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Dear Diary

it has now been 3 days since I last made an entry and quite a while since I began writing anything DEAR DIARY, just to raise a chuckle.

I decided to once again return to some basic research in terms of viewing and seeing how “Modern” society does stuff, to that end I watched another JJ Abrahams Steen Speilberg movie entitled Super 8.

The film typically about a small town group of kids creating there own super 8 movies, when all hell breaks lose, due to secret military goings on.

What stood out for myself was that yes it is a well worn formula, though in terms of how it was storyboarded and shot it was fantastic, the film is worth watching just for the train derailment sequence alone.

Following on from that movie I then decided to watch another that I have put of now for quite some time.  The film “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” starring Jim Carry was recommended perhaps a year or more ago now by another blogger who strangely disappeared a couple of blogs later.

However the film was a love story with a difference in the sense that a couple had split up and one of them had gone to some back street company that specialised in mind wipes, effectively having her memory of former boyfriend removed.  He upon discovering this decided to do the same, only for events to take a somewhat subversive route to eventual completion during the procedure. I can in fact suggest that I wish had watched it earlier than I did, as it was an excellent film, and the cast performances were quality, also giving Jim Cary a small opportunity to return to the brilliance demonstrated in The Truman Show.

Following on from that I then proceeded to watch the Modern version of Robocop, again another of those “when I get around to it” kinds of selections.  The remake was of a good quality and standard and I again enjoyed the new look, he looked somewhat styled on Knight Rider, once he had a black visor and red stripe completing his biker look.

Anyway after watching those latter 2 films, I had some further realisations as to the fact that BOTH had included issues as to the BRAIN and PROGRAMMING and what is a machine and what is software and so on.  In fact it can be suggested that both films had or demonstrated “Get out of jail free” cards within the story’s in the sense, that the couple in Eternal Sunshine were able to reclaim there relationship and start over after circumnavigating the mind mapping, and indeed Murphy in Robocop was said to be able to over ride the programming he had been given.

Always of course an interesting debate to be had, though of course, we are all said to be able to overcome our own resistance or have more choice when one or other option is or has become closed to ourselves in some fashion.

So yes after those two films had concluded I found myself thinking on that subject matter and then strangely found myself returning to the theme of the number


Yes I know I have done numbers also previously though some new twist and turn is always seemingly taking place in some fashion.

So what about 8?

Well big cinematic release or advertised release is of course The Hateful 8 by Quintin Tarentino, and the trailer I saw sure looks well worth watching.

So after those movies I looked through the Netflix catalogue at various recommendations and decided to watch a Netflix Original entitle SENSE8.


Well I recently wrote about song “Rivers of Babylon” and that also led into further thoughts as to TV SCI-FI show “Babylon 5”.  Now I know or am convinced that I watched that show though in fact had to look it up to remind myself having seemingly lost all knowledge of it.  Unsure as to reason though it was apparently shown between 1992-1997 and I in fact whilst knowing that I watched that show can remember exceptionally little about my life during those 5 years.  If I could recall I would, though beyond some exceptionally basic work memory and some living stuff, I really do think huge gaps strangely exist, especially when you consider there are 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week and so on, yes I know that repetition of routine and life can cause a certain amount of blending and days merging and all the rest, though it could also potentially be related to alcohol intake and other stuff going on, not really sure so will not speculate, as I can hope beyond all hopes that further details emerge as those years are now within the “how can I get a “Total Recall” going”.  Yes that another film that has been redone, though I may get around to it at some point.

So anyway “Babylon 5” was created by some chap who I was generally unaware of, though I know I liked the show and also of course most of us have heard or enjoyed “The Matrix”, so what are you likely to get when the creators of Babylon 5 and The Matrix Join Forces, this perhaps where we get SENSE8 coming to the fore.

So Netflix and Amazon type companies want some original content and they want names that carry some weight or interest or leverage.  Anyway one of the shows commissioned by Netflix was a apparently this SENSE8, so I thought that whilst I am not really a big TV/MOVIE Buff anymore I would check it out.

