What A Tangled Web We Weave, When We Practice Doing A LEAP

Okay so I changed the last word from this ye olde poem, the traditional one containing the word deceive.

A simple mechanism on my part because I believe much of what has been occurring is due in part to 2016 being a LEAP year.

Not sure as to genuine temporal explanations beyond strangely waking up with this thought that much of what can and does go wrong with OBVIOUS is down to CALENDAR’S and deadlines and the SHIFTING SANDS, for those who like a little espionage.

So example, LEAP year occurs every four years and typically is a HISTORICAL CORRECTION MECHANISM.

The ANCIENTS typically studied the STARS & PLANETS and the known Universe used for time measurement & scales was SMALLER perhaps only 7 planets (utilised by early Scientists), although even before that throughout the ages, the LEAP year was used as a correction point.

Much like calling the old speaking clock and setting your watch by it, after a gradual slow down had occurred between some designated REAL TIME and measuring implementations.

At present we do have multiple ATOMIC CLOCKS around the Globe, though the old corrective LEAP year system is stilled used within classical western calendars.

So this forthcoming year we will have the extra day “February 29th” and some purists might suggest those born on that date and only have a birthday every 4 years are looking far older than the calendar suggests they are in AGE.

Yes I know many typically go celebrate a day early on 28th February or a day later 1st March though that is kind of making a leap of your own is it not.

Who gave you permission? We can ask such peoples.

So today is Sunday in 2015 and in the next year’s Calendar today is actually Christmas Day in 2016.

It could be suggested that the extra Day in February creates a kind of DOMINO effect for the rest of the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday’s in the year.

Again I am no expert though do believe such things become significant after we are indoctrinated with them in going to school and so on, and yes we are all AFFECTED in the sense that if you had a birthday on a Sunday in 2015 (as I did) instead of a one day forward shift to a birthday on a Monday, I can KNOW that my next birthday in 2016 will be on a TUESDAY.

So to yesterday’s football results and what I said versus what happened

Man Utd Win was suggested and Stoke Won, David = 0

Aston Villa Draw was suggested and West Ham Drew, David = 1

Crystal Palace Draw was suggested and Bournemouth Drew, David = 2

Chelsea Win was suggested and Watford Drew, David = 2

Liverpool Win was suggested and Liverpool Won, David = 3

Man City Win was suggested and Man City Won, David = 4

Swansea Win was suggested and Swansea Won, David = 5

Tottenham Win was suggested and Tottenham Won, David = 6

Everton Win was suggested and Everton Won, David = 7

Arsenal Win was suggested and Southampton Won, David = 7

So that is quite interesting because I have achieved 7 out of 10 and that is a number that is FRACTIONALLY easy to reduce, though not so easy in whole numbering systems, yes I might say just over Three Fifths Correct.

Yes many examples exist and anyone can develop and apply system to take such things into account.

My own interest in the RESEARCh takes myself to wondering upon the LATIN PHRASE


Often Translated to “SEIZE THE DAY”.

So what if, due to all this LEAP YEAR information going into our noggin’s year upon year NON-CONSCIOUSLY, we have each and every one of us accumulated LEAP DAYS or SHADOW DAYS.

This is what I tried to EXPLAIN as the difference between a CIRCLE and a SPIRAL.

So if you take your Apple or Orange and MOVE a SEGMENT through raising that SEGMENT or Lowering that SEGMENT you create a more spiral like patterning in the CALENDAR.

Many HISTORICAL CYPHER SYSTEMS, typically operated upon having ROTATING Circles rotating upon one another much like those infant children’s “STACKING HOOPS”.

I was going to place a picture in at this location, thought anyone can write stacking hoops in a search engine and find to what I am referring.

So instead of hoops you can have circular cards and typically many a “Star Chart” or Horoscope System utilises such things based upon your time of birth and day of birth and month of birth and year of birth and so on to create PREDICTIONS.

You then typically of course can DEBATE the cause effect RATIO’S.

Given that we in most Western Society are encourage to Celebrate and Know such details as to our Birthday’s.

