Are You An Institutionalised Confused & Conflicted Person?

Are You An Institutionalised Confused & Conflicted Person?

Are you about to become an institutionalised confused & conflicted person?


So we any of us can of course read daily headlines and indeed listen and read sale speak kinds of Literature from many an email or indeed social media commentator and press commentator and television commentator.

The truth is of course that whatever realm you potentially turn to you will see multi-layered and-or possibly multi-faceted issues being high-lighted as to what constitutes what?

Clearly the simple truth for example is that many a realm has many a person wanting or desiring to be FIRST AMONG EQUALS.

First Among Equals typical of the mentality of course of people who do an exceptional job of claiming communism is good for all whilst not being in genuine compliance with such ideals.

So we have Joseph Blatter of FIFA being hauled up for historical wheeler dealings and whilst he perhaps the MR PRESIDENT of the Footballing World, the huge number of arrests throughout the entire ORGANISATION should leave no-one in any doubt that the tentacles of corruption are part and parcel of the Footballing Tower of Babel. 

Whilst Mr Blatter’s generation are perhaps being brought to Worldwide Media attention and having the rug pulled from beneath them to a certain extent, the truth is that such INSTITUTIONALISED BEHAVIOURS and what are a seemingly accepted NORMALITY within the Footballing sphere are exceptionally difficult to deal with, because such behaviours and corruption and so on and so forth are the BREAD & BUTTER “ACCEPTED” normality, that has been handed down and passed down through footballing World families and multiple generations.

The real genuine concern being that if Institutionalised Corruption is the bread & butter or SPINE of the Organisation, then what are you going to be left with when you remove the bread & butter normality.  It is akin to saying we are going to remove the CANCER and then not having a body left after all the malignant toxic and so on cells have been removed, such is there presence within that sphere or realm.

As for Michal Platini, well he was a great footballer of his generation, and not of the same mould as Blatter (Blatter is from a pen-pusher background).  Though again just as World Football has been high-lighted as being corrupt as a normality, so too is one of the Leading Empires of World Football, UEFA and the European Game.  We in Great Britain and within the English game have for generation upon generation complained of corruption within the European game, though unfortunately as has been demonstrated again and again, and was again stated by Sam Horn within the Write Well lecturing course, EXAMPLE is the only thing. And whilst we may have external corruptions that we can point our fingers at and complain about, so too within the footballing cultures of Dear Ol’ Blighty, the First Among Equals and “do not do as I do, do as I say” cultures of corruption and backhanders has BIG HISTORY.

Yes in fact such is the belief in the Normality of backhanders and cheating and so on that most only ever give “LIP SERVICE” to wanting to do something about it, anyone who actually does set themselves up to GENUINELY do something about some of these subject matters is likely to feel the FULL FORCE of media campaigns of “VESTED INTERESTS”.

Typical FAMED & HIGHLIGHTED examples known on these shores are of course people such-as good old Brian Clough, Terry Venables, and much like many a HIGH-LIGHTED example of any alleged PESTILENCE, you will likely find many more hiding and skulking in the shadows not very far away.

For every RAT that you see, you are typically given an estimate for the numbers of the rest of the nesting collective or population, such creatures rarely exist in ISOLATION.

In attending a HEALTH & SAFETY meeting years ago, where PEST CONTROL was sometimes in requirement of being HIGH-LIGHTED, throw out lip service quotes could typically be regularly heard “You are never more than 8 foot from a rat”.  In fact it does benefit staff to report any witnessed increase within sightings of pests such-as rats and seagulls and so on, because despite best efforts and communication with other business’ the issue is one of having to constantly remain aware & vigilant of those pest populations, and indeed being able to demonstrate to Company & Government Veterinary appointee’s that such things are being dealt with in an appropriate   & timely fashion.

I watched the Apprentice and of course Lord Sugar tried and wanted to deal (put a halt too) or with such things (Football bribes & backhanders & off-the-books dealings) during his tenure at Tottenham, though again, what can anyone do, when only LIP SERVICE SUPPORT is given to some issues of MORALITY or ETHICS & INTEGRITY.

So yes anyone can give great LIP SERVICE support for any CAUSE, though do not necessarily expect that to be matched with ACTION, because typically to kick of and be solidly against a given STATUS QUO will as suggested above, bring the full force of VESTED INTERESTS down upon you, whether through media campaigns or simple straight forward repetition of lies until the NO SMOKE WITHOUT FIRE kinds of doctrine take hold within a given populations Noggin.

