So Just How Mutant Can Your Genes Get?

Strange though true of course I walk into work yesterday night and encounter a conversation with some younger colleagues (same job, differing department) so anyway this typical of the youth of today in not meaning what they are saying.

One chap say during the conversation “That’s SICK that is?” seeing the confused expression on this David’s face he translates SICK mean’s good.

Oh all right then says David wondering as to whether each and every occasion he hears the term Sick as to whether he is understanding a dictionary definition or some localised street or youth culture variation.

Today I had a phone call from daughter Rose, not attending college due to a Dental Appointment, and of course checking on whether various purchases and packages are arriving as spent on my account.

Anyway were talking about TV and programmes, she has been watching VAMPIRE DIARIES apparently, and I said something along the lines of never mind all that Star Wars is released in a day or two.

Her response along the lines of Star Wars is GAY.

OH, okay says I not going to inquire as to what variation and so on of gay she is referring, that another word that strangely is utilised within differing sub-cultures for differing meanings, your either in or understanding of a sub-culture meaning and lingo or you are not, and I generally being in the NOT ZONE tend to opt for simple Dictionary defintions or indeed those used more widely and broadly in World wide populations.

Then she continues have you seen the trailer for the New X Men Movie.

So I go and have a look, X Men Apocalypse, another of the Origins Films I think and the trailer looks pretty damned good.

Anyway one cannot of course help to think that her disposition toward Star Wars is perhaps related to having an elder sister with the same name as the starring actress, one can imagine elder sibling being somewhat pleased as to such events, though likewise of course I can remember such rivalries from my own childhood not only with sibling but other children in school and so on, some particular name is associated with some SCENE or IN THING and suddenly the SHINE rubs off on those fortunate enough to have some indirect association.

Anyway she was not dwelling on the subject given her opportunity to place more stuff in my Amazon account shopping basket hmmmn.

So anyway what is it about X MEN.

Well I think I have written on multiple occasions about the differing comic Worlds, though in fact some of my very earliest memories were of some American ANNUALS that had come into my possession and they were typically X MEN and THOR and FANTASTIC FOUR Annuals, cannot remember how many though I do recall reading them over and over again, and I do feel quite a strong affinity with those particular groups of characters.

What stands out for myself from those memories was that I had group superhero books, perhaps above and beyond the SOLO hero’s.

So yes I may have seen Superman at the Cinema though it was X Men and fantastic Four that I was familiar with in terms of books and annuals, I think I had some stage of getting some of those glossy Small American Comics featuring spiderman and batman and Superman though in honesty beyond what I saw in terms of TV LAND materials, I struggled with the comics in an almost disappointed fashion.

I think it possible that the Annuals of X Men and Fantastic Four etc, had been from an earlier generation and the comics simply were not available in Hereford, England, United Kingdom. Yes supply and demand among Corner Shops meant that some comics appeared though were typically of the supposed more popular or bankable characters.

So yes one can wonder of course as to whether it is fair to say Thor’s Hammer is the same as Dumbo’s Feather, although only the hammer would make it into that Warehouse 13 (probably).

So all and anything clearly contains not only a given label or name, though can be given invented history.

Take two identical products on a shelf (say a torch) and one is purchased by elderly Mrs Jones at number 29 and the other by young mum Mrs Smith at number 45.

A few years later both will in theory at least have imbued other VARIABLES and MEANINGS and so on into the purchased item.

Mrs Jones used the Torch to go down into her old cellar that has no lighting, whilst Mrs Smith used the torch to play hide and seek in a arkened house with the children and so on.

So you can take absolutely any object whatsoever and imbue it with some surrounding story.  Likewise in theoretical terms and understanding that SOLIDITY does not truly exist at some deeper resolution of atoms and so on and you come to see where all or many a theory as to haunted penchants and ghostly tables and so on.

The same can be suggested for old building and new building in terms of who created and crafted such things.

So yes is there a wisdom for us all in taking in and believing such fantasy realm things as children or will they merely set us back in life at a later time.

Again I think that the non-conscious is not truly fully understood, hence so very many calculable systems can be demonstrably wrong simply through some unknown variation happening or occurring within a given timeline or history and so on.

Festive season wise I was thinking that in fact the bad guy in the SENSE8 series does have a kind of Santa look and of course many a young child is given to fear these santa characters just as many are given to fear clowns (demonstrated in the Inside Outside movie).

I mention that of course because as a youngster I did get into the festive seasonal theme of wanting to go to Santa’s Grotto and multiples did exist at one point or time, I think you could go to one in Woolworth and one in Chadds (former local department store) and perhaps one or two other locations, though such visitations often ended in a strange kind of disappointment for your queuing, chads did not hand out all those star wars and craft toys and airfix paints and models to the visiting children, for those an appropriate fee would be required.

Yes so in fact SANTA as used within stores (at least Historically) and so on, is really the same as those SWEETS that are often now EXCLUDED from the CHECKOUT, because we do often buy into those things on a MAGICAL or SPECIAL OCCASION kind of imagining (as young children) where nothing is given direct association that we have as adults to COST.

I see ENGLISH ASTRONAUT Tim Peake was successfully launched well away from the rest of us, probably for the best as such places whilst boasting of exploration are of course a secret QURANTEEN for undesirables.

What do you mean oh no they are not

Of course they are.

The NEXT Space Station would be better suited to being called COVENTRY.

Lol 😉

Anyway I could not sleep today such is the excitement of Early work and I have not yet got ticket for Star wars though know it is going to be cheaper without waiting for the daughter to arrive for a visit closer to the new year.

What am I to do, well it is Christmas joke season and Sky News kindly provided myself with the following

“Why does Ed Miliband like advent calendars?

“He gets to open the door to number 10.”

Bada boom.

Of course you could also stick many a politicians name into that situation though clearly having heard that piece of humour I will now perhaps see what I can come up with myself.

Yes I know I am not given to outright HUMOUR though once you progress with some meditation and awareness and enlightenment materials you kind of find yourself having a kind of intransigent foundation of  humour within your life and wherever you happen to focus and turn attention and so on.

Clearly it can be difficult to find humour in some scenes and scenario’s though likewise that perhaps why GALLOWS HUMOUR is so popular in the you could not make it up stakes.

Do you have a special Christmas story?

Will have to think on this one, I did actually just a day or 2 ago mention to some colleagues that an earliest role that I could remember was as an APPLE TREE standing on a stage at Hunderton school and looking at a large group of faces staring back, cannot recall what the play was, though I think some Nutcracker Suite was involved.


so when did you first become aware that you have a mutant gene?

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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