So We Seemingly Had Year Upon Year Of Somewhat Dire News & Events

Only this year we can see some light at the end of the tunnel, in the sense that a Trajectory setting is kind of being given as we accelerate toward 2016.

So some have perhaps followed a baton down the hatches approach of not feeling they can cope with anymore whilst others have simply rolled with the punches or indeed aligned themselves with what they believe to be the most appropriate personalised settings.

Typically of course I have spoken on Hereford, England, United Kingdom as one of those American styled backwater redneck towns in terms of various forms of diversity.  Examples can be found over and over again as to non-conscious reasoning’s going on for particular behaviours from differing factions and groupings and individuals.

I also of course suggested that the Future Mapping course offered up another kind of interesting variable as to imagining the line that you draw as being some kind of time line in the sky or a washing line that Mary Poppins or whoever your chosen symbolic hero/heroine is, slides backwards through time towards your location.

The line itself toing and froing and upwards and downwards, perhaps suggest the very many distractions and diversions that are taken toward your given goal.

So another kind of line that we have seen in Epic War Movies is that of the Paratrooper about to disembark some Aerial Vehicle, they attaching themselves to a cable that when they jump automatically pulls the shoot cord for them apparently making it easy to place distance between each jumper and indeed lessening the potential for individual malfunction, someone panicking or blacking out or whatever still has an open shoot carrying them gradually down toward some landing position.

I did as a child actually have some kind of plastic man with a parachute, that I quite enjoyed throwing up in the air and watch drift back down again, and in the absence of one toy to carry out such functionings you could often adapt an alternative to try out, use a plastic bag as a parachute for your toys, or indeed see what happens when you tie your men to a kite and so on and so forth.

Yes this kind of experimentation of course often meant that we could physically see the trouble with design and shape and indeed direction of air and wind and all the other very many considerations that you may want to have taken into consideration.

Anyway I was thinking that News at present relating to this Trajectory issue is of course again one of choices, yes the choices may feel as they are coming in some kind of onslaught thick and fast and crazy, though choices never the less.

Do I go to see Star Wars as everyone else is, or is the Hype just that, memories of the Hype surrounding the 2nd trilogy and the FAILURE of those sequal’s to satiate my own appetite etc, springs to mind, they will claim otherwise, though overall those prequal’s also appeared with the great and the good of the reviewing World fully “on task”.

Today we are seeing 1st Reviews and typically they are coming thick and fast and highly upbeat, though having bought into such things on other occasion, only to be left disappointed, you really do have to make your own opinion and mind up as and when you go to see the film.

So you can read a hundred reviews and find a hundred positive upbeat messages and then go to see a film yourself and be left highly disappointed because you believed them, all of them.

Will we have any doubting voices?  The other topic is of course that in truth They (filmmakers) do not have to do all that great a deal to be better than that last trilogy.

TRILOGY of course a grat word because it contains TRIL and that is shortform for TRILL a one famed Birdseed Box that could be found up and down the land next to everyone’s favourite pet Canary or Budgie.

Not sure how long elder brother (Tim) (yes same name and initials as present only Brit in Space apart from those that went before who are disqualified through adopting American and Soviet passports or paying to go with bribes and backhanders) and I (David) had pet birds for though we did, and I am uncertain as to what triggered those interests.

Yes many kids have pets and go can through multiples though I really do think some inspiring pattern or cycle must exist as to cause and effect.  I think a neighbour or even relatives may have had such pets and that kind of peaks your own interest in such things.

Likewise of course Christmas a time of abandoned pets, the sellers do not care having gotten the money and those getting pets suddenly may be finding themselves burdened with unwanted associated costs.

Dogs of course can be walked and a means to getting out and about, whilst cats can do their own thing, usually eating sleeping and hunting and shitting in neighbours gardens.

Though likewise many pets require a level of investment and ongoing cost, whether for foods or time (walks etc), cleaning cages and hutches and all the very many things you might incur through having children (in fact) possibly some think of such things as a learning mechanism, though a certain level of doing all and everything even when “you do not feel like it” is involved, as many a parent knows.

So yes a great huge positive expectation is now on the cards for the coming year, Star Wars, and reduced unemployment and very many things we are told are important to us, though in fact are a CHOICE of interest and optionable rather than must believe etc.

