So Unsure What sector To Comment Upon At Present

Though typically that does not mean you can get off that easily.  Typical example of unsure as to what to write is related to New Year as today is of course being hailed and branded as NYE (New Years Eve).

So why the concern?

Well I of course took a fair few Learning Strategies type courses and likewise it cannot be said that I was part of any given early uptake for wares and goods from the Company.  In fact I think it quite well documented (at least by myself) that I went through several levels of Holosync prior to making a couple of purchases from Learning Strategies and dipping my toes in the water and so on.

However that is really only a partial TRUTH.  Why?

Well it is only partial because of this issue of DEGREE’S of separation and indeed because I can cite other peoples and persons whose work I have studied or looked at and so on, who were using Learning Strategy Courses and Teachings and Lessons and Learnings.

Typical Example is apparently English or British Hypnotist Paul Mckenna, who is mentioned by Paul Scheele in one or two of his courses, although to the best of my knowledge, I did not pick up on those links when studying Paul Mckenna and he of course a long known celebrity within the UK territories etc.

Likewise some other peoples and persons whose work I studied can also be TRACED to similar ORIGIN.

What does that mean?

Well quite simply, when I first looked into the Hypnotic World materials, many traced origin and sources back to very few people.  You wll typically come to see that same old repetition of particular names coming up, as to who were masters within a given realm of EXPERTISE.

Likewise, some earlier generation students took the work a step further and that perhaps led to Neuro Linguistic Programming, as a description of the mechanism of what is occurring or going on.

Now with further meditation, and cutting through many mental flotsam’s and jetsam’s it can become somewhat easier to see the wood for the tree’s, in terms of learning and choices and decision making and so on.

So a typical example is this one of Numerology, the course was interesting to myself because it managed to do the realm of numbers and numerology in a very differing fashion to the tradition pull out type materials often seen within regular newspapers and magazines.  The chap who did the course had a strong background in engineering.

Anyway the basic idea that all and anyone can come to is perhaps this one of choice between differing DOCTRINES, LESSONS & LEARNINGS and so on.

We all perhaps know Histories of how Ancient Civilizations studied the Environments and Stars and what could be seen within the known Universe and then declared many this that and the other thing God or Deity.

So we had mountain god’s and volcano god’s and tree god’s and just about any external thing being pointed at and INDENTIFIED as the God of a given realm.

Then someone somewhere came along and said having all these competing God’s and Deities and so on is ridiculous, and gradually many were done away with in favour of a more Global God styled idea.

Many Civilisations typically chose to believe that the God’s lived among the Stars and so on.  Typically also studying seasons and how the World about them changed according to how the sky was positioned and so on.

Anyway such things as bad events were often cited as “acts of god”, so the mountain exploding or the earthquake or the harvest crop failure was external god’s DISPLEASURE with the peoples. Monarchies and Religious Empires grew and rose up acting very often in controlling fashion, through interpretation of the World’s Signs and Symbols etc.

Some suggest that nonsense and playing upon people’s FEARS and so on, likewise SCIENCE came into being as a mechanism of studying cause and effect and so on, gradually suggesting that there is no God and merely man’s own power to take there own destiny into there own hands.

So whilst some claim otherwise, SCIENCE developed and gradually eroded the old style religion and Monarchy model, in favour of an all new SCIENCE as the workings of God.

That is of course replacing One form of Control Freakery of the Religious Classes, with another Control Freakery of the Scientific Classes, the truth being that whilst Science may be better placed and positioned to explain World events in terms of cause and effect, the underlying HUMAN CONDITION is the SAME.

So stories of Mad Religious Preachers, has become stories of Mad Scientists, this can of course be seen throughout the World in terms of where any given Country and Community is, within its development and growth.

So what is missing from all the versions and variations of CONTROL FREAKERY, for every Mad Preacher you can point at, we can find an equally Mad Scientist who believes themselves etc.

Well what is quite simply missing is the fact that from young ages we LEARN and take on board the teachings and lessons of parents and brothers and sisters and society that we find ourselves among.

It could well be suggested that we then are taught or learn to make associations between a sensory input such as a SOUND and a LABEL.

So someone points at some OBJECT and repeats some LABEL until we have learnt the given association.

So if we are anything, in terms of GOD HOOD, we are a MASS of LABELS, many given and known and just as many UNKNOWN.

What happens when a new MAGNIFICATION within some MRI reveals a new cellular level of being within us?

Well typically people rush to claim having DISCOVERED such a thing and then typically LABEL such a thing.

Much like asking whether a place exists when you are not present within that place.

So the World outside us is filled with Labelled things and the World within us is filled with labelled things, and clearly an appropriate STIMULUS enables us to remove massive collections of build up of repetitions of such labels and so on, and indeed without any necessarily negative impact to our health.

We can also then of course feel we have greater CHOICE as to such things, as our belief system.

So what is a more BENEFICIAL BELIEF when a given circumstance occurs to you?

We have all seen SCIENCE FICTION realms where Dr Who Regenerates or an ill person goes into some medical device and is healed by the glowing and pulsating lights and so on.

Surely irrespective of whether you understand or know what is occurring, the ability to repeatedly imagine yourself healing or being healed through some strong instantaneous mechanism is potentially of greater belief benefit than a belief that you are going to suffer some long drawn out ill health and eventually succumb to the diagnosed ailment.

