And Luke Skywalker Turned To The Young Lady

And said “Get the fuck out of here with your pretty booty, fresh eggs and phallic symbology metal thing, you got Han Solo Killed and Chewbacca injured and now you lead those miserable fascists to me, YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH”.

Yes Star Wars: The Force Awakens sure is hitting the mark, one might be given to suggest, as record after record tumbles in the legends wake.

Yes that is a joke above those one can wonder and speculate as to what happens next, In Empire Strikes Back we had Luke going of to do his training with YODA and now of course we have KYLO REN going off or being called to do his training with that other bloke.

So Now is possibly a good time to mention once again Joseph Campbell. (my reference is “The Power of Myth”)

During research across very many multiples of realms, this guy’s name keeps reappearing.

He wrote a somewhat large collection of books and I think was a college professor of some description meaning that whilst he wrote many books, many were simply collections of Lecture Notes and so on and so forth.

He an expert in mythology TRANSLATION, or more particularly GIVING MEANING or IDENTIFYING MEANING within the Historical Record or the World and Planet and so on.

His most cited work (by others) is usually said to be “The Hero With A Thousand Faces”.   A book I have apparently had difficulty in attaining, mainly because I want a kindle version, and the only versions available appear to be hardback or paperback. Yes I still like a physical book in the hand thought typically like most peoples stuggle when it comes to storage space for such collections.  Reason in and of itself to perhaps consider Local and Public Libraries highly beneficial even when those within a given region regard such facilities with disdain and lack of support.  I think Libraries are NEUTRAL and it is the INTERPRETATION of CONTENT or need and necessity that once lost are unlikely to be replaced.  So many claim that this that and the other service is of more benefit, though typically many LEARNING INSTITUTIONS and COURSES require knowledge that can pnly be gained through Library like database facilities.

So I did not publish yesterday and once again found myself travelling, I took the opportunity to once again return to study on my PAD GADGET, and the downloaded book collection I have there.  In fact I found myself looking and reading and studying 3 book’s by Marvel Comics Legend “Stan Lee”.  Believe it or otherwise those kinds of works can be highly useful and enlightening and he happened to MENTION Joseph Campbell (again).

So I spent an evening deliberating as to the works of Joseph Campbell and indeed the seeming FACT that each and every time I reference of read Stan Lee and COMIC related materials, I strangely find myself in another kind of reality, with a slightly differing SOCIETAL CAST.  This of course can typically happen on trains and so on anyway, though it was genuinely not a CREATED WORLD I would necessarily want to spend a significant period of time within.  Strangely somewhat near the knuckle in terms of judgements of characteristics and peoples and so on, almost like seeing the World through the eyes of the comic book artist or indeed these DARK & SEEDY METROPOLIS type realms within the Movies of recent years that have taken over at the box office.

I can in fact suggest that it was not all down to those materials as yesterday morning prior to my journey, I noted a typical scene of a jumbo Jet flying high up into the sky.  What stood out for myself was that normally I see a couple of fuel streaks that are white at that distance and dissipate into the blue of the sky and so on, the fuel streaks appeared dark and black like and I took it as a sign of foreboding (in honesty).  What does that mean?

Well given to seeing light streaks and then dark streaks I fully expected to arrive home later in the day and switch on a TV and see news of a Jumbo Jet crashing or some such.

Anyway today I turn on the news and we are fast of course approaching the End of Year, and those typical shows highlighting who is no longer with us.  Celebrities and The Great and The Good who failed to continue into 2016.

Today, this morning I read that Lemmy (Motorhead) has died, they perhaps most known for classic “Ace of Spades” though did actually build up quite a repertoire of music and song over the years, yes an acquired taste, though I actually did like a contribution of Motorhead’s on a pic n mix album that I happened to purchase, late 80’s, early 90’s (I think).

So I read that and thought, “What is an ACE OF SPADES?” Many a saying of course Is linked to cards and gamblers and so on, though many PRIDE themselves on claiming to be able to call a spade a spade, and with no disrespect many such things were related to colour prejudice, which then led myself to noting another interesting news of a death AH-HA.  A chap called Meadowlark Lemon (Harlem Globetrotters) reported as deceased.  He perhaps an ACE OF BASKETS, though again during the 1970’s when everything went Kung Fu & Karate and Martial Arts and Star Wars and Skateboards, we also had a seeming American INVASION related to Basketball, the Globetrotters were promoting the Game Internationally, and can still be found within some classic Cartoon realms.  The daughter having a Scooby Doo Collection with a particular couple of episodes where a CROSS-OVER was carried out.

In America the Globetrotters apparently had their own cartoon, though we in Britain only saw the characters via them making appearance in other favourites such-as Scooby-Doo.

So are dark forces at work as we approach 2016?

Well these things always kind of being an inside job, many of us of course come to the conclusion, that many internal thoughts and feelings and actions, that we have witnessed and modelled in some fashion within our respective lives and timelines are not necessarily all they are cracked up to be.

Yes some things for most of us are quite straight forward and obvious, though someone somewhere always manages to defeat and overcome the most obvious of things do they not.

Anyway Stan Lee said some very interesting things within his works regarding Villains, such-as this IDEA that from the Villain’s point of view or perspective, they are unlikely to regard themselves as villain in the fashion and manner that the rest of Society might regard them in such fashion.

So the Stan Lee books as possible AH-HA conduits and so on, are still quite handy, especially when it comes to this IDEA that whether consciously or otherwise most people are operating on various Auto-pilot’s that place their own World Building and empire exercise at the forefront of their own life and so on, so Stan perhaps providing some INSIGHT into how to create and craft such characters for your own story and writing, though also BOLSTERING this IDEA that many such things are HERD RELATED.

