Your Mission Should You Choose To Accept It

Yes so I finally got around to purchasing some items on various Christmas lists provided to myself on my Amazon Account.  Whilst there I decided to treat myself in purchasing the Super Genes book I recently mentioned.  You do of course often come to a kind of point where you feel less and less inclined to trust External opinion.  Especially if you feel your World as you know it has been turned inside outside in some fashion.

However, given that Science and indeed Spirituality has kind of merged and blended as to what can and what cannot be achieved I do tend to quite like the path that Deepak Chopra seeks to walk, generally that midline path of being able to see the differing perspectives and seek to harmonise them in various ways and fashions.

So I also of course have one or two books on Epigenetics and in fact, I had at one point kind of made it my mission to seek to remedy various versions or aspects of my daughters Epilepsy, I mention that purely because we all typically take up causes that we know of or can relate to, for some it is cancer and others, very differing afflictions.

Clearly I am not a medical professional and have of course witnessed her having fits and also seen her having ECG scans when younger, likewise she has been on medication for most of her life and is only now getting to an age where perhaps greater personal responsibility is taken by herself in relation to any such issues within her life.

So yes I quite interested not only in the assisted meditations but also seeking remedies or lifestyle choices that can improve health and so on.

In TV land I recently mentioned that series SENSE8 on Netflix and typically you cannot help to think that the character Jonas was somehow loosely based on Mr Chopra.

Likewise another interesting name that has cropped up is actually RILEY.

I of course of a generation that know the song reference to “Life of Riley” although I think it another pointer to some earlier work, a quick research shows some link to an article about a Cow in America sometime just prior to WWI.  In fact later references are to some American Radio show, so it one of those culturally adopted phrases, though interestingly I as a Brit had assumed it to be English in Origin due to those BRITPOP ERA songs and so on.

So Riley also another character within SENSE8 a Woman from Iceland first encountered living in the DJ cultured London, and we also see another RILEY within Disney Pixar INSIDE OUTSIDE, interesting as to hoee so many differing Worlds Collide with a continued meditative practice and so on.

Why do I say that?

Well originally the guidance often seemed to be about what you focus on coming to the fore within your awareness though as I have progressed that awareness has seemingly become almost all and everything all effortlessly and easily giving AH-HA upon or after AH-HA.

Clearly we still have choices as to how HOT or COLD we are when following some given research path or whatever, though I do like not feeling constantly triggered left right and centre as I may have felt prior to meditation.

So I have watched that Inside Outside and again great animation from Pixar, although it did seem a while to get going in some fashion, I was ready to switch it off early on, though persevered much as I might have within a Cinema and gradually came to like many aspects of the Story, it perhaps took a while to get going where any future version may perhaps pick up where it left on and be more entertaining or flowing etc.

I also then treated myself to the ROGUE NATION Mission Impossible film, and I have watched a few of those films during this year, so perhaps demonstrating a taste for them from my childhood when the original TV Show was still airing.  You can say what you like about Tom Cruise, though in these films you know that if you like action genre films and espionage thrillers and fast cars and bikes, you will see plenty.

I think a difference can of course be seen from film to film, although that was also true of the original series.  This one made use of locations such-as Morocco and also London, although very much a back street kind of London with dark shadows and of course benches opposite the Houses of Parliament.

Great film, and now I write something for my blog. 

What else, well news wise we are seeing SHOCK HORROR that some guideline target agreement has been reached over Save the World Climate Change, though I personally think much like some of those further advanced meditators, that little actually requires saving or debating once you have shifted your World view somewhat too realising that it is generally an inside job and so on.

Elsewhere performer Ed Sheeran announced a break from Social Media, and I can only applaud as I know how much time things such as Facebook and so on can take up of your life.

Elsewhere today’s press were focussed mostly on this climate thing, whilst also having a Muslim guy released from Guantanamo (CUBA) telling Terrorists they should leave or move on and so on.

We also of course have several stories relating to our British Astronaut, the one who is running a marathon in space, he about to be launched on his mission in a couople of days to the International Space Station.  Interestingly SPACE STATION’S have of course featured within my blog in recent days and weeks although my earliest memory was perhaps from some ancient cinema flop such-as BLACK HOLE.

Apparently Europe has given our Dearly Beloved Prime Minister a “you know what you can do with your immigration policy” talking too.  So the BREXIT CAMPAIGNERS will soon be announcing his signing on a two year campaign deal sponsored by BAH HUMBUG INDUSTRIES INC.

Today’s Football and I would typically go




Although of course many other leagues operating beyond the small English Premier League.