The problem of course is often repetition of BELIEF PATHWAYS and when they were established and so on, so many a person (for example) goes through the MOTIONS of ACTING out victim behaviours, this is how Aunt Bessie behaved when she was ill and look at all the visits and attention and presents she got from the great and the good.

That rather long winded, though typically many a person often potentially also goes into the LONELY ISOLATION of not wanting to SHARE or contaminate others MARTYRDOM.

Again such behaviours have typically been established to support some BELIEF or LEARNT BEHAVIOUR MECHAINISM and are not necessarily beneficial to any given individual.

So some truth’s exist in what ancients studied about the stars and planets and seasons and so on, and likewise some truth exists within what Science say about cause and effect and the study of Hypothesis, though likewise some truth ALSO EXIST within the ARTS and writings and painting and so on.

So each realm typically operating on some, do not listen to them “I will save you” process, that very often can only take people so far, before they perhaps have to integrate the best components or practises and seek to gain knowledge from further afield and other realms and religions and scients and cultures.

Some typically of course become quite RILED and INTRANSIGENT about what they want and accept within their life, though such extremism often seemingly accelerates one toward the grave, and very often the others who have chosen to follow them over the cliff.  Clearly it can be suggested that SURVIVORS of a given extremist mentality cannot be genuinely practicing what they are preaching, if they are somehow “BUCKING THE TREND” of a greater pattern.

So what separates race hate preacher and scientific fascist Richard Dawkins from his followers?

I mention him because some newspaper wrote an article saying Richard Dawkins TROLLED, and I pressed the link expecting to see some GREAT STORY, instead it simply said someone visited his Twitter account and wrote “God is real”.

Now I think in terms of GOD IS REAL in the sense that all about us has a LABEL and all within us has a label and if it does not then why not CREATE OUR OWN for ourselves.  So at some super magnification as yet undiscovered by Science you will find the regenerator cell and this cell can be switched on/off at will according to knowledge of having regenerator cells within us. 

That is not all that difficult or hard to believe is it?  Given how Science claims that we are typically a completely differing person in terms of building blocks every 7 years.  So all the cellular makeup and building blocks that made you who you were 7 years ago, are no longer part of you, even though you look in the mirror and believe yourself to have gone unchanged in terms of life memories and upbringing and lifestyle choices.

Yes some claim science has to do this, though we can point to peoples throughout the World who have bucked the trend of bad beliefs and externals teachings and preaching’s and successfully overcome some diagnosed ailment etc.

So yes, typically seeking to be all inclusive, as I suggested I have a general disposition toward spiritual inclusiveness as a way toward empowering peoples, is not without problems.

Typically anyone who wants to teach or promote new ideas and new ways and means of seeing the World typically has to overcome EXCLUSIVE ideologies, and in fact some EXCLUSIVE ideas do kind of also fit where some folks require or need to be at some particular LEVEL of BEING.

So such things are perhaps once again about HIERARCHIES, and how we separate out or identify the differing models and maps of ourselves  that we have.

I personally think that study must have surely revealed to longer term meditators and so on, what some of the very best ideas are as to personal development and growth, and operating systems, though typically we see time and again some COMPROMISE position being adopted.

So I do not run around ranting and raging against this community or that community, through ideas as to race, religion and sexuality and so on, though likewise will defend my own INDEPENDENCE from some communities who seek to control or make claim to ownerships and brandings, that I do not relate or agree with.

So each of us can be damned by our own words and deeds and actions, rather than those who talk a good game though typically fail to walk the walk in the same fashion.

Now New Years Eve also leads to another interesting debate as to what peoples are going to do to celebrate, I think many a DOMINO like effect is seen as the INTERNATIONAL DATE LINE passes through differing World Demographics and Audiences and so on, we typically see reports coming in of firework displays from this Country or that Country and so on.

Apparently we are also seeing New Years Honours lists and the great and the good seeking to justify or not, being the recipient of some TITLES.

I personally think that if peoples want to lobby for particular titles and so on, for work done little is wrong with such things, though typically coin sides exist to most peoples and persons, and somehow some things strangely are deemed more important than what is being cited. 

So someone is nominated and cited as receiving the MEDAL or TITLE for work done for Charities or Science or whatever and someone else comes along and says, but yes you are a bad human for failing to support the feed the world campaign in 1992 when you were asked to make a donation in the high street by Mrs Biggins at number 63 and said charity begins at home blah blah.

So some fight continuously to be and feel PART of all that goes on within Life the Universe and Everything, and others feel a need or requirement to place DISTANCE between internal thoughts and feelings and actions and indeed associations etc.

Choice is choice of course. 

Returning to the stan Lee thing of a couple of days ago, I can note from his writings that he believes a difference exists as to WHAT IS HORROR and WHAT IS TERROR.

Typically I kind of agree, in the sense, that some DESCRIPTIONS that are given as one strangely seem to be the other and vice-versa.

So it does not matter what the LABEL, even those who find themselves branded as a purveyor of one or the other are likely to dispute such description, and such things are often perhaps down to INFLUENCE AND MANIPULATION and indeed personal choice.

I am unsure whether I should write that I was terrified or horrified to find I could not access the BBC website this morning, they presently speculated to have suffered a DDOS attack that being a DENIAL OF SERVICE, that does seem strange to myself because most major corporations the size of the BBC have huge infrastructures of computers systems and so on, I think it more likely a VIRAL ISSUE or indeed a simple malfunction akin to


Not to be confused of course with the millennium falcon bug, which is something that many of us picked up in our youth, with a swing of our fake blasters and lightsabers etc.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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