Generation Rugrats

And it’s all done in the best possible taste screeched Kenny Everett in Dolly Parton wig and Maggie thatcher Dress? 

So I have had a long & hard think as to whether or not it is appropriate for myself to write so-called spoilers for the all new “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, I had one of those impulsive “get it out of your system” moments where upon hearing that it was opening Thursday decided to go and see it at the earliest opportunity.


Well I did some quick search for spoilers & reviews and of course all I got were the talks of Review Embargo’s and indeed Spoiler Blockers, so many in fact that all or most “spoiler” materials that came up on the lists were “spoiler-free” that is (to my mind) one hell of a pain in the derriere, yes many folks want to see it for themselves and make there own judgment just as I did, though the true is that the

SEARCH & SEARCH ENGINES are clearly being shaped.

If I want spoilers that state they are spoilers I should be taken to not spoiler-free blah blah.

So anyway I went along and took the opportunity to book online ticket and collect from machine at Cinema Multiplex and I had opted for upgrades, Premier seats and 3D Max or whatever it is called.

First Gripe, on putting on the Glasses, I became aware that these are not the glasses of just a couple of years ago, no same wrapper with 20% reduction in size or material used, is probably the best way to describe the glasses I was given.

Someone somewhere (likely a bean counter accountant) in a factory deciding they could reduce the production costs via reducing size of the glasses & lense (or so it seems) and in so doing potentially ruining the experience for the customer at the cinema end.

If you have some older glasses hang on to them, I think I may actually have some in a box somewhere and may well dig them out to see if what I am saying is TRUE, rose tinted glass memories etc, though yes that was my immediate judgement as to the glasses.

The upgrade Premier Seating was however to my preference, larger seats (like a star trek captains seat) and walkway spacing and the arm has a number so little to dispute as to armrests and indeed drink container holder.

So you watch the adverts and you watch trailers for forthcoming films (Batman vs Superman: Justice League Series (about to start next year)).

Anyway a typical spoiler would likely run

Great big pause when told the film is about to begin, you wait for some extra stretched out second’s as the theatre goes silent and the atmosphere & tension is palpable, tick tock tick tock, and then the Bloody Film classification notice comes up and your like JUSST SHOW THE BLOODY FILM.

Space Background yellow text, MUSIC

Pan down to planet

I shall stop there will the spoilers because the TRUTH is that you, any of you intending to know the story and ins & outs etc, ALREADY KNOW, because “they” the makers have typically followed a Star Wars Themed “BLUE PRINT” or what I might call a Scaffold or Framework Outline.

So where once you might have had a script or story outline that ran “a youthful character stumbling across a lost Android”

In fact it can be suggested that as hard as you might like to NOT LIKE this, if you have ever claimed to be a fan of the Original Trilogy or indeed the GAMES, then you are deliberately being placed “IN TROUBLE” you cannot claim to dislike something that you have harped on and on about as being the Dogs Testicles for many years.

Can You?

Now I in fact, due to video and and older sibling with the remote who was a far bigger star wars fan than myself, got to see the Original trilogy to death, that means easily DOUBLE FIGURES, possibly more though much like repetitious jobs the days and weeks and months and memories all kind of MERGE & BLUR etc.

So the enhanced visual experience was great as were the effects, and be in know doubt that despite all the hoo-haa over Disney purchasing the rights, this was pure Lucasfilm and INDUSTRIAL LIGHTS & MAGIC (ILM).

What else, well in the meantime a summary spoiler has appeared on wiki

CLICK & READ AT YOUR OWN RISK, I have read it and would actually have written things a little differing, though that is perhaps about high-lights and standout moments for yourself rather than any great variance as to the general Direction of story and plot and so on.

So how might I disagree with so many reviewer and other opinions?

I would have to break things down into categories

Effects and Visuals 5 Stars

Story 5 Stars

Script 4 Stars

Pre Hype versus Actual Experience 3 Stars

Music 5 Stars

Yes I could go on and on with categories , though in fact there is far more that is RIGHT with the production and film than otherwise.

Why did I say story 5 and Script 4 for example?

Well many a review banged on about the new youth characters and CHEMISTRY, I myself found that several points of script within the film were STILTED & FORCED.

The truth being that whilst 4 and 5 word or less (he says, she says) interactions were all the rage for Gamer Generation Fans, it did feel at a couple of points to be requiring of a longer worded interaction.

So that minor gripe was enough to gain a reduction in star rating.

Likewise Pre Hype was given to believe much integrating or coming together of Original Cast with New generation Cast.

The truth being that this was perhaps the Han Solo Fest movie that many may have wanted, when Harrison Ford was more youthful.  As an elder character perhaps still doing what he does best alongside Chewie and new characters.

So little of Leia and Luke or Original Androids at all (in reality) though that may shift within forthcoming future releases.

So do I have an overall rating, well the simple truth is WOULD I GO AND SEE IT AGAIN?

The answer is most definitely YES because so much is seemingly packed into the 135 minutes run time, that is does genuinely require several viewings, for all those subtle nuances and things that you missed because they were so fleeting.

