Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned

Forgive me father for I have sinned, I went to ITV HUB & watched a television programme entitled THE X FACTOR FINAL LIVE.

Of course I did not watch it live, though the inbuilt breaks in the stream enabled myself to put the kettle on and go the toilet as though it were a regular viewing.

Anyway a couple of blokes called Reggie N Bollie were in the final against a girl called Louise Johnson, and the show kept playing over dramatically lit music and clips of their progression through the competition.

Guest Artists were Coldplay, One Direction and Adele.

So I wondered as to how Reggie N Bollie were there in the final, yes they were excitable though clips suggested blowing hot and cold torn between reggae and Jamaican style roots and dance anthems, unsure as to whether they can bring together a complete ensemble for an album that appeals across the differing audience demographics, the average at all and master of none problem.  The competition Louise Johnson was clearly a quality singer though I again was not impressed with the first performance, the second one excelled and the final end of show really had something, though one suspects that backing track and lipsyncing may have been involved throughout for all performers.

Meanwhile, Coldplay gave a performance and I of course have to admit to have never been a fan, yes I like one or two songs such-as Yellow (I think it was) though in general they are a band and play instruments, which is far better perhaps than all the singing dance troops I usually take issue with as to being called bands.

One Direction?  Well they started out on X Factor, though were not winners, and I have not really followed much of their career, beyond hearing how they won all these awards and so on.  I was not keen on their first song either, though thought again the 2nd performance they gave was there better one on the night. They apparently having a break after several years on the road and touring World wide.  One of their group apparently left earlier in the year, a suspected Terrorist called Zayne perhaps?  Yes one can imagine that given recent years, he may have had more to deal with at international immigration and airports than his fellow singers, this perhaps one of those perceptual truths that some get to see first-hand.  He also apparently criticised by his own Muslim community, though I think given the age and youth of the band, we will be seeing more from all of them over the coming years.


Well she seemingly nailed her recently released Hello Single and what is not to like, when you can perform as well or better on stage as you do on record, also noticeable were the DIFFERENCE in SET PIECES and choreography and so on.

Can Reggie N Bollie survive without all the flashing lights and dancers and OVERALL SUPPORT INFRASTRUCTURE that the creators and organisers of X Factor bring to the table?

Coldplay, One Direction and Adele were all more or less front and centre for their SETS without some great abundance of fireworks and dancers and flashing lights, yes we want to be entertained though it seemed that THE SHOW ITSELF was the PERFORMER when it came to contestants.

I also got to see New Judges (since I last watched), the only survivor from that time period being Simon Cowell with a new GREYING LOOK, that actually suited him more than some of his younger “keeping up appearances” style & grooming etc. More dignified possibly?

So I have on multiple occasions of hearing Adele on radio and whatever found myself composing response to her lyric, that possible being the point maybe?


Why all this pestering the years just melt away

Its about forgiving


Yes I shall stop there, though I have come up with multiple response lyrics since hearing this single so it perhaps will have generated many a person writing a response and becoming famous for some comedic response to the original lyric, if it has not happened already, which it may have, not following POPULAR TV etc, tends to leave you thinking that no-one else is doing what you are doing, even though the truth is that in NUMBERS TERMS you can all but guarantee IDEAS as to “Great minds think alike” and so on.  For every STAR TURN there are likely as said previously hundreds and thousands of others on similarly styled autopilot simply not getting those breakthroughs and shifts that the STAR’S are getting.

Adele also had an That was amazing comment on her last MORE of the song, almost as if having a sudden realisation as to my Billy Idol QUESTION, that I thought FUNNY.  

Anyway despite my commentary and not really knowing any of the other judges or contestants beyond Mr Cowell I did actually quite enjoy the show, unsure as to who the presenters are also, Ant & Dec they are not. Though I think Ora & Cheryl seemed genuine people, unsure of the bloke on the end, perceptual judgments perhaps often bring BIAS of one description or another to the fore, and looks and appearance and COMPARISON often of course causes those many likes and dislikes to crop up, the same perhaps for the presenters.

Elsewhere I am once again at ODDS with Football Punditry

Arsenal were chosen and Arsenal Won

Liverpool were chosen and West Brom Drew

Tottenham were chosen and Newcastle Won

So 1 out of 3 once again demonstrating that it can seem that you really are wheeling and dealing and getting on with it or getting exceptionally HANGED UP about the level of INNACCURACY within your prediction methodology.

In fact if you REMOVE my list prediction and read a sentence and so on and get the pen out and highlight links between CLUES, you could perhaps perform far better than I do.

So many differing Sporting Acting and Artistic Realms that any of us can be paying attention to at any given conscious window moment etc.

So I spoke as to cluing systems and the Write Well course did via course lecturer Sam Horn demonstrate her methodology perhaps given within her books.

I also have a rather large and all encompassing collection within my Learning Strategies Library, so often unsure as to where I actually am within a given period of time scales and measures etc.

Clearly much of the seemingly deliberate ALIENATION of particular population sectors that has appeared within the MEDIA over recent years has been ignored by large demographics of the populace, though also perhaps potentially being stored up in some fashion for future use.

How many of us put differences aside within various environments until some upset crops up and then an explosive occurrence happens of some description, such things can either ESCALATE or other people can choose to step in (if other parties involved) or indeed find yourself within unwinnable brinkmanship scenario’s whereby some INTRANSIGENT individual is continuously allowed to stir and trouble make whilst defended with “others are oversensitive”.  The truth of course that in aligning with the DEVIL OPTION in one scene or scenario it can be troublesome at a later time to DISENGAGE or separate the various topics and issues out into some sort of genuine sensibilities.

