Clear Cable Ties and Kaleidoscopic Cellular Compass Bearings?

Yes strange though true, given that I cannot constantly “do nothing” I do of course typically continue to pursue various versions and reasoning’s of clue trails, very often triggered by what I have been witnessing or have come to the fore within various realms I monitor.

Clear a big difference can be suggested to exist between some fictional realms and real reality, though one can and does find that the one imaginary kind of reality gradually makes itself known within real world science terms, just not necessarily at the point and instant that was desired.

I recall someone from Learning Strategies in an interview I had listened in on, suggesting that they do develop some programmes that do not necessarily make the light of day at the point and time of development, the interviewee had mentioned a program in the 1990’s that was developed that simply did not fit comfortably into a given demographic (perhaps).

Though the truth of many such a research and development is that in making various kinds of experimentalisation’s and so on you come to see that some bits and pieces from one strand of research and so on is utilised in another shape and stripe elsewhere.

Anyway I recently mentioned seeing some old Disney Film The Black Hole, at the cinema and decided to follow the trail a little, that typically leads you to cast lists as well as outlines of the film or story that you may or may not recall from so many years ago.

Anyway the cast list included Anthony Perkins, to the best of my knowledge no relation, though a look at his Bio type information brought up the fact that as well as starring and being famous as mad murderer Norman Bates in the multiple Psycho films (originally a Hitchcock film I think), he also actually appeared within a version of Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express.

So I once again found myself going in a somewhat timewarped circular fashion around the houses or doing a ROUND ROBIN, some trail that you think and feel is going to come up trumps, though typically shows that some other thoughts feelings and actions an LINKAGES may have been INCORRECT.

What?  Well That Space Train Orient Express Doctor Who episode with Frank Skinner as Engineer Perkins (for example) whilst I can think oh he’s got my name, clearly others who are aware of Anthony Perkins and his Filmography may well have typically gone straight to Psycho Norman Bates type paths of thoughts and feelings and actions or indeed simple research.

So anyway I of course have been watching a show here and a show there and a film here and there, though mostly it has been exceptionally limited in the sense that I kind of wanted the Meditation and those courses to take precedence within my overall more enabling profile of awareness and enlightenment and so on.

So anyway I look at some of these streaming recommendations and say no, and no and no and then think hmmmn maybe I might just watch the pilot or first episode of that series etc.

One such show that I did this with was entitled WAREHOUSE 13, and whilst it is a fictional entertainment, in terms of RESEARCH and getting across some of the IDEAS as to OBJECTS and Artifacts containing VIBRATIONS and WAVES and so on, it does kind of demonstrate some of those more la-di-da ideas in quite a fun fashion.

I think the general idea is akin to an AREA 51 Warehouse or those kinds of places seen within the Indiana Jones Films, where the artifact upon being discovered is snagged bagged and tagged and sent in a crate to some underground bunker etc.

Anyway so you get some alleged Government Security Professions finding themselves being sent or seconded to this particular job, and then going somewhat Mulder & Skully (not as dark as X Files, though very much in that zone).

From the few episodes I watched I again found or had several AH-HA’s as to linkages with other things I had been viewing, and indeed they took things a little further in kind of showing or suggesting technologies to have EXISTED OUTSIDE of the Official Historical Record and so on, you would have to watch an episode or two to get the general feel and gist, though again it very much in that realm at the edge of what is known realm kind of storying.

Knowing the depth of information regarding some antique or hand me down inherited piee of pottery from your aunt & uncle who appeared on Antiques Roadshow (or some variant).

So what has that to do with the title, well I was trying to think in terms and ways as to showing how a world can be shifted via a new compass bearing and indeed Warehouse 13 kind of demonstrated such things within one of the early episodes that I watched.

Not sure how much is fiction and how much is reality of course, because many ancient science was alleged to be unproven beyond the person making the claim as to having achieved some particular FEAT. Hence the so called gradual move toward Scientific Methodology and so on, of course Einstein’s Scientific Methodology demonstrated perhaps that Science only kind of works upto any one given point, before you find yourself having to backtrack or invalidate a previously assumed TRUTH.  So many modern things came about through breaking the classical Newton Model (for example) and likewise many more modern science has refuted or found issue and problem with Einstein Model, hence various differing proposals given to how particular unexplained things can be explained.