That is in fact why I have repeated on more than one occasion, that instead of looking to accept some gossips generalised opinion as fact, one should find it within one self to actually work through the jigsaw puzzle and TRACE issues and so on to source, rather like modern medicinal practice MAGIC BULLET remedies that only target the actual detrimental cells rather than some broad sweeping encatchment where both good and bad all get caught up in the net.

So I have recommended Technologies that work for all-comers, irrespective of RACE, COLOUR, CREED, SEXUAL PREFERENCE, AGE, perhaps typically demonstrating that it is never too late to change for anyone at any time of life.  I also of course do not say necessarily state what anyone could be changing to, though I generally find that most peoples from all quarters benefit in working and rubbing along smoothly than otherwise, often in fact finding that some alleged DIFFICULT DEMOGRAPHICS are troublesome when in reality, PROJECTION has been taking place.

What kind of projection, well typically you have to take up the Technologies for yourself to find the WISDOM & TRUTH within yourself and your own experience of multiple realms and environments and so forth.  I certainly find that I have little interest in many an external person’s wars and control freakery and influence and manipulations, beyond suggesting that many are possibly irrational and insane kinds of extremism that do not stand up to some deeper inquiry and so on.

At present of course within the Cinema realm, we have a new Star Wars realm feature where many a well known plotline and AUDIENCE DEMOGRAPHIC has been rotated or altered in some fashion or manner.  Likewise today we had news of some West End type Harry Potter play also giving similar pains to those AUDIENCE DEMOGRAPHICS.

These things are perhaps easier for peoples and persons to accept, who are already in general alignment with having little interest in prejudice and so on, though of course such changes will have many a CRY WOLF, CRYING WOLF.

These realm are of course ENTERTAINMENT and can be and will be dismissed by peoples and persons of INTRANSIGENT LEANINGS and BEARINGS, though such folks, will often be found to have gone quiet hoping to slip under or back into the shadows of not being asked some of THOSE KINDS OF QUESTIONS relating to their opinions, that are out of KILTER with the larger fandom’s opinions.

I have often found as I progressed through several levels of Meditation (for example) that the brain and compartments of sources and resources already collated within one’s lifetime are often somewhat DISJOINTED (in various shapes and forms of conflict & confusion) and the STIMULUS that gets the hemispheres and inner mental brain cavity’s communicating is often the same stimulus that enables you to not only release many a ridiculous intransigence, but the possible ILL EFFECTS of having or holding on to such things, when faced with greater realities of AWARENESS & ENLIGHTENMENT and so on.

So I have stated of course, that we are typically all kinds of A THOUGHT WITHIN A BODY, whether that thought is a process, that say we must do this that and the other or this other this that and the other, many repetitions are SURPLUS TO REQUIREMENT, and likewise any ADVANCEMENT seen within the TECHNOLOGY of the REAL WORLD, very likely has existed within the THOUGHT REALM far in advance of getting to a point of break though within some Science Lab or wherever.

So multiple strategies exist as to progress, whether you think and feel that such things are for yourself on a personal or individual level or indeed on a societal wide level.

So I mention the INSTITUTIONALISED PREJUDICE issue, because many of us, will typically act and do and say as the HERD does, within many an ENVIRONMENT and it really can take some hard work and INTRANSIGENCE of our own to change the playing field in some fashion or manner, especially when you want to pull multiple FACTIONS from some assumed BRINK or CLIFF that they are wholeheartedly charging everyone toward, with misguided extremism of one sort or another.

I have generally where possible sought to generate a more level headed CONSENSUS of many peoples and persons from many sectors and factions within society, though likewise do find that I still have to set some boundary’s because typically a SUPPORT or LIKING of this grouping or this person or individual will often be ASSUMED & PRESUMED to be a VOTE OF CONFIDENCE or ALIGNMENT with all that they say and do and preach. When in fact, encouraging peoples to better rub along so that we can all CO-EXIST in a more HEALTHY WEALTHY fashion and manner has always been a general guiding PEARL OF WISDOM or PHILOSOPHY.

