Yes so I Somehow Managed To Miss Storm Clodagh

Unsure as to how you can notice Abigail and Barney and then skip a letter as though someone is cheating at SCRABBLE.

So I thought I could think some more on the Dr Who though found myself being recommended Men in Black 3 (to watch) in some email so decided to give it a go, and I enjoyed the time travelling adventure, though early indication was that I would not, the opening to the film perhaps in a comic book style and humour that failed (at least with myself) to grab my interest, I perhaps relying on liking the Will Smith & Tommy Lee Jones combination stuff from the earlier movies and indeed I also found myself watching some trailer for an Adam Sandler Comedy Western on Netflix though again unsure as to whether it will gain viewing upon release.

He does have history of somewhat hit and miss issues within his film collection, though I think it perhaps differing audience appeals and so on, hard to please American Audience and International audience and so on at the same time.

I then popped to the paper shop and found myself purchasing EXTRA NEWSPAPERS, so instead of a typical Sunday with 1 or 2 papers I found myself scanning through 4 rather large bundles of papers, having been asked to get the extra’s I of course took the opportunity to look through them myself and wonder as to significance or importance and so on.

It could be suggested that a broad representative selection was made in terms of commentators and articles and reports upon this weekly “goings on” from both left wing opinionated individuals and right wing opinionated individuals and indeed I also seemingly found rather large sections on the topic of Syria, everything to what we are doing on the ground as well as in the Air and indeed what other Nations and the suggested opponents are doing and so on.

Elsewhere within the papers they all typically having rather tight focus on particular market sectors and demographics, especially in terms of what is being reported and who is giving the best headlines and information.

Is it really a case of over-saturation of inuts for myself hopefully giving some new angle or shift or simply going over already covered ground that I have done throughout my lifetime.

Strange question, though I can demonstrate that at various points within my life I can say I read and studied and sought to expand my various intelligences through shifting the very many demographic models that we have, mixing up the opinions and potentially seeking self-improvement etc.

The sad fact in multiple looking backs that I have considered and reviewed over the last year or two is that, whilst I KNEW what I wanted to achieve, I perhaps failed on each and every occasion in terms of not only concentration and focus even with determined effort, it seems I was always HAMPERED by particular saboteur like thoughts and feelings and issues, if not my own, then those I gained through being overly EXTERNALLY referenced.

So big stories, well a typical one that is a LIE is this one of the COLUMBIAN TREASURE GALLEON.  The story is several years old and has been through several years of litigation to come to a point where ownership and so on can be validated etc.

So mutton news dressed as lamb news then?


What else, well I published Weird Al Yankovich song yesterday and today see seemingly indirect reference on Piers Morgan’s Daily Mail page.  Not that I read such things correctly beyond the scanning.

What is actually more annoying for myself is the way in which all the big national broadcast media outlets are styling there front pages, the BBC & Sky and so on, all constantly giving front page styling to headlines that I am not wanting to see at the point of entry to the sites, the patience to find the category link and then go to differing category that is more appealing is not the issue, so much as the fact that too much PERCENTAGE is given to POLITCAL DEBATES & WAR DEBATES & TODAY terrorism on the London tube.

Again all this London material is all well and good for those within that sector as is the Cumbrian Floods for those up there, wherever Cumbria is, though likewise all this talk of putting Yorkishire ripper Peter Sutcliffe in to a regular prison is ridiculous, unless some ULTERIOR MOTIVE exists in HIGHLIGHTING BROADMOOR or whatever the place is named that he currently lives in.

Simon Cowell Robbed also popular in terms of that TRNDING phrase we see associated with many a news outlet on TWITTER, though again not being a big TV land follower tends to mean I have little interest in the lifestyle choices of who is hot and who is not etc.

Andy Warhol also portrayed in that film, I mentioned earlier and the famous for fifteen minutes quote thing is perhaps exaggerated today in terms of how quickly any one of us can be forgotten about.

I think I heard something about Jade Goody recently and of course Bill Oddy was in the Goodies, another childhood 70’s programme, that features a giant Doogle? From The Magic roundabout, so yes lots of strange linkages, dogs that look like broom heads, from triggers Broom of course not those of modern mops and squeegee’s as those in the know call them.

Yes I have not mentioned Disco for a day or 2 though that perhaps because I was simply looking for recognisable standout type materials.

In fact the American styled Diner in the Dr Who episode was similar to a Diner I visited whilst at Euro Disney all those years back, the only thing missing perhaps all the staff breaking into various song and dance routines whilst those of us eating ate.

So easy to understand how mixed and confused we can be as adults, and we wonder at the imagination of children.

So some formulaic STEREOTYPES can be a blessing as well as a hindrance, in many ways for many people, though identifying underlying relational database type cataloguing can make all the difference within our interpretation.

I was for instance thinking of this issue of Dr Who being stuck within the Confession disk for multiple millennia and all he had to do to escape was tell on his knowledge of “The Hybrid” I think it was.

Though how many of us when we were children “TOLD THE TRUTH” and then were informed by adults or other children or other peoples and persons that “WE WERE LYING” when in fact we were telling the truth.

