignored for Jurassic World type FILMS.

I want to see the SABRE TOOTHS and I have to watch some ridiculous children’s cartoon that has a SQUIRREL chasing his favoured NUT.

Bill clinton’s childhood home attacked, the time travellers clearly got the wrong date, we can all perhaps relate to some favoured childhood haunt or place being abused in some fashion.  I used to regularly play on an old railway line and that wound up with some tarmac cycle path and muggers way on it.

Elsewhere on the planet 150, 000 people displaced through flooding (making, the plight of Northern Britains somewhat (hmmn)) and a charity version of Simon & Garfunkles Bridge over troubled water makes it to the top of the charts with a little encouragement from Justin Beiber, though lets get REAL about the numbers, this charity managed to sell 127,000 copies to get to number one, when number ones used to regularly have to achieve such figures for those top slots, typically anyone who looks back a few years will see that UNIFIED CHART used to quote far greater NUMBERS and SALES figures for the top slots, even just 30 years ago within the 1980’s you had to sell in the hundreds of thousands to make top spot.

Strangely few are getting anywhere near those kinds of sales figures.  Are we seeing ELITES appeaing within the music profession of simply music as a popular culture money spinning vehicle being BUMPED in some fashion down the attention ranking, in favour of Video games market and INTERACTIVE things.

Yes I know we can SING ALONG to a favoured HIT, though typically all the bling bling and rap and MIDDLE CLASS COLDPPLAY types that folks don’t get, took over, at the expense of music and style and singalongs that Society and people DO GET.

Far to much of what dominates does so for ever decreasing circles of AUDIENCE, who are more particular about what they KNOW they like versus what “IN THE KNOW” types tell us we are to want etc.

So lots of non news purporting to be important and of course, we still not had today’s reports on SPORTING FIXTURES and hangovers.

Many a top team claimed to be hung over when they go out and lose to the minnows on a boxing day, who will it be today?

Well I will look at the list and write who should (through historical record and REPUTATION) be winning, though typically it will be interesting as to percentages when I look at actual results later.

Man Utd Win

Aston Villa Draw

Crystal Palace Draw

Chelsea Win

Liverpool Win

Man City Win

Swansea Win

Tottenham Win

Everton Win

Arsenal Win

Okay so 10 games and I have suggested only 2 draws, which is strange, though I am sure the meaning is not related to the game of football, BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU FOCUS UPON.

Yes I mentioned Tarzan and became aware that South Africa England are apparently playing CRICKET no not Jiminy though typically I have seem one or two Pinochio reference in recent days.

I also found BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS HIGHLLIGHTED within several entertainement shows or vehicles, MAD HATTERS possibly once again, though who knows, the further you progress the more you often have to re evaluate where you pay attention to, hence my repetition of apply all clues and so on to one realm and see how you do prior to try get to some all-inclusive place that often sends us into a dangerous kind of psychotic madness not dissimilar from that seen in CROWDS.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be well 😉


Who Is The Most Impersonated Person In the World

Not a great question to be asking upon this day of course, as it can appear somewhat obvious as to the very many answers that can pop up and shine a light within one’s noggin.

In fact having solidly worked for at least a dozen Christmas’s and-or New Years’ since my (David’s) return to Hereford, England, United Kingdom, I found myself in the enviable position of being able to, this year, utilise my holidays for the entirety of the Christmas & New Year Period.

It may of course be suggested that any of us can do such things at any time and within any year, though very often, we desperately cling to possible negative consequences of such action, usually along the line of If I do not go to work, I will have no money, to purchase gifts or travel to see family or whatever we regard our own crosses to bare as being.  Anyway the importance to such things can often lead us into the most extremist of thoughts and feelings and actions as to our behaviours and actions and thoughts and feelings.  Often linked in to long held beliefs of coin sides and the tails side of the coin being worse than the heads side of the coin.

It can of course be suggested that in Religious or Faith terms, that Christmas can in fact high-light some of those MOST IMPERSONATED PEOPLES.

Typically of course, many of us like and enjoy the idea of some Santa Claus with white beard and an reindeer poping in and stealing all the cookies once a year whilst leaving some presents at the same time.

We also of course usually see a Queen’s speech broadcast to the Nation, as a Christmas Day Tradition.

When we turn attention to Broadcasting realms, we also find ourselves with SPECIAL EPSIODES of the Nation’s favourites, whether in a SOAP OPERA or with a SCI-FI SHOW, or indeed some COMEDY CHRISTMAS show.

The soap opera’s from both channels (& year upon year) often have somewhat overdramatized sequences of events, that are not dissimilar from MURDER MYSTERY WHODUNNITS, in fact a Christmas without scandal and a murder mystery whodunit soap opera would probably shock the nation.

SCI-FI realms are of course many and whilst we in Britain have had a Christmas DR WHO (for example) each and every year, those specials have always been a little differing in some fashion and manner to the regular series, so much so, that it is probably safe to say that a non-regular viewer could well have a christmas episode fetish that does not exist beyond a visit to the family or neighbours, everyone rushing to put on those POPULIST SHOWS that most folks have heard of in some fashion or manner, I have no idea what the family watches or views the rest of the year, though in PERCENTAGE TERMS, many a collective group or family will  opt for HERD like behaviours, of keeping up with the neutrals.