I in watching trailer for X Men Apocalypse also decided to check out one or two others, Captain America Civil War and Independence Day Resurgence, all nicely fitting into the appropriate GENRE Categorisation.

I then actually found myself wondering what a collaboration between JJ Abrams and Bryan Singer might look like, in fact of course they both perhaps at the Hottest or Sharpest Tool in the box end of Direction and so on, so are perhaps seen more in adversarial positions rather than collaborators, though we must not forget that cooperative groups do form throughout each generation of directors and producers and so on, how many films headlined as George Lucas and Spielberg and so on production or CARVE UPS.  One directs one produces and vice versa in the returning favours zone of RESPECT FOR CONTEMPORARIES.

Yes I high light those two names though several others do of course also appear in present generation of Directors etc, regarded as celebrities or regarded as trustworthy or steady hands.  All might claim to have a flop or turkey within the backcatalogue, though in reality, you often find that many such things depend upon how much FREEDOM you have at the lower levels of working life realms, caught between your own vision and that of those who hold the purse strings and so on.

Interestingly as I am strangely seeming focussing on my own childhood of the late 70’s and comparing with present daughter’s situation (who is older than I was when rivalled by siblings, etc). We have the HOVERBOARD coverage that was much alike the Skateboard coverage of that era.

Hover Board is potentially equivalent to someone shouting man over board, so it could well be a time of people ejecting SHIPPING TERMINOLOGY from there selves, unsure how to phrase such ideas, though I hope folks reading get the gist.

I have seen one or two actors high lighted in recent days, all famed for having played FAMOUS CAPTAINS and shipping peoples etc.  quite a few actually exist of course, when you look to many a classic adventure story treasure Island, Swiss family Robinson and so on.

Iikewise that FRAMEWORK was utilised in fact within many a SPACE ADVENTURE, differing visuals and dimensions of course unless your perhaps talking submarines and manoeuvrability or planes and manoeuvrability, though making clear and precise COMPARIBLES through differing realms can be easier when younger than when you get older.

Typically many an establishment, set out to be different or appear different from a pre-existing unit or however, developing differing style and language and even Hierarchies.

Clearly some things are wheat and chaff issues, whilst some sectors perhaps really have developed had to go through enforced changes to accommodate new technologies and so on.

That perhaps dependent on manpowering issues, whereby it can be suggested that the individual worker or whatever, is your base unit and then gadgets and toy and so on are additions to the base or core IDEA.

That of course changed when many a naming system was developed. So instead of the man having these tools, the TOOLS (cars, guns and boats and airplanes) very much began taking centre stage.

So the best way to perhaps regain your own soul and identity and so on, is to perhaps create a hierarchical system where you know that a human is a human and a tool is a tool and seek to understand the so-called SYMBIOTIC RELATIONSHIPS that can be created between the living organic human and often inorganic tool’s and so on.

So yes that perhaps relates once again to those RELATIONAL DATABASE type ideas I suggested as a good point of research for people.

Some realm mind sets are of course easier to take centre stage within than others, and even when we can jettison our own possibly negative thoughts and feelings and jealousies or dispositions, that does not mean that others within ENVIRONMENTS will play ball.

So even if you do not consider yourself rival with sibling or other men or women or children, does not mean that others will not themselves act out as though you are the one being difficult (in some fashion).

I have found this over and over again to be true, especially when it comes to family issues or work issues, whereby once I may have been sparked or triggered by particular behaviours from externals, I no longer necessarily BITE, because my mental mindset or MAP (so to speak) is perhaps more enhanced etc.

No some things will or are unlikely to disappear completely because again I have often found that the TRUTHS that you were told were not truths and you were being paranoid about, are or turn out to be often TRUE, only other living some DENIAL LIE, puts or can angerously place yourself into constantly playing out VICTIM ROLES.

So younger siblings such as myself and indeed daughter often brought up in the shadow of older siblings or even PARENTS playing out that SHADOW BEHAVIOUR (from their own childhood) and often you find that those GENERATIONAL PATTERN BEHAVIOURS are handed down, so an oldest child will default to same patterns and expect similar from their own children and not see anything wrong in their own behaviours and so on. (and so on, meaning that a 2nd child or 3rd child may also fall into stereotypical patterns 7 cyclic behaviours).

These can be the most complicated sectors of course because in balance terms whilst you may be able to identify a 1st child or 2nd child or 3rd child and so on, many are aware of their own BIAS and do seek to transition to more moderate positions as parents, though also playout as they did as children against their own children and so on.

