So What Actually Happened/Occurred?

Yes that is my resounding take on this evening Dr Who episode, more later.  First I can of course return to my Premiership predictions and FEEL THE PAIN.

What David said and what actually happened.

Man City were chosen and Stoke Won, David = 0

Arsenal were chosen and Arsenal Won, David = 1

Man Utd were chosen and West Ham Drew, David = 1

Aston Villa Draw was chosen and Southampton Drew, David = 2

Leicester Draw was chosen and Leicester Won, David = 2

Watford were chosen and Watford Won, David = 3

Tottenham were chosen and West Brom Drew, David = 3

Chelsea were chosen and Bournemouth Won, David = 3

So a terrible day at the office then, were I a regular Football Pundit, 3 correct results from 8 games played, and I doubt few pundits would have DEVIATED a great deal from the predictions that I gave, although DIVERGENCE from a given path is perhaps where Society is at, in terms of AWAKENING or persevering or looking for new angles and perspectives and so on and so forth.

Would I have said that prior to taking in the Final Dr Who episode of the season?

Well it seems to myself that it was only today’s “Hell Bent” episode that established he was trapped within the CONFESSION DISK and in fact, it was his refusal to say what the Timelords wanted to know that led to his somewhat extended multi-billion year incarceration.

Likewise alternate tangents were taken to those suggested/speculated by myself previously.

The writer Steven Moffat perhaps coming up with a more complex or CEREBRAL episode, that kind of appeals to IDEAS as to RUNNING AWAY and Dreamscapes and so on, I was not expecting the shielder character in this episode, or indeed the alternate 1st Tardis and the two females whizzing of on adventures of their own.

Nor was I expecting a New Beginnings for the Dr as was suggested by his entry into his own Tardis.

So yes, after watching I was completely unsure as to what has actually supposed to have occurred, and decided to see what some commentators were saying, you know how as humans we want every ounce and so on to conclude some THREAD when the suggestion actually is one of “You can have any thread and direction you want”.

So I was not overly plussed by the commentators and decided to investigate Steven Moffat, he has had a distinguished career with the Dr Who Franchise now for many years.

So I found him on Twitter and followed, only to then discover zero comments going back some 5 years to 2010.  Likewise I went to #DrWho or one of two fan type pages and again, found that most were in various shapes and forms of “Fan Mode” “Whats not to like”.  One or two other people’s famous apparently as commenters put the tuppence worth in, time travel does not exist etc.  BORING.

Yes I felt strong urges to actually go from comment to comment giving response, both positive and negative, though I guess twitter is an OUTLET of sorts for peoples who have not pursued higher awareness and so on, and simply want to be entertained and know that they are with a group mindset rather than otherwise.

So yes, it would be nice to have been able to follow writers such-as Mr Moffat though clearly they have busy schedules, and rather large collectives of communications to respond to, if they go down those kinds of routes, perhaps better to give interview to larger groupings via larger media publications rather than address each and every repetition of question that individuals come up with.

We also saw a short clip of the forthcoming Christmas Episode, and again they “Christmas Episodes” have generally been disappointments throughout the rebooting of the Franchise, so I do not expect too much.

First impression was OVERSATURATION of COLOURS and lights and that is of course perhaps the REALITY that any of us when young infants and new born’s face in terms of sensory comprehension of chiristmas.

Also related to recent news that FAIRY LIGHTS interfere with WI-FI.

I did not read beyond the headline though was quite sure that it did not make a great deal of sense to myself, beyond giving people a BELIEF REASON as to why one or the other is not working correctly.

I did go tangent though and wondered and speculated as to

Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman, Be he alive, or be he dead I’ll grind his bones to make my bread


Yes I could complete the passage in one way or another, though it is of course interesting as to USAGE and blending of such IDEAS in COMBINATION.

Especially when we go to IDEAS such-as THOUGHTS become things.

Today I made a donation to WIKI, only a small contribution, though one I think appropriate given the extensive usage I have made of wiki in recent years.

In fact I do think I could well benefit from STORYING within a wiki type environment, I notice multiple wiki variants have appeared over the years and am unsure as to how linked in or associated with wiki they really, various FANZINE type zones and so on, for various ENTERNTAINMENT REALMS.

I mention that because on returning to wiki I was once again presented with a Comic book creator, this time a chap called EISNER who wrote a Graphic Novel “Contract with God” or some such and that of course led to once again researching “The Ten Commandments” and the Jewish faith and so on.

Unsure what I am to learn from such things now, having explored many a religion and science based evaluating system.

Strangely as much as Science and scientists deride External entities and beings in the same way shape and form as Christians do, false prophets and idols, one can struggle to come to terms of what are allegedly competing IDEOLOGIES.

So yes, it can appear that we want and need and require ESCAPISM from the day-to-day mundane realities that we exist within, though likewise as much as we may want to find and associate with like-minded folks and individual’s, you do find over and again that many pursuits and paths and directions are somewhat lacking beyond superficial entertainment value or interest.

So what next, well clearly each and every day is another opportunity to start over afresh and so on, though typically we do seem to struggle with distractions and temptations time and again, and indeed wanting to perhaps create our own versioning of distractions and temptations for others, you then of course fall into debate as to how far you go with any given research and IDEA.

I joined a book writing course to write a book, though in many ways and having continously diaried and journaled you do come up against those walls of frustration and what next, suggesting perhaps that somewhere deep in side exists some existential debate as to PERFECTION and what constitutes such ideas versus otherwise.

Does being out of alignment or in alignment with any grouping or faction or whatever SATISFY whatever it is that society and people believe themselves to want out of life, the universe and everything.

It seems an easier question for some to answer than others, though clearly no matter what your realm or how you spend your time, you will likely find some who share in your beliefs and those who want nothing less than your removal from the World.

What is the next evolutionary step, will it come through science or belief or writers and authors propelling there mindset into the future and wondering as to how this can be now.

No matter the interpretation of a thought into a thing, you do find that room exists to see alternate versioning’s of realities through differing peoples and persons.

So ten artists sat in a line told to picture the scene in front of them will create 10 differing pictures and the same can be suggested for differing combination of sources and resources.

This perhaps an issue in inner troubles and trials and tribulations, in the sense that taking on ideas and thinking strategies that are not necessarily your own can potentially lead to further suffering than any individual necessarily wants.

The image of Lady Macbeth scrubbing her hands and screeching “out damned spot” trying to wash the blood of her hands springs to mind, though of course we can suggest that everyone has an inner child wanting or feeling suffocated by those about themselves, whether family or friends or a society and herd behaviour and patterning that does not seem true to you etc.

Yes I am wittering so shall leave this one here for now and perhaps write something differing tomorrow, when I have escaped to a Whole New World, that is free from the very many unimportant nonsenses that so many people want and need and INTRANSIGENTLY require to be true as though life depends on such things.

Virtual reality or real reality or Surreal reality or streamed reality or dreamed reality, clearly the progress of technology and the uptake speed of any given lessons and learnings is again dependent on just how much any teacher is willing to COMMUNICATE to an AUDIENCE.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 😉

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