Big Western News is that Saudi Arabia apparently has elected a Women to its Parliament for the first time, although we do of course generally expect such things given the way in which the Arab Spring and Internet has made the ability of rebels from all Societies to communicate and so on.

Yes all to easy to say so and so a group is oppressed in some fashion though the truth for most of us is that our concerns are usually far more personal and far more immediate and so on.

We also of course in weekend type papers often see obituaries and all the rest of those things although some papers have a tendency to print on a weekly or more immediate basis.  Unsure what to make of all that is happening at present, or if I even want to (to be honest).

So what can I do now, well many a topic and debate and indeed desire to shift comes through breaking down those resistance’s to maintaining a status quo and clearly we can think we are doing something for the greater good when in fact it is simply a purpose that we have aligned ourselves with to fill time, or earn an income or whatever.

So some activities and choices can be fun, fun, fun whilst others perhaps have to be done and catered for through feelings of responsibility or indeed earlier commitments having been made based in what was known at any given point in time.

Even with awareness and greater threshold and a more RELAXED approach to how you think and feel you can still find others have trouble relating to why you do not buy into the URGENCY of the situation that they are presenting as catastrophic or however.

I still have that Rogue Nation politics perhaps bouncing around my noggin as it was again demonstrating that getting or bringing any given scene and scenario to an accepted ending is as diifuclt or as easy as the progresses we have made within our own lives.

I spoke yesterday for instance in mental calculations being correct, though being read and interpreted from the wrong direction, suggesting that It might be up and down and left and right, though also when you take on board the compass bearings and other systems of operating you do come to see how difficult it can be to change or shift perspective.

We saw some arrests yesterday related to some drug smuggling where the PALLETS that some CHARCOAL was being imported from were in fact made of the drug and likewise recently another group using Ambulances for such nefarious activities.

So all those sorts of things that you might think long and hard about for criminal and detective FICTION is seen more and more as a day to day reality, where keeping up with the multi-dimensional approaches to such goings on really can be a challenge to anyone who simply takes things at face value, I see a pallet and think wooden pallet etc, how can you TEST for such things, to gain immediate feedback given that many TEST mechanisms are said to have to go through various stages of progressions.

This perhaps down to Science and just as drink driving tests have been found to be mostly fool proof and lie detectors can give indicators, science does gradually seemingly cut down the amount of TIME required for very many things. 

So where once some sample might be sent to a lab, and animals had some extended growing time and films had to be sent away and processed these days you can trust that some on-hand device or gadget will give quite fast feedback.  Likewise of course I have suggested that some mechanisms for doing such activities also requires some CURVE BALLS.

So the trade of for manufacturing is to use automated robots to create computer boards and so on for the electronics within most TV’s and phones and all the very many gadgets made to make your life easier.  Likewise the COST then of repair for things that go wrong can often be dependent of TAKE-UP of any technologies and the adoption of technology often ensures cheaper prices through your typical measure and scales of production.

Things can be scales up and things can be scaled down, though I do think anyone who takes up the simple activity of witnessing or just writing and writing and writing and witnessing and witnessing and so on will come to see that many a taken for granted TRUTH is often simply a SELF FULLFILLING PROPHECY of some decription coming to fruition.

Much like the ATOM BOMB whereby all those very many scientists were locked in a room and told make this a reality.

Clearly then given knowledge of such successes simply through putting clever people on task, we can wonder what dangers are as to highlighting NEGATIVE POTENTIALS of such things.

I wonder at present (strangely) as to so-called suitcase or DIRTY BOMBS, that were all the rage in headlines of fiction not all that long ago.  We shall see of course, though unfortunately just as Mongo might be inspired to join the Forces through reading some action thriller, Bongo might be inspired to go down the Terrorist route.

So yes, we can dissect and watch and listen and learn, though generally once you have gained some release from some kinds of pressures you typically perhaps have less incentive to place yourself within some circumstances again and again and again.

Yes I know we all often say such things and then do just that, though I have in recent years at least stood quite resolute in my determination to break free from many of those long held, issues and topics that I simply inherited from Society or environment or however.

I can of course say well yes I can go and do this activity and that activity now though am still unsure as to whether eventual OUTCOME would or might be differing to previous experience.

STOP IN YOUR TRACKS, continue on present course, or find a new MANOURVRE that no-one could have though of prior to it suddenly appearing within a collective awareness of self-fullfilling prophecies etc.

I also saw some reports as to X FACTOR was it? And noted a couple of singer who I might like to listen sing, so may watch that this evening, no idea as to the contestants, though typically when I do turn on the TV or see press headlines, it usually gives ah-ha’s of one sort or another.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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