Have You Ever been Nagged By A Frog

Yes strange question though I do come up with them from time to time.  In fact on getting home from a night shift I will typically sit on a backdoor step and regain some energy and have a cup of tea prior to deciding whether to hop straight to bed or sty up a few hours, irregular hours and wanting to be more attuned to seasonal fluctuations and so on can actually be more beneficial than sticking rigidly to some well worn and regimental type patterns and cycles.

Aside: So I sit and door step and the croaking starts and I of course have a habit of doing a Dr Doolittle Act in such moments, replicating the sound or altering it slightly, not just with Frog but with one or two other creatures that have appeared.  Very often we then seemingly have a conversation of sorts taking it in turns, not quite sure what I have been saying though we get by.

So returning to the cylcles & patterns issue of bedtimes; I know this because I can remember being sent to bed or told to go to sleep when a child, and typically unable to follow such commandments, often instead finding other activities to pursue until I was genuinely tired.

Yes this is another factor that you see a hundred & one Expert Books upon, though having tried disciplined and regimented and indeed alternates such-as working nights, I have actually over the years come to the conclusion that most people really can be better of working out what genuinely works best for themselves, above & beyond expert opinion.  No it is not all it is cracked up to be feeling that we are burning the midnight oil for some test or presentation the following day (been there done that) though in general when you adopt a more as and when approach you do find that your body can actually often find greater attunement’s.  Such things can be difficult for us city dwellers of course, as can differing or unfamiliar temperatures such as on holiday, though typically if we are part and parcel of the Greater Universe then we are part of the Environment and can adopt a mental approach that unless we have taken ourselves into some great godforsaken place where no one manages to survive then we are likely to come to some kind of natural ACCLIMATISATION.

Yes, some programs such as Four Seasons can help perhaps stimulate thoughts and feelings for differing seasons and environments, though our bodies are fully capable of doing such things for themselves given the opportunity (I think).  I say this not to CRITICISE companies such-as Learning Strategies who create these “In an Instant” just add MPX Player & Headphones programs so much as to say, well yes they can be useful in mind expansion and getting you into particular mental zones and patterns and cycles, though they also potentially miss element & factors that you might include that the various contributors & so on fail to take into consideration.

So all that triggered by a conversation with a Frog.

What else, well I can of course now look at the Europa Football Results

What I said and what occurred.

Fenerbache were chosen and Celtic Drew, David = 0

Tottenham were chosen and Tottenham Won, David = 1

Liverpool were chosen and FC Sion Drew, David = 1

Ajax were chosen and Molde Drew, David = 1

Anderlecht were chosen and Anderlecht Won, David = 2

Sparta Prague were chosen and Sparta Prague Won, David = 3

Schalke were chosen and Schalke Won, David = 4

AZ Alkmaar were chosen and Ath Bilbao Drew, David = 5

P’Zan Belgrade were chosen and FC Augsburg Won, David = 5

Rubin Kazan were chosen and Bordeaux Drew, David = 5

Bor Dortmd were chosen and PAOK Salonika Won, David = 5

FK Krasnodar were chosen and FK Krasnodar Won, David = 6

So there you have it, from 12 matches I only managed to gain 6 wins, yes I could excuse myself in not going or suggesting draws, though it can often seem to confuse things further when you start speculating on draws and other so-called deeper tactics, when a simple face value selection choice is always a 50:50 right or wrong, cut and dry and so on.

Elsewhere, I have not yet spoken upon this weeks apprentice Episode, unsure as to reason, though I think having watched all those Sense8 and Movies, the regular Apprentice type program falls into a differing kind of mental model where I genuinely struggled to designate an appropriate zone for it, is it entertainment or is it a Bloodthirsty “Hunger Games” type show.

This week the contestants asked to create a snack food and then sell/promote said product to some successful retailers.  We strangely saw both the females from each team finding there way into the realm of the Kitchen and BOTH of them having a kind of experimentation as to not only ingredients but seemingly actual cooking skills and abilities.

It is always of course dangerous ground to get onto as to cooking skills, because I do know such things occur in swings and roundabouts, so for example, my ex-wife having done a catering course and having grown up around a kitchen oriented household was far better able within a kitchen than myself, though I did learn a few tricks and skills during those years, likewise my own skills were not all that bad in comparison with a few other peoples whose varied attempts at cooking I have encountered over the years.