This was high-lighted for myself relating to another American Church debate and issue that recently took place, where an individual who is from a relatively new faction within the Church Realm wanted to demonstrate or PROMOTE ALIGNMENT of SOLIDARITY with peoples and persons of other FAITHS & BELIEFS, and typically made a “PIGS EAR OF IT” causing controversy rather than cooperation.  The article actually showed that in fact some of the BEST GUIDANCE has already come from the CATHOLIC FAITH with a document released a number of years ago, and we do of course within the UNITED KINGDOM already have multiple FAITHS cooperating and conferencing and promoting a kind of FAITH CONSENSUS that generally does respect alternative INTERPRETATIONS and so on as to the word of God, and indeed as to whether we are ALL OF GOD (as suggested by my Universal Consciousness or UMBRELLA IDEAS) or whether the building of GOD in ONES OWN IMAGE is still the issue in hand.  Everyone can create and everyone can be encouraged and taught to be CREATIVE, though clearly being open to new teachings after being set in your ways for many years, teaching old dog’s new trick can be troublesome, without of course some huge great upheaval of REALITY in some fashion and manner.

What else, well CIVIL LIBERTIES are again being high-lighted as to whether what is intentioned within a new surveillance bill is appropriate.  Again the problem high lighted by over rated stock giant Apple is this one of being forced to create backdoors in Computers and Future Technologies, (THINK ISAAC ASSIMOV and the LAWS OF ROBOTICS within his fiction). Many modern systems of most technological companies created SELF MODIFYING SYSTEMS, and creating backdoors in communication systems is the same as deliberate inbuilt SABOTAGE whereby just as a GOOD person can exploit some found software or hardware defect, BAD people can also utilise such things.

Clearly in ESPIONAGE terms, it does not bode well for Government to not have ACCESS to systems that are operating outside of a given and accepted REMIT.

The Problem then potentially one of CORPORATIONS becoming the PROBLEM.  How many times has a future SCI-FI of some description pointed directly to Future Worlds being run by giant Corporations with Government appointee’s, where the MP or PRESIDENT or CHANCELLOR or OFFICIAL of some description is “in the pocket” of some MEDIA LOBBYIST or vested interest.

Yes stock wise APPLE is suggested to be having a bad year QUARTER, recently having BILLIONS wiped from its value or share portfolio, though is still larger than the next Corporation down by some considerable MARGIN.

If a WATCH is all that they have got, then they truly are FALTERING as to AUDIENCE & LEADERSHIP.

Now a recent survey and STUDY suggested and DEMONSTRATED that in fact, people such as Steve Jobs and Walt Disney were not necessarily operating from some place of GREATER INTELLIGENCE than the rest of us.

What was actually found within the study and survey, was that BOLSHY BULLYING LOUD TYPES were simply better at getting THEMSELVES HEARD than many of us.

This perhaps being demonstrated by Donald Trump within America at present, where in defiance of all-comers and simply letting rip in all directions, he is still getting the support of a peoples and society and population absolutely sick to death with PERCEPTIONS of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.


Well one book I read from our own Apprentice Star Lord Sugar was his second book in which he simply ranted and raged in similar fashion, dishing it out left and right and centre in a somewhat mish mashed explosion of ideas, and that perhaps demonstrates as an example that we all can act and operate in such fashion, though likewise belief typically comes down to what we ourselves now to be truth within our inner and outer worlds.

So the build up and build up of years and years of political correctness has created (possibly) huge amounts of INCONGRUENCE within many peoples and persons, unfortunately it does seem that such things work there way out into ill health and so on, far better to meditate and get the shifts and become greater aligned inside outside and so on than otherwise. That means letting go of many prejudicial thoughts feelings and behaviours, yes have boundaries though also BE CONSISTENT, how many people PRETEND they are this that and the other or agree to others about themselves “to fit in” not realising that in all likelihood everyone else is SUFFERING the same issues.

So some lead where others fear to tread and others lead the telling of the same old story.

MISCONDUCT THEN can possibly simply come about through a failure to recognise INSTITUTIONALISED BEHAVIOURS AND PATTERNS within the World at large or in general and you can indeed potentially be driven CRAZY in questioning absolutely everything about the peoples and persons you find yourself among.

Far better to possibly set out your own stall come what may and not get caught up in INSTITUTIONALISED behaviours in realms where you recognise that the INMATES have taken over the asylum.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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