“During The War” Said Uncle Albert

Yes, I of course unaware of having an Uncle Albert, though it does suddenly pop into my mind that a Solution I was looking for has happened.


Well you do of course when wanting something new or wanting a variation of some description typically go down particular lines and avenues, some of which you find to have pre-existed or having been done in one form or fashion that you may be unaware of.

So I watched that “Saving Mr Banks” film and then found myself thinking, how cool would it be to have some other Magical type personality coming in and making a family “get a grip” of some description as to all those things that are going wrong.

Anyone who has seen a million & one Christmas films knows the GENERALISED THEME has in fact been done literally that many times already.

So the thought I had was just as Mary Poppin’s fits into that kind of Nanny/Carer type model, how would you have a bloke do it, you then of course typically go into various “straying from the path” scenario’s as to where you might want to go with such storylines and so on.

So I thought well you could go with an Uncle Character, we have of course perhaps heard of Uncle Buck, though that was not where I wanted to go, nor in fact was Uncle Albert, though he appeared within thoughts due to this ongoing bomb Syria, do not bomb Syria issue.

Then of course you have characters such-as Mrs Doubtfire, Robin Williams dressed as a nanny to see his kids.  Or likewise you get other variations of the scales & measure typically in this day & age of running from somewhat OVERLY CAMP type individuals to SUPREME MACHO MAN type individuals.

Anyway these of course all demonstrations that you can form characters & personalities along some kind of Story THREAD, though very likely have seem the underlying FRAMEWORK more times than you care to mention.

So yes I thought AH-HA an UNCLE POPPINS, rather than Santa Claus or other already pre-existing type characters.

Now I also imagined one or 2 “Dear David” type letters over the last day or two, one from creators of Dr Who suggesting I stop pulling apart show and possible INFLUENCES and sources of IDEAS.

I think I wrote suggesting Harry Potter and then moved onto speaking upon that “Saving Mr Bank’s” Mary Poppins.

Anyway of course, watching TV & Film is kind of being a consumer and a position, I had moved mostly away from, though on Sunday I was thinking about SCI-FI influences, and whilst I typically mention Star Wars and Star Trek, I wondered where else material might be ORIGINED.

In fact a quick visit to NETFLIX and presto STAR GATE.

So I watched a Stargate One episode and then a Stargate Atlantis and then a Season of Stargate Universe.

Whilst being a SCI-FI fan and having encountered  the Star Gate realm, I was not so dedicated as I perhaps have been as fans of other such materials.

Anyway in watching ATLANTIS I suddenly thought, well that PUZZLE CASTLE in Dr Who, was a kind of Star Gate Atlantis “LIGHT” not only in the general shape of the Castle (same as quite a few futuristic and real Castles in fact) though not close enough for anyone to make OUTIRGHT claims of plagurism.

So what is going on?

I think that many of the shows and writers for SCI-FI in general have all become part of some of those CONVENTION’S of Comic Book Fan’s of the Stan Lee VARIETY.

Comic Con (I think is one you will see headlined again and again with show & film personality INTERVIEWS).

So you are attending a Convention and whilst there you wonder what OTHERS within your field are doing and typically you see such things happening over and over again, where similar themes and threads and IDEAS and constructs and so on are utilised across multiple TV/REALM THEATRE characters.

So yes, I watched the Stargate Atlantis episode and thought AH-HA, regarding Dr Who.

In continuing to watch Stargate Universe, I could see why it was perhaps disliked by dedicated followers of the previous Star Gate realms, although I would suggest that I myself actually generally liked the show and various introduced ELEMENTS within the show.

They do say time and again that if your inbuilt AUDIENCE does not like your NEW versioning it can be the kiss of death for a given sphere because you are failing to carry your audience etc or “take them on the journey with you”, we saw similar goings on within the Star Trek Universe with a couple of shows, although they persevered anyway.  Though I actually think that If Stargate Universe had a greater or broader “take up” in viewership audience and so on, it would have perhaps survived.

The problem perhaps of being created by one channel and failing to compete or sell to other broader media OUTLETS.  Beyond dedicated CHANNEL WATCHERS (it was made for SCI-FI channel, few of us are likely to have even HEARD of such shows.

