One Man’s Brand is Another Man’s Worthless (Possibly)

So what does David MEAN when he say’s tssk, ttsk, the youth language of today etc.

Well I got to thinking about this and in fact it is a little more SURREAL than that in the sense, that whilst many a claimed youth culture spreads among youth culture, the original source or influence usually or very often originates with some older generation individual’s, the parents who can afford the device or gadget or BRAND NAME.

Whilst I personally have never seen the attraction (for example) of MASSIVELY OVER-PRICED Apple Products, in comparison terms as to what they do compared with competing Brands, I can of course have little to complain about given that so many devices and gadgets and copyrighted brands seemingly utilise my initials or part of my name in some fashion. The IPAD THE IPOD, THE THEME that Steve Jobs and his hall of mirrors potentially wanted to tap into was probably some of those DISNEY BRANDS Disney Princess (being an obviously one).

So many a company and differing market sector will CLAIM that some assumed LA-DI-DA linkage or utilisation of initials or names does not a product make or sell, and I kind of agree, though I also know that we all of us get quite deeply embedded INFLUENCES from quite young ages and some deliberately tap into such things, whilst others jump on a band wagon or simply go with it in the rolling fashion and manner.

So example, I am sat on the train a day or two ago with the daughter, who was to have originally travelled alone, though unfortunately had an epileptic fit the previous day, and it was felt to be prudent that someone travel with her.

So we are sat she doing her teen music ipod and phone thing and me with my pad and across the isle on the opposite table is another guy and he has a young girl with him, probably safe to assume daughter.  Daughter notices them and converses a little along the lines of “oh that’s how we used to be, there like us” the guy on his pad gadget and little girl scribbling and drawing with some crayons and pens.

So REALLY SPOOKY “A Christmas Carol & Scrooge Ghosts Scene”, I always thought I was the only guy who travelled on trains with a child.

Anyway I smiled and nodded a kind of agreement and then my daughter goes into her bag and pulls out a PENCIL CASE, “here you go would you like to use some of my pen and pencils, I’VE GOT “SHARPIES” (sounded like that, still not sure).

So the other chap takes the pencil case saying thanks and gives it to his daughter who took the bag and opened it and pulled out various pens, and markers etc, meanwhile I asked what are SHARPIES?

Straight forward question (I think).

My daughter and the other guy looked at myself as though I was from another planet, “you don’t know what a Sharpie is”

Daughter then suggested its like a marker pens or highlighters etc. I looked across and that is what it appeared to myself.

If she had said, highlighters, or BIC’S, or felt tips I would have immediately known to what she was reffering.  Though for myself at least SHARPIE or SHARPY? Is a complete non-starter, in the knowledge stakes.  A BRAND NAME, that probably has a BRAND PRICING and associated “CULT LEVEL” status among the great and the good of Student Colleges and Schools, though has not really seeped into this particular David’s lifestyle choices and culture.

So a “TAKEN FOR GRANTED” knowledge for some, is still completely “ALIEN” to someone else, and assumption and presumption of a SHARED KNOWLEDGE is a non-starter.

So yes, one cannot assume that knowledge of a brand name is the same as knowledge of a what is it, what does it do?

Some brand labels get taken to mean a particular device or gadget sector, if I say HOOVER most folks will think vaccum cleaner, though such things also have Market sector opponents such as Dyson cursing to their back teeth.

Likewise of course you get the ITS ONLY A “ “ if it’s a “ “.  Some created brands, typically upsetting the brand creator, because other companies successfully cash in on a market share or audience, though did not do the blood sweat and tears to think of the “SPECIAL” name blah blah.

So elsewhere the stuff surrounding Lemmy of Motorhead was somewhat OTT (Over The Top) in claiming he the last great rock n roll legend and completely ignoring the fact that very many others preceded him and still exist, and others followed him and still exist.

Most of us among the elder generation could probably list into double figures, rock and roll rebels who lived at the edge of acceptability and push back the boundaries blah blah.

Yes hot of the press, apparently Axl Rose and Slash (Gun’s and Roses) are said to be negotiating a comeback tour, those two it is claimed have not set foot on stage together since 1993.  Wow how the years fly by.

Appetite for Destruction was a great Album and probably still is, likewise some of the later efforts that they released were also head and shoulders above some contemporary artists they existed among.  In fact I think it true to state that it was Axl’s VOICE & LYRICS and Slash’s GUITAR work that really made Guns and Roses stand out and REINVIGORATE a market sector that was dying on its feet at that time.

Other News that is apparently important is that Apple (company) is settling it tax evasion FRAUD case in ITALY.  Will the rest of Europe get its tax dodgers paying up too?

England won the first test in the Cricket apparently, again I often wonder as to how Cricket get such a following, given how lacking it is in terms of entertainment, yes I know some claim it is and can be exciting, though generally that is a bat and ball game thing and not necessarily limited to cricket.  I remember when younger playing “ROUNDERS” for example and found that more enjoyable or exciting than I did taking part in say cricket.  We can of course look to America and BASEBALL to see just how BIG, a game such-as ROUNDERS can become were such a game to receive similar UK INVESTMENT and so on.