Great Battles, great running about and action, and a fair number of “IN JOKES” for pre-existing fans.

Ones to look out for are when Rey and Finn are seeking to leave the planet Jakku and selecting an escape vehicle, and another typical moment later when Han and Finn are wondering as to what to do with Captain Phasma on the Starkiller Base.

So it zips along and zips along, great battles, great planetary visuals and a couple of points where they kindly allowed everyone to breath via slowing down, a visit to a pirate planet and indeed wherever the resistance are wholed up.

Plenty for everyone.

Now I mention the Games World because typically within the games you want to do what the Hero’s are doing, and in some ways it almost felt as though that had taken precedence as to some visuals and feel and the reason for the constant onslaught of “run, battle, rest, run battle rest” yes in fact you may as well stick a graphical word over the top corner of the SCENES and you would likely find only half a dozen at most DESCRIPTIONs, much like the Original Inspirations of George Lucas and those classic black & white Flash Gordon type shows, that he famously gave as inspiration, those shows always having that “WHAT HAPPENS NEXT” QUESTION as to how does character ESCAPE from the cliff or avoid capture or avoid the Eastender’s Ned of Show theme.

I could of course go into DEEP ANALYSIS as to character’s & demographic audience and indeed “MYTHICAL REALM COMPARISON (Pandora’s Box), though my initial impression was that as mentioned above they do seemingly place viewers “IN TROUBLE”, as to who can I most latch onto and relate to in some fashion etc.

I think for example that Poe Dameron as a character or actor had quite a stage presence and I would like to see more scenes with him & Finn, likewise Rey as a lead character was pretty much Heroine of a Lara Croft/Katniss Everdeen kind. The other character to see more of is possibly the Alien Bar Keeper that Han took them to see.  Even more fantastic was the lack of JAR JAR BINKS or however it is spelt, the Scrappy Doo of the Star Wars realm.  In fact the MARMITE character in all of this seems to be KYLO REN, a somewhat Professor Snape (Harry Potter) like looking actor.  The New droid BB-8 was great and also deserves further appearance.

So all have room for further DEVELOPMENT and I genuinely think that my gripe about stilted dialogue is one to WATCH, will future releases remedy the situation or simply CONFIRM that I am out of tune with how others see it or indeed that I am more on the dot.

It could simply be that the ordering of filming and production meant that some scenes were more nervous for new cast, though overall you kind of find yourself not caring about such things because the OVERALL PACKAGE & RATING IS A SPECTACULAR EXTRAVAGANZA for all the senses, from visual to sound and repeat viewings are seemingly a must, tough given the cost I may well now wait for an amazon or Netflix release.  The daughter still has time to change her mind of course, and given how the star wars all boys own stuff has seemingly been sculpted & bent into a CHICK FLICK “all girls own stuff” it does suggest as I have said on several occasion over the years that some particular sectors and audience demographics have never had it so good despite them still crying wolf to the contrary.

The title of this article

Generation Rugrats

So what have we seen?  A new generation of Star Wars with young characters battling on either side, The X Men realm going to ORIGINS, The Avengers realm decending into forthcoming Captain America : CIVIL WAR and the forthcoming Batman vs Superman Birth of the Justice League (WONDER WOMAN making a cameo within the trailer).

Yes in fact what we see within justice league especially is a differing set of characterisations to that seen within the regular SOLO CHARACTER story’s, the characters were typically taken up by a new generation of fans and taken in differing directions and so on, much like most characters have been, and differing collectives of course style according to their own taste, not necessarily that of a pre-existing AUDIENCE, so a fan of normal Batman or normal Superman may well completely dislike the forthcoming film because some of the SPIN-OFF anf branch realms and according tastes really are somewhat acquired.

So yes it may well be suggested that in keeping sync with TIME and SPACE and growth and development that a culture of WESTERN YOUTH brought up on rugrats and tellytubbies is presently about to DECLARE WAR on the preceding generation.

As an aside: I recently mentioned the 1970’s Skate Board thing and I of course perhaps pre double figures aged at that time, whilst daughter & hoverboard’s generation are with those double-figure teens age categorisations, so it could in CYCLE & PATTERN terms, be related as to some basic DIVISION MATHEMATICS and MOORES LAW and so on.

I was thinking about Moore’s Law not so much in the accelerated fashion of a 2 dimensional graph claiming everything doubles up in X period of time, so much as the fact that REALITY is somewhat a little differing, when you take such LAW into greater DEPTH of 3X dimensional graphs and 4X + Dimensions you are going to see very many more variations to the STANDARD MODEL.

So I think in Computing Terms, Moores Law is akin to Newtonian Physics and am unsure as to whether any Computer Professor or EXPERT has actually come up with a EINSTEIN MODEL of computing calculations, yes we see talk of the age of Quantum Computing, though that for myself is seemingly “old news” so how many models behind are we really?

Yes we can ask or indeed SPECULATE and CAPTURE IMAGINATION to influence next generation specialists and experts into new directions and new frontiers.

Anyway Go see it, it is not for everyone though I think as a family entertainment better than many an alternative.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉



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