Whoop’s Apprentice

So  there I have been blowing the trumpet for Star Wars, when the reality is that such Features and so on are perhaps down to childhood viewings and playground games and the culture of the youth I typically grew up in, I also seemingly realised that I was OVER HARSH toward the last trilogy, because I did kind of enjoy them for what they were, though the REALITY was perhaps that they were not as I PERSONALLY HAD ENVISIONED them.

So I said in CONTRAST to many a reviewer that performers within some scenes seemed a little stilted & forced and the reality check of that is honesty, many of those old black & whites and taken in one shot type features were full of pregnant pauses and continuity errors and so on and so forth, that we can often relate to within our own lives than seeming PERFECTION, some may recall that I strangely criticised Toy Story 3 from Pixar for being TOO PERFECT, the reality of my generation perhaps being that such IDEALS are somewhat hard to attain or live up to.  So that same MENTAL CALCULATION ERROR was in fact partially responsible for the response many a viewer gave to the 2nd Trilogy, they visually stunning and crafted & crafted, suffering from a lack of JOVIALITY (possibly) like we all do sometimes in the “TRYING TO HARD” stakes.

Anyway clearly far more options are available in this day and age though as suggested the film is a little bit of fun therapy for anyone of my older generation, who wants a magical recall to their childhood and so on.  If you go in with that attitude you are unlikely to be disappointed, if you make it about wanting the kids to like it as much as you do or however then typically the TRAP is one you are potentially setting yourself up for a fall.

Anyway I have also suddenly realised that I have not spoken on the Apprentice Series I had been Royally Following and in going to BBC IPLAYER I suddenly found myself presented with more than just one show I thought I had missed.  Something called “The Final Five” which I read and watched the initial start for and had a change of heart, I have little interest in greater profiling of the final five candidates, so I stopped it a minute or so in and simply moved to the NEXT SHOW which was perhaps the one I wanted to see “The Interviews” and yes we had four interviewers going through the candidates business plans and each perhaps representing a differing area of expertise that a candidate may likely find themselves having to deal with in some fashion or manner.

Anyway they were all perhaps given a grilling and to be fair, several already being ENTREPRENEURS, one of the things not taken into consideration is perhaps the LACK of INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE.

You set up for Yourself and so on, as at least 3 were known to have done and you are likely to have little in the way of experience as to what these great Big Corporate Styled Grillers are going to be targeting you with.

So all perhaps handled themselves as best they could, Charlene was first to be let go, though encouraged to expand her already successful Salon business into having multiples of salons and so on.

The next to be sent there marching orders was Gary, the concern seemingly being that despite his having been in a position of responsibility within an already successful business empire his Business Plan did not match the views of more experienced one man bands and entrepreneurs, the lesson perhaps that it is easy to be a jigsaw piece in some pre-existing empire though setting out on your own and not going through all the various pitfalls and so on, that you probably do not get within larger business empires means he lacks learning curve knowledge of going without safety nets etc.

The next one to go was then Richard, and I am genuinely unsure as to the reason, beyond perhaps that given his success on the show and within many a task and so on, he can perhaps be a success anyway, he perhaps does not require or need a “sugar daddy” investor given his demonstrated abilities within the series. I think business peoples and so on are likely having seen a demonstrated skill and ability are likely to come calling upon him if they have not already.

So that leaves Joseph and Vana and it has seemingly been reduced to a competition between a plumbing and building maintenance firm and a dating agency type application.

I cannot of course say I know anything about plumbing beyond some basics that you kind of pick up from DIY manuals and so on over the years.  Likewise Joseph does seem dedicated and keen to make strides and be more go getting and so on, likewise I think around the time of remembrance day, I mentioned that a famed local Herefordshire based business is entitled Joseph and Sons and that also of course goes hand-in-hand with the time of the year and the Story of Mary & Joseph and all that jazz.

The alternative is Vana (unsure is correct in spelling, apologies if not).

I did feel that Vana should have gone earlier in the process so perhaps a hint of Bias though also Joseph was let of the hook on one or two occasion also.

So Vana wants to do a DATING GAME PLAYING APPLICATION. I of course when the internet was taking of and getting into its stride, was getting divorced and respectively getting back on the dating MERRY-GO-ROUND and indeed I bought into a couple of DATING WEBSITES.

In all honesty, I found that the websites and people on those websites were exceptionally “HARD WORK”, even with proclaimed matching algorythms and so on.  Yes I went on a number of dates and swapped and chatted about the PROBLEM of such websites, some things were things I agreed upon and some things were told to myself by those who felt they had become somewhat “professional datee’s” that being peoples and persons with a mind set to simply live on some free meal merry go round without commitment or developing relationships.

So after staying on such websites for perhaps a year of subscriptions, I chose to simply “CUT MY LOSSES” and stop, the amount of time and investment to getting know people and then getting to the point of an actual physical date was I felt being wasted.  If I asked someone if they wanted to go out on a forthcoming weekend, I would typically expect a straight forward yes or no, instead I often found myself being stretched and time wasted and all sorts of what I felt to be RIDICULOUS mind games.

