So The End Of Qualifying Then?

Yes of course as is well known among regular sporting fans, teams that have already qualified within some competition can over relax or try out new tactics and again such things are akin to a fistful of coins going up in the air and not knowing where they are going to land until it happens.

So what I suggested and what actually occurred

Barcelona were chosen and Bayer Levkin Drew, David = 0

Olympiakos were chosen and Arsenal Won, David = 0

Porto were chosen and Chelsea Won, David = 0

Valencia were chosen and Lyon Won, David = 0

Roma were chosen and BATE Bor Drew, David = 0

Bayern Munich were chosen and Bayern Munich Won, David = 1

Dynamo Kiev were chosen and Dynamo Kiev Won, David = 2

Zenit St Petersburg were chosen and KAA Gent Won, David = 2

So there you have it, the worst football pundit in the history of punditry with a grand total of 2 correct selections from 8 matches played. Effectively a New unused fraction of a QUARTER.

So what was the cause of such discrepency? In honesty I am unsure, I actually suspect that whilst I have continued to take and write notes that various courses I signed up to are still continuing to be part and parcel of my life and of course, you typically in wanting greater alignment with Global Circumstances etc, do find that some may not be geared toward the goals that you have set yourself.

Likewise of course, we can only control what is within our own heart mind and body and not that of others, I found this to be especially true after raising Threshold and so on, whereby some long held undesirable thoughts and feelings and influences were perhaps rejected in favour of positive and more uplifting and rewarding ideals. The issue then perhaps one of what happens next etc. All well and good feeling free of many a topic and issue of debate, though if such things are operating to countermand or negatively influence other aspects of life, it could be potentially better to go deeper and seek to ISOLATE more specifically the more SUBTLE nuances and so on.

Yes difficult to take anything solely in isolation, though I have been fairly strict over the years in seeking to be that way with myself (not others) realising that clearly some of us through history or Societal conditioning etc, are potentially more negatively susceptible to long established systems and so on.

I did find myself returning again to researching the Babylon 5 thing, as I genuinely could not believe that I could forget such a show as much as I had, even other comparable shows of that time period Star trek DS9 (for example), I have memories of characters and so on for. I in that research concluded that the hooks etc were slightly differing, in that whilst some grand underpinning ideas are listed as to the way the show was created, my own viewing motive was perhaps that I owned a version of the Computer that all the Visual Effects and Graphics and so on were being created and crafted upon.

That perhaps demonstrating that the Star Trek Universe was taken more in story terms and of course having other Star Trek Universe Established Backdrops and themes and so on, whilst a differing Sci-Fi World was enjoyable though failed perhaps to gain or establish some DEEPER meanings, although the claims I read on wiki now suggest that great things were intended from the creators.

So yes, I think that having increased TV/FILM viewing in recent weeks, I am actually now going to once again have something of a break, all too easy to waste huge numbers of hours within your day on such things, when the reality is that given the way we grow up these days etc, you pretty much likely know all you need to know by school leaving age, the big debate then as to beliefs and motives and incentives of course.

As suggested previously, I have been perfectly happy with or at various points of my life without feeling the need or requirement to adapt or make changes, though likewise I do kind of concur with some folks that raising threshold and clearing out much flotsam and jetsam can be a better place to be operating from as you grown older, especially if you find yourself on the receiving end of negative hate campaigns, very often of course people demanding that you not be who you are, or how you are etc.

So this evening Europa League then (arrgghhhh)






Sparta Prague


AZ Alkmaar

P’Zan Belgrade

Rubin Kazan

Bor Dortmd

FK Krasnodar

12 matches and the opportunity to see one again the reason or belief I may have for the shift to a ¼ ratio yesterday.

It could well be related to that number 8 issue. We do have to remind ourselves of course that when we go to a musical instrument such as a piano, we have 7 white keys and 5 black keys and likewise other instruments have differing numbers of notes within given octave ranges and so on. Also of course when we look to biblical Texts (for example) we are typically suggested or told of 12 tribes of Israel (hence Battlestar Galactica and 12 colonies etc).