Yes this one of those strange congruence issues of “Whose truth is it anyway” whereby whilst I read multiple papers the last was the redtop in all but name Sunday Mail, and they far more sensationalist than the Star and The Sun in many ways, and they also report Story’s that are seemingly not given to us the AUDIENCE being able to CROSS REFERENCE such things for ourselves.

That perhaps the danger of any Media outlet what so ever, and one highlighted in that Sherlock episode whereby the Newspaper Magnet simply dealt in providing the public with information or GIVING THE IMPRESSION that he had information, that was in fact causing peoples to provide the information themselves.

I think Paul Scheele spoke on this as to CLAIRVOYANTS and so on, coming out with a generalised IDEA and then peoples confirming or being CONGRUENT with what they are being told or led to belief.

This perhaps an issue of plasticity and how set in stone or intransigent we any of us has become during our lifetimes.

So we always or often doing those so-called COMPARE what we know, with what we knew historically or possibly as I am at times unsure whether any of it is VERIFIABLE beyond SPECULATION.

Especially when you realise just how much many an alleged SCIENTIFIC TRUTH is also unable to pass verifiable testing etc.

Elsewhere I found myself noting a New Book from some writer associated with Deepak Chopra and I do like his style of Spiritualism although this book was about Gene Therapy and editing and so on.

Yes I have the book “Super Brain” within my collection and they have now written a kind of follow up “Super Gene”

Unsure how one is to acquire a super gene, though Gene Rodenbury might be a starting point for the la-di-da Star Trek type fans out there.

So I wanted to find a FOUNDATION that was based in some sound elements and teachings, though the further I have progressed the more I have seemingly found that many a taken for granted truth was based in some BODILY NEED or REQUIREMENT such as food and so on.

Strange though true I have at various points within my history done exactly that in terms of buying foodstuffs and so on, that I felt my body was pointing myself toward, unsure how well attuned I was to that IDEA, though typically it has been suggested over the years that Females and Women are generally far more attuned to their Bodies and functions than us blokes.

Clearly many systems have been created and crafted by many peoples and persons and having some kind of Global Super System Universal translator is going to take something that many of us do not belief we have-that of course the IDEA of TIME.

So is NOW a better place to play and can we really simply consider ourselves, even as Individuals as the collective works of this city or town or person and persons developed PROCESSES.

Yes I can also say that after resisting for so long I decided to watch some show on Netflix entitled SCORPION and it was about a gang of super nerds working for some governmental department and unsure if I will continue, there is budget shows and budget shows and one does think that some retakes of some scenes and so on may have been better, though clearly some established actors have appeared and indeed I did grow up watching many of those Aussie cheap shows as well as British shows where in retrospect you wonder as to why the so-called SET has not fallen APART.

So I UTILSED or high lighted horoscopes as an EXAMPLE of incompatibilities, because typically when you study any given area, you often find that the previous generation were already POTENTIALLY following such patterns, again possibly having a NEGATIVE or DETRIMENTAL effect upon yourself.

So for example Scorpio is a Water Sign and in those terms, peoples are often expected to match best with others of similar groupings or categorisations, so what if you study your parents SIGNS and their friends or indeed siblings and their friends and find that they have seemingly non-consciously conspired to go with such groupings.

This does in fact in terms of behaviour patterns have a certain amount of truth, though recognising such things (what many of us do) can lead to worse trauma than simply having a good old internal dialogue as to how you came to be in this position or that position and so on.

So the same so-called came of black and white, gets passed down from generation to generation and likewise peoples try to match themselves up with what they are told they should be or indeed otherwise, the old resistance issue of being a FOLLOWER of some TEACHINGS for so long that you also hold the NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCE BELIEF as to not being a FOLLOWER anymore.

Yes I for example went to a church for several years and favourite words and phrases were typically of backsliders and peoples who stopped attendance and so on, and likewise we see similar things within other sphere realms, whether for hobbies or socialising and just about each and every decision you can make about your life.

So I decide to stop drinking (another popular one for myself over the years) where in order to meet the stop drinking culture I stop going to Pubs (for example), that can of course also then incur possibly negative consequences in other areas, such as whether you are in any pub related teams, or that is where your GROUP hangs out or whatever.

So even when you decide to go COLD TURKEY from some things you no longer deem necessary or want in your life, you often have to also go through other lesser pains or teething troubles, because very little of anyone’s life and the LABELS and so on, that we give to such things, exists in ISOLATION.

Anyway I have gone on somewhat today, so shall leave it here for now.

After yesterdays premiership annihilation I would be wise to not even consider making any selections, though of course will anyway.

Whose playing, let me check

NEWCASTLE vs LIVERPOOL and whilst I should say LIVERPOOL I think we may well be seeing home advantage giving the Toon Army a draw or something else to smile about.

What the FA CUP, I have never heard of those teams, all akin to the Accrington Stanley that Hereford United or whatever they are now called have become in recent years.

Oh all right





Dag & Red





That’s all folks

Thank you for reading, god Bless and be well 😉

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