Anyway the simply thing to suggest is that it is never to late to learn to appreciate and enjoy the kitchen rather than rebel as some place to have nothing to do with, because some of us blokes apparently want to chain women to kitchens etc.

My own view is that irrespective of sex, race colour creed etc, some basic LIFE SKILLS are worthwhile having and those can typically be things such as knowing your way around a kitchen and being able to iron your clothes and use a washing machine etc.

So lots of jobs that used to be done by people replaced by machine, and microwaves and ready meals typically simply pushing skills out to tender to highest bidders etc, though what if you were in a competition such as the Apprentice or a Big Brother House and were asked to do such things?

Clearly some learning choices and options can serve us throughout our lives much like riding a bicycle and other choices and options such-as rejecting such skills can LIMIT us or indeed return to haunt us, this perhaps the difference between having paid help or otherwise.

Anyone who likes having a certain level of independence in life irrespective or lifestyle choices and relationships is often able to demonstrate many such a skill because they know they may only have themselves to fall back on at some point.  So yes I am not against community and relationships and sharing though I have over the years found myself seemingly “put upon” in the sense of having a skill that a girlfriend or flat share or whatever does not have, typically people can trade of in such things and so on, though likewise we also of course have the choice and option to withdraw or not offer such skills if they are abused in some fashion.

Anyway so females in the kitchen and both teams seemingly opting for healthy Super food snacks, (nope me neither).

The one team used a cooking method said to keep all the nutritional qualities of the snacks though used way to much oil and gave a soggy crisp presentation to the unamused corporate buyers and the other team apparently created the equivalent of dry-your-mouth for a drink snack, all the tasters quickly becoming very thirsty.

That a classic BAR & PUB trick of course, peanuts and crisps often make folks more thirty to buy more drinks, usually due ot salt content, though anyway that is a digression, the snack was suggested to be over dry and tasteless.

The buyers were also not amused and both teams manage to fail to get any buyers, a complete washout for both teams, whether for cooking or indeed promotional materials.

So he had them all in and in reality any of them could have been eventually sacked or “YOUR FIRED”.

Much discussion and hearing from candidates again, and eventually Brett was given the Lord Sugar Finger Salute.

I actually realised that I had I think last week or the week before suggested I hoped things improve and this episode was actually a step up, I think the sound engineers and choice of music had something to do with that also.

So I was entertained, would I have gone differently to Lord Sugar?

Well from those left in the competition, I think we are more likely to see whom Lord Sugar wants to most work with rather than necessarily seemingly best candidate, Richard or Tricky Dicky as Lord Sugar referred to him, has strangely managed to have most wins and successes etc, and whether that is luck or whatever does not now seem to matter as they approach the INTERVIEWS stage of competition.

The clip for next week suggested that they are all about to go through a shredder process of sorts as to the business plans they have come up with or simply CV’s.

So the show perhaps actually demonstrates that anyone with a little perseverance and so on can go on to be successful entrepreneur though also getting investment and backing from a benefactor such-as Lord Sugar requires a certain amount of walking to his tune and indeed learning etc.

What else, well this mornings news is suggesting at least to myself that we are in one of those Its Christmas kinds of zones, where high lighted issues and topics are somewhat GLOSSED OVER, so you may want to be worried as to Headlines of Obesity and a crackdown on London gang culture and Runways not being given the green light, though who cares

STAR WARS the force awakens is opening this coming week, and that is all anyone needs to care about.

Yes so tightening belts or splashing out are perhaps the theme of the month and of course, many other topics and issues can appear at Christmas as the years office party season gets going, all the magazines and commentaries typically will repeat what is said year after year and is typically of course what many of us aleady know though typically strangely want others to confirm in some belief BIAS issue.

Clearly we can only genuinely relate to ourselves, and then have to speculate as to how close or differing we are from others, though generally given the degree’s of separation issue and indeed higher threshold and understanding that we are pretty much thoughts in a body kind of gives a shif tin perspective and angle as to what is and what is not important.

Easy to say, though I will of course suggest that folks not take my word for it, so much as purchase Holosync for themselves and see think and feel and act in accordance with new learnings and insights and beliefs as to what you can and can not do and achieve within your World and life etc.

Not sure when I can start saying Merry Christmas to folks, though clearly I am not all that Christmas spirited in recent years due to letting many related thoughts and feelings and anxieties and excesses go.

Yes I can still enjoy things though likewise you do find that what is important and what should or could be important are often way apart when it comes to some topics and issues of debate.


Thank you for reading, god Bless and be well 😉

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