In comedy terms, we did at one time see very many Entertainment VARIETY SHOWS, though they have gradually disappeared from our screen’s and indeed family favourites and “for all the family” type Comedy has mostly vanished in favour of non-funny people that we are encouraged to believe are funny to some AUDIENCE DEMOGRAPHIC that we have family members of.

So Dr Who Christmas RUINED by the inclusion of Shooting Stars and one joke wonder Matt Lucas, perhaps better known for Little Britain, that multiple family members loved to death, though I personally found somewhat dull boring and repetitive, a one of episode worth of humour 7 comedy characters, seemingly extended into multiple episodes, and multiple seasons, good money for old rope (possibly) it is not personal, though you would expect & want such duo’s to introduce variety or extend the repertoire in some fashion, that strangely is not done by many of the younger generation comedians and so on.

Yes we also in regular comedy had the Only Fools and Horses, type shows and indeed the classic Morcombe & Wise.

Upon the GENRE issue, we then of course can turn to the SPORTING REALM materials and indeed the BIG MOVIE.  Yes I have not seen a Christmas Day Schedule, though they have or were from major British Broadcasters pretty much the same for years and generations of years.

A Morning service, various Disney Winnie the Pooh / Charlie Brown type features, a news programme speculating or reporting upon the Christmas Messages from Queen’s, President’s & other Dignitaries and FAITH LEADERS from around the Globe.

Strangely in trying to recall these things I do find GAPS exist within my noggin, perhaps demonstrating that I may have been TRAVELLING at certain times of the day to such an extent that even the ANNUAL “same old time zone” of Broadcast media is incomplete within my noggin.  “Oh that’s the travelling to see family gap”.

Afternoon, Queen’s speech and afternoon blockbuster movie, and the elder’s snoring or drunkenly insisting you have a little more of the foodstuff’s that you are already feeling bloated from over indulging, much like that Monty Python bloke and the after eight mint.

So I will stop there, as most already of course no the routine, or at least a routine they they themselves follow, whether a visit to his or her family or an escape or getaway where no family visits occur and very many formulaic variations inbetween.

Phone calls are another thing do perhaps do to those who are not among us through distance and so on, though again knowing time’s to call etc can be troublesome.  I for instance am happy to call the daughter when she spends Christmas with her mother’s family, though I also do not want or desire to disrupt any given plans they may have, so with MODERN APPS, facebook etc, I can leave a note in the morning, and a call you later message, so we can even schedule that to some appropriate to all concerned time period in the day.

Anyway, I have left the blog free of anything for a couple of days and that again, perhaps having a rest from the routine or ritual, though likewise did find myself over-investing in one or 2 TV type shows on Netflix/Amazon and so on.

One in particular was Warehouse 13, that I had never heard of, though I decided to invest further time into watching and the write-up on wiki say’s it all really.  A combination of X-Files and Moonlighting, Indiana Jones type realms, and quite enjoyable “pop entertainment” although it was made by and for SCI-FI and perhaps did not reach greater mass market audience’s.

So I mention that particular series, because it followed many an interesting FORMULAIC MODEL that I kind of personally have experienced since taking up some of the LA-DI-DA teachings and Courses.

It strangely seems to myself that whilst I did not start blogging until toward the end of 2012 and I had been meditating since 2010, that such a SHOW, actually is again following some kind of PATTERN & CYCLE that I am attuned to or have INADVERTENTLY or NON-CONSCIOUSLY been following within my  non-conscious.

So, that is kind of having or IDENTIFYING PARALLELS or realms of research and interest, that you were not AWARE of at the time they were created or broadcast.

So we can go from knowing way to much about TV and FILM and so on, to not knowing anything, and indeed break free from the clutches of some seemingly positive or negative INFLUENCES, only to later find ourselves investigating some things all over again.

What else, well having invested many years and so on in spending time as the absent father and having daughter for selected Holidays, you do kind of get to a point, where you are not “the absent one” all children of course perhaps want to go there own way, feel in greater CONTROL of there own lives within Society and mine is no differing.

I of course in having ISOLATED myself greatly from many a “THE HEREFORD STIGMATA” and victims community, have generally spend more time RAISING THRESHOLD and removing or RE-EVALUATING the mental reasoning patterns that have historically led to THIS, THAT, or the OTHER outcome or sequence of events.

Where once, listening to or being around peoples of an extremist leaning or bent, may have TRIGGERED a similarly EXTREMIST reaction from myself, generally I am within most or many a CONTEXT, able to always step back and realise that whilst others can RANT & RAGE or be taking some ACTION in SELFISH fashion and manner that adversely affects others, I can still maintain some level of personal EQUILIBRIUM.

So I may write some more later, given how more recent year Christmas’ have been mostly quiet and non-combatant like in nature for myself.  Yes it can be hard not to get sucked in, after years and years of growing up with many a seasonal pattern and behaviour, though likewise the benefit of choosing your own SPECIAL DAYS and SPECIAL PEOPLE and who you want to admire and aspire and be around can make all the difference in the World.

I will leave this one here for now.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year whatever your Faith and Belief system

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


Are You An Institutionalised Confused & Conflicted Person?

Are You An Institutionalised Confused & Conflicted Person?

Are you about to become an institutionalised confused & conflicted person?


So we any of us can of course read daily headlines and indeed listen and read sale speak kinds of Literature from many an email or indeed social media commentator and press commentator and television commentator.

