Does Not Compute

So you awaken on Boxing Day to the news that shoppers in Dear ol’ Blighty are going to spend a record 3.74 Billion Pounds on Boxing day sales.

The Word SALE is clearly key, because they typically cannot claim to predict record sale figures and have reductions in the PRICES.

Typically if you reduce the price per unit of various items, then in order to create RECORD PROFIT, you have to sell more of them, don’t you?

Sounds to myself to be very simple calculations, though strangely one’s that are being ignored, so perhaps prices have been ARTIFICIALLY maintained at unsustainable levels on particular goods, in order to claim a SALE PRICE at a later date.  This is in fact part of the problem.

A society brought up on BOOM & BUST ECONOMICS is still playing the boom & bust game, when a more ASTUTE spending policy by consumers, of not going with the HERD and aligning with being part of THE BIG SPEND could pave the way for genuine FORCED cuts come February (for example).

So if everyone holds of on rushing out to spend the vouchers and Christmas Present Money, they (SOCIETY AT LARGE) could at least in Theory bring the RETAILERS closer to having to give GENUINE CUT PRICE OFFERS instead of HIGHMARKUP followed by let’s give a little discount that looks good on a statisticians or accountants spreadsheet in a couple of months.

Elsewhere this Boxing Day, we are hearing that The Return of the Hunt is on, and the Amazing Mr Fox had better ensure he has a good hiding place, or has his running boots on. This one of those What you do not know cannot hurt you issues, as to some HUNTS having regularly ignored The Law of The Land and the ban, and having enough CLOUT within ESTABLISHMENT CIRCLES to “GET AWAY WITH IT”.

Yes you might see some JUDGES & ARISTOCRACY and COUNTRY FOLK and even members of Royalty high-llighted as Hunt Participants, though typically given the HIGH PROFILE, those cheating the system are unlikely to be so BRAZEN in ignoring the law, are they?

Yes many are carried out on PRIVATE ESTATES and ARISTOCRACY HELD FARMS & LANDS, though they do not own the DRONE FLYZONES do they?

Yes the debate on DRONES is obviously connected to SPYING and why not SPY on the HUNTS with DRONES, when it is cheaper than Helicopters or bing on foot, the admissibility of EVIDENCE within courts is another issue, though clearly HUNT SABOTEURS could utilise the same technology to better effect than those who insist on “ye olde Thelwell Pony outings”.  I can at this point state that I do think population CULLS of particular animals is a good husbandry issue, for farmers and those who live and work and earn lively hoods in the wilds, though I also think plenty of humane death methods exist to not include Tearing LIVE ANIMALS apart with other groups of live animals.

What else, well AUSTRALIA is having annual BUSH FIRE issues, makes a change of course from those reported within CALIFORNIA and other regions of America, though much of what is being reported and predicted and so on is REGIONAL HIGHLIGHTS rather than NEW.

Cumbria apparently expecting continued RAINFALL as well as spreading to LANCASHIRE, who are also now expecting floods.  IN FACT if you look at the the list of FLOOD WARNINGS, you may become a little jealous that only Cumbria is deemed suitable for the army to be contributing to flood defense efforts.  Yes the entire nation can claim some level of rainfall experience, according to present weather forecasters.  I actually having a quiet week in, have failed to be affected, beyond of course having to take the long way over the river, instead of utilising the usual nearby bridge.

Strangely a local park, that was left for park usage and has a memorial located stating that USAGE) usually floods each and every year, so any planners who want to sell of the land for development, first have to CONSPIRE TO REMOVE THE MEMORIAL, then wait a few years, and then come up with some change of usage a few years down the line when the population has FORGOTTEN what the MEMORIAL SAID.

I do think this tactic has been used up and down the land in many a region and is partially responsible for the disappearance of many school playing fields and so on.

So how can anyone LEAVE LAND for particular usage and trust that such USAGE continues in PERPETUITY, when some short term type councillors and so on are in the pocket of regional groupings who want land to develop and so on, and only to willing to rush to change the INTERPRETATION of WILLS and so on.

Yes I think land left for particular usage, should be used for such things, irrespective of changes in personnel at the political wheeler dealing tables.  Hostically of course many a person claimed DARK POWERS and tales of BLACK MAGIC and HAUNTINGS and ghostly going’s on attributed to particular lands and so on, making them safe from developers, though some of us who claim to be non-believers are not put of so easily.

So protection mechanisms, for some things seem like a good idea, whilst others are typically QUESTIONABLE, the problem with LISTED BUILDINGS for example is the repairing of a smashed window or replacement FRAMES in the STYLE & FASHION of a given era.

I once lived in a listed building on St Peter’s Square, that although listed was built up over several hundred years, so differing parts of the building were representative of a differing ERA, the framework was 1700, the doors and windows and fascia 1800, and the bolt on attachment rooms and extensions 1900’s and so on, the most simply of call out’s for repairs become a PLANNING PERMISSION NIGHTMARE, and COST typically also increases.

Much like the difference between JJ ABRAMS saying can we come and film a LA-DI-DA arthouse play in your Forest of Dean Wye Valley walkways and forest and can we come and film some scenes for the new STAR WARS: The Force Awakens scenes within your woods and so on. The PRICE goes up accordingly with the knowledge of THE PROJECT.

