Who Is The Most Impersonated Person In the World

Not a great question to be asking upon this day of course, as it can appear somewhat obvious as to the very many answers that can pop up and shine a light within one’s noggin.

In fact having solidly worked for at least a dozen Christmas’s and-or New Years’ since my (David’s) return to Hereford, England, United Kingdom, I found myself in the enviable position of being able to, this year, utilise my holidays for the entirety of the Christmas & New Year Period.

It may of course be suggested that any of us can do such things at any time and within any year, though very often, we desperately cling to possible negative consequences of such action, usually along the line of If I do not go to work, I will have no money, to purchase gifts or travel to see family or whatever we regard our own crosses to bare as being.  Anyway the importance to such things can often lead us into the most extremist of thoughts and feelings and actions as to our behaviours and actions and thoughts and feelings.  Often linked in to long held beliefs of coin sides and the tails side of the coin being worse than the heads side of the coin.

It can of course be suggested that in Religious or Faith terms, that Christmas can in fact high-light some of those MOST IMPERSONATED PEOPLES.

Typically of course, many of us like and enjoy the idea of some Santa Claus with white beard and an reindeer poping in and stealing all the cookies once a year whilst leaving some presents at the same time.

We also of course usually see a Queen’s speech broadcast to the Nation, as a Christmas Day Tradition.

When we turn attention to Broadcasting realms, we also find ourselves with SPECIAL EPSIODES of the Nation’s favourites, whether in a SOAP OPERA or with a SCI-FI SHOW, or indeed some COMEDY CHRISTMAS show.

The soap opera’s from both channels (& year upon year) often have somewhat overdramatized sequences of events, that are not dissimilar from MURDER MYSTERY WHODUNNITS, in fact a Christmas without scandal and a murder mystery whodunit soap opera would probably shock the nation.

SCI-FI realms are of course many and whilst we in Britain have had a Christmas DR WHO (for example) each and every year, those specials have always been a little differing in some fashion and manner to the regular series, so much so, that it is probably safe to say that a non-regular viewer could well have a christmas episode fetish that does not exist beyond a visit to the family or neighbours, everyone rushing to put on those POPULIST SHOWS that most folks have heard of in some fashion or manner, I have no idea what the family watches or views the rest of the year, though in PERCENTAGE TERMS, many a collective group or family will  opt for HERD like behaviours, of keeping up with the neutrals.

In comedy terms, we did at one time see very many Entertainment VARIETY SHOWS, though they have gradually disappeared from our screen’s and indeed family favourites and “for all the family” type Comedy has mostly vanished in favour of non-funny people that we are encouraged to believe are funny to some AUDIENCE DEMOGRAPHIC that we have family members of.

So Dr Who Christmas RUINED by the inclusion of Shooting Stars and one joke wonder Matt Lucas, perhaps better known for Little Britain, that multiple family members loved to death, though I personally found somewhat dull boring and repetitive, a one of episode worth of humour 7 comedy characters, seemingly extended into multiple episodes, and multiple seasons, good money for old rope (possibly) it is not personal, though you would expect & want such duo’s to introduce variety or extend the repertoire in some fashion, that strangely is not done by many of the younger generation comedians and so on.

Yes we also in regular comedy had the Only Fools and Horses, type shows and indeed the classic Morcombe & Wise.

Upon the GENRE issue, we then of course can turn to the SPORTING REALM materials and indeed the BIG MOVIE.  Yes I have not seen a Christmas Day Schedule, though they have or were from major British Broadcasters pretty much the same for years and generations of years.

A Morning service, various Disney Winnie the Pooh / Charlie Brown type features, a news programme speculating or reporting upon the Christmas Messages from Queen’s, President’s & other Dignitaries and FAITH LEADERS from around the Globe.

Strangely in trying to recall these things I do find GAPS exist within my noggin, perhaps demonstrating that I may have been TRAVELLING at certain times of the day to such an extent that even the ANNUAL “same old time zone” of Broadcast media is incomplete within my noggin.  “Oh that’s the travelling to see family gap”.

Afternoon, Queen’s speech and afternoon blockbuster movie, and the elder’s snoring or drunkenly insisting you have a little more of the foodstuff’s that you are already feeling bloated from over indulging, much like that Monty Python bloke and the after eight mint.

So I will stop there, as most already of course no the routine, or at least a routine they they themselves follow, whether a visit to his or her family or an escape or getaway where no family visits occur and very many formulaic variations inbetween.

Phone calls are another thing do perhaps do to those who are not among us through distance and so on, though again knowing time’s to call etc can be troublesome.  I for instance am happy to call the daughter when she spends Christmas with her mother’s family, though I also do not want or desire to disrupt any given plans they may have, so with MODERN APPS, facebook etc, I can leave a note in the morning, and a call you later message, so we can even schedule that to some appropriate to all concerned time period in the day.

Anyway, I have left the blog free of anything for a couple of days and that again, perhaps having a rest from the routine or ritual, though likewise did find myself over-investing in one or 2 TV type shows on Netflix/Amazon and so on.

One in particular was Warehouse 13, that I had never heard of, though I decided to invest further time into watching and the write-up on wiki say’s it all really.  A combination of X-Files and Moonlighting, Indiana Jones type realms, and quite enjoyable “pop entertainment” although it was made by and for SCI-FI and perhaps did not reach greater mass market audience’s.

So I mention that particular series, because it followed many an interesting FORMULAIC MODEL that I kind of personally have experienced since taking up some of the LA-DI-DA teachings and Courses.

It strangely seems to myself that whilst I did not start blogging until toward the end of 2012 and I had been meditating since 2010, that such a SHOW, actually is again following some kind of PATTERN & CYCLE that I am attuned to or have INADVERTENTLY or NON-CONSCIOUSLY been following within my  non-conscious.

So, that is kind of having or IDENTIFYING PARALLELS or realms of research and interest, that you were not AWARE of at the time they were created or broadcast.

So we can go from knowing way to much about TV and FILM and so on, to not knowing anything, and indeed break free from the clutches of some seemingly positive or negative INFLUENCES, only to later find ourselves investigating some things all over again.

What else, well having invested many years and so on in spending time as the absent father and having daughter for selected Holidays, you do kind of get to a point, where you are not “the absent one” all children of course perhaps want to go there own way, feel in greater CONTROL of there own lives within Society and mine is no differing.

I of course in having ISOLATED myself greatly from many a “THE HEREFORD STIGMATA” and victims community, have generally spend more time RAISING THRESHOLD and removing or RE-EVALUATING the mental reasoning patterns that have historically led to THIS, THAT, or the OTHER outcome or sequence of events.

Where once, listening to or being around peoples of an extremist leaning or bent, may have TRIGGERED a similarly EXTREMIST reaction from myself, generally I am within most or many a CONTEXT, able to always step back and realise that whilst others can RANT & RAGE or be taking some ACTION in SELFISH fashion and manner that adversely affects others, I can still maintain some level of personal EQUILIBRIUM.

So I may write some more later, given how more recent year Christmas’ have been mostly quiet and non-combatant like in nature for myself.  Yes it can be hard not to get sucked in, after years and years of growing up with many a seasonal pattern and behaviour, though likewise the benefit of choosing your own SPECIAL DAYS and SPECIAL PEOPLE and who you want to admire and aspire and be around can make all the difference in the World.

I will leave this one here for now.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year whatever your Faith and Belief system

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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