Anyway early SCIENCE was mostly based in the SAME LA-DI-DA PSEUDO-SCIENCE, hence at some point a group breaking away and saying we do not want to be Pseudo anymore, we want Hypothesis and testing of Hypothesis to bring us to a point of Scientific FACT, if it cannot be proven in Science then it does not exist etc, however many day-to-day things cannot be seen (the wind, gravity, etc) WE CAN SEE THE EFFECTS OF THE WIND, WE CAN SEE THE EFFECTS OF GRAVITY, though that is not seeing wind and it is not seeing gravity. We can “QUEST” to identify and speculate upon CAUSE/EFFECT, though that is not the same thing, hence so many of us falling into great huge CONFUSION & CONFLICT over understanding what the DEBATE is about in the first place.

You then of course can debate FREE WILL versus otherwise.

Problem being (for most of us) that ALIGNMENT with SCIENTIFIC BELIEF can be just as INTRANSIGENT as ALIGNMENT with RELIGIOUS BELIEF.

It could be suggested that those “In the Know” from both sides of the debate are akin to the two-sided coin or original Dr Doolittle PUSH-ME-PULL-YOU creature.

That perhaps akin to Bifurcation ideas etc.

Further to the We cannot see such things, SCIENCE FICTION WRITERS and indeed ENTERTAINMENT REALMS have provided us with the WRITERS PSUEDO SCIENCE, in the sense of speculating upon transportation and teleportation devices and futuristic scanners and medical equipment’s and indeed weapons and so on. Harnessing all that we cannot see, through speculative research and development.

So anyway, yes I am in that zone perhaps of feeling excited by all the possibilities of invention and so on, though typically in timeline terms you can become somewhat overwhelmed by all of the very many POTENTIALS that can come whizzing into AH-HA.

So I spoke on “Warehouse 13” and that was perhaps written and filmed and created in a classical boy/girl buddy’s COMEDY in a job who have a FRICTION or TENSION between them in terms of personality and values and attributes.  Although Science or Psuedo Science Wise the PREMISE really appeals and plays upon this idea that you can take any OBJECT and give it character and build some STORY UP out of it, some stories POSITIVE and others NEGATIVE, the OBJECT that HEALS though passes the ailment to another, positive for one person and possibly negative for the other.

So we do of course have tourist destinations throughout the World that boast of ARTIFACTS and SPECIAL things, and again the series can typically peak your interest in such things.

After that series and deciding I wanted MORE RESEARCH I found myself turning to a more modern style show entitle “THE FRINGE”, this another JJ ABRAMS related show apparently though I did note, as you often do within such research that much like Russel T Davies and Steven Moffett headlining Productions within UK Television, that particular groups kind of “get together” and American Television and writers are little differing.

So JJ has a GANG and in watching some of the Show “The Fringe” you kind of see that it perhaps drifted within the first series, and possibly after AUDIENCE FEEDBACK set of into adventures of PARALLEL WORLDS and TIMELINES and so on.

Much like I myself have suggested where DIFFERENCES are TINY or MINUTE and so SUBTLE & NUANCED that you are not always sure of which PARALLEL you are in, in terms of the events that are going on.

This has of course all been done before, do not know where or when (completely) though I know I have seen such IDEAS, the one World Thread perhaps slightly more advanced, a person who did not die in this realm, who died in this other parallel and so on, and the EXISTENCE or OTHERWISE of such peoples, causes DIVERSIONS from “what we know to be true” or so on within our own WORLD HISTORY.  Typical example given within “The Fringe” is a Parallel World where the TWIN TOWERS still exist, or a scientist who develops this that or the other, whose life path has taken a differing course.

So some small changes at any given point in a time line can very much like the domino effect, cause huge SWINGS of VARIANCE from REALM to REALM within the so-called DECISION TREE ARRAY.

Take your ADAM & EVE at the Root and then draw a family tree down and off shoots and branches and you get the gist, the decision taken at any given point within a HISTORY can change “what happens later or NEXT” to the extent that a completely differing SEQUENCE OF EVENTS can occur or happen.  The Hitler and Germany that won the war and so on.

Yes so I quite liked the premise and the show though it was not styled in Comedy fashion, though contains a certain amount through characters and gallows humour and is far more “IN YOUR FACE” in the design and STYLE and perhaps manner that it has been put together.


Well I liked old classics such as X Files and Moonlighting and little known Warehouse 13 has a perhaps similar “COSY” nature about it.

Whilst “The Fringe” is perhaps very much like your typical modern “COP SHOW” quite in your face sharp and fly on the wall and “URGENT”, yes most of these ENTERTAINMENTS like and rely on making the AUDIENCE relate not only to characters and personalities, though through what I would call PACE & URGENCY, making events perhaps more FRICTION ORIENTED.