So yes RAISING THRESHOLD really can be the best option to simply clear out old TRIGGERS and indeed go into differing mental models and mappings that are clear on your ADULT BOUNDARIES AND BORDERS and so on.

I spoke previously on some psychological models, whereby you can have your adult zone requiring speaking someone else’s adult zone though they may be permanently parked in child zone simply through lack of going through levels of maturization.

Yes, so it is only a model though a pretty damned good one as to relationships between communication systems of differing personalities, and EGO LEVELS.

So you raise threshold and want to clear out much flotsam and jetsam and also of course learn to understand the patterns you were falling into and likewise learn to identify the MOST APPROPRIATE position or pattern to adopt within any transactional analysis (communication).

Many a system within many a business and even public sector realm has adopted teachings and lessons and learnings from TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS MODELLING, though very often those who go out and learn such things for themselves from a higher original source, are often better positioned than those who are learning some to the Xth or to the Nth generation hand down model.

So a modern book within any realm will claim that it includes all the very best knowledge grafted out over X many years of research in this topic area, though reality for many of us, and I have found this to be true over and over again, is to go back yourself and research what the book writers and so on have within their own BIBLIOGRAPHIES and so on.

Some some new lessons and learnings from new materials and research is useful, though very often a thorough understanding of the ORIGINAL SOURCE material enables you to better JUDGE or COMPARE your own ins and outs against those given by so-called “EXPERTS”.

I have gone somewhat blah blah, though yes imagine if you will that you are hurtling toward a planet or sun and a SLINGSHOT MANOEVRE is about to occur, what is the trajectory you are setting as your goal?

Elsewhere returning to this OBJECT/ARTIFACT imbued with magical properties and stories, I found myself WONDERING as to whether an ORIGINAL or EARLY piece or organic or inorganic material is IMBUED with our Soul or whatever.

So does a baby tooth in a box constitute your ORIGINAL GENETIC MAKEUP (for example) untouched by all the years of trial and tribulations, or even a locket of hair in a pendant etc.

Yes I wonder as to these things because I do have some of my old teeth in a box somewhere, and often speak on that Ray Harry Hausen Jason and the Argonauts Film where the teeth were planted in the ground and sprung up into those skeletons etc, ok so that is not going to happen, though we also see teeth and so on around the Necks of African tribespeople and also within West Indian VOODOO histories, many a tribe in taking inorganic or organic material from some defeated RIVAL believed themselves inbued with the power, much like in Highlander with the Victor of Sword Fight getting the powers of the VANQUISHED.

We also within the Dr Who Sphere of course have those REGENERATIONS, and some folks did keep his chopped off (regenerating) hand through several seasons of stories.

So the potential within an ancient cell to take you back to some historical youth or glory?

Yes I know STEM CELL RESEARCH has actually tested many of these things and claims to be able to grown many a body part, so clearly the amount of POWER that can be harnessed within a CELL is far greater than can be seen through simple eyesight perception and judgment.

Though yes the SLINGSHOT HARNESS and biblical PSALMS of DAVID coming to the fore for some groupings and religions this Christmas.

Clearly having a space between your window upon the World and so on really can be a better place to be though likewise, do not expect all around to simply be marching to the same DRUM, as for every person that takes up assisted Meditation and wants some positive changes and options within there life, you will find naysayers heckling and claiming that whilst they used the technologies, they did not work for them.

These folks I feel are not telling the whole truth, in the sense of saying do not do what I do, do as I say.

My more mature position is to tell people, you will likely come to see the point of view and perceptions I speak upon if you try out some of these assisted meditation technologies for yourself.

Do not take my Word for it, when you can take your own, and likewise you do often find that early on even when people do try such technologies they still want to battle and compete and go against yourself, even though there is a big wide world out there of 7 billion people, they could be challenging etc.

So is a basic low level website I created to direct folks who find it to some technologies that can change perceptions and lives, do not take my word for it try them for yourselves, yes the cost or investment can be daunting early on, though after a short time period may come to pay for itself (or not) dependent of course on how you are able to focus or act without being under siege or existing in some pre-established and existing realms that strangely prefer all-out-war, to learnings and lessons and more empowering ways of going about life the universe and everything.

May the force be with!

Thank you for reading, god Bless and Be Well 😉

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