The Western Herd, says the Eastern Herd is bad and so on in some global versioning of this IDEA of a Hero With A Thousand Faces.

These kinds of things are Highlighted in SPECTACULAR fashion in 2016 with the Captain America: Civil War movie and indeed Dawn Of Justice Superman vs Batman Movie, the BOUNDARIES between right and wrong and so on perhaps playing out before our eyes and it up to us to QUESTION and ask what we can Learn or take on board from such things.

Elsewhere we are hearing that Eva simply did not make the grade and we are now on Frank and the NOVELTY of naming storms is becoming a little hmmmn.

Yes all those flooded out Northerners are probably going to be speaking with stories much like those During the Blitz Londoner types.

During the Frank Storm of 2015 I could not relax it was like two tribes going to war, when all you want to do is go to it.

So the Herd name for a storm is possibly differing to those we would call them ourselves, though we do not have to be outdone, we can simply monitor of course and when the alphabet letter increments by one, we can do the same.  One does of course wonder as to OLD WIVES TALES and what they will do with letter number 13, though of course each and every letter and number can be found to have COINSIDES, depending upon where you personally have been most influenced.

Yes some suspected Terrorists have been apparently rounded up in Brussels and that excludes all the political elites that many of us suspect should be the ones being rounded up.

Elsewhere Mr Cameron (Lord & Saviour) is doing a pretty good job, of not taking it personally.  I guess those with Northern constituents are going to be LOBBYING HARDEST for emergency funds and so on from Government, even though many such places have local resources and funds and could simply redirect such things from the LONDON DRAINAWAY.

What is the London Drainaway, well historically many district and towns and United Kingdom Territories, have had to pay TAXES to the seat of empire and likewise of course the growth of the South East tends to help the promoted DELUSION that you have to be in London or the south east to prosper in Life the Universe and Everything.

So London has typically stolen the best brains or the best actors and best of this that and the other, though reality is perhaps that they may have the numbers, though that is just more people to be competing up against, yes the rewards might be greater, though so too are the likely falls and negatives and downsides.

So yes, I was trying to think in terms of ELEMENTS, given that we often think of water signs and air signs and earth signs and fire signs.

In fact the easiest thing at present with news and seeing where you personally might be within an equilibrium is to potentially see what you are most paying attention to.

Stories of water in Northern England?  Stories of Fire in Australia and California, Stories of Wind Storms in Texas? Yes I can probably find EARTH related stories to, though we have had quite a few in recent years when you look to the earthquakes and mud and landslides and so on, that typically of course possibly through COMBINATORIAL  events of these elements, hence how ancients broke such things down into groupings and seasonal effects and so on.

Yes in fact it is almost impossible to not see a story related to your given SIGN and DATASET, though typically much like being in the World though not of it, you can do similar thoughts and feelings and so on with regard to Horoscope styled indoctrinations and so on.

That is perhaps akin to being the HOROSCOPE MASTER or creator rather than the recipient.

Elsewhere we perhaps seeing GREAT CONFUSIONS OCCURING within younger generations as to meanings of words that they use and apply versus meanings that us older peoples use, I tend to still go with DICTIONARY at a given time period, because some generalisations are useless in the face of someone such as myself who does not follow and watch huge amounts of TV/FILM MEDIA’S etc, you tend to become over acclimatised to Societal Herd like patterns that often only genuinely BENEFIT particular sectors of society and AUDIENCE DEMOGRAPHICS.

Early on with Meditation for example, the amount of time spent in REITERATING that a gap or separation exists between the PHYSICAL PLAIN and SPIRITUAL PLAIN is hard to get through to some folks and peoples.

So most or many of us especially when younger strongly buy into the theory  “I am a body” etc.  Then of course, some GENERALISATIONS that people use make SENSE.

Though in TRUTH, most definitions and so onm are perhaps best defined from how we see ourselves, versus how others see us, so all is possibly LEARNT, and learning is an ongoing process, though likewise litting or allowing any minority demographic to have its own way at all costs is possibly extremely DANGEROUS as to the later knock-on effects.

Another death noted recently was about some Psychologist called Robert Spitzer, he came up with some classification system within psychology (I think) though both was championed and hissed by the heterophobic (gay) community.  The ISSUE that I read upon within the death ARTICLE was rlated to replacing the IDEA of Homosexuality as a MENTAL DISORDER.  That perhaps related to what I have spoken upon in terms of Not only GROOMING and ALIGMENT, but also CONGRUENCE.

So I think I wrote about being strongly bombarded with GAY taunts at one point, mostly regarded by myself as related to CLOSET RACISM due to my daughter, and also the fact that the working life realm had a number of such peoples, and peoples in wanting to feel comfortable OVER COMPENATED for that presence by stirring and so on, unfortunately such BEHAVOURS can lead to ever greater depths of INCONGRUENCE, because congruence surely have to be found or unearthed and found within multiple realms, not only spiritual and physical and male or female and so on.

So I personally have stated, that historically I did actually find some minority’s to actually be nicer people’s and persons than some of those “Good Ol’ Boy” types that some realms hanker for, likewise meditation can help clear up the decision and choose making decision tree far quicker than some types can sling the mud.

Likewise of course given issues such-as DEGREE’S OF SEPARATION and ideas as to catching a bad dose, I personally opt for SPIRITUAL INCLUSIVENESS, rather than the all pervasive BODILY OBSESSIONS that some folks have failed to grow up about.

Anyway choice is choice and you cannot claim to promote choice unless you are explaining some of the mechanisms of those choices and TECHNOLOGIES to others.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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