 Yes interesting articles suggesting that some scenes were filmed within the Gloucester Borderlands of Herefordshire.  Did you not see any Bears or INBREDS on your travels did you JJ?

Well old regional stories are oft suggested to contain elements or seeds of truth and some are so strongly repeated and handed down, that you really can become SPOOKED by an accumulation effect of such things, Santa Claus.

Please do not use ACCIDENT & EMERGENCY (AE) units this Winter as they (the staff earning ridiculous amounts of money for being on-call) do not want to get called in because you have a little alcohol poisoning or became embroiled in some STREET FIGHTER FANTASY, of taking on all-comers whilst under the influence.

Yes alcohol can cause parts of the brain to stop operating, very often those associated with common sense and rational decision making, that often can allow other parts to begin operating, though typically repressed issues are not necessarily what they (the peoples bottling up such things feelings and issues) want need or require to come to the fore within the lives.

Yes that of course an interesting DILEMMA, because many SUBSTANCE ABUSERS, historically many literate peoples, took cocaine and heroine and other substances to get those switched of brain parts OPERATING, what should or could be better in this day and age is magic bullet methodologies that actually allow some directed stimulus testing of brain sectors and parts and so on.  Yes MRI scanners and such testing does take place, though typically, FINDINGS and REPORTS of such findings are potentially unintelligible to us commoners, make it simple stupid.

Tigeer Tiger Burning bright in the Forrest of the night, what immortal hand or eye could frame thy fearful symmetry.

Yes something like than ran a favourite poem of mine and indeed American’s have long desired and wanted Tiger’s as PETS, whether performing artists within Circus or Las Vegas Magic Shows, the problem is perhaps similar to that of people who want guns, your average owner who wants a pet tiger does not have appropriate facilities for holding such creatures or indeed looking after such creatures. 


Yes I can write bumper stickers too 😉

So Tiger’s are actually found on several CONTINENTS and whilst some of us grew up watching the Boxing day TARZAN ARRHHHAHHRHAHHARRHHAHHA Movie, complete with your friendly neighbourhood chimpanzee CHEETAH?

Strange how the names all kind of get confused, though yes China has Tigers, and Africa has Tigers and ancient archaeologists claim that most continents have had TIGERS, some SABRE TOOTHS are not the same, though of course, given the animation realms, it ha always SURPRISED how such creatures were ignored for Jurassic World type FILMS.

I want to see the SABRE TOOTHS and I have to watch some ridiculous children’s cartoon that has a SQUIRREL chasing his favoured NUT.

Bill clinton’s childhood home attacked, the time travellers clearly got the wrong date, we can all perhaps relate to some favoured childhood haunt or place being abused in some fashion.  I used to regularly play on an old railway line and that wound up with some tarmac cycle path and muggers way on it.

Elsewhere on the planet 150, 000 people displaced through flooding (making, the plight of Northern Britains somewhat (hmmn)) and a charity version of Simon & Garfunkles Bridge over troubled water makes it to the top of the charts with a little encouragement from Justin Beiber, though lets get REAL about the numbers, this charity managed to sell 127,000 copies to get to number one, when number ones used to regularly have to achieve such figures for those top slots, typically anyone who looks back a few years will see that UNIFIED CHART used to quote far greater NUMBERS and SALES figures for the top slots, even just 30 years ago within the 1980’s you had to sell in the hundreds of thousands to make top spot.

Strangely few are getting anywhere near those kinds of sales figures.  Are we seeing ELITES appeaing within the music profession of simply music as a popular culture money spinning vehicle being BUMPED in some fashion down the attention ranking, in favour of Video games market and INTERACTIVE things.

Yes I know we can SING ALONG to a favoured HIT, though typically all the bling bling and rap and MIDDLE CLASS COLDPPLAY types that folks don’t get, took over, at the expense of music and style and singalongs that Society and people DO GET.

Far to much of what dominates does so for ever decreasing circles of AUDIENCE, who are more particular about what they KNOW they like versus what “IN THE KNOW” types tell us we are to want etc.

So lots of non news purporting to be important and of course, we still not had today’s reports on SPORTING FIXTURES and hangovers.

Many a top team claimed to be hung over when they go out and lose to the minnows on a boxing day, who will it be today?

Well I will look at the list and write who should (through historical record and REPUTATION) be winning, though typically it will be interesting as to percentages when I look at actual results later.

Man Utd Win

Aston Villa Draw

Crystal Palace Draw

Chelsea Win

Liverpool Win

Man City Win

Swansea Win

Tottenham Win

Everton Win

Arsenal Win

Okay so 10 games and I have suggested only 2 draws, which is strange, though I am sure the meaning is not related to the game of football, BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU FOCUS UPON.

Yes I mentioned Tarzan and became aware that South Africa England are apparently playing CRICKET no not Jiminy though typically I have seem one or two Pinochio reference in recent days.

I also found BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS HIGHLLIGHTED within several entertainement shows or vehicles, MAD HATTERS possibly once again, though who knows, the further you progress the more you often have to re evaluate where you pay attention to, hence my repetition of apply all clues and so on to one realm and see how you do prior to try get to some all-inclusive place that often sends us into a dangerous kind of psychotic madness not dissimilar from that seen in CROWDS.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be well 😉


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