The truth is of course that whatever realm you potentially turn to you will see multi-layered and-or possibly multi-faceted issues being high-lighted as to what constitutes what?

Clearly the simple truth for example is that many a realm has many a person wanting or desiring to be FIRST AMONG EQUALS.

First Among Equals typical of the mentality of course of people who do an exceptional job of claiming communism is good for all whilst not being in genuine compliance with such ideals.

So we have Joseph Blatter of FIFA being hauled up for historical wheeler dealings and whilst he perhaps the MR PRESIDENT of the Footballing World, the huge number of arrests throughout the entire ORGANISATION should leave no-one in any doubt that the tentacles of corruption are part and parcel of the Footballing Tower of Babel. 

Whilst Mr Blatter’s generation are perhaps being brought to Worldwide Media attention and having the rug pulled from beneath them to a certain extent, the truth is that such INSTITUTIONALISED BEHAVIOURS and what are a seemingly accepted NORMALITY within the Footballing sphere are exceptionally difficult to deal with, because such behaviours and corruption and so on and so forth are the BREAD & BUTTER “ACCEPTED” normality, that has been handed down and passed down through footballing World families and multiple generations.

The real genuine concern being that if Institutionalised Corruption is the bread & butter or SPINE of the Organisation, then what are you going to be left with when you remove the bread & butter normality.  It is akin to saying we are going to remove the CANCER and then not having a body left after all the malignant toxic and so on cells have been removed, such is there presence within that sphere or realm.

As for Michal Platini, well he was a great footballer of his generation, and not of the same mould as Blatter (Blatter is from a pen-pusher background).  Though again just as World Football has been high-lighted as being corrupt as a normality, so too is one of the Leading Empires of World Football, UEFA and the European Game.  We in Great Britain and within the English game have for generation upon generation complained of corruption within the European game, though unfortunately as has been demonstrated again and again, and was again stated by Sam Horn within the Write Well lecturing course, EXAMPLE is the only thing. And whilst we may have external corruptions that we can point our fingers at and complain about, so too within the footballing cultures of Dear Ol’ Blighty, the First Among Equals and “do not do as I do, do as I say” cultures of corruption and backhanders has BIG HISTORY.

Yes in fact such is the belief in the Normality of backhanders and cheating and so on that most only ever give “LIP SERVICE” to wanting to do something about it, anyone who actually does set themselves up to GENUINELY do something about some of these subject matters is likely to feel the FULL FORCE of media campaigns of “VESTED INTERESTS”.

Typical FAMED & HIGHLIGHTED examples known on these shores are of course people such-as good old Brian Clough, Terry Venables, and much like many a HIGH-LIGHTED example of any alleged PESTILENCE, you will likely find many more hiding and skulking in the shadows not very far away.

For every RAT that you see, you are typically given an estimate for the numbers of the rest of the nesting collective or population, such creatures rarely exist in ISOLATION.

In attending a HEALTH & SAFETY meeting years ago, where PEST CONTROL was sometimes in requirement of being HIGH-LIGHTED, throw out lip service quotes could typically be regularly heard “You are never more than 8 foot from a rat”.  In fact it does benefit staff to report any witnessed increase within sightings of pests such-as rats and seagulls and so on, because despite best efforts and communication with other business’ the issue is one of having to constantly remain aware & vigilant of those pest populations, and indeed being able to demonstrate to Company & Government Veterinary appointee’s that such things are being dealt with in an appropriate   & timely fashion.

I watched the Apprentice and of course Lord Sugar tried and wanted to deal (put a halt too) or with such things (Football bribes & backhanders & off-the-books dealings) during his tenure at Tottenham, though again, what can anyone do, when only LIP SERVICE SUPPORT is given to some issues of MORALITY or ETHICS & INTEGRITY.

So yes anyone can give great LIP SERVICE support for any CAUSE, though do not necessarily expect that to be matched with ACTION, because typically to kick of and be solidly against a given STATUS QUO will as suggested above, bring the full force of VESTED INTERESTS down upon you, whether through media campaigns or simple straight forward repetition of lies until the NO SMOKE WITHOUT FIRE kinds of doctrine take hold within a given populations Noggin.

That is in fact why I have repeated on more than one occasion, that instead of looking to accept some gossips generalised opinion as fact, one should find it within one self to actually work through the jigsaw puzzle and TRACE issues and so on to source, rather like modern medicinal practice MAGIC BULLET remedies that only target the actual detrimental cells rather than some broad sweeping encatchment where both good and bad all get caught up in the net.

So I have recommended Technologies that work for all-comers, irrespective of RACE, COLOUR, CREED, SEXUAL PREFERENCE, AGE, perhaps typically demonstrating that it is never too late to change for anyone at any time of life.  I also of course do not say necessarily state what anyone could be changing to, though I generally find that most peoples from all quarters benefit in working and rubbing along smoothly than otherwise, often in fact finding that some alleged DIFFICULT DEMOGRAPHICS are troublesome when in reality, PROJECTION has been taking place.

What kind of projection, well typically you have to take up the Technologies for yourself to find the WISDOM & TRUTH within yourself and your own experience of multiple realms and environments and so forth.  I certainly find that I have little interest in many an external person’s wars and control freakery and influence and manipulations, beyond suggesting that many are possibly irrational and insane kinds of extremism that do not stand up to some deeper inquiry and so on.