Yes I know Global Communications etc, though many a GLOBAL SYSTEM or NETWORK still tries to SHAPE Geosphere Audiences.  Multiple peoples have told myself that I should have gotten password’s for American Netflix or visit a site that allows you to take off the regional localising that occurs, in effect enabling myself to watch and see shows that are UNHEARD of beyond very many National BOUNDARIES & BORDERS.

So the CLASSICAL MODEL is often that a TV station BBC/ITV/SKY goes along to International Conferences and has bidding wars for best shows to fill SCHEDULE, and typically “only so many hours in the day” “dollars in the kitty” means that some crap show fail to get the audience whilst other quality shows also fail to get the audience, because you are OVER RELIANT on those who have dedicated there lives to KNOWING what Audiences Want.

Yes I think if some streaming services (pirate or otherwise) were to release figures of what people are ACTUALLY watching, you may well find that the AUDIENCE has left those

INVESTED INTERESTS within the TV/MOVIE & MUSIC INDUSTRIES “BEHIND” and some Companies seek to play catch-up (Sky for example buys many an international show that viewers have been found to be watching via illicit means previously.  I think from what many a person has told myself, and indeed How I KNOW I myself used to operate.

So yes, Adele is selling a lot of Albums apparently, though that is not typical of how the MUSIC INDUSTRY has hugely lost the plot.

It can of course be suggested that thye have not lost the plot, though the NUMBERS and STATISTICS demonstrate similar activities going on from generation to generation.

Some FORMULA’S that “WORKED” work over and over again, though audience WISES UP to what is going on or gets fed up with being milked to death or EXPECTED TO STAY TRUE to some previous investment or purchase.

Does being a Dr Who fan mean I have to like Torchwood or like Sarah Jane Advrntures (as an example).  Typically some will watch all, whilst others will stick with what they know and others again will be knew followers to the spin-off itself ONLY.

What else?

Well, you cannot join the Military in any shape or form and then complain at being sent to war.

Is this Syria Bombing issue as BIG as the MEDIA say it is?

I do not think so, other Countries have been bombing Syria regularly for quite some time, other nations also have on the ground peoples, so the addition of British Air raids is perhaps more about where they can fly etc.

Are incursions or illegal boundary crossings going to be supported within the UN (for example), we have just seen this Russian Jet shot down in Turkish AIRSPACE (according to those on high) and Turkey are therefore within there rights, though it does not bode well for good relation with Russia.

Likewise we know that most or many Countries, seek to abide by such things to varying DEGREE’S, do not think for a minute that America and other Nations, would think nothing of breaking NO FLY ZONE regulations, were the OUTCOME to outweigh some TEMPORARY DISCOMFORT regarding illegalities and so on.

I already stated I think it LUDICROUS that we are restricted to IRAQ and unable to continue to SYRIA, though clearly given the POLITICS, and whether we live in a DEMOCRACY, are considerations.

TALKING is known to only work with others that also want or are willing to TALK.  The debate has been had with militarist countries and dictatorships time and again.  They often “left alone” to continue with genocide and god knows what, because we listen to pacifists and objectors, who typically have long histories of objecting to all and anything not in accordance with the way they want to live, THAT being the one within their own mind and not that of a shared public, who very often come to REALISE that it is DEMOCRACY that allows the pacifists to EXIST, and they would ALREADY BE DEAD in many of the STATES that we are as an INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY seeking to TACKLE.

So intransigents all round, interesting as to a free vote from Labour and not other Groupings (being reported at least).

Elsewhere the CLIMATE issue continues in Paris and in honesty, whilst some sites are full of that stuff, it simply does not INTEREST at present, far too many higher pecking order concerns, though of course interesting as to the presence of Royals such-as Charles being noted, where once they have been taking a back seat role on some of these topics, typically trapped between being the FACE OF THE MILITARY and THE FACE OF THE GARDENER, and the FACE OF THE NATION etc.

So are things really getting all that mixed up and where will the talking stop and will the presence of our forces make a big difference.

ONLY MENTALLY, to my mind, so little difference (on the ground), though the ability to go into those DESPOTIC REALMS with support of Government can of FLAG or SIGNAL better mental modes and ways and means of operation.

Yes will this be the War to end all Wars?



Man City, Everton and Sheffield Wednesday for the League cup though they have started and I have not checked up on scorelines. So apologies though they seem most likely to my mind at present.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 😉

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