The holy Grail Of Nuclear Fission?

Yes I know why out of all the very many headlines and goings on around the Globe does a small science article of the very greatest significance manage to pass without so much as a nod to future year Nobel Prizes.

Apparently some German Science has for an exceptionally brief period of time managed to do Nuclear Fission or should I say make progress in identifying the so-called building blocks and so on of the sun’s energetic system.

I say energetic system because the sun despite being hailed as having a lifetime of dying out in a few million years is perhaps the closest any of us has to understanding concepts such-as perpetual motion machines and so on.

So yes that was a major RESULT that has passed under most of the World wide audience radar.  Likewise a search through today’s papers and standout for myself was seemingly the Forthcoming build up and so on to The Force Awaken STAR WARS movie and indeed another brief article related to various Royals, TATLER MAGAZINE is this week releasing an edition dedicated to PRINCESS DIANA.

Not sure of course what to expect given how much coverage that she had whilst among the Living, though clearly another ASPECT that The Telegraph today touched upon was this years Hollywood Productions seemingly raising the ANTI in getting some Emotions and so on going.

So where once it might be said that recent years, stiff upper lips mentalists have been in prominence it can be suggested that the present RAINFALL will continue throughout the Christmas Period.

Apparently us grown men are suggested to be overwhelmed as to the New star wars RUMOUR MILL and the potential demise of one or other original cast favourites.

Likewise we have the continuing debate as to where we should be in terms of Political scales and measures, the Labour Party strangely offering an outlet for peoples against war coalitions and so on who for many years are said to have been suppressed by Right Leaning Society and so on.

Is 2016 going to be a Next Generation RENAISSANCE?

I ask that of course in response to what I have seen in relation to this year 2015, Two Thousand and Fifteen being suggested across very many realms to have been one of the BEST.

Unsure as to who is coming up with these terminologies, though great things have been suggested as a year of Books and a year of Movies and so on.  So what other ARTISTIC realms may be about to follow suite and have a breakout time of it.

I noted Artist banksy recently once again making headlines for doing Steve Jobs at some immigration/refugee camp in France the suggestion that he being adopted and off Syrian descent meaning had someone not taken pity and so on, we may not have had the Apple Computing Empire.

In swings and roundabouts terms I think that is placing somewhat irrational eggs all in one basket.  My study of PROBABILITY and so on in terms of not only Computing but in timelines suggests that yes he set out his own stall and all the rest, though just as many others do each and every day who fail to have that great breakout that we some of us may want and aspire to within our lives etc.

So yes by all means hold him up as some kind of Super role model, though also remind yourselves that for ever person that climbs and makes it to the top of some realm, there are likely hundreds and thousands of others whose timeline took a shift or turn for the worse or however.  How we respond is perhaps an issue, though likewise we can also suggest that some realms and environments can act as DISTRACTION to our own deeper thoughts and feelings, desires and will to respond and so on.

We can ask at any point as to any influence and amateur DRAMATICS as to whether a subject or topic is genuinely our own to have to deal with or if it is best left to others who have respective interest and so on, given some topics and subjects.

Yes the press may claim to give broadbase coverage, though likewise you can go from estate to estate and Town to town and City to city and find thousands of tinpot dictators and of course DICTATORESSES if you have to find a feminine form of the word.

In fact my own study suggests that drip feed politics from generation to generation and emotional blackmail can have to strong a grip or hold on some folks belief as to how things are required to be done.  Likewise you can of course escape or loosen these gripping tortures to such an extent that you end up just as conflicted and confused as you may have been when not abiding according to some INTRANSIGENT SET IN STONE BELIEF SYSTEM.

So as much as we have parents and siblings and family and friends and mates and so on, you still have to come to understand yourself as a UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL who very may well have one or more UNIQUE SELLING POINTS (USP’s).

Clearly any of us can adopt attitudes of becoming legends within our own ego’s though likewise, when you take some learnings and teachings on board you can come to see the merit of simply letting go of very many thoughts and feelings and internal debates as to right and wrong and all the very rest of those things.

So one show I watched recently or a film I watched was entitled PARALLELS and it appeared to perhaps be a PILOT for a series that perhaps was not picked up and released as a film.  The Film simply had a building that acted as a kind of Transporter to differing versionings of the Earth.  Characters could go to alternate versions of Earth where they did not exist or the path and life of the character was differing to that of themselves.

What do you do, how do you react etc?

Strangely some characters were shown to be positive about having alternate selves in alternate realities, where one or two characters were strangely jealous or driven to SABOTAGE the alternate version of themselves reality.  Yes I know many such things have been done, though I enjoyed it and can of course wonder as to what an alternate version of myself might make of arriving in Hereford, England, United Kingdom.  Seek to help and improve the life of David or indeed go down the jealousy sabotage route?

The unsuccessful version who went through the building into alternate reality actually chose to sabotage his successful self.

That perhaps related to this ASPIRE and ADMIRE versus otherwise, you can say well do you have the right to sabotage yourself simply because despite being the same in all but Worlds, you are jealous or took a wrong turning at some point.

So yes that was very interesting in terms of stimulus for questions, much like the TWINS debate as to whether TWINS are not only identical but also the same in behaviours and MRSI scanner terms and so on.