Yes I have not viewed enough to genuinely KNOW such shows inside and out though given my historical viewing HABITS, I see very little within such entertainment that cause great concern, beyond perhaps LEARNING or IDENTIFYING similar THEMES & THREADS and TIMELINES.

So I watched the one show and then the other, and went ah-ha references to these particular HIGH-LIGHTED LOCATIONS, and so on.

Yes each and every Country can High-light famed Stereotypes and Historically SIGNIFICANT locations.  Typically we often rush to CAPITAL CITY’S within many a Nation, though we must remember that some Countries are so Large and Big that little harm is had in having a STATE CAPITAL and Nation capital and County Capital and so on.

So in Britain Hereford, England, United Kingdom, might be regarded as the capital of Herefordshire and so on.  Likewise given Histories, it is of know surprise that some regions that have ANCIENT NAMES, no longer exist whilst areas that have greater populations have grown and been relabelled.

We must remind ourselves, that many Cities such-as London and Birmingham and Manchester and so on, are often built up through the SWALLOWING of surrounding villages and towns and so on.  Hence so very many strange locations within Cities that are not Governed by who you would think they are Governed.

This occurs within MULTIPLE REALMS, as to Councils and indeed Policing and Traffic Control and even Border Controls.

So each REALM DEMOGRAPHIC AUDIENCE may only know of the EXISTENCE of their own working life boundaries and not the boundaries of other SPHERES of INFLUENCE.

Yes the Police Service Map and the Ambulance Service Map and the Fire Service Map can all be different although many attempts to UNIFY and COORDINATE and carry out the necessary CHOREOGRAPHY does not come without its own VESTED INTERESTS.  The same can be said for UTILTY SERVICES, Water, and Electric and Gas and whilst many originally grew up through Private Enterprise and Investment, some such as the RAIL SERVICE actually benefitted from GOVERNMENTAL CONTROL and Nationalisation during the 1939-1945 CONFLICT.

So you an have so many MAPS and monitoring of so many maps and related services that the TANGLED WEB becomes OVERLAYED to such an extent that you think you are looking at a picture of the NIGHT SKY.

The get the board rubber out and rub out all the very many maps and ideas as to REALITY can genuinely be the best option, many of us REALISE and KNOW these things, though typically struggle when it comes to ways and means of doing such things.

I recommend technologies such-as those found on www.silvertoevelocity.com that help clear out the build up and detritus of a previous generations teachings and lessons and learnings.

Clearly we perhaps still want utilisation of foundational blocks and stones and mapping systems, though likewise perhaps also want greater EMPHASIS on our own Wealth and health and personal industry and belief systems.

Raising threshold and raising awareness and enlightenment are clearly perhaps ongoing, and we can choose to stop meditation and so on at any time, though I did find it better (personally) to continue and break free from the “PUSH THE DEBT FORWARD” Model and likewise be more SELECTIVE in the relationships and indeed what one communicates.

I once had to write an essay with the title “One Cannot Not Communicate” and at the time remember thinking well you can CONTROL what you communicate, the problem of course that through schooling and education, often heavily repress, thoughts and feelings and so on, possibly preventing or stifling the actions that may have been necessary or required for personal growth and invention and investment and so on.

So the idea with many an assisted technology is to perhaps commit pen to paper and draw and write and then WITNESS and see if you can do those CROSS-REALM INTERPRETATIONS for yourself.

The CREATIVE part of the mind is often struck down by the EDITOR FUNCTION that we all live and use within day to day life.

So get stuff out through your “anything goes” approach to diary and journals and then EDIT at a later time.

EDITING as suggested does have its place, though it also often STIFLES the ORIGINAL and SOURCE of CREATIVITY and so on.

Yes the same can be suggested to be true for multiple EXTREME like thoughts and feelings and RATIONALISATIONS that we make, think the HULK trying to stop himself changing into MONSTER.

Though when viewed from a raised threshold position of Window upon the World, you often get the opportunity to have CHOICE & OPTIONS that other who have not taken on board the teachings and lessons and learnings still struggle with.

Do we do these things to ourselves or others, or does each and every person come to a rational of if you cannot beat them join them, or indeed simple align with what seems most appropriate now and worry or be concerned at things taking a turn for the worse, after such events, rather than constantly being placed in a NEGATIVELY INDUCED SPECULATIVE ZONE.

The map is not the territory.

Thank you for reading, god Bless and Be Well 😉


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