Continuing On In Recent Form

So continuing on in recent form I will speak one again on the episode for week 9 of The Apprentice.  On this occasion the task given for the candidates was one of being Estate Agent’s or property sales.

Some new properties and flats being sold within several London Districts and they asked to sell them in advance of completion.

So we were informed that the properties fitted particular demographics in terms of HOW MUCH they would be costing.

Both teams splitting into a lead team for the higher end of the market and a second team dealing with more averagely priced properties.

In fact it was at this point, that the losing team made all of there mistakes (In my opinion).

This perhaps where self image and self importance comes to the fore in how you view and see yourself.

So Joseph stepped up wanting to lead and became the leader, although at this point, he had already recently been leader as had Gary, why were the females not stepping up?

So that was a minor issue perhaps, though the next decision of Joseph as team leader was perhaps the biggest error, (he claimed wanting to keep the bickering ladies apart as his reasoning) yes they want all rounders (for the Apprentice) who can turn attention to any field of endeavour, though it seemed obvious to this viewer, that the teams should have been Gary & Selina for the High-end and Joseph and Charleine for the more regular properties.

Would it have turned out differently?  Well I did think it may have resulted in greater sales for the team, and in fact it may well have benefitted them to split into all male and all female teams, though that would have made little difference, or have been less beneficial than the teams suggested above.

So Joseph & team lost because he let his EGO get in the way of his abilities.

We also found Scott, who was on the winning team, QUIT THE PROCESS.  He suggested to have been out of his depth by commentators & those remaining, though in fact it might be suggested that all of them (the candidates) are treading water to a certain extent at this point, all out of comfort zones.

Now my team selection suggested above was about having the ability to see your OWN STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES not in terms of competition of beliefs (knowing what I know I am capable of, so much as knowing what EXTERNALS are likely to judge about you).

So Any of us can have great and good beliefs about ourselves, though we can also surely balance that with our knowledge of EXTERNAL PERCEPTIONS & understand it is not personal so much as STEREOTYPING METHODOLGY and UTILISING such stereotypes to get the MONEY & INCOME & so on.

So if Joseph had gone with my team selection, his group may have had a fighting chance of winning.

Moving on to the Firing, well I have thought Selina should have gone historically, and simply being a PRESENCE is not good enough at this point of a COMPETITION, (that a proviso) because in day to day life having some folks who are just a presence, is part & parcel of most realms in some form & fashion.

So she talks a good talk and even makes some sales over the course of the series, though is not really putting herself in any firing lines, suggesting good judgement, though in fact OVER PROTECTIVE of hidden vulnerabilities somewhere within her psyche perhaps.

She was best choice on that team to go, whether simply for sales, or indeed team working, though Joseph could have been reasonably fired, for poor decision making.  Charleine now, no longer has Selina to point finger at, they having bickered throughout the 9 weeks.

Menwhile over at the Houses of Parliament we are hearing that the Commons voted in favour of Airstrikes in Syria, and have since sent in some Typhoon Jets to take part in an attack on an Oilfield.

The problem of course is the HALF HEARTED nature of the CONFLICT & COMBATENTS.

None of us in the west are interested in having those lands for ourselves, much like many of the local tribes have little interest in much of the lands, beyond oil production value.


The problem is that America in putting in forces on the Ground with Kurdish forces, and likely Russia doing the same with Assad Forces, means that PROXY WARS are somewhat problematic and going to lead to various DISTRACTIONS from the main purposes.

Do you want rid of DAESH?  The all new, old name, of the Terrorist Organisation formerly known as ISIL or IS or whatever.

So they occupy lands that apart from Oil no one else really wants either.

Assad will likely survive with Russia propping him up and there are not enough of these Kurdish groups etc, to Govern or take the entire Country.

So you are likely genuinely looking at a long term problem, when the best solution is somewhat GO ALL OUT GUNS BLAZING, to get rid of Daesh and Assad.

The surrounding arab States all of course have purchased much of the American Weaponry over the years, though typically treat such things as part of the Toy Collection to sparkle and show of to others in dick extension fashion & terms, though not allowed out of the box and so on, less they lose value or face when any such gadget goes awry.

The MAGIC of TOYS of the Gods, does of course still hold appeal to peoples who have little in the way of knowledge of Science and technology and EVOLUTIONARY TEACHING & so on and so forth.

Oscar Pistorius is now a murderer apparently, a conclusion many of us decided upon quite some time ago, though differing Countries have differing Legal processes to decide upon such things for ourselves.

Elsewhere some campaign has also started to remove Tyson Fury from the Sports personality contender list, for his personal views on some fascist group cults etc.  I have little to comment upon beyond saying that counter arguments, are rarely seen or given in legitimate light.

So things are al getting somewhat heated and it perhaps best for folks to simply get on with it and place focus on activities that are uplifting and rewarding and not going to war at every opportunity, with all and anyone who disagree’s with your colour, sexuality, race and the very many BIASES that very many people hold dear to themselves, very often that have gone unquestioned for a very long time.

IS IT TRUE, is oftn a good starting place, as are various letting go. Type formulas and so on.

I do not need or require other peoples to be other than how they are, that perhaps one of CHOICE and DECISION MAKING and so on.

Of course it can be frustrating when we see how some folks are, though I would hope that anyone who makes the investment on Technologies suchas those found on can see the benefit of long term usage and decision making over short term discomforts and realisations and so on.


Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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