Let’s Bomb Agrabah

This apparently the mindset of 1 in 3 United States Republicans and 1 in 5 United States Democrats.

The truth being that Agrabah does not of course exist beyond being the name of the Kingdom within Disney’ Aladdin.

So are cartoon nukes the order of the day, or do the Americans have some deep seated need to take up Christmas Panto or a genuine mindset of hitting the Cinema’s and watching it all over again.

Yes I did wonder as to whether I was the only one who wanted to see a new Star Wars Movie especially given the somewhat dire previous trilogy of just a few short years ago.  I also wondered as to my daughters attitude and so on to the film, though a straw poll of several female colleagues actually concurred with her mindset of not being interested in Star Wars, one or 2 when asked what they did watch typically came up with The Fast & The Furious and “yes I like Paul walker” and all that sort of stuff.  The daughter is known to have purchased those Petrol Head films on my account, though in all honesty beyond the first couple of films in that series, my own reaction is probably similar to hers toward Star Wars in my simply not being interested.

However on a further note it is being reported that Box office records are being broken and new ones set and this is in “COMPARABLE” terms not surprising.


Well you will not know until you see it, though the biggest grossing film of the year was apparently Jurassic World, and in all due respect to the creators of Jurassic World (it too, being a repeat of a repeat of a formula), anyone who gave Jurassic World a 10 out of 10 rating would be blown away by Star Wars to the extent that they would likely have to CREATE a new system or break the mould of the rating system 20 out of 10, or some such.

I am not prone to exaggerating or taking one review to be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, though given how many a film is released from year to year and how many award winners were included, it really can take something SPECIAL to raise the so-called stakes and anti or indeed awaken peoples from there slumber.

So I am not alone in my view that the film is not a Turkey, rotten tomatoes website for example even with aggregate reviews gives some 8 out of 10 rating from its AGGREGATED RATING SYSTEM.

That means that if some anomaly such as myself comes along and says 10 out of 10 and hundreds of other reviewers all say “it’s a Turkey” giving it 1 out of 10, my 1 individual rating (given large aggregated figures) would likely still result in some AVERAGED MEAN 1 out of 10.

The fact that it is already steady in the 8 + zone probably places it into “all time great’s” “once in a lifetime” kinds of films that are a must for being seen at the Cinema and where were you when “Star Wars: the Force Awakens” came out?

Now I came from a modest background and was not from a family that could afford regular Cinema trips, though as soon as I was older and able to work I funded such things for myself through pocket money and jobs.

The reason I say that is because CINEMA is something that has faded into the background for many a person, and public brought up on a diet of multiple TVs in every room and access anywhere anytime services.

All I would say is, yes it might be a little expensive though family tickets and other bundles etc are available, if you only ever take your kids to one film during their entire Childhood and you want it to be a genuine good one, then you could do far far worse.

Quite simply despite my Hype versus Reality rating of only 3 Stars, the truth is that Disney/Lucasfilm and so on have massively UNDERSOLD this Production, possibly feeling burned from the last Trilogy and not wanting to get sucked into similar debates.  Word of mouth from people who have seen it and compared it against all that has gone before can be pretty difficult customers to please, this film blows away the cobwebs of years and years of lacklustre productions and even manages to blow away many contemporary EFFECTS DRIVEN productions.  Well done to Mr JJ ABRAMS & all those involved, I am still “IN THE ZONE” in terms of thinking and considering and comparing and wanting to quite simply talk about it.

Elsewhere “The Special One” Jose Mourinho has apparently been sacked from Chelsea.  He had a new contract in the Summer following on from having won last years Premier League title and League cup double.  So no-one is bullet proof then.

Strange though true you do hear over and again how some managers cannot be sacked etc, though clearly Jose was managing a team at the edge of the premier league abys known as the relegation zone, were it to be Arsenal I suspect that Wenger would have to be looking over his shoulder and indeed that is possibly what the World is all currently about.

Peoples and persons shaking things up a little and not accepting others resting on their laurels and so on.  Will Jose be the next manager of Manchester United? Well in fact I think that job has possibly become a poison chalice, much like the one that Jose is leaving behind at Chelsea, a collective group of players who just 7 months ago were title winners.

What else?

Well several reports are calling today “PANIC SATURDAY”, though again such things are probably depending on how much notice you take of all about yourself and herds.

I of course quite liked Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (Douglas Adams) as a child and that famous Electronic tour Guide Book famously had “DON’T PANIC” written on the cover, it can also be noted that the brief entry for Earth was “Harmless” though this was going to be revised in a later edition to “Mostly Harmless”.