At present of course within the Cinema realm, we have a new Star Wars realm feature where many a well known plotline and AUDIENCE DEMOGRAPHIC has been rotated or altered in some fashion or manner.  Likewise today we had news of some West End type Harry Potter play also giving similar pains to those AUDIENCE DEMOGRAPHICS.

These things are perhaps easier for peoples and persons to accept, who are already in general alignment with having little interest in prejudice and so on, though of course such changes will have many a CRY WOLF, CRYING WOLF.

These realm are of course ENTERTAINMENT and can be and will be dismissed by peoples and persons of INTRANSIGENT LEANINGS and BEARINGS, though such folks, will often be found to have gone quiet hoping to slip under or back into the shadows of not being asked some of THOSE KINDS OF QUESTIONS relating to their opinions, that are out of KILTER with the larger fandom’s opinions.

I have often found as I progressed through several levels of Meditation (for example) that the brain and compartments of sources and resources already collated within one’s lifetime are often somewhat DISJOINTED (in various shapes and forms of conflict & confusion) and the STIMULUS that gets the hemispheres and inner mental brain cavity’s communicating is often the same stimulus that enables you to not only release many a ridiculous intransigence, but the possible ILL EFFECTS of having or holding on to such things, when faced with greater realities of AWARENESS & ENLIGHTENMENT and so on.

So I have stated of course, that we are typically all kinds of A THOUGHT WITHIN A BODY, whether that thought is a process, that say we must do this that and the other or this other this that and the other, many repetitions are SURPLUS TO REQUIREMENT, and likewise any ADVANCEMENT seen within the TECHNOLOGY of the REAL WORLD, very likely has existed within the THOUGHT REALM far in advance of getting to a point of break though within some Science Lab or wherever.

So multiple strategies exist as to progress, whether you think and feel that such things are for yourself on a personal or individual level or indeed on a societal wide level.

So I mention the INSTITUTIONALISED PREJUDICE issue, because many of us, will typically act and do and say as the HERD does, within many an ENVIRONMENT and it really can take some hard work and INTRANSIGENCE of our own to change the playing field in some fashion or manner, especially when you want to pull multiple FACTIONS from some assumed BRINK or CLIFF that they are wholeheartedly charging everyone toward, with misguided extremism of one sort or another.

I have generally where possible sought to generate a more level headed CONSENSUS of many peoples and persons from many sectors and factions within society, though likewise do find that I still have to set some boundary’s because typically a SUPPORT or LIKING of this grouping or this person or individual will often be ASSUMED & PRESUMED to be a VOTE OF CONFIDENCE or ALIGNMENT with all that they say and do and preach. When in fact, encouraging peoples to better rub along so that we can all CO-EXIST in a more HEALTHY WEALTHY fashion and manner has always been a general guiding PEARL OF WISDOM or PHILOSOPHY.

This was high-lighted for myself relating to another American Church debate and issue that recently took place, where an individual who is from a relatively new faction within the Church Realm wanted to demonstrate or PROMOTE ALIGNMENT of SOLIDARITY with peoples and persons of other FAITHS & BELIEFS, and typically made a “PIGS EAR OF IT” causing controversy rather than cooperation.  The article actually showed that in fact some of the BEST GUIDANCE has already come from the CATHOLIC FAITH with a document released a number of years ago, and we do of course within the UNITED KINGDOM already have multiple FAITHS cooperating and conferencing and promoting a kind of FAITH CONSENSUS that generally does respect alternative INTERPRETATIONS and so on as to the word of God, and indeed as to whether we are ALL OF GOD (as suggested by my Universal Consciousness or UMBRELLA IDEAS) or whether the building of GOD in ONES OWN IMAGE is still the issue in hand.  Everyone can create and everyone can be encouraged and taught to be CREATIVE, though clearly being open to new teachings after being set in your ways for many years, teaching old dog’s new trick can be troublesome, without of course some huge great upheaval of REALITY in some fashion and manner.

What else, well CIVIL LIBERTIES are again being high-lighted as to whether what is intentioned within a new surveillance bill is appropriate.  Again the problem high lighted by over rated stock giant Apple is this one of being forced to create backdoors in Computers and Future Technologies, (THINK ISAAC ASSIMOV and the LAWS OF ROBOTICS within his fiction). Many modern systems of most technological companies created SELF MODIFYING SYSTEMS, and creating backdoors in communication systems is the same as deliberate inbuilt SABOTAGE whereby just as a GOOD person can exploit some found software or hardware defect, BAD people can also utilise such things.

Clearly in ESPIONAGE terms, it does not bode well for Government to not have ACCESS to systems that are operating outside of a given and accepted REMIT.

The Problem then potentially one of CORPORATIONS becoming the PROBLEM.  How many times has a future SCI-FI of some description pointed directly to Future Worlds being run by giant Corporations with Government appointee’s, where the MP or PRESIDENT or CHANCELLOR or OFFICIAL of some description is “in the pocket” of some MEDIA LOBBYIST or vested interest.

Yes stock wise APPLE is suggested to be having a bad year QUARTER, recently having BILLIONS wiped from its value or share portfolio, though is still larger than the next Corporation down by some considerable MARGIN.

If a WATCH is all that they have got, then they truly are FALTERING as to AUDIENCE & LEADERSHIP.