Now I recall years ago, seemingly at one point in work, going through a phase as safety representative for various group meetings, and one that appeared again and again at one point was CABLE TIES, the issue often being that on the go repairs would be carried out on various bits and pieces of machinery and typically cables were often left hanging loose and sometimes a danger to others who may come along and have to work such areas, not such an issue for line workers perhaps, though a big one for cleaners and possibly engineers and technicians themselves, in the sense that we have a tendency to have an access all areas go into all the nooks and crannies and so on to ensure that a high standard is being achieved.

So yes the simple cable tie has many an alternate usage, I think I saw it in one show being used as handcuff type material and typically if you had one long enough you might even consider them for a tourniquet, likewise of course they often used for closing sacks as well as the standard cable tie usage.

So yes I found myself noting them in somewhat unusual usage and wondered as to whether a sign was missing that had been affixed to some lamppost (for example).

The compass issue was simply that it appears a rotation of some direction has occurred, though as to what angle I am unsure, because strangely it noted this, a day after watching some TELEPORTATION claims on one of those Warehouse 13 shows where to solve a puzzle a compass had to be rotated through 90 degrees, and of course I also having done the Level 4 Feng shui course that kind of matched what is said to be straight forward and simple compass usage within the armed forces and so on.  The sort of stuff we learn as little kids with those useless little wrongly magnetized compass’ on comic book covers.

That perhaps where the kaleidoscope reference comes from in the sense that the EFFECT is brought about through a form of rotation of mirrors and so on, we all perhaps had a kaleidoscope in the 1970’s they seemingly like spy glass telescopes though adapted to demonstrate some warped view effects.

The sort of effect in fact that I think Black Holes were assumed or speculated to create, the idea of cells be spread out across the event horizon into a kind of infinity and so on.  Likewise that was perhaps before people came up with alternate ideas as to space Worm Holes or indeed technological gates.

So some space realm vehicles travel under their own steam whilst others are suggested to require booster systems of some description in order to tavel great distances in an instant and all the rest of those things.

Early work day today also, due to irregular Christmas time schedules.

So a quick look to the news headlines?

Wow The Chinese Cinema in Hollywood has held the World Premiere of The Force Awakens

Little perhaps to do with my Hollywood Vegas Hereford speculations some time ago in a blog far far away though no doubt the build up continues apace and strangely a NEWS EMBARGO on reporters reporting has been put in place for a day or two, clearly that may give journalists time to heavily critique and digest and dwell on what they have witnessed so such strategies perhaps good for those who want to see it without spoilers though also potentially we are going to see A MAMMOTH in the room.

Who needs Elephants anyway huu

Never Hunt a tame Mammoth does not have the same DNA Genetic Sequencing does it?


Elsewhere we seeing reports of domestic abuse being high lighted, typically of course some demographics are said to be more prone to be victim of such things than others, though clearly far more swings and roundabouts occur than society is willing to admit to.

Tht is not so much to say put up or shut up so much as generalisations of demographics often come to the fore with official statistics that typically only represent particular groupings.

So Police Overwhelmed as being a point of call for domestic issues and Astronaut goes into space and Star Wars released and some great shift in reporting is currently perhaps occurring, an Islamic anti-terrorist grouping has finally been put together supported by rather a large number of Muslim states and Countries.

Elsewhere All Black star Jonah Lomu apparently had no money  when he died, that a story also linked by the New Zealand Flag debate that is continuing apace.

We are also hearing further bleatings and issues related to Europe and how thy are incompatible with dear old blighty.

And also Down under the Drug or pain killer Nurofen is being removed from shelves due to a whole range of boxes for differing ailments all stating the same active ingredient.

Sounds like a drink flavour wars perhaps, is Stella the same as Tenants because they are brewed with Hops?

Yes variations on a theme though we must remind ourselves that given the disposition of These major drug and chemical companies to be embarking on genetically modified and Copyrighted genetics, societies do need to perhaps become stricter as to what they are allowed to get away with.

We also being told that it is the Aniiversary of the Seige of Sidney according to some headlines, was that the downtown coffee shop terrorist incident? Yes time flies of course and FLYING has also become a theme of sorts noted within multiple sources in recent days.

Not sure if that means we can expect further airport related attacks or be looking to spacecraft takings of or film based speculative adventures beyond the stars.

One does sometimes wonder as to ideas of keep it simple stupid and write a book entitled “Of rats & Stars”

So there you have it, what side of the Christmas COIN WRAPPER will you be opening.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉



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