This perhaps part and parcel of getting in on some games or taking up games that you can be good at, when you do not necessarily fit a given Country’s Sporting PROFILE.  I remember some lads at University for example who were into American Football more than Rugby, clearly just about anything can find an audience and appeal though the short term investment, is often not enough to carry such interest through into long hard slog and being OUTSIDER to general main stays and popular favourites.

When you think about football rugby etc, despite SHIRT SALES & BOOT SALES industries, they are typically games than can be played on an estate field in your jeans and t shirt etc.

Many of these other SPORTS come with EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS tennis racket, or protective helmet and so on.  Yes you can use the wrong one whilst playing, though the point is, and will always be, that people when young are not necessarily as STUPID as older peoples think them.

A choice between a minor investment (football) and a major investment rackets and balls and protective wear makes some plyground games more appealing than others.  Likewise  of course, it is hard to go into a sports shop these days without being overwhelmed by all the add-on sporting things, such as shinpads and mouthguards and heat regulated t shirts and vest etc.

Yes weather reports from up north continue to come in, though likewise I noted Northern Ireland yesterday evening as being where the talk was located.

So We can all monitor and so on, though really dependent upon the course your life has taken, many I am quite sure will come to see the BENEFIT of a little ISOLATION and UNPLUGGING from the MATRIX and so on.

No it is not neceasrily the best option, though until you can identify those peculiarities that make you susceptible to the worst that society has to offer, it can be the best way, The way of the self imposed QUARANTEEN.

At what point does intervention become necessary within any given realm?  This another debatable moot point given all the mini-wars we have become embroiled within in recent years, though I do think that a strategic presence can make the difference when it comes to how events eventually turn out.

Yes America (for example) did not join WWII at the beginning, though likewise was swift in ACTION when it did take part, I think some Military Components within our Force’s are better geared toward SHORT SHARP ACTIONS that lead to improved results for the broader Military as a whole.

New Year Plots seem to be all the rage, though of course, differing groups with differing agenda’s are always going to slip through a given catchment net, because the THREAT they may pose, may not be CONCURRENT, by that we can see from History that INTERVENTION at this point could send some folks toward an EXTREMIST POSITION that causes a RIDICULOUS ACTION NEXT YEAR or the YEAR AFTER, or likewise failre to take an action, may result in missing the boat in INTERPRETATION as to some TERRORIST OUTRAGE THIS NEWYEAR.

Several Hundred Countries in the World and when it is not the government targeting its populace, then it could be the rebels who are about to embark upon the year of 2016 with a Zealot like explosive beginning.

So the truth that most major nations, built on rule of law and democracy, fight to maintain those institution and structures, though likewise, peoples from countries adversely affected by our sales of arms or other World Wide goings on, typically want to bring the war to our doorstep. 


So yes we will see a report as to this that and the other event, some good and some bad, though likewise most of us can ask simple questions as to TRUTH, does this conversation or topic put money on the table and foot in my belly or that of my immediate family and friends and circle and so on.

So everyone might want to feel that we matter, though in truth how we matter is surely more important to us ourselves etc, who we do have control over, than EXTERNALS who will keep on doing and saying and following particular courses and lines of action, irrespective of our desire for them to stop or go do it some place else etc.,

So does a STAR carry there audience?

I recently noted an article related to Benedict Cumberbatch stating that he was the STAR TURN in a forthcoming Marvel’s “DR STRANGE” Movie.  My daughter a fan of his through Sherlock of course, as are many women up and down the land apparently.

These Marvel Movies, whist many are good, all typically expected to pay for themselves and the next instalments, working on a REINVEST THE PROFIT MODEL.  Whilst some can seemingly do no wrong, others being brought to the big screen are possibly troublesome.  That where the GROUP MOVIES come in, whereby whilst some do carry or standout as standalone’s some genuinely might struggle in that area, not necessarily through bad actors or good actors and so on, as actual AUDIENCE APPEAL.

Many characters UNKNOWN beyond diehard Comic Fandom’s.  Therefore in build up terms, you expect Star Turn’s to carry weight especially if the ADVERTS are not doing the work for you.

How many of us (for example) have gone to see a film based in the advertisements, only to find that the advertisements were really the best bits and the rest was a TURKEY.

I did that rather a lot as a young Cinema goer, because typically I lacked choice in what the cinema was showing, the MULTPLEX and multiple CHOICES means that AUDIENCE can be more RUTHLESS in the decision making, as to what they will see versus otherwise.

I can also state that difference existed when going to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens, recently, whereby whilst the adverts spiked my curiosity and interest, they were not BEST BITS, in fact, the adverts as suggested previously massively undersold the film in terms of tasters.

Anyway enough for today, this day another CREEP toward the new year and new resolution and new countdown to next year and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be well 😉


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