I think it has often been demonstrated with exceptionally deeper research that even TWINS who claim to be almost TELEPATHIC and so on still have differences to the scientists studying genes and so on and so forth.

So DEPTH them perhaps another issue and topic, I noted an article on Submarines and our Submarines after the War were apparently based on the Nazi German designs for next generation vessels and so on.

So victors in war perhaps seek to gain recompense through traditional variations on theft of technology and assimilation of technology and anything else left in between.

Where does that leave any of us in terms of personal progress, I found over and over again, that I had (for example) to SURVIVE in certain circumstances, that I could not change to great enough effect, to be able to resolve multiple CHICKEN and EGG CONUMDRUMS.

So even with timeline research and understanding some of the ins and outs of Awareness and Enlightenment, gaining TRACTION for any given shift requires other peoples and persons getting on board in some fashion or other.  The short term and long term benefits outweigh any short term and long term possible discomforts.

The problem then of course as to how long do we regard long term, how short term do we regard short term a day a week a month a year etc.

I isolated myself early on rather than take on belief systems that were not in accordance with my own, simple bullying techniques that an entire Working population seemingly accepted as NORMAL and so on.

I mention that because I recently had some annual Christmas vouchers given that I signed for and in waiting for those vouchers found myself waiting in an unfamiliar OFFICE part of the Factory with a Notce Board no-less/  So no big deal?

Well in fact what stood out on that notice board was a small Corporate type poster as to giving the ccorporation feedback without retaliation and so on, private web addresses and so on, fair enough we do give feedback annually anyway, though typically of course environmental CONTAGION being what it is within any given realm, you often find the feedback is typical in demonstrating who likely in MODELLING TERMS has the most clout when it comes to such things.  What stood out for myself was that this poster does not appear in the general population staffing areas such as the canteen and entryway, oh now, only those in the office district of the factory where managers and above work get to see this one.  Yes we do have posters as to whistleblowing on other notice boards, but not one directly to our overall employer, does that mean gripes and complaints from those wwho may want to be applying for these office and management jobs are not yet worthy of seeing such things.

In meeting of course you often get the person who speaks up in meeting versus the husher who wants everyone to shut up so they can exit meeting quickly and so on, likewise of course most folks know the very simply motivation mechanisms for getting on well with others, whether through sharing COMMODITIES, I used to buy papers at one time and would typically pass them on to colleagues when finished though some individuals were given to stuffing such things in there bag as though a new ownership had taken place.

It does and can be demonstrated over and again that it only takes one individual to break some unwritten or established behaviour for everyone else to follow.  We have a smoking area with multiple ashtrays and multiple bins available, some peoples seem to delight in breaking a general keep the place tidy or lose it attitude.  So one persons does not use the bin or dumps empty cups in ashtrays and us night workers later arrive and find empty bins and all the ashtrays and benches covered in empty cups and yes it sounds like petty gripes though some simple practices and behaviours benefit everyone and others strangely do not.

Headlines are seemingly accelerating somewhat today so it could well be part of that getting over excited or driving people to overwhelms and better out than in Donkey whatever the bad habit or secret.

Yes I know some folks laugh at my speaking of heterophobics, though as said previously defending your own lifestyle choices and positions is interesting because of differences between the sex’s in terms of us men can of course believe that we can move on and move on without ever settling down in relationships, whilst women are often given to belief as to raising children and the long term choices and implications of such things.

Many a man then makes themselves INCONGRUENT in order to please the women and that typically leads outbreaks of taunting others with your various non-compliance to the fairer sex, if I cannot have her and her and her then no one else can either seems to be the order of the day for some folks.

My general take was first of all take apart the constructs that can cause the ill health and mental attitudes thoughts and feelings, do I require an external person to make myself happy (for example) clearly you can be happy in company though such things always come from within, the externals only act as STIMULUS, so no, I can genuinely state that I do not care whether others want to be gay straight or alien or whatever, though do not claim that your all encompassing version of reality is the only model available when the World given the population of 7 Billion has 7 Billion Models, some may overlap and be herd like in nature, whilst athers might be completely incompatible, though really take apart all the differing ideas and models and have sensible thoughts and feelings as to lifestyle choices and options for everybody.

I do not require or need anyone else to be other than they are, though likewise just as I seemingly get karma or whatever for my choices the same must surely be said for peoples of other lifestyle choices.

Better to perhaps rub along gracefully when in COMMUNITY centres of choice such as work and so on, and go your separate ways without getting dragged into grooming or otherwise debates.

Christmas is of course part of a season of excesses and given this years claims as to film and books and so on, then we could well be seeing a rollercoaster couple of weeks within wider population demographics and so on as well.

Best to hold your own council and seek to do right by other individuals who do right by yourself.  I have found this to be true of members of most communities whether sexuality related or race related etc, though typically you always get those who over rely on 2nd hand interpretations and are intransigent in seeking to make there model the only model for everyone (usually with themselves at some PINNACLE).

Clearly maze like thoughts and ideas are going on, and changes in generation learnings and teachings always take time to work their way into larger population demographics and all the rest of those things.

Thank you for reading, god Bless and Be well 😉

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