Now a recent survey and STUDY suggested and DEMONSTRATED that in fact, people such as Steve Jobs and Walt Disney were not necessarily operating from some place of GREATER INTELLIGENCE than the rest of us.

What was actually found within the study and survey, was that BOLSHY BULLYING LOUD TYPES were simply better at getting THEMSELVES HEARD than many of us.

This perhaps being demonstrated by Donald Trump within America at present, where in defiance of all-comers and simply letting rip in all directions, he is still getting the support of a peoples and society and population absolutely sick to death with PERCEPTIONS of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.


Well one book I read from our own Apprentice Star Lord Sugar was his second book in which he simply ranted and raged in similar fashion, dishing it out left and right and centre in a somewhat mish mashed explosion of ideas, and that perhaps demonstrates as an example that we all can act and operate in such fashion, though likewise belief typically comes down to what we ourselves now to be truth within our inner and outer worlds.

So the build up and build up of years and years of political correctness has created (possibly) huge amounts of INCONGRUENCE within many peoples and persons, unfortunately it does seem that such things work there way out into ill health and so on, far better to meditate and get the shifts and become greater aligned inside outside and so on than otherwise. That means letting go of many prejudicial thoughts feelings and behaviours, yes have boundaries though also BE CONSISTENT, how many people PRETEND they are this that and the other or agree to others about themselves “to fit in” not realising that in all likelihood everyone else is SUFFERING the same issues.

So some lead where others fear to tread and others lead the telling of the same old story.

MISCONDUCT THEN can possibly simply come about through a failure to recognise INSTITUTIONALISED BEHAVIOURS AND PATTERNS within the World at large or in general and you can indeed potentially be driven CRAZY in questioning absolutely everything about the peoples and persons you find yourself among.

Far better to possibly set out your own stall come what may and not get caught up in INSTITUTIONALISED behaviours in realms where you recognise that the INMATES have taken over the asylum.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


Whoop’s Apprentice

So  there I have been blowing the trumpet for Star Wars, when the reality is that such Features and so on are perhaps down to childhood viewings and playground games and the culture of the youth I typically grew up in, I also seemingly realised that I was OVER HARSH toward the last trilogy, because I did kind of enjoy them for what they were, though the REALITY was perhaps that they were not as I PERSONALLY HAD ENVISIONED them.

So I said in CONTRAST to many a reviewer that performers within some scenes seemed a little stilted & forced and the reality check of that is honesty, many of those old black & whites and taken in one shot type features were full of pregnant pauses and continuity errors and so on and so forth, that we can often relate to within our own lives than seeming PERFECTION, some may recall that I strangely criticised Toy Story 3 from Pixar for being TOO PERFECT, the reality of my generation perhaps being that such IDEALS are somewhat hard to attain or live up to.  So that same MENTAL CALCULATION ERROR was in fact partially responsible for the response many a viewer gave to the 2nd Trilogy, they visually stunning and crafted & crafted, suffering from a lack of JOVIALITY (possibly) like we all do sometimes in the “TRYING TO HARD” stakes.

Anyway clearly far more options are available in this day and age though as suggested the film is a little bit of fun therapy for anyone of my older generation, who wants a magical recall to their childhood and so on.  If you go in with that attitude you are unlikely to be disappointed, if you make it about wanting the kids to like it as much as you do or however then typically the TRAP is one you are potentially setting yourself up for a fall.

Anyway I have also suddenly realised that I have not spoken on the Apprentice Series I had been Royally Following and in going to BBC IPLAYER I suddenly found myself presented with more than just one show I thought I had missed.  Something called “The Final Five” which I read and watched the initial start for and had a change of heart, I have little interest in greater profiling of the final five candidates, so I stopped it a minute or so in and simply moved to the NEXT SHOW which was perhaps the one I wanted to see “The Interviews” and yes we had four interviewers going through the candidates business plans and each perhaps representing a differing area of expertise that a candidate may likely find themselves having to deal with in some fashion or manner.

Anyway they were all perhaps given a grilling and to be fair, several already being ENTREPRENEURS, one of the things not taken into consideration is perhaps the LACK of INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE.

You set up for Yourself and so on, as at least 3 were known to have done and you are likely to have little in the way of experience as to what these great Big Corporate Styled Grillers are going to be targeting you with.

So all perhaps handled themselves as best they could, Charlene was first to be let go, though encouraged to expand her already successful Salon business into having multiples of salons and so on.

The next to be sent there marching orders was Gary, the concern seemingly being that despite his having been in a position of responsibility within an already successful business empire his Business Plan did not match the views of more experienced one man bands and entrepreneurs, the lesson perhaps that it is easy to be a jigsaw piece in some pre-existing empire though setting out on your own and not going through all the various pitfalls and so on, that you probably do not get within larger business empires means he lacks learning curve knowledge of going without safety nets etc.

The next one to go was then Richard, and I am genuinely unsure as to the reason, beyond perhaps that given his success on the show and within many a task and so on, he can perhaps be a success anyway, he perhaps does not require or need a “sugar daddy” investor given his demonstrated abilities within the series. I think business peoples and so on are likely having seen a demonstrated skill and ability are likely to come calling upon him if they have not already.

So that leaves Joseph and Vana and it has seemingly been reduced to a competition between a plumbing and building maintenance firm and a dating agency type application.