So I eventually got to a point where in waiting for yes’s from some website matchup I was not going out, when I can typically put on a jacket and go out the local club pub etc. anyway.

Whilst I am sure that STATISTICS say the online dating market and game markets are GROWING, you will have a hard time of it convincing particular AUDIENCE DEMOGRAPHICS to come onboard, especially if they can quote similar experience to that of myself.

So yes possibly burned enough to never return, well yes online gaming can of course be fun and so on, though clearly the suggestion of playing GAMES TOGETHER and so on, is another LAYER of POSSIBLE RIDICULOUSNESS to have to contend with.

I would suggest that more casual relationships can develop more successfully, though those wanting something a little more personal etc are likely to not want to waste time. 

A typical METAPHORICAL COMPARISON REALM is perhaps that of Door to Door salesman, where in going door to door with a 1000 properties, you may just get one possible MAYBE to build upon, where at any point along the further building of interest and relationship the door can still be slammed shut or be found wanting in some fashion or manner.

That perhaps where Sam Horn within the write well series spoke of “Other people’s stuff”, yes I have or had stuff too, though did take the attitude that I am not going to let such things get in my way, however having been off the dating market (as I had been at that time for several years) I was not prepared for just how ridiculous the dating World in general had seemingly become, unsure if a societal wide thing or a Hereford, England, United Kingdom thing, though I over the period of a couple of years simply decided to come to a full stop, in that general arena, I was typically also under the cosh to a certain extent within the working life realm at that time, it seemed a quite high percentage of undesirables (inmates taking over the asylum) were wanting to build the World and realm in their own image, anyone who goes to see the new Star Wars and The On The Balcony FIRST ORDER SPEECH to the Stormtroopers, will get the general gist.

So who will win out, Vana or Joseph, well I cannot of course know that until I see the selection within the Your Hired Show though the clip for the next episode show did again look interesting, some former apprentice’s appear to be returning.

Likewise I was then offered another show related to Why I fired them, again I watched the intro and decided I did not really need to know, though I could of course discover that the reasons were similar to some I gave or indeed very differing.

So something to look forward to then.

What else, well today’s news is seemingly focussed on COLLEAGUE SUPPORT for the Police Officer who is now under arrest or suspension following an inquiry into the shooting that took place of a gangland member taking part in a prison break.

These inquiries are troublesome, in the sense that we have of course seen Soldiers also facing jail for War Crimes and so on, so we have the over stepping the mark in a given situation whether the battlefield is the streets of Britain or in some Afghanistan outback.

Do we want armed officers, well in honesty given the opportunity to use a gun I think very many of us can typically predict a rise in the kind of events seen within the United States, where the frustrated outlet for temper tantrums and so on, becomes the local mall.

I actually think that it is suggested at present, they are volunteers, I would actually prefer a dedicated division and regular constant training for such individuals, especially given that it does seem unavoidable that such officers are necessary.

Likewise we are hearing regarding Fire stations coming under a differing authoritative body to that which many exist within at present.  Unsure as to details, though it sounds as though some rationalisation is going on where they want the Service Police/Fire/Ambulance (maybe) to come under the same committees and quango’s.

Typically each group often wants to stay at arms length from the others and can site reasons as to why such things are a BAD IDEA.

My own view is that I am not against the PRINCIPLE, so much as seeking to ensure that those within the Committee or Quango are perhaps transferred or brought in (from pre-existing knowledge infrastructure bases) to be the representative for each profession.

It does not make sense for Fire Service to be under the jurisdiction of a POLICE BOARD QUANGO and-or likewise vice-versa.

So further restructuring then perhaps to make any given such system actually make sense to the PERSONNEL from each profession and the PUBLIC.

Not sure what else I can comment upon at present, yes I looked at headlines in multiple newspapers, though also found many a repetition of all that has gone before. 

Even today’s Football Matches are troublesome, Watford of course provided Liverpool with John Barnes, and have beaten them on occasion, so I perhaps in the away win draw zone of thinking.

I do however quite fancy Swansea in the other fixture, I did of course work for Butlin’s on a winter season in Minehead many years ago running a sweetshop and being entrepreneurial in taking a summer popcorn truck out and about to the sites cinema and so on during a harsh winter season.  We did (colleagues and myself) raise taking above expected targets, though I was perhaps somewhat Hitleresque in marching the abandoned little ones out of the shop, many a parent strangely walking little ones in and then disappearing, closely followed by kids helping themselves  as typical kids in a Candy Store.

Anyway I mention that because I had to travel down to Cheltenham or Gloucester and the Company had laid on communal transport for the staff of various regions, I think we also took in Swansea, given that I have exceptionally vague memories of sharing digs with some lads from Swansea.  I had gone with the intention of saving some cash and so on, though in fact the entire season was something along the lines of one exceptionally long piss-up that is hard to remember, beyond little fragments of oh-yeah’s occasionally popping up, from time to time, more recently of course Swansea a regular stop on the railways network when fetching the not so little one. 

Don’t they grow fast everyone?

(Cups ear for response)

Oh yes they do?

(cups ear for response)

Thanks for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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