So was 8 selected because of my suggestion of H heaven or hell being on the other side of the G within a regular musical scale? Yes such things can be carved up quite effectively simply in terms of sound, though when you go into wave scale measurements and LIGHT MEASUREMENTS, you typically again have to be able to know your CONVERSION or INTERPRETATION or TRANSITIONS from one measuring system to another.

Many have been created and crafted over the years across many distinct realms, though clearly some perhaps serve us well whilst other may best be left behind, once greater knowledge and awareness’ are established etc.

I really do think some progressions are genuinely positive for society, whilst others are simply someone crafting an unnecessary new spin on methodologies that have stood the test of time, clearly it is up to us as individuals as to those systems we utilise and benefit from and those that we feel are bells and whistles and distractions from the CORE KNOWLEDGE SET.

Clearly ideas as to what a core knowledge consists of also change though I do think the MODULAR APPROACH has more benefits than some unwieldly handfuls of spaghetti that we see win some systems.

What else, well unsure why I drifted onto this subject matter though I see the Golden Globe nominations are being presented as I type so can perhaps comment in a day or two when the authors writing those things up have edited and made correction to poor spellings and so on, Golden Globes suggested to be Oscar Guidance, though not being a buff beyond seeing one or two films heavily advertised it can be troublesome in identifying the reasoning going on behind closed doors of the industry professionals etc.

Elsewhere the news is of further floods and hunts for terror suspects now within GENEVA Switzerland, strange though true of course it can be difficult zooming in on where your own interest and attention is best placed. I see Sky has some GCHQ christmas card puzzle that I have clicked on to see if I can do, though clearly many such a test that I may have enjoyed when younger can be too much bother. Elsewhere the whining about Trump & Fury continues as does news on claims of a North Korean Hydrogen Bomb, sntrage though true I did see some kind of Celebration announcement with orchestra early this morning related to korea though did not know what it was on about beyond seeing synchronised clappers and a visual image of a Missile and graphic of trajectories and so on.

Elsewhere I forgot to mention that I picked up and looked at a Daily Star at work that had been left on a table and apparently another Special Forces related TV show has been created and is popular with viewers, perhaps demonstrating that whilst we all kind fo have those reaction to see HEREFORD, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM within various novels and fictions, there really is an appetite out there for Special Forces related stories and industry and speculation and so on, the problem then for those within such realms is perhaps DELIVERY SYSTEM or DEVICE, clearly they capable of writing diaries and books and many have over the years, though likewise others have contributed to Movie and Film with EXPERTISE knowledge and likewise of course you see them within various game fiction realms.

So who have I not mentioned, Special Forces GCHQ, and so on do of course often have to fit within some given Hierarchical Constraint, when in fact they often operate better as kind of standalone off shoots from the more regular systems and mechanism of governance.

Yes when we go to fiction, we do see that newly named groups are often identified and so on and it can be troublesome knowing where we IMAGINE any given grouping fits within the present model.

That Babylon 5 show typically had some kind of Psy Corp and that of course simply taps into what many a person fears most about others, that deeply dark hidden secrets are going to be revealed or indeed such peoples and persons require being controlled in some fashion.

The reality of course when you look at simple regular pre-existing and already established military groups and so on that many roles are already CATERED for in some fashion, though is not necessarily OBVIOUS at face value. I half-heartedly joked perhaps as to interpretation of SIGNS & SYMBOLS though the reality is that all any of us can do upon making such explorations is of course identify what is already established and working for you and what aspects perhaps require some greater practice or however one wishes to describe such things.

So I shall leave it here for today, though I clearly still within some la-di-da scape that fails to put money on the table and food in the belly, so further digging perhaps required, or indeed simply giving up and turning attention elsewhere.

If every system you learn from others fail to work for yourself, then perhaps the best route is to identify what does work and what require further practice and what will work for all-comers versus otherwise.

I know for example, that having been heavily traumatised at various points within personal history and also of course targetted by local thug gangs and groupings as well as new arrival thug gangs and groupings that society does seemingly operate in similar circumstance to that suggested within thw babylon 5 writeup on wiki, yes I am sure other models exist and that is simply one writers take on all these things, though clearly moving targets are moving targets and whilst we can suggest that things are always in some kind of flux, that some fundamentals are nearly always going to be seen in some fashion or manner.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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