So was it worth it?

Well I perhaps in the fortunate position, that the entire season is available already having been broadcast earlier in the year, although it did come with an eighteen certification.  Seems less and less important as you get older, though clearly 18 suggests so-called ADULT material or gratuitous sex and violence and so on.

So I began watching and the first couple of episodes are perhaps “getting to know you” kinds of affairs where you kind of get to see a little of each of the various characters and various lifestyle choices and so on.

In fact I would suggest that a kind of BIAS exists within the writing, though can not complain or cry fowl to loudly because overall as you progress you do see various swings and roundabouts and BALANCE. 

In fact, the sex and violence and personal lives of the characters was in many ways less important than many of the fantastic WORLD WIDE VISUALS and LOCATIONS, although the ELEMENTS and characters were really great in their own rights, so you could “IN THEORY” have a story about any of the people in the story and that would be enough, though the overall BLENDING OF INTERNATIONAL life stories and so on really worked.

I personally think that the show or any Country could typically cut out some of the gratuitous sex and violence materials or indeed the somewhat graphic childbirth sequences, and the show would still stand up fairly well to many an audience.  Clearly the issue one of differing Countries having differing LAWS relating to what can and cannot be broadcast, though I thought after watching the complete season of 12 episodes over 2 or 3 days, that enough exists for all-comers from the trashy soap opera fan to the cop show fan to the martial arts fan and mobster fans, it really managed to contain some of everyone’s favourite elements, and even some of the OFF-PUTTING materials such-as a couple of heterophobic relationships did not stop myself from watching the complete season.

Clearly I do not know what is hot what is not, though if a TV AWARD CEREMONY were coming up, I would expect this series to collect several EMMIES (for example) simply for things such-as Locations and photography and so on.

Yes, the actors and actresses and other performers were also exceptionally good performances, to the extent that you kind of would like them all to win something, perhaps part of the macrocosym microcosym though several were also recognisable faces from other shows and others typically playing roles in the STYLE & MANNER of STRONG STEREOTYPES, and perhaps demonstrating that even stereotypes can be exceptionally well played out where each and every demographic, whether Indian or African or American or German can laugh and chuckle at it all.

So yes 5 stars to whoever came up with that lot, although I do also STRONGLY SUSPECT PLAGURISM.

What, yes some scenes and indeed IDEAS are ones that have been seen or written upon here, so whilst we can all now perhaps RELATE better to IDEAS of SYNCHRONICITY it does kind of perhaps demonstrate that no matter how unknown or small anyone feels when measured against a population of 7 Billion, they can feel a part of something greater. Ripples in the Ocean etc.

No I do not totally agree with absolutely everything within the show though as an entertainment for entertainment I can say yes lets have some more like that. You might even get someone who gave up watching TV & FILM to start over again.

What else, well I did actually watch on the one day without MEDITATING on that day, and strangely I went in to work and everyone was seemingly DIFFERENT, a certain level of ANXIETY or ANGER and short temperedness.  Yes, so David tries to ensure he meditates each day so such things have little overall affect within his own environment etc.

What else, well I have of course missed a Champions League Night so will do a quick ist now for this evening, though a look back to yesterday’s results suggests I may have errored anyway.

So I can of course state that the list published Sunday for the FA cup gave myself 6 out of 9, though I erred heavily the previous day.

So tonight I would go for






Bayern Munich

Dynamo Kiev

Zenit St Petersburg

Yes I know, though this is why it is better to dip your toes or simply go for a couple of selections that you personally feel you are experiencing strong indicators for.

I have eradicated many a BIAS from within my own personage and have little incentive to return to catching or getting caught up in any BIAS related nonsenses, hence my recommendations of choice and options from higher states of awareness and enlightenment with the assistance of the technologies I recommend on various websites.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be well 😉

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