I cannot of course say I know anything about plumbing beyond some basics that you kind of pick up from DIY manuals and so on over the years.  Likewise Joseph does seem dedicated and keen to make strides and be more go getting and so on, likewise I think around the time of remembrance day, I mentioned that a famed local Herefordshire based business is entitled Joseph and Sons and that also of course goes hand-in-hand with the time of the year and the Story of Mary & Joseph and all that jazz.

The alternative is Vana (unsure is correct in spelling, apologies if not).

I did feel that Vana should have gone earlier in the process so perhaps a hint of Bias though also Joseph was let of the hook on one or two occasion also.

So Vana wants to do a DATING GAME PLAYING APPLICATION. I of course when the internet was taking of and getting into its stride, was getting divorced and respectively getting back on the dating MERRY-GO-ROUND and indeed I bought into a couple of DATING WEBSITES.

In all honesty, I found that the websites and people on those websites were exceptionally “HARD WORK”, even with proclaimed matching algorythms and so on.  Yes I went on a number of dates and swapped and chatted about the PROBLEM of such websites, some things were things I agreed upon and some things were told to myself by those who felt they had become somewhat “professional datee’s” that being peoples and persons with a mind set to simply live on some free meal merry go round without commitment or developing relationships.

So after staying on such websites for perhaps a year of subscriptions, I chose to simply “CUT MY LOSSES” and stop, the amount of time and investment to getting know people and then getting to the point of an actual physical date was I felt being wasted.  If I asked someone if they wanted to go out on a forthcoming weekend, I would typically expect a straight forward yes or no, instead I often found myself being stretched and time wasted and all sorts of what I felt to be RIDICULOUS mind games.

So I eventually got to a point where in waiting for yes’s from some website matchup I was not going out, when I can typically put on a jacket and go out the local club pub etc. anyway.

Whilst I am sure that STATISTICS say the online dating market and game markets are GROWING, you will have a hard time of it convincing particular AUDIENCE DEMOGRAPHICS to come onboard, especially if they can quote similar experience to that of myself.

So yes possibly burned enough to never return, well yes online gaming can of course be fun and so on, though clearly the suggestion of playing GAMES TOGETHER and so on, is another LAYER of POSSIBLE RIDICULOUSNESS to have to contend with.

I would suggest that more casual relationships can develop more successfully, though those wanting something a little more personal etc are likely to not want to waste time. 

A typical METAPHORICAL COMPARISON REALM is perhaps that of Door to Door salesman, where in going door to door with a 1000 properties, you may just get one possible MAYBE to build upon, where at any point along the further building of interest and relationship the door can still be slammed shut or be found wanting in some fashion or manner.

That perhaps where Sam Horn within the write well series spoke of “Other people’s stuff”, yes I have or had stuff too, though did take the attitude that I am not going to let such things get in my way, however having been off the dating market (as I had been at that time for several years) I was not prepared for just how ridiculous the dating World in general had seemingly become, unsure if a societal wide thing or a Hereford, England, United Kingdom thing, though I over the period of a couple of years simply decided to come to a full stop, in that general arena, I was typically also under the cosh to a certain extent within the working life realm at that time, it seemed a quite high percentage of undesirables (inmates taking over the asylum) were wanting to build the World and realm in their own image, anyone who goes to see the new Star Wars and The On The Balcony FIRST ORDER SPEECH to the Stormtroopers, will get the general gist.

So who will win out, Vana or Joseph, well I cannot of course know that until I see the selection within the Your Hired Show though the clip for the next episode show did again look interesting, some former apprentice’s appear to be returning.

Likewise I was then offered another show related to Why I fired them, again I watched the intro and decided I did not really need to know, though I could of course discover that the reasons were similar to some I gave or indeed very differing.

So something to look forward to then.

What else, well today’s news is seemingly focussed on COLLEAGUE SUPPORT for the Police Officer who is now under arrest or suspension following an inquiry into the shooting that took place of a gangland member taking part in a prison break.

These inquiries are troublesome, in the sense that we have of course seen Soldiers also facing jail for War Crimes and so on, so we have the over stepping the mark in a given situation whether the battlefield is the streets of Britain or in some Afghanistan outback.

Do we want armed officers, well in honesty given the opportunity to use a gun I think very many of us can typically predict a rise in the kind of events seen within the United States, where the frustrated outlet for temper tantrums and so on, becomes the local mall.

I actually think that it is suggested at present, they are volunteers, I would actually prefer a dedicated division and regular constant training for such individuals, especially given that it does seem unavoidable that such officers are necessary.

Likewise we are hearing regarding Fire stations coming under a differing authoritative body to that which many exist within at present.  Unsure as to details, though it sounds as though some rationalisation is going on where they want the Service Police/Fire/Ambulance (maybe) to come under the same committees and quango’s.

Typically each group often wants to stay at arms length from the others and can site reasons as to why such things are a BAD IDEA.

My own view is that I am not against the PRINCIPLE, so much as seeking to ensure that those within the Committee or Quango are perhaps transferred or brought in (from pre-existing knowledge infrastructure bases) to be the representative for each profession.

It does not make sense for Fire Service to be under the jurisdiction of a POLICE BOARD QUANGO and-or likewise vice-versa.

So further restructuring then perhaps to make any given such system actually make sense to the PERSONNEL from each profession and the PUBLIC.