So what does panicking involve?  Yes, usually perhaps wanting to ensure that you have kept up with the expectations of what we are bombarded with on a daily basis from the world about us, ensure kids /family/friends have presents and the cards have gone out.

You could probably make a list in fact, though generally I do not understand the Saturday thing anymore since being a long time Nightworker, I can of course typically shop on any day of the week and the real PANIC Day is usually for Christmas Eve so we are talking Wednesday/Thursday as REAL panic days and today is “Get Over Yourself Day” you still have almost an entire or complete week in which to mull and deliberate and work yourself up into a stew of frenzy of delusional expectations as to what you must or must not be doing correctly or right according to your perceptions of the Great and The good of kepping up with the Social Network and the Jones at Number 42.

So returning to the Aladdin Theme I have of course not done Pantomime for a couple of years, though did really quite enjoy going when daughter was younger, so may well give myself a BREAK and go again in future years, just for some entertainment and FUN, such as I did in going to the Cinema ON MY OWN, WITHOUT FRIENDS, it was an enjoyable experience in and of itself and whilst company might have been NICE, I do not generally regard such things as the BE ALL and END ALL of life as we know it, if one own company is preferable to that of some Social Circles and Peer Groups and so on.

News just in is that Jimmy Hill has died, he of course another famed Sporting Presenter with a famous pointy bearded chin where you’d imagine him shaving and then find his chin is pointy underneath, image wise he perhaps would have fitted the EVIL character portrayal within PANTOMIME, not that he himself was evil so much as he simply appeared or looked like the image often given to such CHARACTERS & STEREOTYPES. 

Elsewhere multiple reports are linked and relating to the Great Billion populated China and city Smog and B52-Bombers over the South China Seas.

My own memory of the B52’s is of course the song LOVE SHACK by the rock group rather than the Airplane or hairstyle.

Strange combination, though the group have done some quite off the wall tracks over the years, Off the wall another Michael Jackson Number of course, strange though true I almost forgot or was I intentionally forgetting.

Yes as a heterosexual, one is of course not allowed to like The Wizard of OZ because the heterophobics typically claimed such things as their own (YAWN), though I enjoyed the film as a youngster and I have seen SEVERAL LINKS to the Wizard of Oz in recent days, although it must be said that Dan Carter who won the International Sports personality of the Year was not Australian, he was from New Zealand.

Yes, so I think the links I saw related to the Good Witch GLENDA?  Not completely sure because so many years have passed, though likewise in mentioning Michael Jackson, one can also note that he was involved in a strange Wizard of Oz production entitled The Wiz or something like that.

Yes, the problem with references at this time of year is quite simply the heavy amount of radio airwaves being given over to mix and match Christmas Classics and so on, we all typically have favourite songs from multiple generations, though strangely some releases that you think would be hits fail to take of whilst others ROCKET TO THE TOP OF THE CHARTS.

These days it is even more complicated given the way in which the music industry has lost control of the majority of the listening public’s taste & choice options.

Where they want to simply go with particular tried and trusted formula’s, many a break out song has simply done so though that word they do not take into account FUN.

Yes Simon Cowell and Co will all boast of how fun they are, though in Corporate Management terms and as many a recording star will state, many a record company boss and executive who worked there way up as a bean counter accountant prior to gaining the TOP JOB is unlikely to genuinely RELATE to the other end of the Business and what makes people tick, things such as PERSONALITY and so on as well as some skill and ability or X FACTOR.

Strange though true, when you watch shows such as X FACTOR you come to realise that Other FACTORS must also truly exist, because many of those making it onto the shows have little genuine appeal.  Maybe they want and boast of X factor whilst only getting x factor.

Elsewhere another daughters favourite, something called Strictly is being highlighted within one or two realms, I of course saw live ballroom dancing years ago when working for a video production firm and whilst many encounters with such peoples and so on were fine, you do find that whatever the REALM, the same old story is being professed to those OUTSIDE of a given realm.

So whilst many of us blokes might typically look at dancing blokes with orange tans and female temperaments as bordering THE EDGE OF SUSPICION, such individuals typically of course do the same to EXTERNALS in RETURN.

I have know idea as to who the competitors and so on are, though typically much like most in society I like fun and entertainment and light relief, some of course build themselves up through making others believe that this FUN RELIEF or that FUN RELIEF is strongly related to THOSE KIND OF PEOPLE, whatever the segment of society you wish to distinguish yourself from in some fashion.

Generally I have found that no matter where you turn attention, you will likely find people caught up in there own delusion of how the World is or must be in order for them to exist.

So as stated previously especially when it comes to some subject matters, it really can be better to have a mental boundary and distance between being in the World and viewing life the Universe and everything as though looking down from a window upon the World.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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