This again often comes down to how we as individuals mix and match our mental HIERARCHIES, something that is not done very well by many of us without sitting down and actually writing such things out.

We can of course have personal hierarchies that we think everyone else has, though in fact personal choices taken at younger years of development can often return to haunt in some fashion, unless you take the time now as it were to redo your HIERARCHIES according to how you have witnessed the World and so on.

Far to easy to apply massive unwieldy generalisations that do not make genuine sense, especially when you get particular factions or demographics claiming ownership of particular words and reinforcing particular meaning above and beyond what most people believe to be true.

So keeping an eye on the herd compass can be as important as placing some new boundaries and borders upon your windows upon the World in accordance with the goals and choices you are setting yourself.

In the news we are being told that the Jurds are making gains in former IS Stronghold areas, though given the way in which World War I was fought toing and froing back and forth between differing sets of TRENCHES, you can see similar border and boundary issues happening in these smaller conflicts, neither side necessarily winning so much as acting in accordance with the particular STRATEGY the are using at any given time.

So one group spear heads into a sector and takes in, much like those Dad’s army arrows within the title sequence, going backwards and forwards poking and looking for ways in and so on.  These same strategies are of course utilised within COMMUNICATIONS and indeed by hackers of various systems.

Typically we are often shown within story & fiction how some protection mechanism within the system is the very cause of the system being sabotaged etc.  Likewise of course the self modifying scenario of an automated system that ADAPTS is also often shown in FEARFUL LIGHT.

How deep do you have to go to switch of foundational systems or reboot foundational systems, clearly the age old IDEA of simply getting a board brush out and wiping everything of the board is unappealing, though in fact is also potentially the most simplistic method in demonstrating “lets start again” etc.


The French National Front whilst having large numbers of support have been neutralised apparently much in the same way as UKIP in the UK whereby the system has given them large head counts, though low representation, most political parties complain of this, though I already suggested that the opportunity given when the Liberals were in power has been let slip away, especially for English Constituents.

I single out England on this occasion, because of course, Wales, Scotland and Ireland have regional assemblies, why cannot England have the same?

In fact of course whilst most would think some central assembly suitable at the HEART of ENGLAND, regional population BIAS nearly always leads to POLLS showing disagreement with such IDEAS.

Get out a map and ask where would a population most prefer to be governed from, show City locations such as The North West and North East and South West and South East and indeed more CENTRAL.

The outcome of such things, even if you ask for 2nd and 3rd and 4th choices from the list will be skewered according to AUDIENCE DEMOGRAPHIC in some fashion and manner. Everyone places London as 3rd Choice and it wins because of the MODEL USED to calculate the balance between the voting constituents, (possibly).


Likewise even if other City’s take centre stage within such polls, you then have the WHO CONTROLS THE LEVERS OF MEDIA debate, will representatives from regions City’s support them in the media or simply opt for being token regional with an accent (though secretly loves the sprawling BIG CITY that contains Theatres and Cinema’s and Opera Houses and Museums and Arena’s and Big Sporting Facilities and Concert Halls and so on.

So despite we being in a generation where the internet makes devolution completely possible, VESTED INTERESTS continuously work to maintain status quo like actions, with better the devil we know mentalities taking centre stage.

Children’s Services are apparently now under the spotlight more so than previously, is this a time when Jimmy Saville and his mates were most busy?

Yes all well and good spotlighting the services, though an eye clearly needs to be kept on those Celebrities and non-celebrities with a disposition toward visitations and so on, I also noted an age concern advert during my viewing of The X Factor and of course that demonstrated how ISOLATED people can make themselves as a choice, or indeed how ISOLATION can come about simply through fading into Societies background etc.

The Auctioning of DAMB BUSTER medals is also taking place apparently and collecting and collectors has been HIGH-LIGHTED across many realms in recent weeks, think Star wars toys from the 1970’s and indeed Painting being bought and sold and indeed a books resurgence.

So we all collect a certain amount of things whether in physical formats or indeed in digital formats the latter perhaps when we run out of physical space, if such a thing can genuinely be achieved.

Elsewhere I was still thinking on some of the demonstrated science within fiction realms and how it is seemingly gradually coming to fruition faster than thought possible a few years ago.  Are we as a World really spearheading things as fast as all that or are we about to see some great huge RICHTER SCALES adjustment occurring.

Yes monitoring external variables and speculating on what happens next has never been so much fun, though likewise we perhaps have to once having opened up and released on many a topic and subject return to some MANAGEABLE SYSTEM of EXISTENCE that is perhaps smaller in ambition and vision and so on.

RADICALISATION can happen simply through alienation of course and likewise if you turn of those creating the media circus surrounding some topics and subjects you often get to breath a sigh of relief anyway.

The makers of Star Wars know it will be big, whatever irrespective of the last trilogy (which was also big in its own way) though are perhaps at present HOLDING BREATH as to just how well it puts people in a zone of some fashion.

No oe of course wants to be hailed as failure or have could have been better, though in monitoring and witnessing you often come to see that such brandings can actually cause us to FIGHT BACK against such IDEAS, as well of course as causing us to take up technological Solutions such as those found on and reacquainting people with there true selves and true life purpose.

Why take someone such as this David’s word for it when you have available proven Technology that can do much of the work for you, irrespective of colour creed sexuality and left leaning and right leaning politics and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well is was that Co-well  😉


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