Not sure what else I can comment upon at present, yes I looked at headlines in multiple newspapers, though also found many a repetition of all that has gone before. 

Even today’s Football Matches are troublesome, Watford of course provided Liverpool with John Barnes, and have beaten them on occasion, so I perhaps in the away win draw zone of thinking.

I do however quite fancy Swansea in the other fixture, I did of course work for Butlin’s on a winter season in Minehead many years ago running a sweetshop and being entrepreneurial in taking a summer popcorn truck out and about to the sites cinema and so on during a harsh winter season.  We did (colleagues and myself) raise taking above expected targets, though I was perhaps somewhat Hitleresque in marching the abandoned little ones out of the shop, many a parent strangely walking little ones in and then disappearing, closely followed by kids helping themselves  as typical kids in a Candy Store.

Anyway I mention that because I had to travel down to Cheltenham or Gloucester and the Company had laid on communal transport for the staff of various regions, I think we also took in Swansea, given that I have exceptionally vague memories of sharing digs with some lads from Swansea.  I had gone with the intention of saving some cash and so on, though in fact the entire season was something along the lines of one exceptionally long piss-up that is hard to remember, beyond little fragments of oh-yeah’s occasionally popping up, from time to time, more recently of course Swansea a regular stop on the railways network when fetching the not so little one. 

Don’t they grow fast everyone?

(Cups ear for response)

Oh yes they do?

(cups ear for response)

Thanks for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


Let’s Bomb Agrabah

This apparently the mindset of 1 in 3 United States Republicans and 1 in 5 United States Democrats.

The truth being that Agrabah does not of course exist beyond being the name of the Kingdom within Disney’ Aladdin.

So are cartoon nukes the order of the day, or do the Americans have some deep seated need to take up Christmas Panto or a genuine mindset of hitting the Cinema’s and watching it all over again.

Yes I did wonder as to whether I was the only one who wanted to see a new Star Wars Movie especially given the somewhat dire previous trilogy of just a few short years ago.  I also wondered as to my daughters attitude and so on to the film, though a straw poll of several female colleagues actually concurred with her mindset of not being interested in Star Wars, one or 2 when asked what they did watch typically came up with The Fast & The Furious and “yes I like Paul walker” and all that sort of stuff.  The daughter is known to have purchased those Petrol Head films on my account, though in all honesty beyond the first couple of films in that series, my own reaction is probably similar to hers toward Star Wars in my simply not being interested.

However on a further note it is being reported that Box office records are being broken and new ones set and this is in “COMPARABLE” terms not surprising.


Well you will not know until you see it, though the biggest grossing film of the year was apparently Jurassic World, and in all due respect to the creators of Jurassic World (it too, being a repeat of a repeat of a formula), anyone who gave Jurassic World a 10 out of 10 rating would be blown away by Star Wars to the extent that they would likely have to CREATE a new system or break the mould of the rating system 20 out of 10, or some such.

I am not prone to exaggerating or taking one review to be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, though given how many a film is released from year to year and how many award winners were included, it really can take something SPECIAL to raise the so-called stakes and anti or indeed awaken peoples from there slumber.

So I am not alone in my view that the film is not a Turkey, rotten tomatoes website for example even with aggregate reviews gives some 8 out of 10 rating from its AGGREGATED RATING SYSTEM.

That means that if some anomaly such as myself comes along and says 10 out of 10 and hundreds of other reviewers all say “it’s a Turkey” giving it 1 out of 10, my 1 individual rating (given large aggregated figures) would likely still result in some AVERAGED MEAN 1 out of 10.

The fact that it is already steady in the 8 + zone probably places it into “all time great’s” “once in a lifetime” kinds of films that are a must for being seen at the Cinema and where were you when “Star Wars: the Force Awakens” came out?

Now I came from a modest background and was not from a family that could afford regular Cinema trips, though as soon as I was older and able to work I funded such things for myself through pocket money and jobs.

The reason I say that is because CINEMA is something that has faded into the background for many a person, and public brought up on a diet of multiple TVs in every room and access anywhere anytime services.

All I would say is, yes it might be a little expensive though family tickets and other bundles etc are available, if you only ever take your kids to one film during their entire Childhood and you want it to be a genuine good one, then you could do far far worse.

Quite simply despite my Hype versus Reality rating of only 3 Stars, the truth is that Disney/Lucasfilm and so on have massively UNDERSOLD this Production, possibly feeling burned from the last Trilogy and not wanting to get sucked into similar debates.  Word of mouth from people who have seen it and compared it against all that has gone before can be pretty difficult customers to please, this film blows away the cobwebs of years and years of lacklustre productions and even manages to blow away many contemporary EFFECTS DRIVEN productions.  Well done to Mr JJ ABRAMS & all those involved, I am still “IN THE ZONE” in terms of thinking and considering and comparing and wanting to quite simply talk about it.

Elsewhere “The Special One” Jose Mourinho has apparently been sacked from Chelsea.  He had a new contract in the Summer following on from having won last years Premier League title and League cup double.  So no-one is bullet proof then.

Strange though true you do hear over and again how some managers cannot be sacked etc, though clearly Jose was managing a team at the edge of the premier league abys known as the relegation zone, were it to be Arsenal I suspect that Wenger would have to be looking over his shoulder and indeed that is possibly what the World is all currently about.

Peoples and persons shaking things up a little and not accepting others resting on their laurels and so on.  Will Jose be the next manager of Manchester United? Well in fact I think that job has possibly become a poison chalice, much like the one that Jose is leaving behind at Chelsea, a collective group of players who just 7 months ago were title winners.

What else?

Well several reports are calling today “PANIC SATURDAY”, though again such things are probably depending on how much notice you take of all about yourself and herds.

I of course quite liked Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (Douglas Adams) as a child and that famous Electronic tour Guide Book famously had “DON’T PANIC” written on the cover, it can also be noted that the brief entry for Earth was “Harmless” though this was going to be revised in a later edition to “Mostly Harmless”.

So what does panicking involve?  Yes, usually perhaps wanting to ensure that you have kept up with the expectations of what we are bombarded with on a daily basis from the world about us, ensure kids /family/friends have presents and the cards have gone out.

You could probably make a list in fact, though generally I do not understand the Saturday thing anymore since being a long time Nightworker, I can of course typically shop on any day of the week and the real PANIC Day is usually for Christmas Eve so we are talking Wednesday/Thursday as REAL panic days and today is “Get Over Yourself Day” you still have almost an entire or complete week in which to mull and deliberate and work yourself up into a stew of frenzy of delusional expectations as to what you must or must not be doing correctly or right according to your perceptions of the Great and The good of kepping up with the Social Network and the Jones at Number 42.

So returning to the Aladdin Theme I have of course not done Pantomime for a couple of years, though did really quite enjoy going when daughter was younger, so may well give myself a BREAK and go again in future years, just for some entertainment and FUN, such as I did in going to the Cinema ON MY OWN, WITHOUT FRIENDS, it was an enjoyable experience in and of itself and whilst company might have been NICE, I do not generally regard such things as the BE ALL and END ALL of life as we know it, if one own company is preferable to that of some Social Circles and Peer Groups and so on.

News just in is that Jimmy Hill has died, he of course another famed Sporting Presenter with a famous pointy bearded chin where you’d imagine him shaving and then find his chin is pointy underneath, image wise he perhaps would have fitted the EVIL character portrayal within PANTOMIME, not that he himself was evil so much as he simply appeared or looked like the image often given to such CHARACTERS & STEREOTYPES. 

Elsewhere multiple reports are linked and relating to the Great Billion populated China and city Smog and B52-Bombers over the South China Seas.

My own memory of the B52’s is of course the song LOVE SHACK by the rock group rather than the Airplane or hairstyle.

Strange combination, though the group have done some quite off the wall tracks over the years, Off the wall another Michael Jackson Number of course, strange though true I almost forgot or was I intentionally forgetting.

Yes as a heterosexual, one is of course not allowed to like The Wizard of OZ because the heterophobics typically claimed such things as their own (YAWN), though I enjoyed the film as a youngster and I have seen SEVERAL LINKS to the Wizard of Oz in recent days, although it must be said that Dan Carter who won the International Sports personality of the Year was not Australian, he was from New Zealand.

Yes, so I think the links I saw related to the Good Witch GLENDA?  Not completely sure because so many years have passed, though likewise in mentioning Michael Jackson, one can also note that he was involved in a strange Wizard of Oz production entitled The Wiz or something like that.

Yes, the problem with references at this time of year is quite simply the heavy amount of radio airwaves being given over to mix and match Christmas Classics and so on, we all typically have favourite songs from multiple generations, though strangely some releases that you think would be hits fail to take of whilst others ROCKET TO THE TOP OF THE CHARTS.

These days it is even more complicated given the way in which the music industry has lost control of the majority of the listening public’s taste & choice options.

Where they want to simply go with particular tried and trusted formula’s, many a break out song has simply done so though that word they do not take into account FUN.

Yes Simon Cowell and Co will all boast of how fun they are, though in Corporate Management terms and as many a recording star will state, many a record company boss and executive who worked there way up as a bean counter accountant prior to gaining the TOP JOB is unlikely to genuinely RELATE to the other end of the Business and what makes people tick, things such as PERSONALITY and so on as well as some skill and ability or X FACTOR.

Strange though true, when you watch shows such as X FACTOR you come to realise that Other FACTORS must also truly exist, because many of those making it onto the shows have little genuine appeal.  Maybe they want and boast of X factor whilst only getting x factor.

Elsewhere another daughters favourite, something called Strictly is being highlighted within one or two realms, I of course saw live ballroom dancing years ago when working for a video production firm and whilst many encounters with such peoples and so on were fine, you do find that whatever the REALM, the same old story is being professed to those OUTSIDE of a given realm.

So whilst many of us blokes might typically look at dancing blokes with orange tans and female temperaments as bordering THE EDGE OF SUSPICION, such individuals typically of course do the same to EXTERNALS in RETURN.

I have know idea as to who the competitors and so on are, though typically much like most in society I like fun and entertainment and light relief, some of course build themselves up through making others believe that this FUN RELIEF or that FUN RELIEF is strongly related to THOSE KIND OF PEOPLE, whatever the segment of society you wish to distinguish yourself from in some fashion.

Generally I have found that no matter where you turn attention, you will likely find people caught up in there own delusion of how the World is or must be in order for them to exist.

So as stated previously especially when it comes to some subject matters, it really can be better to have a mental boundary and distance between being in the World and viewing life the Universe and everything as though looking down from a window upon the World.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